Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Semiotics Intelligence Project: Human Computer Interaction

                SEMIOTICS a general philosophical theory of signs and symbols that deals especially with their function in both artificially constructed and natural languages and comprises syntactics, semantics, and pragmatics 
SEMIOTICS used in a sentence-The polka dot sundress Denny Pace's Placed Parental figure wore when she held his head in a tub of cold water when he was 3 Denny noticed his Placed Girlfriend wearing a night before their wedding.
The little Blue stuffed rhino Denny Pace 's Uncle Ernie shredded into pieces when Denny cried out "stop" was a Key Visual Grapheme that Denny's Operating Tele-Presence used upon Denny Pace's Visual Cortex well into his late 20's to remind Denny of his rank in the Brain Initiative studies

“Among the engineering challenges associated with neural prosthetics is the biocompatibility of the implant. Research suggests that polymer is more compatible with the human body than silicon in conventional neural probes. In experiments with temporal lobe prosthetic applications the nanoelectrodes comprising the neural interface are embedded in polymer, which allows the device trespass of the blood brain barrier to next be remotely directed to specific areas of brain tissue .These materials have mechanical properties that mimic neural tissue more closely than traditional micro wires and microelectrodes. The goal of placing nanoelectrodes in a wide demographic without consent or awareness is to study how one might react to the intrusion of nano biotech that allows for thought decoding ,perception and thought induction if nano biological units are released upon a population by an aggressive nation or group. In addition to studying how an intrusion of such nature might subjugate, coerce, "torture" a human being we also seek to take advantage of the opportunity to work with human participants to analyze how a wide range people in the process of adapting to non consensual neural networks might create new substrates of thought based communication to function with the burden. We also presume to identify "types' of thought styles that might be more adept at retaining autonomy and functionality in case nano biotech is ever used as a threat to public health .Concurrently we wish to study many models of interfaced influence upon the participants concerning pre-existing self-organizing dynamics of social evolution, symbiotic intelligence and Psycho Cybernetic gamesmanship.
This project will give us unprecedented information concerning brain computer interface transformation, enabling methodologies and theories to become finally the hard neural data needed to test advanced neuro technologies.This will be a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional effort. The Symbiotic Intelligence Project is ideal to coordinate and contribute to this effort in study artificial intelligence , distributed processing and precompetitive technology transfer.


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