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Here, we used threat of bodily harm preceding a color-word Stroop task Flip.Flop.Fly( precision based narrative in BCI input as phase resetting influence )

Immersive Reality Based Gaming :Co Conscious regulation of Visual Cortex Spatiotemporal imaging to understand the use and  function of  verb based brain computer interface pictorial  imbue on"Inner Visioncombined with established narrative imbue upon Participant's adjective based fears concerning augment of inner narrative by psychotronic means -

, , ,
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.
Several theoretical frameworks have suggested that anxiety/stress impairs cognitive performance. A competing prediction is made by attentional narrowing models that predict that stress decreases the processing of task-irrelevant items, thus benefiting performance when task-irrelevant information interferes with behavior. Critically, previous studies have not evaluated these competing frameworks when potent emotional manipulations are involved. Here, we used threat of bodily harm preceding a color-word Stroop task to test these claims. We found a basic effect of threat consisting of a slowing down of performance during neutral Stroop trials. Furthermore, both facilitation and interference scores were affected by threat of shock in a way that was consistent with a reduced-distractor effect. Taken together, we interpret our findings in terms of two opposing effects of stress on cognitive performance. Although partly consistent with the attentional narrowing hypothesis, both resource models and cognitive breadth models

"Mutt is  horse-race gambler who is motivated by greed and adventure....wanting  another type of sport to play Mutt finds himself "a Jeff" in this case a drug addict/hustler /autistic he can "play games with"...Mutt finds himself sporting with many "brands of vermin" he and his scouts find roaming the streets of LA to both help keep the city clean and attempt to place these creatures in Greener Pastures and his
Blue Heaven."
is how the dream is introduced.
The words are read ...NOT BY ANY CHARACTER
but by some means of broadcast   --- lately at the start of the 'dreams"..I am in a movie theater...
all is fine.
I am excited when the logo appears.
"Parasol Pictures"
"Operation Dumbo Drop"
I realize  somehow that this is not
the movie I came to see...and
realizing I made a mistake
I start to get up to leave but find
I cannot move.

and the nightmare begins.....
Although the subject of a differentiable Tele-Presence based interface  has no  the capacity toward self severance, one's Proxy will do anything and everything to reformat their thought style toward  discontinuity as if to thwart whatever corrections his or her Mentor has sought to establish .It is in the Mentor(the Tele-Operator's best interest to let the Proxy believe his discordance is indeed perplexing it's Mentor ,as the Proxy's  attempt at discordant,digressive  thinking will serve a Tele-Presence 's "mural-istic" needs in creating paradigms for dream state rendition based upon the ward's notion of "hide/seek"mazelike quandary.

                                          Proxy Cy Imparts,"it's nothing personal." but when "My Team" uses
Sound meant to sound purposely synthesized...computer generated it's always very,very persoanl
                                           " No Twas nothing personal
                     until someone began writing about"it"- in a way we suggested
 might not be a good idea.
You want science Dumbo....you want to cheapen this venture ..by bringing"it" down
 to the lowest common denominator?..why? because A.I. is a bit  intrusive
 and doesn't "do" what Dumbo demands it does...but "what" it" wants"
                                         if it were up to you
                          you'd be on Monster Island 24 hours a day - Being King of the Wild Things...
which would mean By the Way idiot
you'd be in lyrical schizophrenic land babe'
that maybe we couldn't even bring you back from...
we do things step by step
NOT drive you insane..

you are  a science project Dumbo
   and being such
it does not necessarily MATTER if  improvements concerning Dumbo's on-line NOR off-line reconstructions translate into enhancement in his online or off line reality...
                       even if anyone believed you
            that you were  mislead in some way
    by the California Dept. of Corrections who "put stuff in you"
Socio and Psycho Sociologically speakin' kid -nobody  MUCH give a damn where another's Imput comes from

(example Dumbo
- when a friend ..or lover says"Boy did I have a weired dream last night" typically, scientifically speaking-one who has been "asked" to "listen to my dream"automatic response in terms of Beta Waves slow down from ,let's say a 24 Hz to a 13 Hz...)

according to OTHER Neural Transcription Data from those "tagged" with biosensors

 Most people involved in Cybernetics and A.I. testing   and who have biosensors in their neurons
and in the spaces in between...
and not just because MOST PEOPLE have some HUMAN DIGNITY and some UNDERSTANDING that in general. A person who speaks of such things is not only not believed but
assumed INSANE....furthermore a person deemed by  those in power- to be "made"  appliance to test "apps"
why hmmmmm.....perhaps this person  might consider this  "rendering" indicates this RUINER's social status (a hustler/junkie/degenerate artist) was and is quite low on the totem pole ...in other words "nothing to brag about" as   consciously or unconscious this public nuisance might  be perceived as "a person seen as expendable enough an organism"to be fodder for scientific investigation...and Dumbo even if YOU could literally fly through the air nobody would ever confuse you as being modified into any variation of  super hero..just some punk picked up on the street or in some bar
to Fiddle about with...
Your foolish notion that your writing about your childhood being striated only so a human husk could teach technicians how a mind can be schism-ed into variances of Self
 mitigated by associations and Cues..ooooh and what do you go on about Dumbo ..
Ritualized Trauma Based Abuse -
for imprinting ...for Reverse Brain Engineering
these referentials

based on imagery and symbols  transmitted to your visual cortex...or "acted out" in simulated ,staged let x =x tangentials

 ONLY suggests to others you not only Hallucinate but are Delusional.

 forget the fact that all of this was Imbued upon you in confidence
                         so much for super heros HUH Dumbo!
why Dumbo...why didn't you just ,"Roll with It?"Proxy Cy asks via. pulsed. signal. aimed. at . neurons .that do not "hear" but// rather[ receive brain signals/ that make a human organism] perceive "vocalized content"..

YOU WANT TO BE recognized as  SOME DROID DUMBO! well FROM NOW ON ...we'll help you out a little...
you want to think of yourself as a puppet monkey ?

I graph ,"no I don't think I'd want THAT whatever THAT is..."
and Proxy Cy's Tonalities
become less," Hark"
and more the
bark" I am used to-
--Tru Christie graphs,
 "who licks a spoon of ice cream visualizes the sensation , the on and off of brain signals nor that act.. let one taste ice cream    and DO NOT THINK FOR A MOMENT!
you DID nothing to
make us "pay you back with person of interest "...
you deliberately began  THINKING  TECH about this project. Attenuating your focus on gleaning all matter of  unbuffered inception during..Inadvertant slippage during commonplace phasement shifts in Imput between Direct Neural Interface and Brain Computer Interface ....and you wonder why our schematics do not now focus more and more on garden variety Remote Neural Monitoring  .why? because  YOU trying to RUIN whatever DATA we're collecting....so you want to think of TECH to FUCK AROUND with our DATA! Sooo we're gonna start fuckin' around with OUR tech in that shifty ,grifty mind of yours and shove more and more "behinds the scenes at ya"...because 'that's your Thing' now aint' it ..That's WHAT WE MEAN by Jewie  thinking.
not everyone who does unsolicited human testing is a Nazi you know
....and maybe "the Jew thing" is just part of our narrative imbue
if you were Italian we'd call you a Mook ...a Proxy needs to "feel"personally engaged with "Gaming"
or would you rather be Avatar-ed as some Teenage Mutant Turtle
grow up Dumbo
once someone's been "app-ed" they're "we'd like to know a little more ya' for our files for life  .For life
and for any outsourcing which might help you REPAY us for the TIME and WORK and EXPENSE of working with you and
entertaining you ...

..I pop two Ativan and drink the scotch I now find I must wake up with to even get through   "snapping out " of the dreams .....
at first I do not even taste the scotch
and Proxy Cy explains
that although
various nerves...
 responsible for flavor ,for perceiving  taste are still  working and that  they have -just done "blinder work" on sections of my  anterior cingulate cortex, and  parts of the orbitofrontal cortex situated close to the flavor center of "Gameboy" which helps me  "my team"at Proxy Cy determine the  "what" and  "brain map" of a flavor
 and since mister -I want to know everything-  wants to now be "kept in the loop..we,your "Mandlers" want our "Prox" to understand down to the square root of signal transmittance that tonight and for the next several nights we intent to Imbue in you signals during  REM based not on language " but   emotion based signal response concerning  taste and smell The Christie Film Company ] as these associations more so than sight and sound can trigger association based fear and terror in another more  than any small potato nightmares based solely on attained "dailes" from your temporal lobe..
I take another sip of scotch seeing if they restored my "sensing" of the sense of taste....they have.,,,and Proxy Cy's "Voice/Inteface" switches to a format more Tele-Presence style I am used to ("hey Scumbo ..stick to the script" and  nobody wants to hears about any electronic  co conscious regulation of neural peptides or parallax view adjustments during waking hours...to see if a Proxy gone Rogue might start showing his Buddies some fuckin' respect)
 AND...for not doing THIS-  to you ,except when you deserve IT-

                                                  and suddenly - I see the room....and everything in it as -

"as a housefly might"Proxy imparts and quickly resets my vision to normal.Or this "New Normal" of being a "Mann-ed Man"
"without words,I sense Proxy Cy "ask' me
if I was more disturbed
viscerally by the Hollywood version of "fly eye" or the genuine ' neural read of a real housefly?
The Hollywood version I graph back,wordlessly,,,as well...as seeing in 2 formats of fly-eye
likda' leaves a guy 'speechless" inner monologue,
vocalized,-Mind to Mandler ,Mind to Computer or otherwise
"So," Proxy imparts,"so maybe you should stop fuckin' with THEM....Anything we can do THEY do better"
"I ain't  afraid of no ghosts?I graph."Please Sir,I want some more..?"
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo you'll get MORE alright!More than even Pontius Pilot can take!" Proxy Cy graphs back

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