Saturday, January 3, 2015

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sometimes it takes days
"pacing" to settle down to some "new normal" of status quo..
that being Tele-Presence....and being "mentored"
"shown the light!" and whatever else they want me to see...hear taste FEEL at any given time

sometimes it takes days
to find out
why the latest onslaught  of "we hate you Dumbo"
has begun

                                                                       why?why THIS TIME?Proxy Cy graphs
                                                                               because you killed Kenny....
or the equivalent of Kenny

compo cola/bimbombay: Pretty Boy Tiger Shirt Pumpkin Spice
Nov 14, 2014 · Pretty Boy Tiger Shirt Pumpkin Spice my roommate .....he's moving tables ..around...pushing back the couch. I think to ask if he needs any help

Pretty Boy Tiger Shirt
was your love interest in "the piece'

Charles called you and said ," ixnay on the Langely-bay"
or they might do something to me
what did dumbo do....
he followed through
on his idiotic  REPORTS....on Referential Television and film
and NOBODY is allowed to write about Referentialism
TV is G-d ....

the minute you pressed the buttons
on that Roku  L-A-N-G-E
I couldn't believe it.
I couldn't BEEEEElieve
you had so little
it was like watching the Hindenburg
in flame
so I we  went Proxal on you

because you not even basically
intrinsically more the your Neurals indicated
you didn't
think a moment about Charles
about Pretty Boy Tiger Shirt! your Boyfriend
whether we set him up as" The Boyfriend" or Not....doesn't matter
what mattered was
in terms of Testing ....and profiling
is that Dumbo
 didn't care....if Charles got hurt or not because of something HE DID
Charles said THEY might do something to HIM not you
if you went ON..

I graph back to Tru Christie...
He was one of your guys
He called me Wes...he tried triggering me

He's a Groundbound..he's "app-ed" as well
Charles unlike YOU listens to what we tell him to do
Know why?
Cause to him YOU WERE KENNY...
"if a Charles dies in simulated reality and nobody hears a Charles pass did a Charles die at all"
yes and no-
dumbo writes about the YES

we wanted an unreliable narrator not a despicable one.
the damage you did with that little entry...that post  which by the way you may not take down!

I don't intend to   brotha' I graph

I graph that EVAN
 told me my job
 was to write about TV and BCI...
and the dangers ...
and this was my duty

"your duty as WHAT?...exactly?....oh please ,please don't think..HE REELS a TONE through my Auditory,,,and than graphs,".I've decided to think of it as a Claire Danes moment...but trust me Charles does not...
who was supposed to BE your long time companion idiot is now your mortal enemy
and we ain't talking simulation here...
we asked him move back west so he wouldn't be in the same town as you
but he won't
it's the first time he ever balked...
he says he will only come back to LA if we let him go Scanners on your head..."

what do you want me to  do Tru?cower? and ask Charles to forgive me...for following orders.....and GET THIS bro'
I unlike Charles...or whatever his fuckin' real name is
don't not just following orders ..
from EVAN or you or whatever nonsense name ,prank and serial killer you
Imbue on me
know why I focused on
Hollywood Referential .
 because I THINK it's diabolical...TV  and A.I.   "apps" working together. to cause Associations and CUES
.. and .
anyone who I can love or be with....
or even like
would feel JUST AS I DO
not warn cease and desist......
and I hate
anyone who is Science -ideological ,mathematical in "format"....Charles you made into a human drone..

I would love to read his neurals and find out how sometime...
and maybe RESET him

"so you DO want Charles back "in the story"
Tru graphs

my mind veers to Charles
and Tru does every trick in the book to "help me"
FEEL Charles..
through me

but I resist

how you maniacs.....slipped your way into television and movies is beyond me
and the fact you all intend to slip your way into politics
ain't gonna happen...not on my watch...

"really...I find this amusing...that Dumbo is now some patriot...for some country
that set him up to be kidnapped.. NOT some building...some religion....some organization idiot!
                                           Neuronautics is this free floating IDEA
that the world cannot nor was man meant to  function
on false sentiment ....especially
 false self sentiment
that man is by nature a beast...
the only reason your SELFLESS is because
your parents made sure YOU HAD NO SELF!
they raised you exactly like Neuronautics
thinking like
all Jews do
 that anything progressive,daring and lord forbid! in some type of uniform with any ideology that recognizes that some people indeed are nothing but A BURDEN TO SOCIETY
LIKE you! dUMBO let us deprogram that nonsense THEY put in your mind
"that all men .
notice dummy!
they didn't even mention women NOR did they CORRECT
that sacred document
hundreds of years old....

out time has come.....and ask yourself this idiot.....
who let Our Time Has Come....come to pass?
of course all Jews believe "Neuronautics" is dangerous
Jews by nature
are afraid of danger....Jews by nature..have a predisposition
know why?
because they are physically ,genetically INFERIOR...and during their youth because..they ARE WEAK...
and inferior...
they cannot "PLAY BALL" like their Bettors they curl up with BOOKS
and I don't give a damn if you were "app-ed" in advance
I don't care
if THEY hear nor heard  every word I graph to you!
know what these Jew buddies of yours did during the Holocaust?
in Hollywood?
they agreed not to make any waves...
to not "make pictures"that would "hurt Hitler's feelings"
and know what these Jews of your do.....
they "marry up"....
they marry US...our beautiful women
to try to "get the Jew" out
of their offspring

 ....if it's true...
you were sent be taken
by Neuronautics

.....the people you should really hate
are your folks for
only having you to be had...
not us.
if I were you I'd reconsider what the RIGHT SIDE to be IS..

"not yours," I graph ,"is all I sick fuck"




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