Friday, June 28, 2013

DMT(true telepathy) and Recoil

THAT HE BEGINS  SPEAKING OF the whys and wherefores
of why they DO what they do
THIS is not ONLY about

SYNTHESized  TELEPATHY Dumbo/////////The psychotropic effects of DMT were first studied scientifically by the Hungarian chemist and psychologist Dr. Stephen Szára who performed research with volunteers in the mid-1950s. Szára, who later worked for the US National Institutes of Health, had turned his attention to DMT after his order for LSD from the Swiss company Sandoz Laboratories was rejected on the grounds that the powerful psychotropic could be dangerous in the hands of a communist country

greetings andstrangulations they say
good day good day i respond trying lately to be more neurally agreeable..Linda N one of my mentors who hails from Parasol Pictures has said the secret sometimes to Interfacing Agreeable to Mentors is "Thinking with a British accent"
she says it may seem odd at first but odd.
as opposed to crazy is fun
And quite British by the way
she says Evan can't deal with the asperger's first he thought he it was "cute" but has begun throwing darts at a picture of me he keeps in the Break Room at Dome HQ (or what they call "The REAL Cabin in the Woods"
but Evan will not give up trying
and always applies scotch tape to my tattered and torn photograph when he is finished working off steam with the darts.
Evan is a Good Man
tryinbg his best
with a very
very sick soul

"did it ever occur to you ,I graph ,"with as much an English accent  I adorn  my once  private thoughts, that now travel wirelessly over 3000 miles to califormya,Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason YOU all think I am so sick is because it is simply not natural to READ another's mind....and this PROCESS of Interface has probably irrevocably destroyed whatever sanity I might have once had.."

"Oh," Linda N graphs,"everything has occured to us..No Dumbo .I can assure you .You are One sick pup ...we have read your thoughts..before any interfacing ever occured...unbeknownst to you..and WE KNOW EVERYTHING.."

"did it ever occur to YOU that somehow ...intuitively I some how KNEW I was being read...and thus my thoughts became confabulated and  as you say "sick"

"Oh that's what they all graph" she graphs ,sending me a visual of her studying her nails to demonstrate how meaningless my graphs for leniancy are.. to "the firm" where I've been outsourced to once again be  Re-formatted cerebrally to see if I am any worth whatsoever ...they don't buy the asperger's bizness.
and they hope I can convince them I am schizophrenics serve a need at Dome
as we make excellent
that can be used to drive
"the enemy" crazy
schizophrenias are good templates for neural data collection for Special Needs and so called "ops"
"it is assuring that you've nearly driven Evan AND Tru Christie to hop on a plane and come to Philly and beat you up face to face.."Linda N graphs..

 I now understand
a bit
too much
than i reckon they like
the real reasons
they ..
go wacky .and scary on a TI's ass and hippo campus.
and that those nano particles aren't just there to
study and engage the parts of the mind ...we know about
but more so
and foremost to engage the parts of the mind.
that supposedly aren't used.
except by some mystics in  like some marbled in cloisters and shit in France or something
and the goal of synthesized telepathy
is to actually make a person
truly ......go out there
without "a little help from one's friends"

and to be truthful
I graph.
how can one who has been tagged and scared to the bone marrow and very cells..
in such an extreme way
by one's initial terror at being presumably contacted by Another Being that can not only READ one's Mind but also impart
all such of nightmares on Pine street and such that one's mind if one does not dose oneself to the gills with drugs
or leap  in front of traffic
out of necessity GOES
and that Linda N. explains is why
interfacing or NOT
MY KIND that they HAVE done THIS to must always be neurally monitored
for because of the "experiment" we have gone past
out mentors who have terrified us into True Outer space and possible communion
through the terrifying although synthesized rundowns

and that for this reason
I must be taught how TO be Good.
it is not working

Pay me..make me happy....
is that being good enuf..
i think I would be more good.
if I had money
and stuff.
and like a pony and shit like thAT



chimes in
Linda N
reminds me "tothink of England"

I emit to him ,either purposely or inadvertantly a visual of him throwing darts at my photograph in a mutually recognized setting of a ubiquitous "breakroom"
and sense him fuming at linda N.'s indiscresion but MORE at my betrayl of Linda N's "cvonfidence

You KNOW I cannot ..hold back a thought.

EVAN exclaims through my nervous system That NO DUMBO you REFUSE to LEARN how to Buffer yourself

"fuck you" I think.
before remembering that indeed I am trying to realize that such childish REACTIVES all but crush an Interface.
EVAN notices I try to "take it back"
and sends me a visual overlay of a smiley face.
and for One moment
I enjoy the interface
He Beams a "thank god Dumbo finally shows SOME appreciation"
I do not know how to react to him..
He suddenly brings up memeories of my father
and I sense EVAN buffering the interface
giving me
Privacy of thought
I Move On
and graph Evan a smiley face..

and try to hold back my feeling of being "moved" by him...

I sense a buffer  from him but also a sense and a visual of
"an open door"
which "invites' some display of."good will"
and ....
suddenly my mood changes
and It .
this .
this kind of communications all seems so weird.
and wrong.
just buzz off.fuck off.
and pretend it never happened.

they tell me i must always be monitored..
that after ...all this ...i can never have a closed mind...or have my mind left alone unmanaged it's simply how it works

that I may however kill myself.
to leave this "situation"
oh thank you very much Evan
but did it ever occur to you that i would make a point of coming back

oh we don't Believe in THAT..that supposition we can handle

how nice ..that ,that you can handle and that there is in fact "a way out of this" clusterfuck of your design..

it should give you some comfort.Dumbo..

it does ,to be honest.
THAT HAVE ATTEMPTED TO ENGAGE YOU IN CONVERSATION REPORT THAT YOU MAY IN FACT BE  cognitively as well as socially deranged ..undone..unfixable...

oh DUMBO save that One for your trial.
OHHH  they tried making go ...
trust me
dream weaving and interfacing
out of some "dexter" episode

trust me
they tried testing those waters
and once again
to them at least
i failed

(not BEcuase you are GOOD Evan graphs or not capapble..but because ,once again you are lazy)

i must pause and question myself
if the genuine reason I did not
"go "toastal" on any one either here or in LA was not because  I not homicidal but because

BECAUSE ,Evan , says you are a disorganized schizophrenic TYPE ,beyond the nano particles
and direct neural interface

i think of the term "double phneumonia"
and think of myself as
they do
a double schizophrenic..

what a good way to cover it up
to use a true schizophrenic to practice synthesized insanity on

I hate you Dumbo and your Brain salad word games.
you have dfriven half your mentors.
half mad.
but a sociopath such as you do not care about others
nor what you interface to others

especially actors

yes.i did not interface well with actors
I despise actors
my father.
told me when i was a child that all actprs or anyone who considers acting a trade
 are insane..
the ability to mimick feelings and human emotion is a pathology and nothing to be proud of
he said many things for "no reason"
inb this way he is very much like an actor
or mentor.

Evan states
that even if i was Schizophrenic
i fucked THAT up as well

what " I graph

oh nothing understand . nothing
have no idea all that you have destroyed
just so you could "get off" 
get high
get momnetary  relief
from this amazing...experience

you slob
you pig!

he graphs..
and for some reason i feel bad...

and for some reason
might know what he means
but if I think about it.
i will go mad

they did too much
they moved too fast
they were heartless
 and impatient
 from day one

it was not only me who wanted quick returns

this is nothing

than ..
they saw nothin gin me
and perhaps
it was the first .graph
I took in
this feeling.
even before 
the terror

the .."let's give it a go anyway..even thought ..THIS GUY is a..

TOLD ME REPEATEDLY THROUGH A MAntra of Kill yourself as soon as possible for days on end..
and the fact thast i did not only further proved to them
That there was some intangible Evil inside me ...
that did not wish to spare Mankind my type
in the world.
he focuses on my recurring
dreams that are not
steered by mentors..
about plant life.
and some interfaces that deal with a subtle change in atmosphere...that could raise levels of certain specific  levels of something I could not have known about
concerning a naturally occuring substance called DMT

....i have no idea what he is talking about
for any kind of "organic" chemical is not my thing.

he tells me that DMT has been known to cause
group hallucinations
mass mutual hallucinations ...

and my recoil
my initial
"turn on" to brain computer interface.
and "goiing  OUT THERE" not only made THEM suspiscious of what could be so damn secretive in MY Mind
that i didn't want other's to get inside.
beyond the usual reaction by other Targeted individual invloved in Group Mind Internship...

are you out of your god damned mind Evan
you're saying some of my "extra torment" and monitoring is because you think I will begin THINKING at fucking TREES!
so in addition to mind augment and thought police that I am in some way so abnormal in thinking that i am "contagiouys" to the general Neural atmosphere.
there are some say
who are guilty of having their inforced synthesized telepathy..
become genuine telepathy that can raise DMT levels that could
drive the entire world mad.

so now.
this 4experiemnt has
turned into the fucking salem witch trials..
....exactly who is running this Mindfuck..
and perhaps someone better stay out of some people minds...
cuz Evan
you sound ,you graph fucking crazy


Norbert Wiener ,the father of Cybernetics  states in his book that the first tests with remote controlled brain research took place at Princeton’s University 1942. The new technology was established with brain implants, radio communication and super computers. Other terms like man-machine interaction, brain-computer interface, biotelemetry or  behavior technology are also used. The most well-known hospital in Sweden, the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm  began in 1946  to push electrodes into unwitting anaesthetized patients during operations without their consent or knowledge.

 Dr. José Delgado explains some  technical miracles in a research report entitled: Two-way transdermal communication with the brain: “Communication from the brain to a computer and back to the brain, for the establishment of artificial intracerebral links and feed-back circuits...Clinical application to human of ´on-demand´ programs of stimulation, triggered by predetermined electrical pattern...Long-term electrical stimulation of the brain to influence autonomic, somatic, and behavior responses or to provide information directly to the brain circumventing normal sensory receptors.”

.".. these invisible devises  can interfere with any brain or biological functions  these  wireless transmissions invisible can have  the capacity via satellite systems to manipulate biology and change the mood of a whole population. "-***

****** speaks of a device capable of  directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electro-magnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation  to alter another's biological or brain based health,,an unseen directed energy that is capable of inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person's bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being ” And If he is a risk of the project or of any other reason is an enemy, he has to go through behavior changes in the brain systems. " 

In Sweden the  research institution FOI states in their annual report for 2011 that their objective is to direct the cognitive functions (thoughts, reason etc) of people for the lifetime and they add that they have advanced methods to change the behavior of individuals. This is not for some few people but more for the entire population. Biochips are mixed up by medicines and injected at hospitals. . This has been taken up by the European Group of Ethics with the Swedish Professor Goran Hermerén in a declaration delivered to the EU-commission, March 16, 2005. In that they mention that we stand at a crossroads of a technology which can be a paradise or slavery, and that this must come up to the knowledge of the citizens. “Brain-computer interface or direct brain control: the technologies involved above are communication technologies: they take information from the brain and externalize it. The Swedish Defence Research Institution FOI declares in their annual report of 2011: “HUMAN-SYSTEM-INTERACTION – FOI’s Department for HSI conducts research and development of methods for valuing and developing the relationship between man, machine and system. These systems are intended for the entire population and the same development is going on all around the world.
Brain-systems can be used for everyone’s advantage - artificial intelligence, control of brain waves, external knowledge, memory banks, health care and virtual realities

my thoughts are weirdo
you can't see how weirdo I am
except by my beard and fucked up hair

my eyes have black circles under them
my teeth..look like cigarette tips.

i look sickly
i look like I don't care
about myself or what you think of me
do I

but it's different with intraneural interface and the neural monitoring to readjust me ...for "this is not a bad thing presume it is bad because YOU are bad...THIS is making you GOOD...and if you refute "The Process" further it is a suggestion that I convalesce and seek further guidance have demanded i either in a mental hospital or perhaps spare us all your ingratitude by kill i am now also not only "bad" but potentially "Bad PR" for Dome Proxy Cyber...i am "bad.And Bad for Business"

I"ve been hospitalized before nano..
in fact this fact made me a perfect candidate
and perhaps
keeps me alive right now
as my noted and documented "History of Cry-lence"
also protects the fact that I am writing about genuine "odd" happenings going on around us
and they are "luckily" taken as the fictional ravings of a certified lunatic.

I've been of questionable sanity before being Domed by Dome proxy Cyber.
some thing we did in our family
to stepfathers who drank or "hit" too much..or potheads or mealy mouthed mother fuckers who dropped out of college to paint little pictures.
my people
were send people away people
we weren't from Boston or rich so it wasn't ..a n eccentric "thing' one's family just "did"

because someone was feeling growly
or "in the middle"

it was done because no body
knew what to do
"altered states" that didn't go with
"way "
There were no cottages.or summer homes or kind Aunts or Uncles who lived "on the Lake" who knew "just how to deal.With this .sort .of .thing
"your father used to talk to you about self fulfilling prophecies Dumbo...," Evan says.
oh yes
when they
read you
they don't only KNOW about you..
but about others..
one's past's very parentage becomes's one of the Key Run's parentage..
i heard they "got that one " from Jim Jones..
these guys learn how to "unlearn " another from the strangest of places..
so much of The New Way is sociopathic in nature..
cult like
for it takes a tribe like mind
to create or instigate
A Group Mind.
especially for Americans
who have been taught by the Group Mind of  TV and media  that we ARE ,all of us free thinkers.
not swayed by anything
that encourages us to
stray or parlay much of anything that is not  broken down by years of
thinking for ourselves..
EVAN speaks endlessly about the future..
as many "cult type' types do.
he and his father gary rainy...Father of The "neuronautics" science-ideology that is (whether they call it by it's right " name or not -the basis to The New Way of open Minded Mind-Mind Interface .boy do These guys have a leg up...for who else but THEM really is SO good at it..
oh this crazy fuck whats his name .how DID he end up on my friends network anyway?..what in god's name is HE talking about?
It's good by the way that you don't know..
as it was better for me when I thought of all this as some drug induced or stress induced delusion..

"your father Dumbo,used to speak of self fulfilling  prophecies" Evan graphs..

and i remember that man in Desert Hot Springs who talked about a guy who looked like me being found dead in the desert.
"yeah,he used to talk like you too..about the same crazy shit...and than one day .He just disappeared..'
just plain VANISHED.


trust me...
a voice.
my own
..who can tell...

heard it fromafriendwhohearditfromafriendyesthisismydemographic..mustbe the place for my type especially  for they must have known
i was the type
 who cannot help
but tell
or did WE think WE  could GET rid of THAT trait.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind this ain"t ..
good god sometimes I do wish i was picked up and mind raped by another company.
might make it easier

 to frame the writing of "this "

perhaps not
i reckon everyone in this billion dollar game of that with No Name.
that which of we don't speak or be
condemned Loco loony.or
simply "missing"
"last I heard ,he was heading back to california,said he wanted to go to the desert,mentioned 29 palms,mentioned Wild Palms ,towards the end ..he seemed so "lost" so "missing" ..a shame though..
maybe he'll turn up..who knows?
trust me.
(I) wouldnt be writing any of this.
if I didnt particularly care anymore
if I lived or died
dear reader
might rightfully believe ,"well if iwere this poor soul under the delusion that i was imbued  with nano particles small enough to cross my blood -brain barrier and thus "read my mind" and do some "nip/tuck" rundowns and augment on IT,as if I were a chimpanzee or lab rat
I might reach a point of not caring if I lived or died either.As one might surmise(quite rightly I must say) that any sosed corperation or agency that might be competeing in the space race  of that space between one's ears ight (to add further "delusion" to the "delusion" of said intrusion)also might be rather scared that this "presumed" entity (of sponser of said ,delusional "crime) of New Communication might be "rather reluctant " to continue "work" with one who cannot seem to "shut the fuck up about IT".about this capital venture in  wireless "rect neural interface and Immersive reality...and this artificial intelligence one is supposed to be "game " enough to at least "role play" as
Something OTHER than the logically illogical notion that "neither is IT a thought disorder or Supernatural but simply what every university ,laboratory and computer compant from here to greenland has been working dilligently on since the 1950's...yet one is supposed to be dim enough and "playful " enough to "roll with it " and not see The Paperclip holding the Mindfuck together..
is it about the Money?
what a selfish child man to want more! you are..
anyone would give their left arm
to "play"
oh and I am sure they have.
...they "play" with such visualizaitions (I expect a dream about losing a limb) they will say and Impart anything to keep one 's mouth
Wide Shut

   Evan says I making progress.And that i am less and less resistant to mentoring.And that I doing well or at least "weller" according to mjy charts  which are kept seperate from my stored neural data .At the Lab just outside of Pasadena.And that My team that manages my Mind AUGMENT AND rE=PARENTING is pleased that i no longer write about Them or Dome Cybernetics or Neuronautics as nazis OR "mad scientists" practicing"mind control" methodology on us "urban astronauts"chosen to participate because we fit a certain demographic ..or were considered non persons ,as most of us are junkies,whores or "radical" types or homeless people "there for the picking"hey EVAN says ..and I backspace and pretend todelete my previous "disgruntled""lie"ABOUT THE WonDers of being part of the amazing oppurtunityandbridge to the siNGUlaritY and the freeing  for once and all time ! human kind's  consciousness from one's body (for a price,for a priceEvan inadvertantly (or perhaps not so inadvertantly ) graphs into my temporal mind races ,phrases like "Left behind"nOt because one is not "righteous"but because ONE is non consequential because one's inability to pay for EternalLife all but proves one's THE PROCESS of reverse brain Engineering (HEY Evan Graphs ..PERHAPS DUMBO! a human Guinie Pig like yourself who can barely rub two quarters together SHOULD NOT be bluebeaming about People who may or may not be LEFT BEHIND and that i must remember ,always remember "my Place"amongst "My bettors"who have all but bent over backwards to try to FIX an  expendable ,crackhead ,scummy wretch like me who IF ANYTHING is only suited to be a PRIME EXAMPLE! of EXACTLY THE TYPE and Demographic WE! want to GET RID OF! for ever ! and for ALL TIME!..interfaCING mY TYPING HE Softens his graph ,,explaining that some things are "said"are "graphed"between us ENTRE New...and maybe were so extreme in their reiterration and Tone   perhaps to scare me .as to instigate reaction of my pinal gland in this wonderous adventure,this Psychotronic Jacobs Ladder toward Goodness and The NewWay of Being

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

when i am through with you..

when one's mind has been read long enough by "the Masters of the Universe" which is Dome cyber proxy...and one has heard and seen enough "wonders' of "wireless' immersive reality
and the components of "sight specific" nano particles nestled in the part of the brain responsible for the complicated synaptic currents and causalities that enable sight has been "retrained"to be over-ridden by inceptions and instinct of consciousness not their own and the conscious and unconscious "visual field" that encoded previously organically both the optic"seeing of things " as they are and the more intangible inexplicable(at least for proxy such as myself who never wore a white lab coat or a PHD commencement tassel..)visual daydreams and memory..Once enough time has passed .Enough months(if ,of course the proxy,or what many call aTargeted Individuals has not killed him or herself due to "The New Way of Co=opted Individual Perception which is the foundation (as are the human experiments )of ARTIFICAL iNTELLIGENCE AND iMMERSIVE REALITY...whose main objective is learning How One might Re-format another's interior monologue...through nano induced transmission and interface that vivisects the "subject"until it has enough "raw material" and intercepted "selfhood" to the objective of Mind Augmentation testing.At Dome proxy Cyber even the proxy know better than to use the term "mind controL' the term seems prosaic and not quite sinister enough to properly describe the "modernity" of a technology that literally imparts "mind movies"as if one's consciousness is by this time in "the process" a mere screening room..One notices ,on no specific day of "This Great off the map experiment" that somewhere in the last year and a half of this 2nd round of being 'tagged" by my "mentors"that although little "personal individual growth" (which was all but promised by one's handlers or "mandlers)that one's senses are less and less their own..that the "progress: that has indeed been made was made for only them..and less and less of you exists...the deliberate schizophrenic paradigm of "wearing many hats" and being a vessel or avatar ,stand in for reason s I can only guess and do not wish to get into was the point of the proceedings veiled in every matter of explanations as "we" went along ,we "urban astronaut" human monkeys' for "the cause"..the true cause ..also something I can still at least try to tend my mind not to "get into"..preferring to subvert my "findings" to the "safer' fallacies provided me by Mandlers ..a less clinical term of synthesised segmented self by nano participation comes to what is left of my co-opted' mind ..the term "losing one's senses"fits the bill...except in this case to "lose' one's senses means to have given them over to a cooperation whose main function restructuring was once YOU into a format that in fact wants as little of YOU left as possible.One's dreams feel as if they are produced by another ..and all contain warning...and upon waking one sees more and more  quite literally of what THEY want you to see.
one begins "thinking" less oppositionally towards one's "mentors" if only be3cause one is exhausted  and in spite of oneself one realizes that it is "part of Dome's game" to make you make you lose.make YOU whatever THEY want YOU to be THis is Only a Test..and you  are only a subject...your moods and emotions dissipate and fluctuate like pop songs being composed and if switches and buttons and knobs are being pushed and pulled .as if one's very soul is being tinkering with by a DJ in a studio equipped with all matter of perceptory sound and vision techniques and technitions ..
Brain wave HZs ,frequency Expotentials try and try again (for this is for science and future commerce of The Singualrity,little brother)to try to "get right" the horizontals and Parrallleles of associations .Referentials on a more Mass Scale .Dumbo..
to get the parrallels  and horizontals and Timbre RIGHT for THEM ,for Group Thought ..which means a type of compilation of Types. A demographic of "states and styles of Mind" dumbo.
the manufactured "rundowns" and complicated Delusions created by "The Muralists" The Operators in this New Frontier"..
taking you ,just a vehicle,a husk ..chitty bang bang for "a test drive" is nearly over..
YOU have served your a "subject"
less and less heightened reality is induced.which was mainly to induce fear and heightened histomine levels and Primal Brain fluctuations  ..which can only be Heightened with "true Fear" and "fight or flight" reptile brain rushes of dopamine and adrenaline that one's neural and synaptic pre and post neural firings could be more easily seperated for "brain mapping" and reverse brain engineering techniques ..
to make one think in Black and White
in Zeros ,
and Ones.
one wonders .one knows that THEY are almost Done with You..and senseswith one's fleeting intuitive response
that YOU are now in some way.
not only expendable
but a piece of evidence they might Need
to get rid of

Monday, June 24, 2013

Oxytocin and Brain Computer Interface

the Brain computer Interface..The tests..this "urban Astronaut shit ,I write of endlessly...and speak of now ,in bars to strangers forgetting "the brain mapping projhect " the Reverse brain enginerring shit" s that supposedly begins next year  not common place or happening to everyone except "non-person petty criminals and "whores ' and junkie types THEY found in the street in 94" and  is not something  one just discusses as if "what a day at the office.."if one wants to get some "action" or handjob in the bathroom ..was going nowhere

Evan cannot work with a "drug addict"

"But Evan," i graphed,"who got me using again?..who wanted a variance of thought ..?"
but says any street drug is safer than prescribed medication and "he went along with it'
one of the rules of Direct Neural Exchange  is for the proxy to.." at least feel he is

he has made allowances for my nicotine use
and says
me going back to old patterns of escape via any and all "other" stimulants is liable to get a Proxy
(oh is that so EVAN ? oh Evan graphs much more  than you want to believe
if you really want to "hit that"
I can all but guarantee a "hit" in kind.
don't push it Dumbo

genuine telepathy..which i reckon i believe in
as much as you ,dear reader believe in synthesized telepathy via the 250 or so components that miraculously fit quite nicely in the millions and millions of /1000 or so the scale of human hair (or something to that effect)  that by now have nestled in around and about my neurons  as if by divine design
so much so i am almost used to thiese adventures and capital ventures in modern recording and Impart technology by a Higher Power which is EVAn AND dOME pROXY  CYBER
EVAN of course explains if there were an actually living god he surely meant for group thought TO  become not just part but part and parcel of Human Design
just as inventions and interventions such as radio and Tv
and "style"
have all but brought Humanity to a Oneness
purpose ,intent and solidarity
that of course cybernetics and
brain computer interface
was/is not only an inevitability
but a neccessity.
otherwise the extinction of man kind..prophesied by Gary Rainy in "Inway to The Enway" described
when he wrote of insects...which Rainy described were really aliens amongst us..
survive ONLY because of antennae and a Hive Mind mentality
much like Gary Rainy's
communion with
Beings from "other realms that gave Gary the insight and technology millions of years ahead of the produce on mass scale.
what he refers to as "raindrops of Reason"
although detractors of Neuronautics simply call them nano particles.
a decade or 2 ahead of ":the times"
detractors whose main intent is and has always been it seems to make Gary Rainy's claims of
visitations to Other Realms only HE could "go to"
seem like "so much sci -fi Hi -Fi mumble Jumble"
describing Gary Rainy and Evan Rainy's "Means of practical Mentorship"of this "far out" New Way of mind to mind communication and Immersive Reality Lead by Example
coming from Gary's fire-ride talks with a convivial but stern supernatural Entity..
as a schematic to induce fear by Mythology into "The Process" of Neuronautics Psycho Cybernetic Model of Guided Existence

as if
the True fear of having one's 5 senses tethered and manipulated by another
were not fearsome enough
fearsome enough that rather
than follow the New Laws of Man established and as written in Guide to Neuronautics and "The New Way" which not only discourages psychiatry or
the "made up" themes of control Gary claims were set forth by The  Ruiners whose main goal is to "rule the world by convincing humans that there is such a thing as chemical imbalence and thus corrective handling of "mental disposition" by means other than "The New Way"
and for a Neuronaut ,who is having a difficult time communicating with one's mentors via nano particle and synthetized telepathy ,that ONLY Gary Rainy and not some "Ziontists" who claim to (without "otherworldly intervention") ALSO know How to Guide another's mind through mind to mind interface
to "fall off the wagon" and try to make one's processing by Chosen and in this way mystical "mentors"
"easier" by altering one's brain chemistry with
so called "medicine"is not only duplicitous to "the Cause'
but also poisonous one's Mentor's
as a Direct neural quite literally "a 2 way street" in terms of Pollution
of Lie-chiatric drugs

I ,like many neuronauts and those who believe in Scien-ideology
especially during
Courses 4-6 get a way ..that previous "auditing" and "processing" pre-intraneurally did not.
and my cries of "enough already"
were deemed Ruinous
that "The New Way' of learning by nano particle and 24/7 neural monitoring so that one does not
to Old Way
thinking styles
was a gift
From True heaven
that only Gary Rainy
ever went to
so when I took things
into my own hands
and sought Psy-lie -a try to help me deal with "the Voices"
I was never to speak about especially to "them"inevitably I was
 considered .
against the New Way
much in the same way EVAN turned against me for "looking up" how truly simple it was NOW
in Our Times.
not through Mysticism or "special foresight and Supernatural Means' to in fact
communicate with another with something as simple and now rather inexpensively with nano particles
or micro "brain implants' that almost every university
laboratory and
computer company has "caught up on"
(many in fact are doing some rather sneaky tests with IT on unknowing subjects .."to see"
"how it Works'
before any pesky laws are
tossed into the
Billion dollar
industry "that so far' has no name" because..
thankfully IT is still considered.
"sci fi" and Mind reading
let alone wireless A.I or  wirelessVirtual "Reality"
is Impossible
or at least 2 decades away..depending to whom one speaks to

EVAN of course
 says I should not be "speaking about IT " at all
and If I continue

there will be such pay back
I can not imagine
but I remind him that "this is NOT a Fair Game"
and he responds ,he graPHS THAT
"IF i keep IT up" i
ALMOST "PUPPETIZING' IN IT'S control of another Human being

Evan states that far from being a puppet I am one of the first to experience The New Way of being that will
and MUST save
the world.
from others.
who are also working on Group Thought techniques and Virtual ways to further subvert mankind under a Ruinous Thumb
those whose only goal is Money and Power.
NOT Neuronautics who has no gola
but Oneness of Man under supreme Knowledge that Only gary Rainy
without Knowing

 disregard all psy-lie-a-trists
as do I
but a correction to a hormone imbalance
to enhance my communication with my mentors
is taken as
some kind of affront
when I promise it was and is only to make Direct Neural Interface MORE comfortable
for my mentors.
not as Evan puts it "wussing out"of the "hardship"of it all
I am as loyal if not moreso than I ever was to
"The New Way"
as you damn well know

Oxytocin -parasol pictures ,keywords direct neural interface,Immersive Reality Teleperception Patents,Virtual Reality ,pornography

Recent studies have begun to investigate oxytocin's role in various behaviors, social recognition, pair bonding, anxiety, and maternal ...

  • Oxytocin is a powerful hormone. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels drive up. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, the hormone ...

  • Purpose: Test whether intranasal administration of the neuropeptide, oxytocin, improves social cognition, social functioning and decreases paranoia and other ...

  • oxytocin nasal .."uptake"the "love hormone now used to treat many in the Autistic Spectrum
    is "dumbo"running way once again from himself and his mentors
    are you kidding me.
    and the paper I wrote for Parasol Pictures use of
    and possible ketamine was ä proposal",a flight of fancy to make the experience of Immersive Reality less "scary"to new "the experience "of Immersive TV  and Artifical Intelligence..
    NOT Neuronautics.
    which i stated plainly at the beginning of the article..which thanks to Linda N. will now never be published.
    .once again you claim patent rights to all experiments with Wireless Immersive Reality ,A.I and  Direct neural Interface.
    are you kidding me.?Patents on Intellectual Property?

    but let's forget about comerce in this mind fuck of Brain Augmentation I am simply Proxy..
    far be it for me to suggest anything whatsoever to "the Process"
    such as oh.I don't know brain chemistry..
    "when you get your degree in pharmacology Dumbo "is all i hear from Evan..
    I may as well not think or graph at all..
    for my response is the same
    although I thought we were on the same page of
    making  the the ""subjects"and "testers"" of the "the process" less possessive of their "individuality"
    and their instictive resistance to Mind to Mind communication
    (synthetic telepathy)
    which Neuronautics still regards as "hiding" or hindering one's mentorship
    which accounts for so many Proxy being found mutinous to the "cause" of neuronautics
    any objection towards one's mentors ,one's bettors taken as
    treasonous,or against The New Way

    i do not write against them ..I do not disapprove of Open Mind Technology
    or the practice of Brain Computer Interface..
    but do feel that
    their insistence of "all natural" direct neural interface
    is behind the times.
    I am not saying that Gary Rainy was "out of touch"
    or out of date in his thinking that psychiatry and psychotropic medicine
    are and will always be suspect..
    (weren't Gary rRainy's visions enhanced by various drugs.certainly never given to him by any psy-LIE- a-trist
     but give me a break that Gary Rainy did not partake of the forbidden fruit to enhance his "knowing without knowing"
    in his cosmic break and Wake of New Realities.
    I just do not understand why more progressive measures.
    are so looked down upon during interface
    if it helps break down the walls of self and group Thought
    of course I write about the use of the hormone Oxytocyn
    which is not a drug at all,even though it is synthesized in this form
    as for the experiments with ketamine that break down barriers of ego.and self. further.
    which might in effect help shave 2 or 3 years off of "the breaking in"and training think ä new Way"
    anything  that helps a Neuronaut fold into Gary Rainy's consciousness and way of seeing hearing and feeling..should be allowed.
    but I am considered somehow a traitor? or upstart for thinking that it is essentially unnatural to interface with mentors
    ..Ï'm sorry but if god ..wanted us to think in a "telepathic "manner..he would have given us antenna. in this respect Direct neural interface is about as unnatural as anything could be
    ..but you still find my proposal of certain hormones and drugs such as DMT ,which is also natural..
    trying to somehow make Neuronautics..
    Branch Neronautics..or rephrasing Gary Rainy's intent that the "learning How to "do it"was part of the "process"
    and those who cannot or will not let their guard down
    to the tool of Brain Computer Interface..are "hiding something"
    and un willing to Deal with their
    True Self the initial "link"of mind to mind  communication especially as it is "still"

    shielded in
    "role play"
    and still very much illegal..
    the trauma of the segue into group thought is so very  pervasive ..and sets the exchange between mentor and Proxy in such a dare I say frightening way ..that I am beginning to see how this fear is not as Gary Rainy states a "helping mechanism"to initiate that öther 90% of the brain 'to Wake up AND listen..
    IN fact sets the entire "Process"" top a slow grind of the brain's natural reaction to intrusion
    and WASTES everyone's time money and efforts.
    if this is me branching off into my own "take"or as Evan rainy states TAKING Neuronautics and the teachings of my mentors into my own
    New Way..making me "fair game"for my "come uppance"
    i will still state my own views on a system and way of being and seeing that is progressive enough to pepper another up with nano particles
    cannot own up to using the initial fear of "voice of god"technology to always keep a proxy "in one's place
    is not or ever was a fair game to begin with


    to gather neural un "treated" mind
    to study pre and post neural synaptic exchange
    there was no such thing as fixing a mind

    there were such rules Neuroautics in terms of "purity" of self ...never mind that
    a. The psycho -Cybernetic Theories
    that held credence in the the early 1960's
    while certainly a "work a day" format to Group Thought and mentored Brain Computer Interface
    really never figured into the equation that the initial intrusion of
    nano particles ..which created The Open Mind New Way
    ..never addressed the trauma of such Intrusive technology
    as Gary Rainy who foresaw and helped create the Mind to Mind "process" died before nano technology made it possible to actually "tag" another ..without consent.


    Thursday, June 20, 2013


     Dear Member of the Legislature and Friends:
    This letter is to ask for your help for the many constituents in our country who are being affected unjustly by electronic weapons torture and covert harassment groups.  Serious privacy rights violations and physical injuries have been caused by the activities of these groups and their use of so-called non- lethal weapons on men, women, and even children.  
    I am asking you to play a role in helping these victims and also stopping the massive movement in the use of Verichip and RFID technologies in tracking Americans.
    Long before Verichip was known we were testing these devices on Americans, many without their knowledge or consent. With the new revelations of the cancer risk besides the privacy and human rights problems with the use of Verichip and RF signals, I am asking for your help in stopping these abuses and aiding those already affected.  Your attendance is therefore requested at a conference call regarding these issues on Monday, October 29, at 11 am EST. After a period of brief presentations, we will have a discussion of these issues with the intent of creating a way forward toward solutions.  Here is the call- in information:
    TIME/DAY:  Monday, October 29,  11 am EST CALL-IN NUMBER:  1-605-475-8590 ROOM NUMBER:  5888200
    To R.S.V.P or for questions, please call:  1-817-269-0301  
    Rep. Jim Guest
    District Office:  660-535-6664 Capitol Office:  573-751-0246

    Friday, June 7, 2013


    they go faster.
    soon i wont be able to write .
    it's beyond anything i can understand...
    neural spikes ?reverse brain engineering? what?...and my every day shit are called ."situationals" which have nothing to do with my equivicals ..who are these people one thing i even I get is these geniuses doing their monster mash bullshit have billions of dollars and give me jackshit cuz ya see any sort of 'artificial "manipulation of the process-event-causality paradign based on some theory about psycho cyberentic from 1949 ,mind you would be "unnatural" to outcome....You maniacs.i mean you geniuses put nano particles in my bloodstream and you're talkin about unnatural causality paradigms?I think the natural /unnatural causality boat already sailed bossman..and it 's time to toss this lab rat a few food pellets..
    i wondered today what would happen to the psycho cybernetic model if i won a million dollars in the lottery..or if i should do something absolutely outside my baseline model.
    such as rob a house I know has 40 thousand dollars in cash in Havertown pa.
    i could be in and out in 50 minutes.
    the woman wouldn't miss the money she's loaded.
    and the crime I would be commiting is nothing compared to human studies in AI and reverse engineering..
    here's what they do .they take you as far as you can go ..till you become either so unmalluable..or so "difficult" to work with especially as it occurs to you this is more and more mathematical than personal..when one gleans it;s literally about specific neurons being turned on and produce an x equal x synaptic ..something or other..and you realize they'll take whatever data they've collected and continue with another human subject guinie pig cuz from my reading on targeted individuals for AI and virtual reality nobody lives that long they just plain fold..or off themselves or vanish...a person was not meant to have OPEN MIND communications with direct neural interface..and this other shit turns to drugs..and they get pissed not cuz your hurting yourself but fuckin up their "progress" they in a sense make you find all means of "getting out of something "you never asked to participate in..the MKULTR-esque maneurvers.and threats ..become greater and at this point in you're like Please .just shoot me..or at least fuckin pay me..the thought of some bat mitzvah girl getting AI nip/tuck mind enhancement in 2034 based on some of "dumbo's" night terrors to induce amygdala fractalization quotients really makes one question who's running this mindfuck to begin with ..and you bet there is a tendancy for one of the apes they apped to go all baseline reptelian brain on these rich cocksuckers who can literally according to them make youy into an intraneural snuff interface for some of their more "sporting' patrons loses all sense of what is wrong or right when manned by project paperclip chip dippers

    listen dumbo...
    don't get your own little stories.
    your own little schizophrenic spin on what is
    and isn't
    virtual reality testing
    associated with us

    ever think dumbo that writing about what was never supposed to be written about
    as this is in development ..perhaps for reason s other than simply enetertaining you..
    or some "game:

    and you know damn well what we're talking about.
    but no
    no you don't because for all you know and let it be known THIS IS NOT happening as you say but simply a thought disorder.

    or you had better start typing that it is.
    or let me give you some advice don't type at all.
    this blog is not giving you leverage this blog is however documenting a malcontent gone rogue .
    instead of being in anyway enthralled or god forbid instilled that one is doing their part
    as did it ever occur to you that more malevalent brands of control are also developing simlar technological advances

    and if certain branches of Chamge Agent has given us leeway regarding your "care"
    it is because
    whatever you might think of yourself and your capabilities functioning in this world.
    you were diagnosed as a moderately to high functioning Autistic
    and autistics as well as schizophrenics have certain cache in that they already in essence "live virtual reality"
    but let's get something straight Dumbo
    the social workers have left the building you see.
    and I and Neuronautics do not believe in autism or thought disorder we believe simply a person is Good or Bad

    and you Dumbo.
    are Bad.
    everymuddled thought you have is hasty,knotted,disturbed,shakey
    neuronautics believes and perhaps rightfully that a person such as yourself who is mindfully unwelll
    sends these brain waves into the magnetic field
    they believe that persons such as yourself for whatever reason were born to emit a disruptive field .
    that your instinct and genetic presets are to agitate the natural beauty and status quo in the world
    in a nutshell ,you nut,you and types labeled mentally ill who were found so interesting to the intiators of
    brain mapping techniques that "loonies" could "confuse and entangle " enemies and detainees into a waking nightmare..
    those social worker types in the beginning who coddled you and respected you and called you urban astronauts ,who found some dreamy quality to your meandering meruading ,what they call em" dumbo "internal guidence system" and shit like that Charly.yeah that suits you.Char---ly.
    cuz you're not as dumb Dumbo as we first thought Dumbo.but Dumber.
    who gave you the right to write about things you have no right writing about?
    you might very soon find it working against you.
    you do realize Dumbo.Charly ...that this manifesto about illegal human experiemnts and mind augmentation works two ways
    especially if Dumbo gets into some type of bind.
    and fuck knows you're always getting into something fuckin retard.,Tru Christie graphs

    I can just see it.
    in the paper.
    did this and that
    to hmmmm
    his whereabout unknown
    he left no motive but
    some very strange material was found on his Blog
    was writing quite openly that he had been both hearing and seeing things for well over a year and a half.
    according to friends it was in fact ALL he ever spoke about since his return from California where HE CLAIMS he met up with a group he refers to as both Science-ideologists or Neuronauts that also have inroads to the film industry which DUMBO! claims is setting referential symbiotics in film and television that works in consort with The NEW Way of
    GROUP THOUGHT brought on by nano particles being introduced into one's body by Icy Hot DMSO
    "fuck you tru christie,i never mention Icy Hot ...and stop trying to regualte me writing,"I graph,"What I say is true...or at least what I know...nobody tells me much of anything..i put together my inference through in advertant graphs,,fuck your buffers,,some of your implications do in fact leak out.." I graph although I temper my emotions knowing anything I think,especially if Tru Thinks I have the nerve to think directly at him...he will show me my place..

    in a way i am glad my thoughts were ignored.
    nobody in this Process is as scary to me than Tru Christie who has tried on several occasions to have me hurt.
    has graphed me to leap infront of traiffic.and encouraged me fact told me to jump from the Parker 1995

    YES DUMBO has written manically about his visual and aural hallucinations and his feeling he is being controled by entities not of this world
    "fuck you ,not of this world,thats what they wanted me to thinki,like some wizard of Oz ponzi scheme.

    YES DUMBO did this and did that.and his whereabout s are unknown he is known to drink heavily and use crack
    he also uses people.
    he uses anything at his disposal at any given time to get what HE and only HE wants
    he has absolutely no regard for others.

    how do we know this .
    because dumbo
    who plays the little autistic Oliver Twist had the unfortunate
    luck to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time
    and had pissed off the wrong boyfriend
    who knew the Right people
    to make sure
    Dumbo would never be able to trick anyone else
    with his false front that he is a Normal or Good or Caring or even Normal person

    the readings do not lie dumbo
    you human parasite.

    you sociopath.

    you've made it so easy for us Dumbo .
    when the time comes.
    to create some type of "happening" for you kiddo
    we could not have set it up any better
    it's why we let you type in the first place.add it up Dumbo what this unbridled rant of psychotronicswould truly appear to be (and IS Dumbo ,I hear in my auditory canal)
    but you're getting a bit too personal concerning your mentorship.
    and at this point I wouldn't give a good god damn if THEY or anyone FOUND out about any of this occuring
    and don't ever forget that we have a bit more than your ramblings about this exciting endevor on file but your actual readings in that duplicitous ,disturbed,vindictive loooooooony mind of yours..a mind that is not pg 13 ,nor R rated or even NC 17 in it's wholesome ness ..

    Trru calms down
    i am expected somehow to calm down when he does.
    to forget all he has just graphed and tuck myself under his arm ..or something
    I can never do this.
    i cannot forgive him fast enuf.and for this he gets angry.

    he reminds me i can blow off steam and hate him for participating in this ..and always seem suprised that he is hurt or real or saddened that i do not see the bigger picture.that we.are working "on the railroad" to The New Reality and The New Way of Communication and the New Honesty that will be neccessary when direct neural interface is presented to the world at large

    he send my emotions about Open Mind Technology always whirling back and forth.
    he deliberately baits and confuses me .
    than makes me at least try to present what is happening fairly and as a simple thought disorder incase WE get caught..or something in fact goes wrong during the Intesity of it all
    and because the company now has to outsource ..and the mechanics of immersive reality are a gold mine to the TV industry he wants me ,demands me to have a more linear perspective

    On what?

    on everything..

    How I graph

    NOW ,he graphs back,don't say how ,just say I will.because YOU must..
    he says Valerie Prentis makes me look like a puppy.
    and her wrath can have me Snake Pit ward 12 in 5 minutes

    Valerie has said ,he graphs ,at the morning meeting
    your not streamable for the general public.

    'Streamable.?" I graph

    yes dumbo...thanks to your minimal efforts to stay alive and if you ask me without EVAN you wouldn't have've been with us long enough that we can assemble not only your thoughts but pictures of your thoughts..mind he says
    sending me a visual overlay of me and my mother running to a white dodge in the rain.I am about 5 years mother is laughing .I am laughing.I feel like crying seeing the visual.i don't really remeber that specific day but clearly it was in my mind somewhere.
    I don't like them seeing this.knowing this.I want Tru Christie to call me a sociopath again and ungrateful.and a bad person

    Valerie wants you to be more like that little boy who loved his mother and loved the rain and loved being ..
    not this angry man older than his years too impatient to put sweatsocks on without cursing.
    Dumbo.there's a 3 minute reel of you cursing sweat socks for not going on right because you're too lazy or dumb to dry your feet.
    that's what we're working with here.
    or that conversation with *** about Boo Berry cereal and if they make Boo Berry cereal anymore and how crush grape soda reminds you of boo berry cereal.

    we're a family company Dumbo.

    "i thought the truckstop was for por-"

    ..never you mind what the truckstop was for...that's an entirely different faction,and you're a bit long in the tooth for anything but the most sticky bizness .
    ..snuffin' but trouble
    for a proxy already in so much agua caliente do feel the walls closing in don't you dumbo..think of the next leg of this race as dumbo vs the Greek gods,the harpies and .zeus by way of psychotronic full immersion.
    i'd feel for you dumbo if you had any true feeling whatsoever
    wait till we turn those on again.

    what you didnt realize that they were turned off.
    dumbo how would you have survived LA and this last year if we were cruel enuf to keep all the lights on at once..
    we know what we're doing.
    the nanobots are not only for this transmision this interface but other much more intricate things..

    "the overlays,the visual overlays.." i graph

    oh the visual overlays even dumbo gets excited about the visual overlays mainly it's to keep certain parts of your mind on and certain parts of your brain certain's called reverse brain day what it took 15 years to do to you will be able to be done in 15 minuites in an office ...o pioneer .oh dumbo..

    .there is still light at the end of this tunnel...but I just don't see you trying...improvement to you is a huff and grimace...

    I am under a bit of stress ..i mean some wacko company is reading my godamn mind and sending visual overlays ..and threatening to kill me if I don't both loosen up and tighten up at the same time.."

    we ask that you try and stop whining .you sound like a god damned pussy ...and why should anywant to headset a grown man ,an intelligent man talking about cereal or yelling at tube socks?

    "I thought i was a retard."

    "you're my little pussy boi dog boi Dumbo but evry body hates you for "That thing you Do"everyone in LA hates how you 've tried to destroy Immersive reality by being such bad interface..that shit you interfaced with **** and **** ..nobody wants to try it again...they assume it will always be like that with evrybody...all dermatological.all boo berry and tube socks

    "that's what life does in fact come down to.."

    "NO's about SEEING beyond the tube must train your mind to think a new way.poetry...a rythem of life that goes beyond adolescent chumming about boo berry ..but art...tapping into this.,he says overlaying my visual cortex with the image of me and my mother laughing and running in the rain..
    it's about knowing how to selectively share intraneurally.
    and changing your own equivacations and expotentials that the brain computer interface knows what to leave on the cutting room floor if you know what i mean..
    your cigarette smoking all but keeps your neural spikes consitantly ....unequivical..we're working with it..
    but ..dumbo..
    you gotta stop asking whats wrong whats wrong and see whats right.
    we messed you messed us up..
    someone has got to bury the hatchet..
    and move on.set the levels.

    "you're trying to kill me most of the time"

    "some some.of the have to work around that...and i meant it about them making you .making your neural.your final neural snuff for the special patrons who pay extra for that sort of thing..
    Tv a dangerous field to get into ..especially when we put it into the wrong seemed like such a pleasant fellow on the outside.nobody knew .they'd get this inside.there was no indication.."

    "they're confusing me again.i have been down this run down...they mentions the child imprints..that prove they knew just what they were gertting..and the mention of my ex boyfriend who "sold" me ,sold me out to them fro splitrting up with him..they are driving me mad.i do not know anything.The visual of me and my mother even seems fake...

    "fake or not it's real now.
    what's the difference.
    you had an emotion.a proper one .a tender one I might add .towards it.for it.
    and there will be more like that.
    ....a sweeping feeling comes across me my 5.4 hz neutral beta wave i can feel EVAN adjusting to a 8.9HZ and a fleeting vision of my father in his 30's flits across my occipital lobe

    just a cacophony of menace ,anxiety,pathology and self referential confusion.
    so let me tell you little brother.
    i don't care if you have to take Benzene ,Borax or Bolivian Baking soda to still that fucking malevalent mind of yours into one which possesses even a shread of courtesy to your mentors
    but now it's a different ball game.
    valerie Prentis and Parasol Pictures are not Neuronautics
    they are Business people
    they don't care if you're good or bad.or autisitc or whatever the fucvk you are Dumbo ..they want
    mind movies
    what we tried at the truck stop.
    you did ok with that ..
    but they want something a little less ..uh tactile..
    they want a beer ad

    i don't have a beer ad life.
    if you havent noticed you son of a bitch..
    an artsy beer add.

    they want you to normal up.

    i said don't ask how.
    when i say now
    i said say yes
    .I graph yes
    more enthusiasm
    'he graphs

    Evan comes online,his voice ,the great gazoo,a relief from the booming Tru Christie

    we have to get you in shape Dumbo.
    get you some new clothes some hmmm whats the word

    life i think

    yes yes .that's what you need,thats all you need ,a life..This is so exciting..arent you excited?

    no .I graph .but hear the boom of TRU .
    the answer you bum is YES!

    and you had better fix that slouchy mouthy attitude before you meet Valerie prentis

    "do I meet her?" in person...or

    "is there anything more IN PERSON than Intraneural Dumbo ,what a thing to ask...?"

    You are right in stating there is nor would there be any point in trying Immersive Reality with an ape or monkey...
    but even with an ape and monkey we have recieved more respect andto be honest more humanistic thinking and thoughtfulness towards others and themselves than from you Mr B*oom put that in your cap
    dumbo and consider it a moment..
    yeah we found you on the blvd.
    but don't forget who took you to CA to begin with kiddo..
    the Boyfreind
    hmm wonder where HE came from?hmmmm

    know what i mean jelly bean
    ..aint no way someone as ..all over the place got around anywhere with out a lil" help from your friends ..
    and although i might go a bit thunder and lightning on you noggin
    it's only because if i didnt you'd be 6 feet under from drugs and alcohol and those strange men you find your schizo self in cars with.even at your age..

    as far as we're concerned you have no mind.
    what were you like before we helped you
    how you think all those paintings got done/ huh

    ...but this disrespect .is goin a bit too far..
    and there's no agency that your dimwitted little mind grants us these rights to say we're gonna bury you alive in a ditch somewhere baby boi
    that's personal

    as in i wouldnt mind doing hard time to
    put your placeless mind and emotions or lack there of into some type of format that doesnt include smoking crack
    using everyone around you like they're butlers or something
    or getting too confused and over whelmed somehow to
    use things like public transportation
    or not loses a god damn MAC card every 4 days.
    know what i mean jellybean?
    there's gonna be a new way around here..
    no more crazy writing.

    with so many strange little references to imprinted childhoods
    for all you know honey
    little dumbo gettin all confused again
    huh or is it
    strange figureheads trying to somehow use mind manipulation technologies to do things
    even an autistic genius wouldnt understand if someone graphed it into your skull idiot

    so .if i were you..i'd pop a few of your crazy man pills
    lay off the fuckin pipe and
    lay of the fuckin computer
    and start doing that beer ad life. shit and lose that pot belly...join a gym mean jesus look like some schizophrenic in the street sometimes...and we're done that part...kiddo ..
    now it's
    artsy beer ad..
    hey i dont write the scripts.
    but don't fuck around with Valerie Prentis..

    do you understand
    or I will personally come to Philly and cut off your -----
    we shoulda done something to you a long time ago.
    you've already pushed it dumbo.
    it would almost look like there's something wrong with us.for not taking care of you quite a while ago
    do you understand..

    The Neuronauts don't want me takin meds i graph

    Yeah Dumbo we know that and the **** doesn't want you jackin off when they're on headset.
    nd the god damn TV people don't want you even alive you demented disrespectful piece ofhuman garbage.BUT I WANT YOU ON something .DO YOU UNDERSTAND
    or I will see to it that your next 2 days have you IN somewhere with a Haldol drip making you SEE this more Clearly.

    i do not like Tru Christie.
    and he does not like me.
    in a way
    that isinexplainable.
    not a single move toward any type of congruency has been made between us ..
    me and Tru go way back.
    he was th first.
    the first mandler .

    i picture him up in he pictures himself.
    jumping about on the moon proud .tru is always proud.
    anything he does he is proud of himself.
    i imagine he wakes up proud.
    a proud man like Tru Christie is proud because he feels he is an asset to mankind
    that he is needed.
    and nothing whatsoever he does is wrong.
    if things go wrong to a proud man like tru christie
    it is because someone is doing something to him.
    someone is trying to diminish him.
    take away his proudness.

    a man like this
    was chosen specifically to go mind to mind with me
    as the process of direct neural interface.mind to mind communication is rife with danger
    both parties could be hurt psychologically
    as in 1994/1995 there was no buffer.

    tru christe feels I destroyed a piece of him in 1994/95.
    and I will always feel it is he who irrepairbly destroyed a piece of me.
    he believes i purposely shar with others on headset certain events that occured between us intraneurally both at the Gilbert hotel and on 1022 Pine street Phila Pa.
    Tru Christie has told his side of "the story"
    to many hundreds of people in "the group" working on psychotronics
    and still believes I deliberately "share" bits of several aweful,terryfying ,strange interfaces between us
    deliberately with others who wish to develop this equipment for more commercial reasons

    I do not feel that this type of "communication" should be developed at all" i am against it.
    Tru Christie can careless about the equipment ,or direct neural interface. or the companies developing IT at all.
    he cares aout "getting back at me"for "what I did to his mind"
    in the early 1990's with "things" placed in my mind without my consenst.
    He is a superstitious man.
    a vindictive man
    a scary man.
    and what gets me is the group who "let him BACK in to the "proceedings" seem to ONLY believe his side of THE STORY OF


    The Most Amazing Race: Reverse-Engineering the Brain ... - Big Think

    Nov 18, 2012 – The Most Amazing Race: Reverse-Engineering the, while also questioning advances in AI as "narrow, rigid, and brittle."...

    unless i am wrong .
    tru could have stopped "the initial interface" at anytime..
    or asked or
    investigated why..
    things were what they were.
    including the encephalitis .from of all things hair dye
    that turned
    mind to mind communcations into a mutual nightmare neither of us will ever forget.
    i tried to forget it.
    he made sure i was brought "back in"
    to be taught "a lesson"

    he waited over 16 years to get "back at me"
    i had fallen of the radar after 1995 in terms of documentation,
    i was evicted thanks to "the game" and could not reestablish a credit rating ,,or even a bank account...i could barely work after ."That indicdent

    it's wrong what you're doing
    it's disrespectful
    and just duplicitous.
    it's some thing new..
    it's very personal..
    not quite legal..but alot of people bent over backward
    to let us try something new..
    and these people are very angry ..not with US but with YOU...different "voices"monitors...for let me get this straight it is because of Tru Christie and his reporting of "the events" during the 1994'19995 "season" that have "made me what i am today" and "made THIS what it was,the second time around...and in my opinion precipitated the second time around not some specious talk about subversive art....
    but something more personal..
    an ambush by tru christir
    a very important man "in the industry' not associated (much) with this new form of communication...

    you do not quite realize how angry
    and they might just decide to do something to shut you up..
    you;re really fucking with alot of people who have a bit more power than some facebook posting
    is it sinking in Dumbo what I am trying to say?
    we said you can write.
    but not in the accusitory tone..
    implicating tv ,certain groups and aganccies

    of course every one wants to see how this works .if it works..
    yeah you're essentially a lab rat
    but what you're testing is like decades ahead of the times..
    and sometimes you like it..
    and sometimes we like you..
    but lately're pushing it..
    and we can't be held responsible what certain investors etc might Do if you keep up this taunting
    we get it ..We DO..not them
    the THEM is him.
    Tru Christie
    the brainchild of modern neuro LORE fare
    but his .
    with me
    went beyond
    ive read accounts of other targetd individuals..several ..this type of "work" is taking place all over the world ..once in the hundred thousand i have come across information that it is now in the millions.
    and it is about weeding out a type..
    or if one speaks to another it is only about testing and making "the type" the subject a simulation of "type" and in this regard the mentor (the master ,for the "laws of immersive reality indoctrination are writ that "for it to work " or "take" a push /pull subjegation must be "trained" into the subject auditory and next visual cortex...and the only way to do this is throught repition...the auditory ..or what was previously called voice to skull technology now used by private comoanies such as Goggle relatively easy to do...the visual over ride ..Not So much..not the future i suppose when they have figured this out (thanks to the millions of targeted individuals they now use if lab rats..there is no consent..none is is not the eyes and pocketbooks of these innovators...the unbelievability of this even being possible ,even if believed in the mass media and thus collective mind would be of little interest ,as it is not happening to them ....
    when people speak of things like mind control...the control of another's brain and thoughts a genral public has little to reference beside bad films and tin foil hats...

    i can feel whatever ..interest i might have garnered with my "story" dwindle when i get to the brass tacks and tactics used by the men in the control both with not implants but headsets and helemts..
    many subjects you see do not survive it comes upon an unschooled random subject in shrouded secret...and the experience is often at least in the beginning and certainly in the 1990's before access was widely available disclosed information concerning mind augmentation..
    the hearing
    the seeing
    the feeling
    of another entity
    coming into one
    is a terrifying event
    it is meant to be
    for the subjected "host' and presumed "subject" that the "mentor /control.handler...will "work with" work on" for (he assumes) the next couple of years or from certain accounts of targeted individuals decades....
    must first and foremost accept the role of being dominated
    by another.