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Parasol Pictures(the book of Biff)

MEMO -2005 the scroll must  include RECORD of EVERYTHING a CONSUMER OF 8TH FLOOR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS ON HIS OR HER PAGE TO SEEM TO BYPASS ANOTHER'S "SO CALLED TERRAIN" i.e their own page this  way a CONSUMER with "too much on his or her mind" gives the impression of  WIL:LFULLY TAKING UP SPACE on another's page to GET THEIR and ONLY THEIR POST or POINT across. FURTHERMORE a REAL TIME display of a CONSUMER'S postings should CLOG up a "Friend's NEWSFEED." By not allowing a person to post ONLY  on their own page as one might with for instance GOOGLE plus or MYSPACE etc The consumer of 8th floor social media  CANNOT compose some political rant etc. Without coming across as BLOWHARD ,NARCISSIST.ANNOYANCE-
I want the PURPOSED  INCONVIENIANCE so much so that IF ONE WERE LOCKED in a CASKET 6 feet under screaming HELP ME  ..the SOS would only instill in another "OH HIM AGAIN"

The 8th Floor Social Network Service, Valerie Prentis CEO Proxy Cyber

Oh 'her again" is all I can think reading the if Valerie hadn't rammed this into our skulls at the annual "We Are!" Picnic .Between those annoying 'We Are" speeches by that so called inspirational LEADER and those mandatory potato sack races that bitch still managed to go on about using the 8th floor mainly as some sociological mind fuck. The next annual inspirational picnic should be called "WE KNOW!" Valerie! ...I swear to Jesus shouldn't I be allowed to sue a company that makes it mandatory to fall backward into another's arms?
who knew Homeland Seek -Currency would or could be so FUN! skulking through reams and reams of POSTS looking for deviance and anti -American sentiment?
or me writing enough anti -American sentiment to reel in a "comrade" who seems as if they might go-either way...
my manager says part of my job is to just BE my taking some time and writing in my not me neglecting my work at Proxy Cyber..*
The Book of Biff I call it ..
by it I mean the little yellow folder icon that is meant to look like a real manila folder that holds the 'The Book of Biff"..
.I was I responsible, by the way for making sure the little yellow manila envelope shaped icon was TRUE MANILA colored.. It is my job .OUR JOB here at proxy Cyber to think of these things so you don't have to..
in fact it is our job to ensure you
to ensure US
that YOU have to think as little as possible but simply respond intuitively to whatever you push into your eyes and ears
a logo is such a CUE
a pop song also cues you
even a quick zip of a watermelon on tv MAKES you think
"HMM when was the last time I had watermelon.."
and thinking such you might ask your significant other and whatsit ..
"Hmmm when was the last time WEEEEEEE ate watermelon?"
why you ask hon?-the Other might say
Oh I don't remember..-you might say back
eventually if you can afford them you will have apps that make it easier for you to go "CUED"
and symbiotic auto pilot 24/7
Let go ...and let Logos drive thee..
and make thee salivate a dog
CUED by a watermelon cartoon hon..

I suppose Proxy Cyber puts the " Lair"in Singu-"larity"
My work day is divided into shifts .One of my jobs to entice those made human studies for psychotronic testing to keep posting
Sending Instant Messaging and "likes' etc
sometimes I state I too am a fellow TI and "we must Not Give up the good fight
"must not LOSE faith! never mind that these Human test Mice have been typing since 2005!
any who....My job is to encourage OUR MIECES that every word they type either in their blogs or on many social forums is not useless activity...
AND You would be surprised how DAMN difficult it is to keep a man or woman Target typing
especially considering that these "subjects' are literally manipulated with microwaves aimed at the regions of their brains which correspond to obsessive compulsive neural heightening TO INSTIGATE
. one might think this Neurotronic influence at regions of the Human test subject's brains would be enough without my having to encourage them in emails and tweets that YES your postings matter.
..It is of unto most importance that our Guinea pigs keep typing
for we at Proxy Cyber keep no written or computer records of those we have made human test we won't have to go through all that damn shredding when we have acquired enough data
.in fact all we have are their postings to act as advertisement that in fact our services exist and can and do indeed drive one made human Lab rat slowly but inevitably insane is their posting...
Hold On I'll be right back ...another TI committed suicide and I have to make sure
WE get some cred for this one
after all I hand picked this dissident myself...
I work on the 8thfloor of Parasol Pictures
In the Indications and Cue Department
I have a subtle hand
I must pat myself on the back.
My name is never mentioned or written on the scrolls that begin and end films
but my touches are everywhere
One can say I work in the propaganda department but we don’t use those words around here...
I don’t even think they use those words in Russia any more.
I don’t know if I should even use the word Russia
For the word Russia also has implications
everything has implications on
The 8th floor
Almost every film and publication that crosses my desk contains elements of The New Way
And why should it not
Proxy Cyber and Neuronautics owning 86% of all publishing houses and film
(you assume you can write your own story.make your own movie ...self the social media....go to it...perhaps at most 599 people will read it..
early on the illusion of an alternative media was "set " into the system.
around the time we also..create a Winky Leak....a go to space..
where we could corral would be informants and whistle blowers...before they could 'blow their Load" on just anyone..
do you know what I mean...if you did I 'd have to recruit you/ the saying goes)
although other's claim it is not so it was I and I alone who came up with
all those silly words you use...for self reporting your "where abouts" they sound much better than the "package
I was sent home with years ago concerning
the psychodynamics of "self audit" and "self referential thought style being enticed to "confess" their interior intents
"what are you doing?"
"what are you thinking"
what one wants to hear from one's spouse...or lover...
but just as easy ...from words phrased as questions on a computer
the early neuro linguistic trials found evidence that simply
placing the words'
"what's On Your mind" cause a change in Brain Waves ...that
when also asked in front of any means of reply ...a pencil a crayon a tape recorder..
the seconds between one's Limbic System being assuaged's mind by this time is barely their own as an autonomous response is set in motion to keep one's fingers typing
Parasol Pictures and Parasol Publishing should be ahead of the times
After all we create the times
How can one not be up to date when knows the date already
our job is about subtle references
Little touches for our brothers and sisters to lock onto
So many hits and misses with these things.
One never knows when a chord will be struck
The times .
so fast these days
I mean whatever happened to Rosemary’s Baby
The 18-25 year olds haven’t a clue
1200 channels.
The fragments
And cues get lost
one might think that Moguls and mega Mergers between communications groups have fractured and destroyed their own system of response cues with greed
Producing and jamming up their own airwaves and Enways with so much random Randomousity
that there are no "water cooler" moments...
or set Referentials
as there were in the prehistoric daze of 3 channels
Now it is all about almost monumental events to bring a collective mind together
or so they
but never -aloud
My timeline (age 35 -45) and referential response cues were set several decades ago
As is the forthcoming second coming public brouhaha concerning Intraneural Communications
My mind though is on my script and not the scripting of events
i was raised an
in the Gary Rainy style,,how else could I work on the 8th floor?
Immersives,they call our childhoods were crafted not on false sentiments
of a 2 parent household
but on the
Group Mind that is and was Television
as Proxy Cyber Knew early on what Television would become
child raised "in format"
has their Robert Downy Jr...days
of "this is not my beautiful house,this is not my beautiful wife"
turn down days
wishing they were an unscripted manner..
not I
I believe man must be formatted to "fit " in with the fittings we call society
and Style.
Luckily when I was 'app-ed" I did not recoil from the "what's is on your mind?" intrusiveness
that IS part and parcel of AI service providers...and of Brain Computer Interface
I have nothing to hide
and the tech catches one in all one's self lie quickly
why bother
It could drive a Proxy crazy attempting to buffer one's thoughts
from a mind to mind interface
more so than any sound and vision one's Mentor can imbue
are prime candidates to participate in a private game
that keeps the lights on around here
Involving specific members of the Neuronatics set
there is not that much of a difference between an immerse and a Schizophrenic
Only that Immersives always came back
Immersives can lose themselves completely in other parts of their minds
these type of children and young adults were of special interest to those in the communications field especially concerning virtual reality
because they help map alternative thinking patterns
that are useful in the construction of specific neural patterns that are essential for non immersives to make the leap to another cerebral mindscape
True Schizophrenics had been used in the past to chart simulated neural baselines but their patterns were too erratic.
Proxy Cyber industries collects Immersives
The Rainy Group discovered in the mid 1950’s that a child’s mind could be rendered to REACH
Also the same process that created such explosive thinking also permanently brands the child
in such a way that they are responsive and respectful to his makers, ,mentors and "handlers"
Kitt too was raised Rainy
as was Evan
The monster under the bed was auditory neuro linguistics
and over the bed
(the baby sitter's boyfriend or the ubiquitous. Uncle Ernie with hands hands fingers thumbs...oh yeah there's a department for that too)
A rite
a ritual
A necessary crime ?
How else to craft a mind
splintered into pieces
and shiny points
it was the secret to ceiling walking
to royal loyal broods
to have among them one who travels
some.thing .to be fed .to those hungry MGM lions with tiger blood in their veins)*
*The mentor might establish early on that the individual is of great importance in the worldThe mentor creates a realistic New beginning for the individual
A new narrative
An endless conversation begins involving the individual’s un awareness
The mentor convinces you that that your idea of reality has been deliberately altered
and what was done to you was also done for you
He might convince you that you have special powers
He knows your story
(what did you give me .what did I take.what was in that you ask. you ask and you stop asking)
The individual sense of self is tested
One’s lineage is questioned and challenged
"I don’t think you really know who your father is.”
“your father isn’t your father.”
“I too travel between realities.It takes one to know one he might say
Your mentor might hug you ,hold you, cry for you
For all you have been through
You are part of a sociological experiment ..Didn't you always wonder why you felt different?
I am part of the Uncle Ernie Tribe too.
it's all very complicated. Don't even think of going out that door.
you are with us or so much against us and we will literally drive you mad
now come here sit down and let me hold you
you were never hugged enough
I know I know
I am you and you are me
you will see how much
i don't feel good
the world is selfish with thoughts like that you must think of larger things.beyond good.beyond your individual feelings
they have ideas for intraneural interface that I did not understand until recently
it involves Immersives “”he says taking off his shirt .telling you to take off yours.and your shoes.Now lie down
don't think of going out that door.
do you understand
Secret texts and sects through the ages had found the age of 5 to be the best
Age for one’s initial imprint
To open one’s mind to such an awakening and to brand the child to a state of full Immersion
The abuse enacted on the child is not only to cause a split of personality structure but also
Necessary to flatten affect enough that future handlers/commanders might recognize the child/man as an Immersed.
Immersives tend to grow up quite unable to take care of themselves
And must seek help from other Uncles throughout their lives
"uncles" knew
uncles sensed
They knew
A Rainy child
“had the look”
He knows your story
I am proud to be the first to know who you really are
you are told you were born to take part in numerous tests to protect and serve
(that was not done to me you say. that was not done to me you say)
what do you know
I can see
I see it
That didn’t happen to me you say
It did he says
You don’t know anything
you're 20 years old and
literally off a bus
/they give u a place to go
a sweater
those crazy headsets
that read your mind
the mentors
u become close
u cant help it
a transmitter no larger than a white blood cell
◦ “A project in the U.S. called Project Pandora ... was undertaken in which chimpanzees were exposed to microwave radiation. The man who was in charge of this project said, ‘the potential for exerting a degree of control on human behavior by low level microwave radiation seems to exist’ and he urged that the effects of microwaves be studied for ‘possible weapons applications’ “ “Electromagnetic Pollution by Kim Besley, Great Britain,
• 1968 Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald, science advisor to President Lyndon Johnson, wrote, “Perturbation of the environment can produce changes in behavioral patterns.” He was referring to low frequency EM waves in the ionosphere affecting human brain waves.
• 1970 Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Director, said in his book, Between Two Ages, weather control was a new weapon that would be the key element of strategy.
◦ “Technology will make available to leaders of major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare...”
◦ “Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth ... one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period.”
• 1975 - 1977
◦ “Unpublished analyses of microwave bioeffects literature were disseminated to the U.S. Congress and to other officials arguing the case for remote control of human behavior by radar.”
(From the Journal of Microwave Power, 12(4), 1977, p320. Research by Harlan Girard.)
• 1978 Hungarians presented a state-of-the-art paper on infrasonic weapons to the United Nations, “Working Paper on Infrasound Weapons”, United Nations CD/575, 14 Aug 1978.
(From “The Road From Armageddon” by Peter Lewis.)
• 1981 - 1982
◦ “Between 1981 and September 1982, the Navy commissioned me to investigate the potential of developing electromagnetic devices that could be used as non-lethal weapons by the Marine Corp for the purpose of ‘riot control’, hostage removal, clandestine operations, and so
 Bryan Singer , Never Surface Weapons Center, Los Angeles CA.
(From “Electromagnetic Pollution” by Kim Besly, p 12.)
• 1982 Electromagnetic weapons for law enforcement use in Great Britain: A 10-30 Hz strobe light which can produce seizures, giddiness, nausea, and fainting was developed by Charles Bovill of the now defunct British firm, Allen International. Addition of sound pulses in the 4.0 - 7.5 Hz range increases effectiveness, as utilized in the Valkyrie, a “frequency” weapon advertised in British Defense Equipment Catalogue until 1983.
• 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology:
◦ “Currently available data allow the projection that specially generated radiofrequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary antipersonnel military threats. Electroshock therapy indicates the ability of induced electric current to completely interrupt mental functioning for short periods of time, to obtain cognition for longer periods and to restructure emotional response over prolonged intervals.
“... impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive to purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and/or interrogating such behavior. Further, the passage of approximately 100 mill amperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again pointing to a speed-of-light weapons effect.
“A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area.”
(From Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000. AFOSR-TR-82-0643, vol 1, and vol 2, 30 July 1982. See below.)
• 1985 Women in the peace camps at Greenham Common began showing various medical symptoms believed to be caused by EM surveillance weapons beamed at them.

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