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we'd like to know a bit about U 4 our files

it's peculiar Dumbo...
you writing about you possibly being found treasonous ...and in breach
writing that you were ..taken...kidnapped essentially and your nervous system ...riddled purposely with Biological NPS for  an interface via these components .that were placed in you
to "Make you" write ...what Dumbo...?
explain to me?
because to be honest I am lost ..I am lost that a person...a person we have spent years upon
would write that he is treasonous ...and in breach with the united states government who had /has the right to test Advanced Technologies
on humans ...for homeland security purposes..
and furthermore ..tells people that whoever did this to him..
and helps him write..
is only doing this...having him write a certain way about certain things...with the  brain computer interface
so they may see and note who "follows" his anti -American rants....and unwholesome meanderings
after all this time..
all this work..?"Evan graphs

"it was the Monarch Programming stuff that was the final straw." I graph back

"but you knew about the Monarch programming.....and you knew you weren't supposed to ever use the term Scientology...just "Neuronautics"," Evan graphs.

"You told me,you graphed me that the main thing I wasn't supposed to write about was TV being used to CUE people who unknowing are 'apped" with only a one-way interface concerning brain transcribe...that entered their nervous systems ...through just the air they I got to what I 'm not supposed to write about...sorry"I graph back..

"we had some kind of Gentleman's Agreement here I nobody is going to read your blog.'Evan says.

"well,that's good ...that way nobody can misconstrue their reasons for reading something as anti American for reading it right?"I graph.

"NO DUMBO! that is NOT RIGHT!...that is ALL WRONG!...that was the fucking point ! you fucking IDIOT!  I wasted years of my life helping you come off as some menace,some degenerate "artist/writer' and in ONE fucking DAY you decided to RUIN the whole thing."

"what makes you think I'd want to be some trap...? or write a story (a semi fictitious) about being made a Human guinea pig? to lure other's perhaps becoming the same thing"

"For Homeland Security "Evan Imparts.

"what does someone reading some half baked story have to with homeland security? If some reads 'Silence of the Lambs ...does that mean they want to be Hannibal Lechter?'or when those 'app-ed" unknowingly read say-silence of the lambs
will you track their signals to see if their post neural firings ...indicate they related MORE to Lechter or Starling?'

"yes Dumbo...when the computers get fast will be line for line... gaging of evoked it will be with how a person perceives we can Brain Map just how long a "tagged" demographic with Merge Bio focuses their empathy to a killer or the one running from a killer.."Evan graphs

"so I guess now I must warn people not to watch TV,,because Tv is now being used as some type of tractor of evoked emotion neural spikes.."I graph

"NO,NO NO  that is not what you're going to do!:Evan graphs sending me an ear splitting tone...that makes me hold my head...

"so what am I supposed to do..?you said you don't like me going out too much because I drink and that fucks up your readings...and also all the ambient sound throws off continuity..."I graph

"you have a job tonight to easy job...I need you to befriend 2 people od both You tube and Facebook  who recut a 1993 TV Movie called "Wild Palms" in such a way that re-contextualizes the
the made for Tv movie.."

"who cares? if someone remixed a movie,"I graph

"well dumbo obviously WE do ...and WE would like to know why...and you will befriend them online and ask them -what they were trying imply?what motives they had behind their taking the time to do this?

"no...I'm afraid not,I won't"I graph.

"yes.yes you will," Evan graphs.

"you do it,,,I won't" I graph

"ok maybe we'll just visit their homes and do our own brand of "asking" that you you want? is that what you wan ton your head?....or might it just be a less violent ,less scary "hello.My name is...I just watched your remixing of "Wild Palms" and rather liked that you mixed it in a manner that makes the action in the made for tv movie more cohesive..
nd maybe when you watch the made for tx film yourself  SO you can properly discuss with "your new internet pal aspects of the film..
you might observe two pivotal  scenes...
a.that Chcikie Levit's back was broken on purpose so he could remain in a room FOREVER focusing ONLY on 'graphing" perhaps THIS was the ONLY way Chickie Levit could"get with the program"helping his "team" work on Virtual Reality...without any interference froma world outside his mind....his wheelchair....his broken back.
b.that another story focuses on a artist some "group" HELPED maintain a level of success.The artist is very his sponsors...and subsequently has his eyes poked out ...literally..

your job tonight is to start a dialog with the two people who remixed 'Wild Palms" for their own reasons .And we just want to know why they did this...

"why,"I graph.."why does it matter?"

"it might not," Evan graphs..
"that's why we want you to strike up a friendship/dialogue with them.."

"what are their names?" I graph.

"good boy,"Evan graphs ,' telling me their screennames are ***** and *****.and I get to work


a reason for treason

the crime of betraying one's country

    noun: breach; plural noun: breaches
    1. 1.
      an act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct.
      "a breach of confidence"


                   I believe I ceased thinking myself an American in August 2011 in Sherman Oaks ,CA the day I was inserted with the really becomes "a state" within oneself when one has been rendered in such a way.Good Luck finding another to continue...Perhaps they can piece together sections of what I have written so far to continue .
                                                                                                                   James G. Bloom

find yourself a new bitch to write "project blue beam" for dummies.or explain there won't be any need for holography as the vision will come from within rather than "out of the sky"....we have seen that I could write a how to primer about "how to make a nuclear weapon" directly online without anyone a damn...all systems are go....feel free to continue with Phase 2.. 

visual cortex-holographic seeing-neural prosthetic

Thursday 1/ 29/15

it's difficult sitting in the Rite Aid waiting 15 minutes ...which was actually 23 minutes or more
 for my Seroquel to be filled.Hard sitting still because body is so tight..the muscles all dense...frozen...I cannt really walk like I used to gait is off...and I have to carry a paper towels.. cause the tightness of my mouth ..according to the dr...the swelling from the Seroquel causes pressure on my 3rd and 5th facial nerve and some pressure on some nerve or other near my salivary according to the doc...'yes there will be some mastication problems..until I adjust to the increased dose of the neuroleptics...
my foot jumps...I constantly fidget
I am swollen up...not just pasty looking but white...
the woman sitting across from me moves away ...and begins looking tentively at the display of ammino acids for body builders...
the meds make one look noticeably insane...
"old fashioned" insane like in those MGM movies from the 1940's and 50's..
theu also make one on them look just plain fugly as hell...and there's a sick part of me that get's off on just how very odd I look since being treated with the meds..
a part of me that likes ..just my appearance and drooling at the mouth MAKE this bitch wating for her meds have to pretend (a courtesy to me).concerning "no offense? but I just can't sit across from someone who looks  
when the pharcsit calls her name
the bitch acts as if she's won the fuckin' lottery...
3 minutes later or so I am called to pharmacy counter.
to pick up my meds.
since my gait is off...stooped etc
I hail a cab
and decide to look up  Artis Rukameda
online but find I go to the Seroquel web site ...and find the right term-
  • Tardive dyskinesia is a difficult-to-treat and often incurable form of dyskinesia, a disorder resulting in involuntary, repetitive body movements. In this form of dyskinesia, the involuntary movements are tardive, meaning they have a slow or belated onset. This neurological disorder most frequently occurs as the result of long-term or high-dose use of antipsychotic drugs
and take a Seroquel
and call the dr. asking about
the movement disorder.
The dr. says....TD tardive Dykinesia is a myth and only occurs in maybe 0.0001 clients....I mean patients
and besides the doc says,"it might be in your best interest if I got Tardive Dyskenisa ..because he'd been informed I had written about similar side effects
concerning the limbic system being caused by neural prosthetics....and that he can't speak right now cause he has another client."

in treatment

 Thursday. jan.29
the Seroquel.makes my mouth swollen,my throat swell up.
whats Seroquel ?.its  basically Haldol .thorazine...with a fancy name
supposed to get rid of  da' voices .da' sound and vision.,,,
the perplexed ,,,,he keeps switching the scripts.upping
the dose...this has been going on for a year now.when I explain the swelling
the doc says it's my body  acquainting itself .to the meds. acquainting ? itself
for more than a year?the tightening of my throat ...the stiffness of
my back .my limbs.. he says is a very mild case of what he calls tardive
dyskinesia......................................but the sound.
                                                       the visions
                                                                                I ask.aren't
                                                                                the meds supposed to

get rid of them? the hallucinations? I ask...because they don't
                                                                                                        and the dr . says "well you yourself
                                                                                                       said that Sound and Vision was not a thought disorder-so why would they?
than why ,I ask am I taking the Risperdal and Seroquel
than...and this tardive dyskesa...and my mouth and throat swelling
up and feeling so tired..I can barely move.
                                                                                                     the doctor says he spoke to a colleague
once dealt with a client
"dr.please don't call me a client.
call me a patient.."
he says OK...
and says.                                                      "I spoke to a colleague of mine
                                                                      who had once dealt with a Targeted Individual
                                                                      the client...I mean patient of his...had symptoms
                                                                      quite similar to yours...sound and vision..and all that
                                                                      you describe ,including "run-ins" with "Mobbing,Gas
                                                                      Light 'Street theater" enactments  also that the patient
                                                                      had begun recalling incidents from his childhood
                                                                      that indicated Ritualized Abuse aspects of what is referred to as a Programming based
parenting ...based on Imprints. And symbols
and reinforced B.F Skinner like ...conditioning
based to understand if CUES based on condition
response ,for instand if a rat heard a dial tone
a food pellet would in the food slot
in the rat's cage.                                           attempts were made to induce the sound of the Trigger
                                                                     (dial tone) being introduced into the lab rat's brain not
                                                                    by SOUND but by Silent Sound,,the ,Frey Effect and latter
                                    and tests were done by introducing pulsations ,beams into the rat's visual cortex a trigger of IMAGE to synchronize the lab rat's induced SIGHT to cause the rat to associate
a specific induced IMAGE with pellet being in food slot

I sit there,zoning out..and ask the Dr. what this has to do with him giving pills that don't make MY induced sound and vision GO AWAY!.
and the doctor explains.
that eventually the research team used a beam to essentially eradicate portions of the lab rat's amygdala to disrupt the rat's brain piece to gether  based response to either induced sound or vision on their cortex to observe if the rat would or could eat  pellet without being broadcast that the food pellet was in the slot.

"well did he,did the rat know"I asked

"actually so much of the lab rat's mind was inadvertently destroyed by the directed energy to it's brain ...the rat seemed to not care if it ate or not...Now the Seroquel ,Haldo etc...are .essentially doing that same thing  to parts of your you might still hear and see induced Sound and Image but not be CUES the Sound and Image,,"

Satisfied I pick up my script and go to the Rite Aid


Friday, January 30, 2015

             من                 جلجل ...                          واحدة تذكر من غطاء محرك السيارة طفلك                                     و تسمح بأن جلجل . إلى بلات ، كما لو كان في حلقة في عقلك                                            مرارا وتكرارا .... و سوف تجد أنك تستطيع أن تفعل أي شيء. دعونا شيء آخر يكون على عقلك. الاستماع إلى الأغنية مرارا وتكرارا . بحيث يصبح جزءا من أنت                             عندما يحين الوقت                                     أن تفعل ما  شيء ولكن هذا جلجل لتكون focis الخاص بك لا تستخدم أي بود ولا سماعة الرأس. تم تحميلها مع جلجل ولكن اسمحوا جلجل يكون المونولوج الداخلي الخاص بك .......................................... تدع هذا بمثابة الهاء



Gamer (2008)/the name Game

I want to get back to a different way of saying what I am saying saying .all dumbos .all parasol pictures.aside.all neuronatuics aside..or at least name both what they are.there was a third thing.i 3rd "group' oh yes proxycyber..and a forth aspect..XXXX  "play parents" childhood as Truman/Trauma Show .
 there are reasons everything I have written as fiction ,semi fiction ..symbiotics.included.human experimentation mk ultra.the  monarch program ...cybernetic ..threshold tests done with sound and vison...and seeing visions....but I cannot write of it  as it was.without reliving it.and  having to place myself  in people I can barely call people at all
but human monsters my  only true wish is to see strung up hanging by their necks dangling..
people who participate in gang stalking do not deserve conventional punishment.
..but an
and old fashioned public tar and feathering.public
.beheading  and .not just the "players" on top.
.but  the ones all the way down to the one tome  "actor" ased to say two or three atarged individual for 70 dollars.
..i have yet to encounter a single targeted individual who feels differently.and have fath all involved will one day get bacl what they have never seen coming.
they do not se it coming because these people who participate in these activities proudly almost devoutly have not belief in G-d...nor does any G-d I am aware of
 any belief..nor mercy for those that chose to "play" these games...their punishment for what they do primarily to single women who are disenfranchised alone and terrorfiied..will recive their just due...and justified punishment another lifetime...I am sure.but I wan them to get what they have coming to them in this life time..i want to see  them terrorified ,humiliated...I wan to see them shaving their heads in the paparazzi spotlite.head shaved ,,,in distress..i wan to hear them unable to stop talking ...making monkies of themselves like Charlie sheen who had no idea someone was playing with him...with purposely...that had nothing to do with what 8 balls or pieces of crack the size of golf balls.
I will never forget the terror in britney spears eyes.
of what is happening to me\
.the fear...

,,,I knew who did this to her.and knew she had no idea why she was acting as she did...I had no idea  if she would servive it.and nor did those whose  jobs were to do this to her,

,but we all watched.
as we watched Charlie Sheen..publicly placed in the public square  that is .television
.in a laughing stock., tar and drug .no drug problem makes one act like that.
..only psychotronic devices...

I watched Amanda Bynes.become a late nite talk show joke.when I knew Bynes was terrified of what they had done to a way perhaps only a detainee at Guantanamo bay was.
I still do nothave what it might take I me to write about how it was.without a shield and how it is with no shield left in me...nothing in me felt...after years and years of a torture that takes place not in a cage or jail..somewhere....nor interrogation "tank" in a police precinct..but all in one 's brain...dosed with biotech meant to drive a person to a brinks of hell that Dante himself never could conceive of  

larger than any lord

there is something  invigorating  about no longer being accountable for one's actions.about totally being lead by voices  telling you what to do and who to do it to
.there is something  invigorating about  no longer being accountable for one's actions
 about letting yourself be lead by visions only you see that show grand mesmerizing images that fortify my doubts.
that serve as proof that although the actions that must be taken may seem violent and wicked my actions are only to serve..

I feel I must document my actions.and explain that this it real or only synthesized gives me rights to do what I must.
and that my actions have come from the very top.

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." I never used facebook nor any social media  except to explain what has lead up to what I soon must do.For so long I believed the ultra low frequency attack  I’ve been subject to for the last three years, was meant only to drive me crazy.but I was wrong.This was never "an attack upon me" but training .Training to make my mind STEEL and GUIDED.To to make me this centered.READY TO SERVE!
To make me and my thoughts NO LONGER AIMLESS but ready to AIM ,LOAD and FIRE"
the great Entity
for My Bettors!

 the Voice,,,I once denounced. I now understand and praise.
Who I am to Fight this Entity Larger than any Lord.
Who long ago stopped talking back-

I listen now.
only to be of use

only to gain momentum
from IT.and FOR the words the Voice Imparts

-THEY SANG! THEY DANCED! there were no PEOPLE who existed before or since

and Happy in a way
    are NOT
don't let the history books fool you!

they enjoyed

for the common good .
THEY knew
they their
industry and focused directed ETHICS
 set the tone for
the industrial revelation! and Revolution

think of it  sensory over ride" as 
a "jump start"
to an
"all for One"
effort to "re-setting" New Man towards 
 better  things
come only from
brief periods of albeit it
what may seem to YOU
like a abomination...

 we would not  have become
a super power
if it were not for people
Bettor than in exerting ORGANIZED quantified RULES
and methodology

as much as you might believe that MOST people
once they
got over this
misguided sense of SELFESSNSS
and autonomy...
man is not a solitary creature..never has been
a tribe is not a bad thing
the strongest men
naturally RUN their brethren
not because they enjoy POWER
because they were divinated to lead
the mentor
his countrymen

slaves..what is a slave...a man is only a slave if he possesses a misguided WILL that Says
I want POWER
'I am BETTER tham Masters"
we are al "enslaved
I suppose I am enslaved by my duty to keep the masses
from running amuck ,malingering,meandering meaninglessly..helplessly

did  you not feel  that the "so called slaves"
who needed to broken
of their willfulness.
for THIER OWN GOOD by the
they got into the SPIRIT
of "YES WE CAN...YES WE CAN    TACKLE THIS!" if we WORK with out
spite...and derision
a sense of "a good ,healthy HONEST  labor for a collective system
is the BIG LIE!
insects ONLY know
they lack the conceit
of individualism
the greatest LIE ever taught man"



a wonderful new apathy runs through me...I no longer really care about you dear reader
I no longer care about attempting to explain  AI experiments on humans  nor psychotronic or directed energy "chip" or sans chip altering your perception ,emotion
or cognitions
.I wish it upon you,in fact..but moreso-.I wish upon my friends and family that chose not to
believe me.
I want them to feel the noise.I want them to feel like toys..

I want them to call me and explain what is happening to them.

and tell I want to tell  them "it's all in their heads"

I want them to be hurt and terrified by voices and sights and sound!

I want them driven mad by "it"

and I want to bring them colorful balloons and get well cards to whatever mental hospital the AI testing
 may lead them to.

I want to sit with their Drs. and hear about their clinical diagnosis of psychotic break
and tsk tsk tsk..
with false compassion.

I watch them drink juice in the 'Day Room" while afternoon soap operas play
in a locked ward
and meet with their social workers
to "come up with a plan" for their after care

I want to listen ...very attentively to their description
I want to listen to them argue
that their condition is not organic in cause
but something else.

I want to say,"I know you THINK this is what's happening"
and hold their hand.

but most of all I want them to see just a little  smile that shows them
I know it's not all in their heads
or organic in nature
but all true.

and ask them if I can get them another juice..
hoping they are kept locked up and fed pills that will make them swell up like the colorful balloons I brought them
and make them drool at the mouth
I want to watch them decompensate visibly
every time I visit
and still be plagued by sound and vision

I want to observe their full mental breakdown
knowing that every word out of their mouth explaining
that their symptoms are not psychiatric in nature but that they were  Targeted as Human Guinea  pigs
and I want them to see pity in my eyes that it breaks my heart that they are so "disturbed"
one more smile
before I leave the locked ward
to let them know
I KNOW it's not a psychiatric problem but purely
psychotronic in nature

and than maybe speak privately with their Dr,
about upping their medications...all the while  wringing my hands .
saying .
"oh how very tragic that "this happened" to such a  loved one Out of Nowhere".-

Cole Cohen Dec 28 2014


Easier, Safer, Less expensive Polymeric Biosensors :A New Win for the Mind Augment Industry

Prevailing opinion suggests that only substances up to 64 nm in diameter can move at appreciable rates through the brain extracellular space (ECS).. Nanoparticles as large as 114 nm in diameter diffused within the human  brain, but only if they were densely coated with poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG). Using these minimally adhesive PEG-coated particles, we estimated that human brain tissue ECS has some pores larger than 200 nm and that more than one-quarter of all pores are ≥100 nm.  Nanoparticles  spread rapidly within brain tissue. The ability to achieve brain penetration with 'neural dust "promises a great leap forward concerning Brain Computer Interface with no compromise to signal acquisition nor transmission .Why ATMI Inc. Shares Thrived May Be in a Junkie's Eyes (nascent technology/human experimentation )

 In 2007 Affymetrix (Nasdaq: AFFX  )  biochip maker announced that it was purchasing laboratory-reagent maker USB for about $75 million in cash. The privately held USB makes enzymes and molecular purification systems that compete with the likes of Invitrogen (Nasdaq: IVGN  ) and QIAGEN (Nasdaq: QGEN  ) .  The USB purchase got  Affymetrix's foot in the door to these other labs, where it can extol the virtues of biochips, thus expanding the biochip market and its market with speculation that Entegris (Nasdaq: ENTG  ) also has it's sights on laboratory acquisition to place  product into practicalities.

"Why ATMI  stock soared sky high may be from Reflections in A Junkie's Eye"

 by Elizabeth Jansen

Bringing polyaniline into the biosensor field is a major breakthrough for nanobiotech but " biochips" are still considered nascent technology and patent law requires that an artisan be capable of utilizing the invention without undue experimentation however several BCI .A.I. and Immersive Reality "Groups" have been showing how nanotubes and carbon complexes can be used as biosensors—without showing exactly how the data was attained.(name withheld upon request)
[post removed august 2014]

February 20th, 2009

Shares of ATMI (NASDAQ: ATMI  ) rose 25% one Tuesday in late January 2014. 
Feb 2014 – Entegris, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTG)  agreed to be acquired by Entegris (NASDAQ: ENTG  ) for $34 per share in cash. The deal is expected to close in Q2 and values ATMI at $1.15 billion, or roughly $850 million net of cash acquired including $170 million in net proceeds from the recent sale of ATMI's LifeSciences business


Euthanasia could be option for poor, says Lithuanian health minister

by Michael Cook
25 Jul 2014    
Euthanasia might be needed for poor people who cannot access palliative care, the new Lithuanian Health Minister has suggested . Rimante Salaseviciute was sworn earlier this month, but already she has made waves by backing an open discussion of the legalisation of euthanasia.
Without making any specific proposals, she told local media that Lithuania was not a welfare state with palliative care available for all and that euthanasia might be an option for people who did not want to torment relatives with the spectacle of their suffering.

The minister has also raised the idea of euthanasia for children . She noted that this option had been approved for Belgian children after a long public debate. It was an option which might be appropriate in Lithuania as well .

Phasianidae ,the "N'word and Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

you may ask . what does your narrator ..of this "story" actually DO for a living...Do to make a living. I write entries. Or used to...for online encyclopedias....I'd use old encyclopedias or used to
 I could use a dictionary like encyclopedia they provided from 1977.never from online dictionaries was as the only rule -how'd I get this job?
... I used to sell .or try to sell encyclopedias  decades ago.cold calls..and also door to door
back when people bought encyclopedias....back when people read books....on wasn't much of job...convincing people to buy encyclopedias...because A to Z doesn't come in one volume not cheap the whole a to z of it all ...and often it took a lot of convincing to convince a housewife to purchase the encyclopedias.
I date myself by using the term housewife.
one is not "supposed " to use the term housewife like one is not supposed to use the word n*gger or kike or,fag or Dego or spic.(I pause...thinking a should have written "the N -word.." instead of n*gger.but using the term "the N -word has always sounded.worse in a way  than n*gger.
 as "The N word just sounds  childish....
 and ,for the most part...America still treats black men and women "like n*ggers' just as the USA treats Mexicans in the Southwest worse like "The N-Word",like n*ggers.Less thans.
but I guess because we didn't literally enslave  Mexicans...except in low paying jobs ..with no way out nor up
we allowed to call Mexicans Wetbacks
without anyone telling us to call them the "W" -word..
we are allowed to be homosexuals  fags...and not the "F' word.
we are ALLOWED to use the term Spic or Kike or Dego... I don't recall "spic" ...Kike' .."dego" or Fag" being removed from the English Language...
any way.back in the day.when one  could call "a wife"  who mainly took care of "a house" a house wife
without getting an E-Mail calling me a kike faggot or something FROM a housewife
 that thought I had "broken some rule" concerning " political correctiveness.or humanity using the word housewife..
to tell you the truth I don't know what a woman is called who works at home .razing children ...and keeping a household in order...
a home maker...I was once told..
How homemaker "sounds " or reads better than house wife I don't understand ...
(I respect a home-maker..who raises kids and makes a "nice home"..who doesn't..except of course in many cases their husbands...not some encyclopedia salesman.
 (if you ask me nobody much cares if they'are called much of anything
so long as you don't treat them as- for instance a n*gger....or a spic etc etc
the same company that I sold encyclopedias
 in the early 90's wanted the encyclopedias to 'go online" and be paid for as encyclopedias one reads online.
and since I was at the time out of work..I called my previous employer and asked if I could have a hand in this switch to online A to Z knowledge
and they said...sure.
eventually the company folded
 as all information became "free" information was everywhere pay
so I had to get another job...with wikipedia
doing more defintion work
about things like
"what's the difference between a crawfish and a crayfish"
you wouldn't believe how many people ask that question
how many people  type this question into a search engine
 a job writing Wikipedia entries...also meant  changing content of certain Wikipedia entries if the entries were invalid....or dated...or sometimes if I got a call that I was to adjust the content ..or erase certain citations that one who had made such a citation ..didn't want cited anymore
one of the last entries I had to rewriter was about electromagnetic hypersensitivity..
a rash of people getting strangely ill living near cell towers...especially the wealthy..
 a guy at Wiki at the time called it a rich man disease as their illnesses were caused by them often living in high-rises in cities,,,that placed cell towers on their "towers" like mad...
also satellite dishes...and all kinda stuff so people can use wireless devices...
it was before the year 2000...and only the rich ...or people who wanted to appear "hip' and "on the move" use cell phones. Remember that?

the entry I had to write for wiki  years ago about
these rich folks whining about electromagnetic hypersensitivity at the time seemed ..absurd.
rich folks whining about wireless
and cell towers
but it was my job to type  up   all these reports emailed to me for this entry  verifying that people were actually getting sick from ..well wireless tech...
like literally ill...and I wrote what I was e-mailed on the subject...
but 4 months ago I was sent a new e-mail explaining I was to rewrite the definition...explaining that those who "complained" about getting sick from wireless....
were  malingerers.crack pots.
I also had to re write several passages ...several Wikipedia entries about  Grouse..that I got wrong concerning -their  sub-"type" -the order Galliformes, in the family Phasianidae.  assigned to the subfamily Tetraoninae, a classification supported by mitochondrial DNA sequence studies

so I recanting the material that supported electro magnetic hypersensitivity...
like I did about the grouses
 I decided ...
 to go back to my rewritten entry and add the citations i deleted..
cause basically I realized .who are these guys telling me to make corrections about species of Grouses and sub type names for their species and than telling me to erase medical claims verified that indeed folks (rich or otherwise) were getting very ill from exposure to electro magnetic energy.and than 8 days later I go back to my rewritten Wiki and see  it had been rewritten by someone else who not only deleted the evidence and studies that in fact showed people were getting ill...but went out of his or her way to make whoever might have such symptoms appear loony...and malingering hysterics...
so I quit.
wiki pays very little...because a while ago they began not only allowing but wanting people to ad definitions ...for "free" ..basically...
anyway...I'm like  WTF is going on here
when months were spent talking about  "the N-Word" and nothing about any
maybe it's not such a gr8 idea to begin removing  words  from the language
unless it was something like getting wrong  the sub family of Grouse as Columbidae   instead of   Phasiaanidae

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    Crayfish, also known as crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, or mudbugs, ... In Singapore, the term crayfish typically refers to Thenus orientalis, ...
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 Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

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Idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF) is a descriptive term for symptoms purportedly caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields.[1] Other terms for IEI-EMF include electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), electrohypersensitivity, electro-sensitivity, and electrical sensitivity (ES).
Although the thermal effects of electromagnetic fields on the body are established, self-described sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity report responding to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (or electromagnetic radiation) at intensities well below the limits permitted by international radiation safety standards.
The reported symptoms of EHS include headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. Whatever their cause, EHS symptoms are a real and sometimes disabling problem for the affected person. However, there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to electromagnetic field exposure.[2]
The majority of provocation trials to date have found that self-described sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are unable to distinguish between exposure to real and fake electromagnetic fields,[3][4] and it is not recognized as a medical condition by the medical or scientific communities. Since a systematic review in 2005 showing no convincing scientific evidence for it being caused by electromagnetic fields,[3] several double-blind experiments have been published, each of which has suggested that people who report electromagnetic hypersensitivity are unable to detect the presence of electromagnetic fields and are as likely to report ill health following a sham exposure

side effects-AI,BCI ,VR (Dystonia/Parkinson's)

Vanesa looked at the monkey trembling in it's cage

  • Ataxia
  • Dystonia — Dystonia is a neurological condition with a very broad range of manifestations. The basic underlying problem involves over-activity of the main muscles needed for a movement, extra activation of other muscles that are not needed for the movement, and simultaneous activation of muscles that work against each other. 
  • Essential Tremor
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • "my ex  had the same began with  TICS  .He complained of Pins and Needles ..tightness in his facial muscles ,"Vanessa said to the young research scientist hoping to get some answers Cole's legal team might use. ..She had moved out to Pasadena and next further north to look for anyone who might help in Cole's defense .Vanessa didn't want to speak about Cole his lawyer told her to be discrete.

    Vanessa decided to  pose as a reporter ..and chose to stay away from Human Testing or Psychotronics beings used now against so called dissidents and would be agitators . Vanessa spoke abstractly  about
    Psychotronics and Neurotronic "corrective "brain entrainment " technology
    stating she was writing an article   discussing ethics concerning TV soon being able to work in consort with neural prosthetics  and thus act as a type of Rorschach Test  .
     when mind decoding technology becomes acceptable and maybe an enviable "app"
     Vanessa told the research assistant ," WE ALL HAVE TAUGHT TV
    HOW TO "GO" BLINK FOR BLINK WITH US .as IT has taught how to think in it's language
    of PREDICTIVE RESPONSE through recitation ..

    " Mt Ex..he used to work in Banning California.
    at a lab,"Vanessa said ,"a lab
    that was testing" straight to cortex tv and interactive interface based on the consumer's assumed response' and evoked potentials*"Vanessa lied, wanting to make her visit to the research assistant seem non threatening... Vanessa realized that people seemed to believe those working on Brain Computer Interface for the private sector were for some reason "safe "

    ..Or safer to discuss than those working on much of the same technology for Security reasons or "Crowd Control" the grid .

    It was encouraging but also frightening that commercialism and greed might be the only thing that might "blow a lid" off the fine PR of discussing  Mind Decoding and Mind Induction Technology interface being  something only  "the tin foil hat " crowd ...spoke of to delude themselves they were not 'just" crazy.
    Vanessa' lie was a half her weekly rounds up and around the silicon valley to find evidence of the science behind Voice to Skull communication ..and Synthetic Telepathy had taught Vanessa that
    there were in fact many companies working on "TV" that could be beamed right into someone's temporal lobe

    Vanessa since coming to California  had visited over 12 different companies working on some variation of Synthetic Telepathy.
    Interestingly when Vanessa looked up the term -Synthetic Telepathy she was steered to sites about Remote Viewing ... or what she supposed on might call "genuine telepathy".
    .It made no sense to Vanessa ..why certain agencies would be practicing Remote Viewing when the Russians all through the 1970's were sinking billions of dollars in something a wee less unpredictable in outcome than true telepathy such as Mind Decoding via fMRI in tandem with microwave technology to induce sound and vision upon a person remotely .

    Both of these technologies used  together Vanessa learned were sometimes called Remote Neural Monitoring

    .Several shooters she remembered had blamed "Voices " and ELF waves for their acts.At the time she believed the 2 shooters were insane...Now Vanessa did not know what to believe.

    Since the mid 1970's Vanessa found several patents had been filed that dealt with different ways to lock on and thus read another's brain signals
    If Mind Modulation and Brain Interface technology was spoken about "in the valley" it was masked not only in REASONS for it's development (medical primarily ) but either  masked in legalease like terminology.
    or simplistic "speculative "language

     The Gaming Industry never spoke of brain signal decoding but
    virtual reality.. or AI
     somehow  diminishing the technology's implications to literally control another's mental state

    Vanessa hoped her Eric Brokovich halter top wasn't only something that worked in film to keep a man who knows he should not speak
    as opened to Vanessa as her slit skirt. Vanessa did need not have worried the young researcher told her he had wanted to speak to a reporter but was afraid to actually seek one out.The research assistant put his finger to his lips and wrote down on a piece of paper the name of a restaurant they could meet at  later.
    "Early on in the "game" of the Gaming Industry most in the field
    realized that wearable computing
    would not go deep enough into one's mind to work
    for the requisite
    Mind Mining or Mind "Reading"
    which of course is the first requirement
    to Interactive Gaming and Brain to Computer Interface" The young researcher said.
    "one who works in the Mind Augment field
    is taught early on to
    "play down" the obvious .... that one cannot successfully 'be connected'
    to a system MEANT to provide an interface of thought without directed energy
    being aimed at one's brain might of course
    over time
    cause unwanted side effects concerning the limbic system .

              "  the shift away from wearables to insertive bio technical devices is inevitable and  being developed at the same time as wearables .Thing is you don't really need what I guess you'd call implants..It can all be done with locking in on your own brain fingerprint..your own signature brain signals..once those are acquired ..they can be picked up on ..but there are things one can do neural prosthetics that require less difficulty -but everything has it's price..

     the biochip is already here
      -although it is not  really a chip
    .but a carbon based molecule that does not rely upon silicon
    as silicon is incompatible for successful long term use  with the human body's own biology..

     BCI and AI and VR i.e synthetic telepathy
    require a biological sensor to be both small enough and organic enough (carbon)so one's system did not reject the sensor from binding  it's" physiology (neural tissue)
      meaning also it was small enough not to cause encephalitis or other inflammatory
      like diseases especially both during and also after the carbon sensors passed successfully through a human organism's blood brain barrier...

    the carbon nano tube small enough
    not to be assumed  a foreign microbe  by one's  immune system
      and thusly not "attacked" by  one's immune system (encephalitis, edema....onslaught of white blood cells etc)

    the problem with this type of biotech is not the biotech itself
      the  micro and macro waves that enable one participate in"synthetic telepathy* communications as there is a threshold to how much directed energy a person can absorb

      Obviously Human Experimentation must test how long a person can take of the interface concerning

     physiological wear and tear
      inevitably the subject gets   Parkinson's like symptoms
    as the "beams",the waves....pulse non stop  into a human organism's system /nervous system/brain..

    "Human Experimentation?"Vanessa said acting purposely surprised .


          )       US6536440 B1
    Publication type Grant
    Application number US 09/690,571
    Publication date Mar 25, 2003
    Filing date Oct 17, 2000
    Priority date Oct 17, 2000

    Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex
    US 6536440 B1
    A non-invasive system and process for projecting sensory data onto the human neural cortex is provided. The system includes a primary transducer array and a secondary transducer array. The primary transducer array acts as a coherent signal source, and the secondary transducer array acts as a controllable diffraction pattern that focuses energy onto the neural cortex in a desired pattern. In addition, the pattern of energy is constructed such that each portion projected into the neural cortex may be individually pulsed at low frequency. This low frequency pulsing is formed by controlling the phase differences between the emitted energy of the elements of primary and secondary transducer arrays.

    Known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain ,
    I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating," said Mike D'Zmura, from the University of California, Irvine and the lead scientist on the project..EEGs are not very specific. They can only locate a signal to within about one to two centimeters. That's a large distance in the brain. In the brain's auditory cortex, for example, two centimeters is the difference between low notes and high notes, D'Zmura said.
    Placing electrodes between the skull and the brain would offer more precise readings, but it is expensive and requires invasive surgery.But new biotech concerning carbon based bio sensors so small over 6,000 of them can fit on the head of a pin has made Neural Monitoring so easy that even a child can "do it" . Placing nano sized bio sensors into a wide demographic without their consent  may seem questionable ethically  however if the individual was aware  of the research   they might not think "naturally"nor behave as they naturally might and therefore no usable Neural Data."Tagging"  a cross demographic of individuals to acquire a cross section of Thought Style via Data Mining or what some refer to as Remote Neural Monitoring(RMN) will standardize AI and thus make AI a less costly venture.
    To work around this problem, the scientists need to gain a much better understanding of what words and phrases light up what brain sections.Mapping the brain's response to most of the English language is a large task, and D'Zmura says
    "The technical hurdles of invasive surgery now out of the way thanks to nanotechnology and biotechnology will hopefully bring  thought-based communication turning into the mainstream, D'Zmura says," Mind-message composition takes specific conscious thought and training to develop them. The insertive tech also requires a trust  that one can think to one's service provider"  on and off " and trust that  every so often one may think privately
    "When I was a kid I occasionally said things that were inappropriate, and I learned not to do that," said D'Zmura. "I think that people would learn to think in a way the computer cannot interpret.:

    Thursday, January 29, 2015


    トゥルー·クリスティーが「ああ...我々は経由して、あなたがそのような書き込みを取得するにはEVANに依頼...合理的な疑いがどんな読者が国家安全保障と国家安全保障のあなたの様々に関して侵害について同意したかもしれない何でも...無効にするために、説明して反逆罪は立って私たちにあなたのことをAIは...あなたはあなたが実際にのみこのような研究のために殻であると考えられたいくつかのleeway..becauseを持っている...とちょうどので眠い何かが何好奇心の何かをしないされているnot..concerning..Soな方法で私たちはあなたの殺害はエヴァン言ったように、全くなく、事故のように見えるかもしれないかどうか...事故のように見えるようにする方法を考え出すことができますまで延ばさこれら-ridesのいくつかと、あなたを助けている私たちは人間の被験者...人体実験に何をすべきかの例...あなたは'ではなく、私たちが悪い見えるように、それを..because...オリジナル虐待のシンボルと儀式慣行に提起されてacercaを書き込みませ寄せられることを丁寧に私たちを知っているよう。.. "


    「いいえダンボは、あなたに疑いの利益を与えないために...私はちょうど言う:時々あなたは - あなたが不注意不注意です...と誰かが使用され、怒っている感じangry..butという理由だけで...1をしようとしなければならない誰もが懸念sakenessのために...懸念している限りとして...いくつかのメジャーまたは人間の尊厳の保持...あなたは心によって助けと保存され、固定されている自閉症...麻薬中毒....ですダンボを理解しgovernment..isと提携しない方法で株式会社を補強?」







    I met a boi named frank mills on September 12th right here in fronta' da' waverly

    ",,,and if Dumbo did have a sister or brother or mother or father....and I do recall this Dumbo character was raised only be a series of Foster parents....and such I am quite sure Dumbo's foster "folks" so keen on Being attenuated to Dumbo's persona...would realize Dumbo ...would expect his foster happily perish to expose the atrocities of programming another human "organism'..
    don't you Evan who has bestowed upon me to my very soul that ONE MAN .ONE INDIVIDUAL! means NOTHING in the scheme of fuckin' maniac!"

    I.Graphs .

    "every knows what you did to Charlie Sheen.Britney Speers....Bobby Fisher....oh wait I'm supposed to be Bobby Fisher....the jew who turns against Jews right...
    ya' know what've tossed so many stories at me...I don't know anymore...
    I met a boi named frank mills on September 12th right here in fronta' da' waverly
    a Tribal musical opera against Vietnam..that the folks MAKIN Vietnam..!
     all HAD James Rado write ...just so nobody else might write something like "hair" that wasn't "fun" but brutal who had .not communicated with King VALIS ...might...

    "I told you that Nightcrawler,"Evan graphs.,"to try to put some of this into some context....that I assumed you'd be sophisticated enough to understand.."he graphs real calm....real nice to me...all of a sudden ..real patient like he's talking to a maniac"

    ""kiddo,"he graphs ,'I am talking to a maniac...."
    he graphs,interfaces...I refuse to use the dumb words like GRAPHS they told me to anymore.!


    the movie stars you do this to....and the writers....have something to protect...I DON'T
    and that's what I have going for me...
    NOT this wished I had...

    if you haven't noticed EVAN ..I have quite deliberately.
    destroyed mine....sentence by sentence ...painting by painting...
    just like I am destroying "Dumbo''s limited this narrative..
    I will now drive completely OFF script...

    I'm a loooooooser remember...
    you literally drove me out of LA twice!
    it's all documented.....

    you really think everyone is as corrupt as you..?
    you all made damn sure we all knew our every phone call was recorded....our every e-mail read..
    everyone "put it together" that Snowden...was no traitor...and you wanted this public knowledge ..or the mass media who presented Snowden 'top secret" information...would have not been allowed to report this information...

    you wanted to "see" how people might react ...
    they didn't .
    they couldn't if they wanted to...

    remember you're too big to fail..

    now you might want to see. if people "would mind" that their thoughts can be read..

    of course they will
    but once again their will be nothing they can do about it..

    "man," evan imparts.transmits,"we ALSO TOLD YOU WikiLeaks WAS set up by 'us" so people would believe they had a place to go to squeal....of course it was....that's the way things are and always have been....

    and more and more we want to use YOU as an example of what happens to people who 'don't play by the rules"
    so everything is right on schedule
    so...are you finished Dumbo,' Evan graphs,"this fit..or may we continue ...our venture..our project."

    "no..because the project IS ...that there will BE NO MORE projects EVER on people"I graph.

    "you have the mind of an 8 year old....and you always will if you don't let us continue without this Green Piece /Hippie shit which is so not the style of the times.."Evan graphs,"and jesus Christ's only a fuckin' movie!"


    brothers and sisters

    Evan graphs ,""your fucking it up,"

    "I hope so," I graph back.

    "You played along this far," He graphs.

    "I had no over estimated my ambitiona presumed ambition that one being raised such as I was forged to have via neglect and abuse. .to "be" something- sorry-it didn't :take"," I graph back,"...suicide might not be painless but it's a hell of a lot better than this..'

    so many films and books were written.
    for purposes.....of using symbols control another.
    TV and Movies as Organized Gang Stalking
    and if you think 'm gonna be just one more cog in this mind're mistaken..".

    "than you had better kill yourself," Evan graphs.

    I think about someone deliberately killing a kid's mother in front of them to "make them" Dexter"
    and how almost every other episode was about "them" using Dexter's sister and threats to kill Dexter's get Dexter to do something

    "no kiddo," Evan graphs," that twas not YOUR was OURS..Imbued upon you...
    because THAT is how we DO IT in Dixie."

    but .I do not have a sister.
    I am a fictional character called Dumbo...isn't that what "we decided?"I graph..