Saturday, December 28, 2013

Target Practice/The Collector

  1.    we were
  2. we are
  3.         creating synthetic insanity..................................
  4. they first incited
  5.          then latched  on to my  bizarre sequence of thought
  6.  like it was gold
  7. so valuable
  8.       this one
  9.       this one I found for them
  10. to donate some  Dementia Praecox to the "cause"
  11. my Mentors actually gave me respite
  12. they gave pause
  13.                    precious silence
  14. no Voices
  15. for The Gods were taking notes .encoding ...replicating loops of madness
  16.      creating ,composing crazy thinking styles to hurl at a target's mind or perhaps
  17. a population
  18. of enemy
  19. who is this Enemy that they must develop this for.
  20. Here.
  21. not there
  22. I am beginning to think..
  23. The Men in Charge wanted to re create The New World as High School
  24. alphas
  25. jocks and beauty on top
  26. some to serve or moon over them below them
  27. and nothing but a few to prey upon for sport
  28. on the bottom
  29. but instead of a spitballs or punches
  30.   previously used
  31. to  assert their tru- genetic superiority
  32.  upon
  33. (the outsider ,weirdo ,the homely)
  34. now spit
  35. a grift
  36. a whiff
  37. an un-seeable,undetectable " bot", a swarm of nano particles to fiddle with one's perceptions ,mood and memories
  38. would do

it was .The Only Game In Town.In 2010


and  it felt so good
so natural
to show the  weaker or meeker
they were
us every time I placed the headset upon my pate


I mix truth and lies.
I cover myself...with buffer...

... I do consulting work Proxy Cybernetics
I do some of the headhunting.Some of the Spotting
HALLO SPACEBOI I would think to my Proxy
welcome to da' machine
we create interactive virtual environments..ARTIFICIAL Intel.mind TO mind  INTERFACE..

Hollywood Myths
some stories actually created to be used as collective  reference points
what you think movies are for?

Key actors
placed in Key roles in in different films

'a spider web of pivot points                  ***was in ***which
                                                                                 was about *** and
                                                                                      next in that film
                                                                        about ***

Parasol Pictures using the actors as Mathematics
let **** equal ****

for neural spikes
             In dreams

i was on the right side of the game.. a headset .I could take off

now I am the game
every moment i stay alive I am giving them ammunition for the next


a whole new world

as brutal as Evan can be he stays with me..
he's not fickle friend who doesn't wanna be seen with you if you're morphing
In the past coupla of years ,since evan "took me"
or borrowed me..
alot of my friends said so long psycho...

you talk about A.I and Human experiments too much
well the novelty of a "sick" friend wears off

i have heard there are parents like that as well
"it's all the drugs you took or take...
of course you hear voices and see things.."

as anyone who follows my entries knows i am being re-parented by

or outsourced to them

by the Powers that seize ya

any way it's all about the technology
not me

they have lists I am told ...of non person types
who can be parceled out

to perhaps "born again"
a less useless person
i am useful
as a husk
for them to tinker with

the seeing shit is awesome
they collect schizophrenics
they believe we are magical but essentially in some way
and dangerous
because schizophrenics do not feel

we sense

but it all goes in one ear and out the other

and our affect
brings out
a certain
cruelty in others

we appear

to mirror them.

or some such shit
as EVAN presents
so many stories to me
that I cannot keep track

i was supposed to believe them in aliens one day
and than angels

and than just angles
because because
it's none of your fuckin business Dumbo
you're a bad person
and we must track you.
Your paintings are sick.
You are a sicko
we don't believe in psychiatric diagnosis for you to run under its skirt

sickos put their sicknesss into other people
sometimes from great distances
it is their only motivation for getting up in the morning

to attempt to instilll filth of mind and soul
to the good people who do all they can to lead wholesome
productive jubilent lives

the hearing
not so much cause
you know they can only do it cause they read your mind

big business

it's taking it's toll
to deal i do whatever drug ..goes with the rundown

it's all about terror now
you don't get sucked into the stories when ya know it's A.I

no stories no more
just kill yourself
...but it's like "kill yourself would be in a computer game..
or YOU're a dead Man
cuz thjey gotta protect their own self
when you're thinkin nasty shit ..either about yourself
some reaction to tv...
or hate of the intrusion which is not LIKE mind rape
but not so much now
all my secrets they know
all my ....Interior Monologue

weird that you get used to it..
but you don't

so hearing "you're a dead man" hundreds of times a day if your thinking something gross
like a pimple you had in highschool
every time I see an ad for some acne medicine ...

then them going all poundy on your mind
causes a complex..

sometimes i pretend they give a damn about me
and this makes them seeth

one sometimes doesn't quite know where my thought ends
anf their's begins

i am not a likeable guy
except in small doses
i don't talk about anything but my own thoughts
i was diagnosed auitistic
and all such shit..

my Style of Thought must be studied for some reason
as maybe one day
so will yours

if i didnt have dystonia ...and all kinds of ,,
thinking about ,,,
things they don't wanna hear

than don't listen is my only defense
but DON"TSTOP the visuals which are fuckin magical

it's the soundtrack i can't stand
but they do seem to know what they are
it;s called psychic driving
the driving and synthesized telepathy
is to cause
The real thing

i have several teams ..or had several

but now it's the same guy
who first ...
turned on me
 in 1994

now i see he didn't turn but had to protect his own sanity
i am finally to some extent "over it"

i am almost happy-almost a happy man
thanks to them
i trash them
I understand it.
i no longer wish them ....bad vibrations

in fact I wish them well.

and these thoughts have not been swayed

or have they

Evan has ambitions
and has told me
or explained
in between promises that if i do not stop typing and drawing they will kill me
but he gets drunk and pops pills and suddenly
a chum
let's let our hair down
letting one's hairdown sounds gay i remenber thinking, as Evan has  taught me, all my thoughts
are gay thoughts

i cannot watch movies that are geared to women

he wants to make me a man

he finds another way of saying "lets let our hand down

 gays are the sickest
 people on earth
Disney said so...Stalin said so.Your father probably thinks so .
in fact i know he does he told me to do thistoyoukillyourselfbeforewedo
nobody wants fags .or mental patient druggies around anymore
and This is How we do it.
hands off

dont you dare masterbate,

when he has his way and Neuronautics
takes control
as it must
to save the Human Race


Friday, December 27, 2013

sub project 86

The monkeys in the lab  were mainly for show  as "in the mean time"Proxy Cyber needed somehow to insinuate that the neural data they had been acquiring  came from somewhere besides human subjects..Proxy Cyber didn't just cook the books  but sliced them, diced them, glued them back together  realigned them .re- coded them and finally  attempted  to hide the genuine data collected not from monkeys but  from human neural scans and   hide them in plain sight so a limited  few specialist in neuro classification at the private and non private security and non security firms Proxy Cyber  held contracts with could know without allowing themselves  exactly what they knew was going on.
And who really need it to sink to deeply into one's mind the fact the tens of thousands of human beings were being psychologically vivisected in ways only a mad man could conceive  of by  mad scientist pretending their work was solely being done  for King and Country and "medicine "

 .Tens of thousands of people walking around  terrified or so past terrified to hollow-,many of them falling to pieces in front of their loved ones,their children, friends and parents eyes..
Over night Hearing and Seeing things..Overnight
Their minds  they claim were made and kept  wide open
 to be read ....and
written upon.

"Like many American things," Tru Chrsitie would say to a stockholder who seemed  put off by talk off  human testing " like many American  new marvels and mechanisms  of progress we  have always relied upon .collateral damage ..we might not say so often out loud but .
without slavery there would  have been no genuine American industrial revolution
 and without dead china men would there have been a railroad?
Without ...certain world events going down would so many cell towers have been allowed to go up without naysayers chiming in that there was a reason that wires once held what is now without insulation?

"World events."Valerie would  chime if she had noticed the client getting nervous,"We do not discuss world events .certain or uncertain
 in nature or unatural circumstance
..after all Brain Computer Interface and Neural Data Collection  is all about television...and Television has never been about world events...
 more and more world events are about television aren't they"
Tru Chrsitie might chime  in "....but this revolution will not and cannot be televised..The American people do not want to hear about human experimentation.  whatever so called steam the human  subjects must blow off..they blow off quite nicely in the great nowhere of 20 billion channels and nothing  ON ..."

Tru  Chrsitie explained ,"We don't really think of the participants as humans...once they get "app-ed"...and a good many of them only  get on a  list  because they require Mentorship and Monitoring and
often comes to those who refuse to see...
a New Way..
some of our subjects might have been labeled as non persons in another time when people did not mince words
the homeless
and certainly our fair share of dissidents...and dissidents often become terrorists
or at the very least
terrible company at a pub
.and why not let's just call a spade a spade..some of our little family .just happen to be in the wrong demographic at the right time...If you need to think of them...NOT as Guinea Pigs
..think of them as Pioneers..developing medical neural prosthetics for the blind  and deaf ...those in critical care ...those innocent victims of head trauma ,comas, Alzheimers..we're even doing our share with Autistics
did you know that some autistics ONLY come out of themselves when graced with Visuals and Sounds from films and cartoons..I work with a young lad named Denny Pace...a low functioning one ...
a pain in the ass ..
on the outside ,"Tru said,
"but on the inside there is something   else going on....something
deep and meaningful.."Tru lied

Really," Valerie said pouring the shareholder a drink,"It's best NOT to tink of the participants AT ALL...the same way one does not think about Cows or Chickens when one is eating them"."

at this point Tru would get up and go to the monkey cages stating that
virtual reality and A.I. testing on a primate is in this particular field of mind science not of  much value

the data transmitted by a monkey with Merge on the brain is limited
"not "limitless"as it should  be
luckily for you and for us

other patrons who by now have  provided Prosy Cyber Systems
with all manner of capital for "sub projects" in the field of Brain mapping and Mind Encoding and Mind "augment"that allow us to cross certain so called ethical boundaries
that war allows

in the beginning ,Tru would say we were allowed use of "
what various agencies  and  departments ,such as the police called
"non persons"
junkies ,mental patients and   potential "agitators",petty criminals,whores,the homeless
in this way perhaps for the first time in  these non person 's lives they have been able to GIVE something back rather than take ,take ,take,
and some of these non person ...when it comes to mind to mind interface indeed give what they receive...
I have  man-ed many a man in my time
and i can tell you
as the Enemy
is  not always far ashore
but  in our backyards

"....some consider Poor people especially dangerous or at least a burden to those of  work for living ,who know how many children one can conceive aa well as maintain" ,Gordon Morton said over cocktails with Valerie Prentiss ,who in 1994 was just stepping down from an executive position at NBC to become head of programming at Parasol Production's new Direct Neural Interface Department  ...

Valerie was a Level 8 Neuronaught and knew the future of Television had more to do with interaction first of all to begin getting a census of the entire consumer market..
and because  Merge bio tech provided  a complete discovery of all that a human organism thought felt and believed in simply by using the tv as Rorschach  test
a standardized test
to get a science -ideological basis to WHOM AMONG  US COULD -GO
based not on creed,ethnicity , sexual preferences and things such as these that
as Valerie said "Always got the populace up it;s ethical high horse," next adding "How very odd that the populace NEVER got up and screamed and rebelled that the government not first and foremost take care of the population problem..
now that genetic marking ,neural reading and artificial intelligence and the super computers that housed such could classify and determine
down to the cell and neuron WHO here
should not be allowed to take up parking spaces let alone  procreate more of their kind   ...Of course we're not their yet..but one doesn't get someplace without know what place one wants the world to they  ?'

Tru Cristie explained -

"How ,down to the very second a mind scan went to give  a human organism  all the wiggle room they might need ...
to not be misunderstood as someone NOT beneficial to the Enway..

and  that all matter of foolproof has been programmed into   the sight specific possibilities of catering the  media to the mind studies
and how universal  Referentials common to all thought styles
have been programmed into this new form of tv..

for instance every one has a first day of school..a first best friend..a first kiss.
TV already uses the common language of the population...everybody knows what a car is...what a wedding is...but they would and could not if a car ...or if a wedding was not ...introduced upon the the human organism;s sound and vision..
tv presupposes one is acquainted with certain notions of cause and effect...right and wrong...
but so far no psychological study has ever been able to get passed a person  being aware that that  a society excepts us to react  to commonalities in a certain way
people can fake ...normalcy..
as they can fake courtesy...and kindness if it gets them what they want
but what brain computer interface gets is's un-buffered automatic response..
to  instigated stimuli ...and that;s really all tv is..isn't it?

Valerie also thought that TruGenic's
and the Trugenic scale of Evolution could be applied to even those
who bought nothing ,had nothing and gave nothing to the world
by inciting them
to "do us all a favor and  final exit stage right" she said ordering a second round...
but often she would gage the reaction of the stockholder before saying so...
and switch the topic away from human experimentation back to the cute monkeys in the cage .

she loved listening to Tru Christie  talk about The Experiments
and how Dusty the baby monkey  was handling the
mind to mind communications

"we, like our monkeys over there  tend to get absorbed in self awareness

"monkeys have self awareness" Valerie would say ,on cue ,as if hearing Tru for the first time to invite the stockholder back to a more mundane topic and point of view.

"absolutely...ever see a monkey with a mirror in it's cage...they can become captivated by themselves for hours."Tru would say ,looking to Valerie for a cue ,if he should go and touch the monkey ,,to show the stockholder how human and "humane" he was.

" Do not forget the Merge  bio sensors make it possible for our  Tele- operator to see exactly what the  sees, reel after reel ....imagine  8 hour shifts and  that fucking  ugly monkey looking at himself in the .we took the mirror away,,,but next thing you know he is glancing at himself ,preening or studying himself in every reflective  surface conceivable..eventually we simply cut off the  monkey's face ..mounted it..and hung it in the cage...and trust me he  no longer wants to see any reflection of his face anymore"

"what Tru is trying to say is that we do not give up on the subjects that seem Unresolvable ...we attempt to correct the subject's mindset with the "apps" as well..we are not monsters"


Thursday, December 26, 2013

1991 A Start Up in Riverside County

Peter and Gordon Morton started their own computer  company in 1989
  for as  Gordon Morton said,"we brothers are   too "eccentric"    
  for what Gordon called the " pseudo eccentric milieu "of the Silicon Valley

 Wearing a Hawaiian shirt to work Wednesdays
 &"Brainstorm" rooms
          filled with bean bag chairs, pinball machines and dart boards
 might have appeared "Far Out"
                and atypical
 But The Chain of Command    was as typical as could be -both biotech companies that previously had the extraordinary chance to work with The Brothers Morton

Companies who want to create Open Loop Brain Computer Interface should not use a  Closed Loop  means of research.
PGM wanted to work with Humans not monkeys...but also did not want to be under an entirely new 'chain of command" by seeking bids from agencies that allowed such -studies..

the brothers Peter and Gorden felt stuck in a firm focused on
 about Trend guessing and Predicting Consumer "needs"
 never mind that
 essentially all of the companies have essentially been making the same computer and phone over and over  and over again
 for the last 2 or so decades
 similarly the pharmaceutical  companies createD 50 shades of Prozac over and over and over again...knowing Ketamine
was the real antidepressant
but Big Pharma wanted to try Ketamine ONLY as signal
which meant to receive the signal one would HAVE to buy "apps"

 Peter and Gordon's " start up"was not about Trending
  but about  next phase of Human Computing
 or what some called Brain Computer Interface

 "no box,no screen,no mouse
and eventually (hopefully)no  visible  bulky headset," Peter ,the vainer of the two brother's would say "I have enough issues with my hair as is. .Need I mess up my visage with unsightly  Telepresence Equipment.i should hope not" 
these so called 'avante garde" companies
 both Peter and Gordon agreed
 as cutting edge
 as the edge of a butter knife...
 as they found "The Brothers "ideas
  frivolous and fanciful and childish all at once
 The Silicon Valley did not ask them to stay
 nor did THEY offer them capital
 or so much as a "good luck" cake upon their departure

the mixing of biology and computing might not have Been the Next Big Thing
as there was a certain "yuck" factor to the thought
of having "chips'  for instance
inside one's body and brain

 "no matter,said Gordon Morton,"
 the 'chip" or  moreso the nano particle is an inevitability
 "perhaps", Gordon would often philosophize especially when stoned or keyed up on coke or ketamine (which helped him think in zeros and ones)"beyond  an inevitability .But perhaps a  necessity to keep mankind alive...or at least,he joked ,Some
 of us alive. the bio-chip, " he yelled to nobody in particular., "will not only  change the world of communications forever
but the species called "man..!"

 Gordon ,who had graduated with all the necessary diplomas was not satisfied with either the limitations of "current man"
 nor the limitations of academic or private sector limitations based.
"the laws of man AT THIS TIME".,he would say
 NOT the LAWS of The New Man,the Superman
of tomorrow!"
 "a bio chip could read and translate thought worked upon under regulatory scrutiny are you mad.Why I may as well not work ON IT at all" Gordon would scream ,sometimes pounding his fist while screaming

 "a bio chip,a bio particle. that could and would  transmit emotion
 and 5 sense perspectives of the world one sees and hears  AND the world one  SAW  and FELT within one's mind's eye that could be transmitted directly to another's mind I am speaking about damn it.And YOU speak to me of ethics and Human Experimentation you Provincial Luddite!"
 Proxy Cyber Systems
 was and would remain off the map..
 People would "come to them"
 and offer them money
 not the other way around...
 for the work they were doing was not quite legal.

 and to cover that small problem Peter and Gordon 's first investment at the "lab' (an old warehouse that previously made latches)was to fill the place with monkeys,orangutans ..and all matter of mice...
 and rats..
 at any given time there were no more than 30 people working
 for Peter and Gordon at a time

 they worked in small teams
 but there was none of that "teamwork" philosophy "hip hip hooray"that seemed to be the cornerstone of many computer companies in Northern and Southern California.
 a Team Mind potpourri of every "Guru" social scientist "visionary pioneer" of the late 60's and 70's

 Prior to one's being hired
 these companies
 had to see if their attitudes matched their cerebral abilities
 as team Work was Primarily
 not keeping ideas to one's self

 Peter and Gordon sometimes joked that "the Love Bomb" theatrics of people falling backward into each other's arms was more  teaching one to "let go" of one's patents to the Greater Good ..than about the bullshit of Collective Thought and Payback karma dished out by  the mandatory 3 day "empowerment " seminars of Phillip Bodain ,famous for writing the book "That Little Voice In Your Head Is Right" .Some say he garnered most of his ideas from his days as a practicing Neuronaut but Phillip Bodain claims although he took a few Neuronautics classes in the early 70's  but found the ideology both "limited" and to be honest 'just plain loony" Phillip Bodain explained tha most of his philosophy concerning group Dynamics were based upon plain and simple common sense and behavioural Science.


    Gary Rainy did not agree that Bodain did not just "take a few courses"but "took the every thought ,concept and conclusion I had ever had.Gary Rainy told anyone that would listen that Bodain 's ideas didn't just 'come to him" as he was sitting under some apple tree where upon a lone apple struck him on the head giving him instant Karma...he took classes and decided to rewrite "Inway to the Enway" as if "The New Way" was his and his alone.He changed the name Neuronautics to Rally Inc.Personal Growth Seminars,after contorting every touchstone  of  Personal Evolution into Bodain's Bourgeoisie Business is Betterment Bullshit.Lawsuit after lawsuit against Bodain and Rally Inc went nowhere but many think Gary Rainy incited his members to "make Bodain pay" for "his theft of intellectual Property" well outside the law.
   Phillip Bodain who previously balked at the myth of Neuronautic's vigilante justice doled out by "The Goon Squad" within the "Org" itself soon wondered if the rumours of "Gang Stalking" and Intimidation by Constructed Harassment were true."Strange Coincidences " began happening to Phillip Bodain...
 The public shooting "Bandits"in broad daylight that cost him his right thumb.
 The attack on his yacht by Pirates, literally dressed "as Pirates" according to Bodain that overtook his entire family and threw them one by one overboard .Left to drown ,says Bodain,if not for the help of the crew and passengers of a LGBT Cruise ship that luckily blew off course.

 One coincidence too many occurred when
 after giving a lecture  on "Stridency" to a local chapter of the Bakersfield B'nai B"rith
  a Baby Grand Piano somehow "fell" out of it's moving strap from a 14 story building missing Bodain by only 3 feet.

 Phillip finally became convinced that indeed Rainy had put some type of "hit" on him and subsequently moved out of the United States.

three dimentional thought instructives

i slept that night on Kurt and Jessica's couch.
The next morning I could barely wake up
.If i didn't know any better
 I would have sworn i was "given something"
i could barely move my arms or legs
.I couldn't have had more than a half a cup of wine the night before

i heard Jessica close a door and heard her slippers entering the family room
 she was yawning ,in her dressing gown
she must have seen i was awake and must have somehow sensed i wasn't well
as she touched her palm to my  forehead and left it there as if sensing my temperature
"ah poor baby" she said ,"looks like someone has a boo-boo in their tummy.."

Jessica  had  told me last night  she was the early riser "in the family" for she "to set up the little school  for Neuronauts" which was temporarily  in the basement ...

"the boo-boo" wasn't so much in my stomach  I wanted to tell her but all over my body .
 Jessica grabbed a set of blankets from the closet and placed them on top of me
 .I didn't tell her I was burning up ,not cold,as she began swaddling the blanket around me making me turn this way and back

to really"cosy " me up.

I realized she was practicing the "swaddle " technique they sometimes used in Level One
for   RE ADAPTIVE REGRESSION and to sooth our "infant souls"
I wasn't soothed though more like bound like a mummy almost..but I was too tired and too sick to say anything
especially because she had taken so much time to "tuck me in " like that

 Jessica  disappeared into the kitchen and eventually came back to the couch with a glass and a big jug of Hi -C disappearing once again into her bedroom.

She must have known I couldn't get to the glass or the Hi-C
 as my arms were "stuck " in the swaddle..

I waited for her to come back and help me sip.
.I was thirsty ,hot and miserable.. hot as I was
my head felt like a "brain freeze" like you get  from eating ice cream too fast
but this "freeze" didn't wear off.

Now dressed in her professional clothes,her teaching clothes,although obviously in a rush ,she took time to tilt my head "up" and let me sip 2 whole cups of the juice .She took a napkin and swabbed a little at my mouth"it looks like your wearing lipstick" she said about the Hi-C stain on my lips,when the doorbell rang and the first of several small and not so small children ,obviously dropped off by their parent began ringing the doorbell..Jessica laid my head gently back on the pillow ,"Duty Calls,"she said

 a swirl of bright coats entered the family room single
not noticing me .
the kids .
the student making a bee line to down to the basement /school room
Jessica and kurt showed me the half finished basement last night
a washer and dryer
a ping pong table which served as the art room.

and several  card tables surrounded by chairs
two very large TVs on  tall platforms either side of a freestanding chalk board

according to Jessica "The Motherment" had closed The New Way School in Silverlake(temporally)
black mold was found in behind some of the sheetrock .
Kurt said the mysterious mold was probably "placed' there by Ruiners.
Like most Neuronauts ,the children of The New Way didn't go to regular schools
and The state was OK with this ,"though they made it very very difficult<" according to Jessica,who was licenced to do home schooling..HER way .The New Way so long as a "light load" of crammer ,math and social studies etc was introduced into the semester.
Mainly the children kept away from "regular ' school studied GR's early lecture's on "how to Be" from video tapes and GR's books.
Also alot of what Jessica called Three Dimensional Thought Instructives
so they would not have to undo the rash of words that RUINERS placed into young minds..using clay,Dixie cups,balsam wood helped the children how to think beyond words but in pictures.

"Another Woman named  Donna ,a Neuronaut who used to teach in so called "regular" school helped out," Jessica had said the previous night ..
I supposed amongst the small jacketed kids that had entered the family room to get to the basement ..Donna must have come in a s well,I was so tired and so wide awake and so sick I barely noticed what was going on around me..I tried to get back to sleep but the sound of the children moving chairs kept me from doing so..

Jessica caring a stack of books set them aside on the coffee table and put the back of her hand to my forehead,when not giving me sips of Hi -C..She looked at me smiling.."a little better.."she said I guess referring to my forehead..sorry i am so rushed ..try to sleep it off.Kurt has off today and he likes to sleep late but i am sure when he wakes up he can drop me off either at the gym ,the waxing place or The King's Cross.May i suggest we get rid off that unibrow first? I already placed a call to a very good friend of mine who is superb with men..alright,..alright <"she said again although I had not answered.."So we can see how good you clean up huh?" She kissed my cheek and picked up her books from the coffee table .Opening the basement door ,she said

"if you need anything just knock on the basement door,don't wake Kurt.."The door closed  behind her. I tried to get back to sleep,but everything seemed so loud..the muffled voice of Jessica teaching and the little sharp voices of the tiny voices of the kids answering back...going in and out of sleep..the sound of GR on the television downstairs..and suddenly I  hands cover my eyes. Kurt crouched behind the foot of the couch where my head lay.He lets go off my eyes and his face is above me,so close i feel his "five o'clock shadow"

"Morning Dumbo ,"he says ,the Listerine on his breath like cold vapor.

Kurt moves stands up and moves in front of the big set of shelving that houses the TV ,his back toward me,he is only wearing jockey shorts no robe no slippers.He pops on the TV and puts a video in..a nature film about Rams in the high mountains  . the narrator is speaking about the ram's horns..and how during mating season the rams push other rams off of the slippery mountains ...Kurt picks up a video camera and grabs a small tripod which he stretches to make taller .Next he puts the video camera on the tripod and faces the whole set up towards the couch. I see the red light go on indicated the camera is on.He has a big grin on his face  and he  he rubs his hands together ,pausing for a moment to watch a ram tumbling down the mountain

He goes behind the camera's eyepiece and makes some minor adjustments ,I hear the kids in the basement begin to sing,
                                   we've got The New Way Spirit
                                    Deep in Our Shoes
                                    Deep in our  shoes
                                    Deep in our  Shoes
                                    Deep in our  shoes
                                  we've got The New Way spirit Deep
                                     in our shoes to stay ...aye aye
           we've got The New Way Spirit
Deep in Our Knees
Deep in our  Knees
Deep in our  Knees
Deep in our  Knees
we've got The New Way spirit Deep
in our Knees to stay -aye aye to stay ...aye aye

            Kurt, looking at me he says ,"well,guess we might as well get to work huh?"  He comes over to the couch and half sits on my chest half on the couch,I am still swaddled up like a mummy and can't move when Kurt takes off his underwear ,waves them at the camera and sticks his index finger in my mouth..

              "wider,: he tells me,"and if you scream Dumbo .I'll cut your Big Fucking ears off."               

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"fun like that"

after a few weeks a meeting was held in what used to be the banquet room
of the King's Cross but now served as housing for either those in the "org' itself or those who were taking classes with either mentors at the annex or working off their debts for this mentoring .the Org member basically told us what to do ,as they were our Bettors and reported back to our mentors "we served in quiet" not daring to "buck the system' without quite serious ramifications.Paddling.a good smack on the face and hours of repainting the rooms of the hotel with only a watercolor brush..
I am still confused about the renovations.
as the latex paint quickly destroyed the  tiny brushes.

I was putting a primary coat of white paint on the wall facing the boarded up window with a watercolor brush the size of a thin pencil when I was told to join The Team in the banquet room.The gist of the meeting was that ,"we were shifting gears" and that some of us were not very good bead bracelet makers or wicker weavers and that we were to "do something else,"rather than waste every body's time"..Names were called of those told to get in the van for yet a second meeting in an annex in the San Fernando Valley...The meeting "in the valley" was about selling services instead of merchandise"
about Escorting and "Hosting" gentlemen (both in and outside The Group" who wanted "to have fun"..

we were told our mentors were told about "this switching of gears" and of course this gear shift was sanctioned by Gary Rainy
who had even made a video tape lecture especially for those that had Ruinerous thoughts about what he called The Oldest Profession...
GR looked much older than he did in the videos we watched in Level One and Two...but he still had the same way of speaking .
the same smile.He spoke of how in Ancient Greece the younger members of the "clan: were expected to offer themselves sexually to their "a younger person really has very little to offer the world but their physical attributes and youth do they?They don' could they offer anything else.They Know nothing about the world.He spoke about the Bible and that some of the most exciting characters in The scriptures were about wonderful wonderful spiritual people serving God by not closing themselves off from Earthly delights that might bring heaven closer to earth.Yes ,"GR said.Of course this people who "went all the way" were more spirited than most.More adventurous and for you men who we request "perhaps a more open mind than you might have at this juncture,MORE MANLY...

Later that night I met with Kurt and Jessica who had me over for dinner to discuss "the shift in gear"..Jessica actually held my hand explaining that "it was a compliment' being chosen and she wished she was young enough to "have fun" like that."
"Me too " Kurt yelp . I had heard Jessica kick him under the table.
i suppose you expect me to be embarrassed discussing this,i am not...half the stars in this town got started doing just what The New Way is asking you to do...but not to be in some lousy Ruinerous movie but  for Neuronautics.
"How exciting is that she asked...think of the adventures you'll have?"

"adventures!" I said.."they want us to have sex with guys.Men for money?I'm straight by the way..I like women ..what makes you think I'm a Homo..?

"nobody thinks anything like that...Jessica do you think Dumbo is a homo...?"

"Don't you see? "Jessica said tousling my hair,"maybe that's why they want you to do this,to make this sacrifice, which makes it even more sacred?.A homosexual in earlier versions of "Inway to the Enway " was a deviant minus 8 on the TruGenic Scale of Normalcy .In later editions the homosexual was only a deviant minus 1...and the most recent edition homosexuality is simply seen ,according to GR ,as an anomaly.

"I won't do it..I hear the way people at The Rainy  Ranch talk about something a bit more than an anomaly..i tell you that.."

Both Kurt and Jessica looked at each other and said almost simultaneously,"They probably have older editions of "Inway to the Enway"
and probably haven't seen GR's latest lecture.The lecture I had watched with the other "chosen" ones in"the Valley" I had to watch all over again with Kurt and Jessica in their small apartment.The Tape was called "Why Matters of The Carnal Nature Matter  to The New Way"

"i won't do it."I said,suddenly hoping i was back at the Motel painting a wall with a watercolor brush...hoping I had never joined Neuronautics or took their stupid classes ..i wished i had never come to LA.

"you won't do it," Jessica snapped,"OK .I didn't think you had the guts....
I started to say something but she put her hand up ,wanting to hear none of it...instead taking out a notebook,a notebook which logged mine and some of her other mentor's progress.I saw her write in big letters TRAITOR INCONCLUSIVE.She say me staring at the notebook .and scribble out the words INCONCLUSIVE and wrote TRAITOR CONCLUSIVE...

Kurt seeing Jessica write that i was probably the worse thing someone in Neuronautics could possibly be folded his napkin and  said "Oh Boy.I wouldn't want to be you Dumbo"

Cut the Dumbo shit I felt like saying.
who the Fuck are You calling me fucking Dumbo.
But I knew who he was.
He was one of My Bettors
He had taken a good bit of his time Re PARENTING ME and getting me further and further up the TruGenic scale.

Jessica looked at me like she had never seen me before .
without saying a word Kurt followed suit.removing my plate
and very quietly putting it in the sink.

"Let me explain what's happening here,"Jessica said,"you are in big trouble.All of your training is now seen as STILTED CONTENTION
meaning not only is your Level One and Two now meaningless.
We also now wonder why you joined Neuronautics to begin with.And if you joined for reasons only a RUINER understands to ...Did you join The New Way for any other reason than you once claimed.I now have my suspicions..which was followed by a long list of questions that i had been asked at the very beginning.Are you an enemy of GR.Do you talk about GR behind his back.Are you using The New Way to further Groups outside of The New Way that wish to harness the energy of GR's teachings?....How they were speaking to me in this way when only a few minutes before they were patting my head and holding my hand I couldn't believe,I got up to go..when I realized there was really no place
I couldn't go back to the King's Cross.I had all but told my family and my friends to go to hell back home..Kurt and some other members had gotten me my other jobs at the hardware store and the supermarket ,the bosses at both practicing Neuronauts who were sure to fire me NOT if  BUT WHEN word of my STILTED CONTENTIONS and TRAITOR status got around,as big as LA might 's very small place when one is in a very tight group.

"..and don't kid yourself kiddo,"Kurt said,turning away from the sink,"if you try leaving town and go running home to Mommy and the rest of your Ruinerous family and friends...that you can runaway from your debts Mister..your LIFE FAMILY will make sure we get our investment back..every penny..and this isn't only about money Dumbo! WE went out of our way for you..we trusted you with something very important to us...We will get our  Psychic Investment and Evolutionary CARRY THROUGH back.if not in this life time than FAR WORSE in another FAR WORSE!After all we fucking DID for YOU! and we're not gonna have a "HALF MADE or in your case QUARTER MADE Neuronaut GOING OUT and GOD knows Where with OUR sacred teachings .Your New Abilities to think A NEW WAY are being loaned to you .You don't OWN them."

I was frozen.Half way out of my chair .not knowing if I should race to the door or sit back down.Jessica said "stop yelling Kurt.Please stop yelling...everybody just let's sit down...
I sat.glad .glad that everything was calm again..

Jessica looked at me like I was There again...but was still withdrawn

"It's really a shame .We were thinking you would one day Be Org material .An organizational man.An asset.But if you can't get off your High Horse and .."

"Be a whore?"I said,still not believing this was The New Way of bringing in money

"I" a whore ,"Jessica said ,speaking like GR in the tapes,"You're a whore .This table "she said ,pounding it,"is a whore.This pen I'm holding is a whore.Do you get what I am saying?

"no,"i said

"what I'm saying is words .words words.SO WHAT.whore .
door .
bore .

  "Roar .
      More .
        Soar." Kurt says coming back from the kitchen,smiling

I know I'm expected to say words that sound like the initial word so the word no longer means anything any("more,core,gore" I shout )so we can move away,as GR says ,from the "scariness "of the word and thus it's meaning
I feel less afraid ..smiling like my mentors are.
we have coffee.Jessica rips up her report..

and Kurt puts his arm around me,"so..what's it gonna be sport ...?"

"but I'm straight,"I say

and without missing a beat Jessica says"I'm Straight,Your straight,This table is straight,This coffee I'm drinking is straight .Do you know what i mean? Straight .Gay. Cup of coffee.Whore.Table.Linoleum.It all means nothing...

without me saying yes or no
Jessica hands me a gym membership with my name on it and a coupon for some kind of waxing place,she says pointing to my eyebrows and making a face.Pick yourself up a Norelco Body trimmer .A Norelco 3 not a cheap one,she says handing me 70 dollars.

"lots of nice apples,some b-12 vitamins and in a month or so I guarantee you'll have paid off your entire courseload and for your loyalty we'll see about skipping Level 4 and fast tracking you "straight "to

level 5

The monitoring was just the beginning of the next version of this group, 

called the MK Ultra program in 2003-2012.

MK Ultra linked to sex reversals. The number of people this group has threaded is plentiful. First we need to understand how the brain works. You might think the brain of a male is built differently, but that's not the case says professor Miesenbock. Instead, it appears there is a largely bisexual (or unisex) brain with a few critical switches that make the difference between male and female behavior. The MK Ultra thread (if injected into a male) activates a switch that sends impulses to the thread that turns a perfectly straight male into a gay male. This is highly beneficial for MK Ultra projects that run male-for-male escort services in a number of cities across the USA.
Shooting energy directly at the thread daily will produce what scientists and informed public call "sex reversals". Within a month, a perfectly straight all american male starts to react to impulses in his brain that attract him to the same sex. In a short time (we think 90 days or less) this male, now turned gay, is compelled to seek out intimate relationships with members of the same sex.
There's more...much more. This once perfectly straight male is now fully programmed to be a MK Ultra gay thinking/acting male that can now be used as what is referred to as a "sex zombie". This is pure mind control. Adriana and her associates must keep shooting the directed energy at his thread until the programmed victim is partnered with a male buyer who already pre-paid for a sexual encounter with a male escort. The programmed male, now turned gay and forced to work for Adriana's male escort service program thinks that it's the "voices" in his head telling him to follow through on the sex act because it's his duty to do so.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Kurt said it was a very special privilege for a lessor  to be amongst my Bettors at The Ranch and that i must make myself as non- descript as possible during my visits
as being not even a Level 3 I could clog The Others "Enway" (neural intake and neural emmitance) with my baggage  and emotional Enrot (neural rot) that still clung to me from several lifetimes of positioning myself amongst so many Ruiners..
I had to wear a number two around my neck during my visits so others would know to stay far away from me as Enrot has a way of spreading itself around.infecting others.

but Kurt said The Bettors knew about debts
and some of them were in my position with owing more than they were putting in although they might want to pretend otherwise.

money meant everything and nothing at all to The New Way
while they didn't believe in
a system based on man made exchanges (money)
they had to nonetheless "play the game'
and fight the fight
with the system set in place by Ruiners
and that meant MONEY.and lots .of It according to Gary Rainy
"It's the only THING they understand...Money
it's the only thing that can show THEM that we mean Business
and that's Business!" he said in one of his lectures.
but ,"Just because WE have to get our hands dirty with coins and currency that by it's very nature has been fondled and handled by so many Ruiners
that it was in our best interest to ,"hand it over to people who were ore advanced and would not be re-contaminated by Imprints and Enrot  left by
Ruinatious fingers..who ONLY think MONEY MONEY MONEY

Kurt and Jessica explained  that money kept The New Way
in The Frontline...
that buying and developing  real estate for instance  showed detractors they weren't playing with no Johnny Hayseed here.
the physical plant of the annex centers had to be reinforced by buying up the buildings and some of the people in the building's goodwill..
Kurt explained that keeping up "The Rainy Ranch" where "the officers" and "administrators" kept up the state of Everyday Affairs and made sure The Words of GR were kept up to date  and  the videos and tapes of his lectures and books were processed and translated into many that even
third world or backward nations could eventually learn "How to be" and "how to progress on The TruGenic Scale" of Evolution.

At the Ranch  most of my Bettors ignored me.
Alot of them made a show of holding their noses if they saw me walk by

.as any Neuronaut below a Level 6 was said to stink of Ruinership

-did they not remember when they themselves were lower on the Trugenic scale of being? I could not help thinking as I dug and dug  the holes for both the Koi Pond and The Fountain
I tried not to take offense when i was asked to move my bed outside the dormitory
so i would not infect My Bettors in the bunk with EMMITANCES

 ."A bettor is a Bettor is a Bettor,"GR said,shrugging  and smiling,in one of the videos  I watched when I was a Level 1 Non Clonclusive,"ain't nothing a Lessor  could  do about it, accept try to glean a little HIGHER MINDNESS from mentorship

 Maybe that was it.
i was gleaning too much at the compound
I had never been around so many bettors in my life..Everyone was at the very least  a Level 5 CONCLUSIVE

.i was used to being amongst the Lessors  at the Annex in Hollywood

.I came away each Sunday from the ranch in the van that brought me there exhausted,covered with dirt
feeling envy,
self pity and more Ruinerous than ever.

and don't think My Mentors  didn't sense IT.
I was called TO RANKS immediately ,Kurt said people were saying
 i was sending ENROT into the air quite purposely and" made a face "
at Evan Rainy

I told Kurt I had never even seen anyone in the house .or a little boy named Evan

Kurt told me Evan was my age
and Evan reported to his father Gary Rainy that he had seen me  make a face at him from his third floor window.
"I was digging holes.I was gruntingI sure as hell wasn't staring at any windows."
Kurt said maybe that made it worse
that the "face I made" at Evan Rainy was in my UNCONSCIOUS NATURE

"are you against The Rainy Family? are you against The New Way? They asked
"I'm just all...and felt i was treated with little respect "

"Oh ..You went to the Rainy Ranch not to beautify the grounds but to be respected and bowed down to?'

'Of course not i said ,perhaps too harshly"

They said I was acting Very DISGRUNTLED CONCLUSIVE.And confirmed this scientifically by sticking my pinky into the Pinky Slot.A plastic and metal box with a hole in it large enough for someone's pinky finger  enter so that it made contact with  electronic bio sensors that measured one's  "pitch" and "key" inside themselves and thus put outside themselves into  the Harmonic Neural Vicinity.

My "mopi-ness" and "Overt Disgruntle-ism" cost me both financially and emotionally.

Kurt and Jessica said i had "SLIPPED"profoundly
the Pinky Ring Harmonic detector  they said almost went off the charts  gaging all my CONCLUSIVE NEGATIVE INTENTS
and perhaps i should stop my Level 3 classes

and "get back to basics" by taking a refresher Level 1 course

and a "redo"of my entire  Level Twos.

Kurt said I could not "waste EVERYBODY'S Time continuing with Level 3 until
my INVENTORY OF  INTENT was RE-audited and RE -cataloged

"someone must have let you slip by..." was the message.

And Now
 to pay for my half completed Level Threes
as well as  my Levels 1 and 2
i was asked to move to  The King's Cross Motel basement to  make beads and baskets


Koi Pond (1)

i was working 2 jobs.a clerk in a hardware store and unloading trucks at a Ralph's supermarket.
i was living either in a an OK weekly hotel some weeks and on the couch of a fellow Neuronauts
weeks when i couldn't afford both eating and sleeping .
it worked in an odd kinda way.
i was younger
so everything that would have been intolerable now seemed
somehow like it was going somewhere
it helped that i was taking courses in Neuronautics
which gave me a center
a base
and an instant group of like minded members
who were also
moving forward up the TruGenic chain of existence

After Level One Neuronautic Education is all about something they call "Reach"
Reaching is the key to The New Way
Reaching is all about Thinking a certain way
that uses parts of the mind most people can not
"The 90% of the brain we don't use"
Gary Rainy believed is the part of the brain that matters
it is the part of the mind that "Knows without Knowing' and "sees without seeing"...hears without hearing
People outside of the Program which he called Ruiners
tend to mock Neuronautics and Gary Rainy
because as Gary Explains ,"They DON'T HAVE REACHING CAPABILITIES and because THEY sense you are developing something THEY DON'T HAVE they instinctively attempt to RUIN your spiritual  progress
He says this tendency to RUIN a REACHER( one who can SPONTANEOUSLY EVOLVE into something BETTER
than they are
Gary Rainy compares RUINERS with the Giraffes who were too inferior
or self possessed to grow long necks
"Ever see a Giraffe,"Gary wrote,"with a short neck who looked like a horse with spots?...Of course YOU HAVE.Look at your parents!.Look at your teachers! Look at The Motherment ! Look at the Psychiatrists!that laugh at you for being a practicing Neuronaut ! Who laugh at us .We have a term for these people besides RUINERS .We call them Little Necks...Why look all the little neck giraffes are laughing at the giraffes whose necks are growing .."ha ha ha"look at the giraffes whose necks are so long..."ha ha ha'
But we all know what happened to the little neck giraffes don't we??Ha ha Ha!!"

according to Gary Rainy
people who aspired or wanted to grow longer necks
moreso HIGHER MINDS had to deal with the Little Necks of the world
who so despised our
predisposition to grow longer necks
and all this INTENT (or what Gary called Neural Rot)
that RUINERS EMIT psychically weather they think so or not or want to or not (for RUINERS ,according to G.R. seem to have only been placed on earth to hinder their Bettor"s evolutionary inheritance)
Test this theory yourself
he suggested in one of his taped lectures
Call or see your parents or friends for money to help you
pay for your courses...
and see if they send you money
likely they will show some feigned concern and say something disparaging
about The New Way...

I had
tested both my parents
and my so called friends
and it was exactly as G.R .predicted

I cut them off
I "disabled" them from doing further damage
"these sheeple," G.R said ,"had probably been in and out of your Brain Map for several lifetimes.
Smearing your brain with germ-ie ,dirty, finger prints
playing with your mind like a toy
to keep you down
and dumb..."

"Your Mentors are there to Re-Parent you
don't be afraid to if you re-experience some of the same feelings a baby might might have...don't be afraid if you regress or even wet yourself because you forgot how "to go"..
You might even forget How to speak.
Don't worry
nobody taught you "how to go' or "how to talk"

I was in a way learning to talk again
but not specifically with words
"words are how THEY get you.RUINERS made sure to find a name a term for everything..THAT'S HOW THEY GET YOU!.for if you see something .if you see a cat for instance what comes into your mind.
a picture of a cat.
you have no's an AUTOMATIC THOUGHT.But not YOUR OWN..I can teach you how early man thought before word were invented to limit The False Idea of Human Nature...which goes against Human Instinct."

Level One We learned how to talk like babies.
How to ball and wail and if we wanted to suck our thumbs or roll on the floor.
During some of these sessions we were asked to wear diapers as our
systems might
return to the years before "potty training'

i was making progress
and no longer cried for no reason at work
or had to swaddle myself in many blankets to sleep

only problems i had were with dough
as i was behind in my payments for private mentoring sessions
and my course work
in only 8 months I was taking Level 3 Conscious Composition Classes
that took most Neuronauts a year and half to get to
but had still not paid off my
Level Ones and Twos

Jessica and Kurt were my Re Parenting mentors
and were concerned about my debts to The New Way
Kurt made a few phone calls
and said I could pay off some of my course load
by doing landscaping  at The Rainy Ranch
on the  weekends  i had off  from  the hardware store
real work , Kurt said ,no putzing around..alot of dirt digging and rock removal
 they were putting in a large fountain  and Koi Pond behind the Main House
where Gary Rainy ,his current wife and his son ,Evan lived.

I was told I could sleep in one of the spare bunks in Building D
which housed Trainee level 5s who wished to become permanent Organizational Members.but must not speak to anyone above my station .which basically meant everyone "in the compound"
I was told to lower both my head and my eyes if I encountered any member of the Rainy family

Monday, December 23, 2013

Gary Rainy,founder of the The New Way and The Neuronautics Movement is not the first to have described meeting an Entity that could “co-opt’ or walk into* another’s “soul”..but Gary Rainy IS the first allegedly to have been told (by the Entity?) that in time (Rainy encountered “The Entity” in 1969 ) scientists would attempt and succeed in mimicking this true psychic phenomenon with Mind Augment and subsequently "Mind Control "Technologies that could overlap or completely overtake one's 5 senses specifically ventures in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality..

What Rainy only refers to by name as “The Other”warned him that in less than 4 decades the microprocessor would be made small enough to enter a person’s “being” without the person knowledge and that some might use this mind bending machinery to either enslave another or "adjust " them to their will or wants.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A walk-in is a new age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently.

...a belief system grew up around the walk-in.It included New Age attributes such as the concept of ascending into higher frequencies of evolution, a variety of psi powers, traditional "predictions regarding Earth Changes" first cited in the Bible (Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation) but popularized by Edgar Cayce, and predictions of dire fates for those whose vibrational levels remain un-raised. The New Age walk-in belief system now includes a number of variant experiences such as channeling,telepathiccontact with extraterrestrial intelligences, or soul merging, where the original soul is said to remain present, coexisting or integrating with the new one.

    2011 Sherman Oaks, CA .(Life Begins at The Hop)


    Evan 91"

    Evan had a problem with The New Way of procuring funds
    and in a rare moment of potential "Ruiner-like" confrontation he dared enter his Father's sanctum sanctorum

    His Father
    not used to being disturbed in his study instinctively threw a glass paperweight at the 'intruder' at the door.

    the paperweight barely missed his son's left ear before exploding into shards upon impact with the oak door.

    "oh it's you,"Gary said,"have a seat"

    Evan rainy sat across from his father at his desk
    suddenly Evan felt both younger and dumber than he did only minutes before.
    Evan wondered if his father made him feel this way telepathically.
    Evan wondered if his Father's "inway to the neural Enway" was making him squirm and stutter his concerns about prostitution and recently some dabbling in pornography to supplement The Neuronautic Movement.

    Evan mentioned something about "a moral code"
    and it was the first time Evan heard his Father laugh in perhaps a decade...

    "A moral Code Evan?OUR ONLY CODE
    OUR ONLY AIM is BEYOND some man made Ethics dictated by some Motherment of Ruiners and some fucking  televised mini series event to teach us "how to be"
    .Our only code is spreading the word of Neuronautics Betterment and unmasking The Ruiners of the world who EMIT ENROT into the Collective Mind of ALL MANKIND and you worry about a bit of cocksucking in cars or on videotape?Are you really MY son to be so minimal of thought,Evan"

    Evan ,without knowing why bowed his head

    "chin up Evan.let me tell you something...
    something nobody else but a few know..
    Let me explain why we need all the capital we can get right now.Something The Great Entity explained to me years ago...."

    and Gary Rainy spoke about "The Raindrops"

    In his book ,"Life Beyond the Enway" Gary wrote of his Communion with a Celestial being
    that could not only read his mind
    but also enter his body
    as if he were a mere puppet.

    this celestial Entity
    who Gary met with several times
    in an entirely different realm than our own
    could also if he or it so chose
    completely over -ride his 5 senses

    "this being ,this entity
    could SEE through my eyes
    HEAR through mt EARS
    and send "Mind Movies"and Feelings the Entity thought I should experience in "my" now "our" consciousness." Gary wrote.

    In the same book Gary explained that the Entity offered him a box ,which he opened filled to the brim with tiny
    shiny "dots" that Gary from than on called "Raindrops"
    And that these teeny tiny particles if
    swallowed eaten or simply encountered by touch could cause either
    a Terror
    beyond most human's understanding.

    The raindrops
    The Dots

    "What Ruiners call nanotechnology and  THEY must never ever, ever get their hands on it "


    Dumbo 91"Los Angeles

    the baskets and the beads were handmade
    made by the "bead and basket division "
    which primarily consisted of
    those  members who had  failed to pay off their Neuronautics classes.

    One doesn't want to become a basketcase for Neuronautics
    it just tends to happen.

          We sold the baskets and bead bracelets out side the Annex on Hollywood Blvd.
          besides the bracelets and wicker baskets we were also asked to  sell Gary Rainy's First Book ,the quote unquote Bible of The New Way Movement,"Inway to the Enway"
     but people weren't buying.

      We were in sharp competition  particularly on that street
     as Ruiners were more open to The Words
    "Hollywood" on  coffee mugs to ashtrays) than they were to The Words of Gary Rainy...

    Money was always a problem with Neuronautics
    as Ruiners had a habit of attempting  to sue the Group
    for damages to their psyche and whatnot...

    "anything to destroy The New Way..."Gary would say,"They will stop at nothing."

    was also a problem with Gary Rainy personally
     who had to not only maintain the "physical plant" of the organization but also The Rainy Ranch (or what some Ruiners called The "Pawn Ranch") where Gary lived amongst his most devoted followers ...behind 12 foot concrete walls out past Pasadena...

    Gary spent alot of time
    (and money) out there in his desert paradise.
    Time with other "vision-eers" who devoted their lives to "SEEING the world as Gary Rainy insisted it be SEEN.(Some people even called themselves in this select group within The Group ..The SEEING ORG.(or See O rg.) asthey had acquired 2nd sight ,as all memebers of the SEEING ORG were either Level 6 or 7 Neuronauts.

    we who sold basket and beads were kept quite far from our Bettors but
    had the promise of becoming True Seers ourselves if we proved ourself worthy..
    and worth was measured by how much money we brought in.

    like i said Money was always a problem being in neuronautics
    has it's

    oh boy .yes it does.

    The Notorious Chair Throwing Incident  that blinded a Level 8 "See Org "member was about finances
    or lack thereof

    The bead and basket makers
    who were kept in a basement in an old hotel  that Neuronautics had acquired 
    worked day and night weaving  and beading
    as theses members had to not only  pay off their debts
    to Mentors
    but pay
    their yearly alms to "The Church"

    for services rendered.


    *****,now blinded as result of the banquet style chair thrown in her direction during a meeting to assess that month's bills was persuaded to not to sue but write a book that claimed "she didn't need eyes,that thanks to her Neuronautics training she SAW without eyes.heard without ears and KNEW without KNOWING...

    beside the bi weekly meetings that gaged
    the flock's dedication to a Higher Level of Existence
    an emergency meeting was called when creditors threatened to
    force Gary to consider a second mortage on his Mansion in The Compound /fortress at The Ranch..

    In the mess hall some of the highest officials of See-ers
    brought their minds together to  re -think
    A New Way to bring in necessary cash

    a young Level 6 raised his hand and addressed  Gary rainy,"Sir ..Maybe Hollywood Boulevard is too close to the tourists,maybe the beads and baskets would sell better in West Hollywood,homos like beads and I think they like baskets"

    Another level 6 Neuronaut raised his hand ,"Maybe ,"he joked " these freeloaders should sell beads and baskets on Santa Monica  boulevard to the Johns in cars who like HOMOS...or better yet maybe they should SELL THEMSELVES on Santa Monica to pay back their debts.."

    The second level 6 Neuronaut covered his mouth and eyes(perhaps fearing another Chair Throwing Incident)but
    the Level 6 Neuronaut noticed Gary Rainy was not a bit perturbed by the joke.
    In fact
    the opposite