Wednesday, January 28, 2015

mista' blue sky

 I wake up late...and go to the common area of the House...
and see XXXX
in the kitchen
 drinking coffee giving me a "look who finally woke up  Bum" look.
but it's a friendly look

and I see he made a little cup of coffee for me..
he's dressed in his  "sunday best"
a blue shirt and black tie like a cop.
and he has gel in his hair..and I start thinking if cops
put gel in their hair...cause any cop who ever arrested me..
or stopped me on the street..
I don't recall ever wearing hair least not hair gel one notices...and begin wondering..that maybe there's a rule about cops not being aloud to use hair least not spiky ,obvious hair products maybe this would diminish their authority in some way?
and I start thinking certain cops ...might be really sneaky putting hair product on....and spend like ten minutes or so...making it appear that there is no hair product upon them.
I start thinking it might be a pretty good job..
being some hair gel some precinct.
sending cops or to the restroom "to get that gel outta hait...what kind of out fit do you think we're running here!"

than I start thinking if I see actors who "play cops" on TV wearing obvious hair gel..
NO.I think...
only actor detectives and even in this case ...really not too much hair gel.

I know he wants to be move up ,go "corp'  like Charles in Neuronautics...become a Level 5
I had seen him attempting to make a shot glass move with his mind
a few days ago...
he didn't see me see him ...I had come down to the kitchen to get a bottle of water.but had to be satisfied
drinking tap water out of a small Dixie cup so I wouldn't embarrass him
OR effect his Emanations that for all I know in fact did move the shot glass.
I doubt it or I would have heard about ...for days and days.

I try to remember what I was thinking...
and do..
and assimilate that XXXX's wearing way ,way too much hair gel
had something to do with it.
I knew he was off to a Neuronautics class...and knew that ...his over application of hair gel would "turn off' his face to face Mentor.
and wondered if I should tell him to
reconsider his Gel-A-Presence.

No,I thought,mean-ly.

remembering how he kicked me out of the house when the Manila Envelope came  a week ago.

Neuronautics ain't that keen on those not  second generation being"  on the team.
Only people raised on Neuronautics get "app-ed"
unless one has the dough to buy the "apps"
and all XXXX spends his money on is meth.

I hear XXXX's text  tone go bing bing bing
but know Evan would never ...send a 1st  generation any neural read that might make
certain aspects of my thinking.
I can tell
he THINKS he's receiving some of my mind transcribe from Evan...
"you look good today,"I say,"but you can use a little more hair gel"

He leaves the kitchen and comes back down
his hair shining like a chandelier .

"Better,"I say,wondering why I am so mean spirited today.Probably the dream
I assume was induced by Parasol Pictures,although I don't recall the initial logo they use
introducing  the dream.... Peculiar to say the least.
it involved
Adam Parker placing me on some Ruiner list for not taking my modifications via Merge seriously.
the dream took place in the future
when Parker was already president...
the remake of
"King Creole " already been transmitted via signal straight to cortex collectively on/to/into the ensure
Adam Parker won/wins the 2020 election.
Holographically I see a crown ..and a quick "glean" of Adam Parker in jockey shorts and a wife beater.

"if you wanna interface with Evan  either hide that Dumbo look on your face while doing it...or go back to your's spooky...and just fuckin' rude man..  ."XXXX says,locking at his hair in a spoon XXXX says," doesn't really mind if I write about long as I don't use my  name...but if you want to you can describe me physically ,any book I ever read always has  these long long description of
like ...the lives in...and how the clouds in the sky look like cotton candy ...and stupid stuff like that ...
 think you should try to write a bit more like that...descriptively...
and you may write about how  handsome and attractive I am... ,"XXXX says
and I don't like you bringing up that I am  older than you because it  implies that I am not "hot" old..but just "cold ' old.. ...and that I am not that much older than you..not now at least ,in terms of ratio....
and if I am to write about him could I do him a favor and make him semi fiction style ten ot fifteen years younger..."
I look at XXXX's eyes to see if he's on Vicodin or Oxy ...cause I'm not used him speaking in long sentences...or slowly ...or being sorta friendly...meaning ..I don't remember the last time XXXX poured me a cup of coffee.
and decide I 'm gonna look around his room a bit to find some vicadin...  and try to...pocket a bit of whatever opiate he seems to be on .
his phone goes beep beep beep ..his text ring sound
 and I see him read a text
that obviously,from the look on his face of "Knowing" is a Mind Transcribe of what I was just thinking (not obvious to you dear reader..cuz' your not 'apped"and have no idea what I am writing about ..but perhaps some thought disorder..but I do  not care what you think dear reader..
mainly because I do not receive written or audible texts...and "graphs" about what you are thinking..
and really can only "know you' from vocalized speech which is always censored ...much like whatever YOU (not I) decide to post online
and therefore ...according to Neuronautics...
and The New Way
is basically untruths...

meaning anything a person SAYS aloud...or TYPES "aloud" has been run through soooo many signal removed from what's actually on your mind...
that in a word..."what you say ..means nothing...nothing true..nothing having to do with Automatic Response.
People like you
who never experienced Merge nor Synthetic Telepathy that Merge,that Brain Computer Interface enables
I don't want much to do with it.
Neuronautic..and the Science -ideology our movement is based upon which relies on
Eminations.and not censored lies that account for small talk..and vocalized speech.
did you know that a typical person..."apped or not" not exposed to the Truths and Self Evolve of Neuronautics...spend so much time censoring their thoughts that inevitably their own inner monologue becomes of garbled mess
of whatever "self monitoring one such as you' who probably see Neuronautics and Gary Rainy as some "cult" of looney Tunes
well when you spend your days telling your spouse nah ,,you really don't look fat in that dress" or "being fake nice in the elevator to some co-worker  you secretly hate
makes you begin to tell yourself  all kinda lies.
so for instance you can tell yourself..."you're a good person' in spite of wishing "o.o.o. I wish this elevator moved faster so I can get away from this co-worker I dislike
that I am wasting my psychic energy (your Eminations) smiling to and making happy talk with
that is why it didn't/doesn't bother me that XXXX can just receive a text from my BCI Service provider informing him
I intend to go rifle through his stuff to look for some Vicadins..
nor when he says "I will busy myself making extra loud noise...down here ..and maybe pretend I'm speaking on the phone"
so you can go sneaking around my room.looking for you don't have to worry too much about me just appearing in the door way saying "what do you think your're doing Dumbo going through my shit.'
oR XXXX says.."you could just ask me for some ,he says taking some Vikes out of his pocket..and pouring them into my hand..
saying but ,"I can't help but wonder if if it would have been more fun for you actually hunting and gathering the pills.."

"probably,' I say popping the 3 vikes.,caus it's true.Primal in fact.Hunting and Forging ..
I graph to Evan that I sorta don't like you transmitting  XXXX my private thoughts
EVAN imparts "well I don't always appreciate you Sharing OUR Private interface online..."not always"
XXXX reading my thoughts via his IPhone says,'Evan has a point you know,he puts away his it's annoying him...
and says "The subject was I think if you're to write about me...Please do some descriptive ,adjective based description concerning how not only rather startling attractive I am...but also how oddly sexual appealing I am to men,women and animals..."

"and plants...and the very protons and electronics in the very atmosphere that sounds us all." I say sarcastically.
"yeah all that dark and storm eyes shit," he says ,getting up off to a Neuronatics session with his ground bound Mentor Hank."


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