Thursday, April 18, 2019

Pity Poe

  1. or worse , laying there or sitting there waiting for the Hollywood actors to slowly make me not care. make have no mind's eye just make me ----nothing but a process board watching and hearing THEM and THEM and THEM and THEM
  2. i couldn't take it anymore seeing THEM and then having to see me Mind's Eye style
  3. the thought of turning on the TV for even one second and seeing something like this kept me away from it.
  1. it was type or watch TV
  2. it was type or stare at the wall it was type or fiddle with the fabric on the chair it was type of spin in circles it was type or chain smoke outside it was type or bang my head against the wall

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Jan & Dean - Little Old Lady From Pasadena

  1. Friendly reminder that aliens are flying around america with backing from NSA and CIA and FBI to mind control people into doing stupid shit then parallel reconstructing terrorist cases involving "Mentally ill" people while that person is being blasted by the voice of god weapon
  2. you with me Mandlers?
  3. it's the first step to swing the term TI away from the nonsense written
    and TOWARDS those with the CLOUT we do not have - the so called 'THEM" we are "forced" to speak of THEM
  4. what we want and need are names pre- embedded
    online as related to this type of technology
  5. no
    no military
    and by all means meaningless crowds
  6. it's just bad PR
  7. and we( the devil's pigs ) do not want any terrorism ( revenge ) against the military
  8. because this research is far from the military
  9. that's why i don't like her using the word military
  10. in some way related to the research in a way every day people can understand
  11. now if she can be swayed to attack the right people