Monday, January 26, 2015

the Cauliflower Curry campaign against XXXX

we get up
and put on our UPS unifroms we were supposed to give back
when we both quit
after some "faggit" said me and XXXX were taking blu ray players...
and cookie and cheese baskets....during the xmas rush

XXXXX said anyone who 's friends or family or loved ones ...A. Think too little of them to buy them a real not deserve ..the INSULT of a gift basket of Cheese and Jams and candy showing up at their door do they?
and B. IF some figure "well Our wealthy friends ..well have EVERYTHING!  ...all we can get people who have every thing iS cheese and wine baskets..
so OBVIOUSLY this Type ...has way,way ,way too much already
and maybe these rich  fuckers especially during xmas DESERVE to give to the poor.
which means us Dumbo...

"right" I say...
he has me wear the little dog collar to work..
and made me explain that I had a next injury...
and that I have to wear this brace.

"whatever you say.."your business...,"The manager at UPS said,,but than took me into his office and said <It's not my business. But I don't really like the way I see him treating you..He's your boyfriend right?"
"yeah" I say
"well shouldn't someone's boyfriend treat them a little better than he seems to treat you..I see XXXX out side the door and see him holding the little remote that shocks my neck...I figure he thinks I'm telling ...about the gift baskets or Blue rays...and he shocks me..
I try not to let in show but move me neck..
:This really helps..but sometimes it gets tight...XXXX...makes sure it doesn't get too tight you mind if I go?I say

we put on our UPS cloths and drag the ladder out side and fling it against the apartment/row house  across from the "faggits' the microwaves will just hit their bedroom...
"we shoulda done some thing with the other Oster so we could also bean waves into their living room..:XXXX says tying the wand of magnetron attached to 8 feet of wave guide half soldered
half braced to some old tv rod or something on the roof opposite "the faggits"

we bring in the ladder first ..and XXXX says he still has a  tape recording of another "apartment situation" he was in" right before he moved into our house. The roommate house.
.. just so I will know that what we have to do today is cool ...and works...and nobody will believe the faggits..if they narc on us...XXXX says ..first of all they weren't even home ..when we set up the dish..
XXXX takes down a box with old DVD in it..and old cassette tapes...and some old "spy shop" type mini recorders. His cousin gave him  for some kegs he stole from some "college types" who a.should not be drinking and B. their rich fathers and mothers can afford to buy them a whole mountain of kegs...
XXXX puts a cassette tape in the tape recorder and I hear a young man ,talking with an Indian accent..XXXX seeing that's the right tape rewinds it and tells me what these Indians ...or Thai People or whatever they were..DID to him...ON PURPOSE!..through the sheetrock walls of another apartment created deliberate according to XXXX to turn neighbor against neighbor....well these foreigner they cooked...they cooked something called Curry...all day all night long...and not just Curry but some how GO with tell me Dumbo in what World ! does something like Curry GO with Cauliflower NONE!....that's how I knew for sure...they weren't just COOKING to eat their strange un American FOOD!"THEY were DELIBERATELT cooking this horrible smelling food to Make me Move was like some kind of obsession for them..Know why Dumbo/ Cause THIS type Hates Americans that;s why!
so I build what we just built and decided to teach them a thing or two about cooking...cause that time I positioned the remodeled waves to beam right into their tiny CELL!..i didn't want the microwaves to be directed I wanted those fuckers BAKED man....Listen XXXX said laughing ". I know it's him  the mean man next door.. wierd sound ... ..slow than fast  you hear sound that sounds like a buzz a continuous ping hurting my ears in the house.It comes through the wall i get sick and my heart feels tight its like the wave goes right through me ..
"and you know what Dumbo,' that was the end of the cauliflower Curry campaign against me"XXXX said
The tape keeps playing ,,,and I must have what XXXX calls my "dumbo " look on my face cause he says
"Man you feel sorry for them...NOT ME..first of all re modified microwaves are not "dangerous". They do not have enough energy to damage DNA and shit They only cause thermal burns, which is that easy to do by the way cause  people  are made of like 70% water and have a high heat capacity ,even foreign people  who try to torture me with Curry and cauliflower CHEMICAL WEAPONS..and that's what those smells were meant to be - if you think about it actually.a chemical attack!...sometimes I wonder what side you're on Dumbo..".

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