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Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Increase Presynaptic Calcium Channel Expression at a Central Synapse
Zhi-cheng Sun

Disfigurement as Deterrent ( Man Delay Bay)

Parasol Picture’s “The Face Taker ‘INT- LECTURE HALL –DAY
DR. SAUL speaks to the STUDENTS
The Proxy you will be given to study must not be considered people in the usual sense of the word but symbols of people. Representations of what all people are when one gets the heart ,brain and guts of it. If you choose to look at the human subject you will be provided with to modify and vivisect remotely as a person you will not just be failing yourself but all of humanity who need to understand how the human organism responds to their environment and disturbances in the environment that might breach the human brain and nervous system . Certainly one man,one woman,one child being used in such a way to teach others how we as a collective whole might deal with this intrusion is less than the sum of their parts

Some of the testing is much less esoteric than those that involve Brain Computer interface
Telemetry and Psychophysics can be used to cause all matter of physical problems as well as neurological problems In the human organism remotely
Nearly every disease and abnormality in a human organism can be triggered by direct energy meant to disrupt the cardio vascular ,lymphatic ,hormonal system, dermatologic system
And with the help of the ongoing interface we understand the emotions and cognitions that go with chronic diseases. For too long we have been forced to look at the nature of human ailment, aging etc from a number of different viewpoints that never come together. Or have had to rely on the patient’s own wording of “how they think of feel’ in relation to an illness. Now ,with the use of an ongoing brain computer interface we can understand Mind and Bodily Matters as they work not separately but as they play on one another and act as a whole .
Often to get as much as we can from a subject we must precipitate many a health crisis with the use of Telemetry medical devices that dis-regulate another's physiological systems

Increased calcium ions release not only triggers neurological deficits but also can interrupt histamine levels causing severe facial swelling(edema) also calcium-sensitive contractile proteins can cause severe muscle contractions and disfigurement caused by smooth muscle rigidity which ellipse the facial nerves.....“The really damaging part of a Transcranial Pulsed Ultrasound isn’t observed or felt during the initial usage, It’s the metabolic damage, the free radicals and the swelling that happen in the hours or days afterward."
Hypnic jerk
Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) which are among the leading causes of death and permanent disability . Headaches, memory problems, and changes in mood and personality are common effects of a TBI. More severe brain injuries can cause devastating cognitive changes and physical and mental functional disabilities. According to the CDC, TBIs are a contributing factor in more than a third of all injury-related deaths in the United States.

While some of the methods we employ to get to the bare bones of what thought is and what disease and stress does to the human mind might at first seem brutal one eventually finds themselves enjoying the work . Enjoying the fruits of one’s labor through experience and the rewards of met expectations of cause and effect concerning one’s ever expanding understanding of how another’s cells,blood ,tissue etc break down .Also one is kept always interested in human experimentation by the many surprises that often present during testing –always there are new diseases or aberrations that present in the human organism exposed to direct energy weapons .
Do not think a Psychophysics Weapons Engineer who literally alters another’s body and brain chemistry from afar with advanced “medical” technologies as you might a typical researcher –sedate and only scientific in their bearing I find there is very much a wild streak in most who do our work . There is a big difference personality wise in those satisfied to only work with primates or non-primate free moving animals than those who have what it takes to work with human subjects. We are an unsentimental lot because we see the bigger picture .And because we see the bigger picture we are able to see the individual counts for nothing in the greater scheme of Human Ecology .Contrary to most beliefs most Psychophysics Weapons Engineers do not enjoy aiming psychophysics weapons at human subjects also addendum -ed with neural prosthetics to just study pain receptors and neuro transmitters in response to initiated pain either emotional or physical but to understand the human and thus universal traits of an individual somehow being forced to deal with excruciating suffering .In this way one might think of ourselves as “pain relievers “. Is it not our job to study the neurobiology of pain to best one day perhaps remove pain from those of us who deserve such allotments. To hear another’s thoughts about trauma, knowing their trauma is man-made is to begin to have a knowledge of faith and hope that transcends most . So many human subjects turn to thoughts of a great unknown force above the testing and do not think for one moment I take this special window into their soul for granted. I hear their cries and screams in real time . I learn about the psychology of loss of self, loss of hope and loss eventually of will in a manner that only a God might .Do not think I do not respect my calling .In fact I respect my calling enough to not allow myself to see the subjects as human except in a symbolic way as this sentiment would impede my ability to see the greater whole of what humanity might and must be as it concerns certainly more than the “freedom” or “safety “ of just one person or 5 million.Of course the test subject cannot see beyond their own selves and the needed sacrifice a party of “one” must and should make for the preservation and yes evolution of their own species. How very selfish it is if one thinks about it ‘The New Way” for a single organism /test subject to believe their life matters when the life of their very own species hangs in the balance
I find that psychophysics weapons engineers actually are more humanistic in our views than most . What we do concerning human testing in all it’s perceived wrongness is the ultimate in altruism . We do often what nobody else has the qualities of altruism to do , very few of us in “the herd” have the needed outlook to do whatever is necessary to get to the core of what and how a human organism works by taking the human organism apart as it still functions . One must enjoy one’s work. But in this field that enjoyment is often misconceived of as sadistic in nature.Do not let anyone try to convince you that the only “ism” you are doing this work for is Patriotism and yes,also Progressivism . I certainly hope those protecting us do in fact take some of that good old fashioned fun one has one plays army or cowboys and Indians onto the battlefield don’t you? Or would you rather have some limp wristed Nancyboy afraid of their own shadow and YES afraid of their own natural “alpha”male or woman for lack of a better word –sadistic streak in them that – oh dear – likes being king of the jungle . One had better learn to enjoy the act of aiming weapons at another to some degree .Do you know why? Because only the pleasure of the kill often enables the neural train of thought needed to correctly hit their target. To begrudgingly inflict pain upon a person I have been entrusted to destroy is not only bad for morale but bad for coordination. Do not think because Psychophysics weapons are aimed remotely from satellites , drones and “wireless” means that one must not have the same state of commitment to the task at hand –the destruction of a human’s psychological and physiological structure that you are any less of a warrior than the man or women down on the ground .Although your specimen might not be the enemy but only a symbol of human you must treat that specimen as you would your most devious foe .Our job is to best learn how others might destroy us with psychophysics and neuro weapons by thinking like enemies with access to these weapons . So you had better do your best to make that human test subject your enemy from the get go . The subject during the interface will do he or she can to humanize themselves to you . A ploy by any other name .To the Targeted Individual you are a perp ,a lunatic,a Nazi , a maniac .You are a symbol of all things that dominate another .Does a soldier enjoy hitting a bull’s eye on the shooting range ? Or does he more enjoy hitting the outer ring? Many researchers like “seeing it show” in the subject. The more exotic aspects of Psychophysics weapons can be alluring to the beginner who doesn’t want to follow the steps of build up.Some Psychophysics engineers want to go straight for the subject’s endocrine system to augment or better yet excite an excitation of human growth hormone in the subject to show the subject who is boss with body augmenting techniques .Somehow the burns and bruises caused by Direct Energy Weapons are too subtle. Or the subject thinks something especially repugnant that you feel needs correcting with a dose of acromegaly, edema, swelling of the mouth tongue ,throat .You want them to look as monstrous outside as they are thinking inside . Because Psychophysics can alter appearance so drastically and so rapidly of course you might think this short cut will suit your needs as Operating Tele –Presence to keep the Proxy aware of their rank in the testing and in the short term you might be right .But wait till you see what such meting out gets you in terms of the subject’s mirror time .Every little dose of directed energy to his or her periphery nerves or cranium becomes the subject concerned about their appearances. You’ve created a complex in the subject in seconds flat but is this the type of complex you really want to spend the next 2 or 3 years playing with ?A child could press a button and shoot frequency to calcium ions and glands that produce human growth hormone .Do you want a nuanced psychological breakdown you might actually enjoy seeing unspool full of texture and self loathing based on your ability to heighten and soften the intrusiveness of the interface with crafted triggers and cues from the subjects retrieval memory. Or do you want to have the subject touching his or her face every time they feel the EMF seem to “feel like” that “I’ll show you” temporary disfigurement.
Everyone likes the quick fix of disfiguring a subject remotely .It appeals to our sense that we own the subject body and soul.It appeals to the most juvenile sense that the subject is a mere game piece. A monster and a toy.I understand the need to make the subject understand that they are no longer in control of their mind ,senses, cognitions ,emotions or dreams by using their looks as a bargaining chip to make them practice thinking outwardly and never inward .I know the Operating Tele-Presence likes ground bound team mates in the subject’s environment see you literally manipulating your Proxy’s very appearance .It’s fun.I get that but I tell you first hand you’re only going to ruin the experience for yourself.

dis postion

XXXX does sound and lights at the Little Link Theater
a small theater troupe of no renown on the edge of town that in the last 4 years has been moved to the other side of the Memfis Ohio River
after the Bad Side of the Tracks Condominium became the new place to live for those fed up with the onslaught of middle class working families that had moved into Memfis Ohio's center city forcing many of the more discriminating leasers to move west.
The Little Link Theater had been in rehearsals for Harlan Helsman's new play about an artist named Asher Levy's who according to a recent posted site placed into the 8th Floor Social Media search engine was a real man -with old photographs to prove it..the photograph accompanied by a JPEG of a type written letter -on a real typewriter!- (the words unfortunately too blurry to read except for the date 1935 and Berlin)..along with this -some yellowish ID type of card with a second photograph of Asher Levy's -the painter whom according to Harlan Helmsman 'play "My Name Is Asher Levy" (and according to the 8th Floor search engine Leadia Page )was a 1930's Berlin painter who was commissioned by Goering to paint disgusting looking paintings for what would be know as the Degenerate Art Show .
Asher Levy according to the Leadia Page on the 8th Floor search engine and the play by Harlan Helmsman was a junkie well aware of the point of his creating works of art that "men in official looking uniforms" paid him to paint in the most ugly and depraved manner the artist could conjure up to most visibly display signs of both a "genetic ' disposition to conceive of "such atrocities".According to the play and now 11 sites in 2 weeks verifying the existence of Asher Levy and 2 articles (subsequently removed ) stating that nobody named Asher Levin walked the face of the earth Levin was stabbed in a Paris hotel room in 1962 by a Jewish man well aware of Asher's deeds.
According to XXXX the play is less about Levy's decision to go along with the powers that be painting pictures to serve someone else's aim than the killer Jacob Hersh ,a painter who received only a fraction of Asher Levy's salary doing the same job .
XXXX wants me to come to the opening saying it's not healthy for me to stay in my room writing all day with Mandlers and if I come he will intentionally miss a cue regarding the lighting and sound for my sake in the final act. 

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Pace 24 ( yardstick)

Layla Pace received the phone call she never wanted to get at 11:30 am on Tuesday .
'He told ," Layla thought
but remembered Denny really had nothing to tell
To Denny it was an Entity.

As far as Layla knew the Operating Tele-Presence only 'came to her son 'as something supernatural  not technological .

Denny spoke about what he  called "Mandlers" less and less
but often seemed more and more scared.
Bags under the 8 year old's eyes 
An expression on the 8 year old's face
that  seemed both too distant and too right here simultaneously .

The only time she now heard Denny laugh was when he was alone in his room
but she knew he was never really alone.

He wasn't hers anymore Layla thought  
She used to like to think of herself as the type of mother who never thought of a child as there's
as owning the child
but this was before her son was owned by the Tele -Presence
Owned by The TruGenic Rational Research Laboratory 

She knew she should have kept Denny home from school .Denny had struck a student 
According to the school secretary the boy Denny hit was fine .

The vice principal had taken Denny out of class.
Could she  come to the school  and pick him up 
The vice principal wanted to speak to her .

She should have known to keep him home today.
All the previous evening Denny had been doing 'that thing he does".
Over ride 
Layla called "it"
by now she had so many words for things that should not even have names .
Denny on 'over ride' by Mandlers 
stamping around the house like a man 3 times his age telling Layla what changes needed to be made around the house
how she should dress
how she should cook ,clean and spend her afternoons
Never did Denny call her "Mom "when his Operators ,his "Entity"  decided to take steer him in this way
Not a trace of her son seemed to exist when "Mandlers" wanted to have some fun at his and her expense .

Layla pictured the man in the trailer that shot the bio tech into Denny's arm 
Pictured the man inside her son via BrainLink laughing likea lunatic
 Layla pictured the awful man in trailer 2 or someone like him sitting at some kind of DJ booth ,some air traffic control room his skull sprinkled with bio sensors 
a headset
a helmet  - wires everywhere.
.linking the "Mandlers" brainwaves to her son
Layla saw the Mandlers as she presumed anyone might 
who had only seen films about this technology
all blinking lights and clean lines..
all comic book villains and handsome leads

but those awful trailers were not so futuristic 
and that horrible man was no Matinee Idol

Layla pictured that awful man 
leaned over a console 
great Karnak Circus Psychic broad  gestures
finger tips to temples
temples covered with wires ,sensors 
all focused thoughts 
to the crystal ball of computer screens filled with images and words and sound decoding  Denny's every breath ,touch ,smell ,taste ,heartbeat ,blink
The researchers..whatever you call "them" hovered around the picnic of 'Brain Map' watching Denny watch the world 
the men who tricked her into thinking it was therapy -next 
threatening  her and her son
"IF you tell "

Mandlers Denny called "Them"
but Layla was not allowed to call "them ' anything ,not really and not ever 

'Entities" was OK to say aloud 
How careful she had to be since taking Denny home from the trailer ..the drug quickly fading to "help him forget"
Careful to never call the voices Denny heard or the things he saw anything but aliens 
Aliens Denny was never to  speak of -to anybody 

The researchers said she could never seek treatment for Denny 
He would have to be taught to 'get used to it'

"If Denny is put on any mind medication he will become useless to  the studies and useless subjects walking around with OUR technology are a liability"

The Men in Black Slacks told her it might be  a very good idea for Layla to join Neuronautics
so if "anything went  wrong" she would have religion to -fall back on

There were speical schools

Layla refused.

Driving to the school Layla  thought of Denny as he was last night
not Denny at all
but some type of sick toy for Remote Neural Monitors
using her son as  a human drone

She pictured these 'Mandlers'
hyped up on coffee and God knows what else
turning knobs that turned on and off the tiny chips in her son'sbrain and   brain stem 
Watching computer screens that saw all Denny saw
Listening to speakers that played back all Denny heard
deciding they were bored 

deciding "this " was not what they signed up for 


It wasn't often they did 
-they do
to augment another so completely 
Layla could not to even afford to let herself conjure up the where for  all least of it the technology to completely over ride another's very being 

usually Denny was just made to see things and hear things
and practice thinking back "the right way"

This ,Denny was allowed to share with her

the first week Denny told her he needed a comfortable chair  and a partitioned area of his room to sit at that faced  a large bright white empty tacked linen
to learn how to think in thought pictures
to Them

the "Them" Layla was and would always need to be a different THEM than it was to Denny 
her them were mere men 
who had promised to cure Denny of Autism
at the Trugenic Rational Laboratory

the "Them"  for Denny could only be  thought of as supernatural
or else

The previous night had started off well enough
Denny sat in front of his white linen
doing whatever one does thought Layla to practice thinking to others
since being "app-ed' for interface Denny wore his school uniform  after school and until bedtime 

Layla never asked if it was the Mandlers who demanded he be buttoned up in suit jacket and tie even on weekends

After Denny's practice time learning how to think thought to anotherhe and Layla ate dinner
small talk about school.
Denny had in fact become  better at this kind of talk 
since being 'Mandled"
and sometimes Layla thought what the researchers told her about conditioning Denny through the Tele-Presence to stop thinking inward but out was not a trick .Not a con job.

A fly appeared near her water glass and Layla picked up the newspaper and swatted it
Denny screamed

"are you crazy!" Denny said ,"Do you think for one moment YOU are more advanced than an insect...when was the last time YOOOOOOOU were able to think for a larger collective ..work for a larger purpose ..nah nah not Layla Pace "

Denny's entire face contorted to that of a much older person
wearing some too tight ,too small mask of little boy
His way of moving and speaking changed
It was terrifying
but what was more terrifying was that Layla had gotten used to it

What was different this time was that she herself  had "set the Mandlers off'
Usually this "ove rride' occurred spontaneously 
or as spontaneously as men manning another could be who decided to skip the brain computer interface for a while and just take the bio tech out for a test drive around the block 
only the tires the researchers were kicking were her son's neurons and synapses 
sometimes when the Mandlers made her son their avatar 
Layla could not help blame Denny for thinking  to the Mandlers the wrong type of things or that Denny had started to bore them  with his thoughts
or had done something to trigger  the Mandlers to want to shut him down completely his use now only kicks.

it never lasted longer than 45 minutes but the things that could be said by Denny...by Mandlers through Denny in that short time  could sometimes devastate Layla for weeks after .

Denny  picked up the dead fly and opened the screen door ,even the sound of him opening the door sounded like the movement of an adult not  a child -
every move he made 
from pulling back his chair to setting down his water
sounded somehow  like a man 's not a boy's.

Denny began loosening his tie  but not as one would a child but as one would a 30 year old sick of work,sick of ties  and sick of whomever he lived with

"Funny Layla  that you kill flies  that you'll raise your hand to do ...but you won't lift a finger to clean up this dump properly "

Denny looked at Layla and went into the other room where  Layla         heard a candy dish be thrown .
Layla followed her son who yelled at her for not keeping liquor in the house watching Denny light a cigarette .Cigarettes Denny demanded she get last time he "left the building"

Layla watched her 8 year old grimacing at her ,puffing on a cigarette inspecting the fireplace mantle on tip toes with his finger
'What do you do all day Layla ? You certainly don't clean ...Everything with you is half assed ..no wonder Patrick left you"

Patrick ,Denny's father did not leave her she left him but Layla never said much of anything when Denny "became " whatever one calls a child possessed by Remote Neural Monitors
Layla tried not to stare  at "him" or look away knowing  by now nothing made "Denny' or more to the point Denny's operators
more angry than Layla "playing for the camera'
-playing for the screen or whatever it was that re-pixilated Denny's vision into image
Layla watched Denny plop down on the sofa and look at her "What you always standing around for ...I thought you told Dr Freidman that men have a way of making you feel like you're always under their foot ..like they won something ...holding their prize down under them  with one hand in their air...Sister you ain't no prize ."

Layla wondered how Denny's "team" of Operating Tele- Presence knew about what she said in private to Dr. Friedman .
"Sit down Layla ,' Denny said ,'You must be exhausted whining on the phone all day about the opportunities you squandered during your marriage ...your mother was right that Layla blames everyone but herself for her circumstance ...even as a child..You're sister you know just last week for the first time didn't "oh Mom 'her..no this time she recalled an event concerning a certain incident with a bracelet of hers you broke but never owned up to . I guess even Joan is tired of the Layla Pace Blame Parade "
"Enough !," Layla yelled at this thing in front of her that only resembled her son 
Layla  got up from the sofa  and began walking to the kitchen not wanting Denny's Mandlers to see her starting to sob.
"Mom ," she heard Denny say .,'Why are you crying ?"
"According to the vice principal Denny he struck Andrew Pettison with a yardstick because an alien Entity told him to.
According to Mr' Phillips ,the social worker who spoke with him  after the event Denny revealed to him that he was half boy half alien since birth  born only to be a soldier for the the cause of cleansing the world of bad celestial forces .
According to this alien Entity Your son says often comes to him as Aimien Little from "The Big Littles" movies  all men ,women and some ,not all household pets are alien hybrids but only some are called to be in alien armies .Denny speculated to our social worker that he either assumes or was told telepathically- he does not remember -that some boys and girls are spoken to telepathically by bad aliens and  his Occipital Overlay made him see Andrew Pettison as he really is- a dark celestial alien . A Latch Upon to be more precise .'
When Mr.Phillips asked Denny what this Occipital Overlay that indicated Andrew Pattison was a "bad alien" looked like Denny told Mr.Phillips ,"types like you wouldn't know a dime from a donut" curious words for a year old boy  to say to grown up don;t you think Mrs. Pace?" Jennifer  Sands ,vice principal of Leaflet Elementary School said ,"curious too the words Occipital Overide to describe his hallucinations..."
"I heard nothing to indicate Denny is hallucinating Mrs.Sands,"Layla Pace said.
Mrs. Sands put on her reading glasses and read from a file ,"A good Jew would have killed themselves already not written stories to make a joke out of it..We can't microwave your insides because you refused to give up smoking..it would look like natural causes..murder would look like you matter in some way..the Japanese you know during world war 2 would volunteer to be suicide bombers..Denny Pace asked if the boy had been let be by the Latch Upons and that he 'd like  to gauge a reading of the boy's Eminations to see if  the thrashing had riled up the Enrot  in Andrew Pettison that had probably been in the boy's  degenerate lineage  for centuries ..Mrs .Pace I see here you're divorced .Did your ex-husband strike Denny ?"
"No", Mrs. Pace said 
"Does your husband make a habit of talking about degenerate  linage "
Mrs .Pace shook her head no  wishing this woman would just give her Denny to take home. The Andrew Pettsion boy she was told was fine . 
Mrs Sands read from the file folder 
"Since the world first began alien beings have used man as vessels .Some men and women house good alien entities and some very bad entities According to Mr Phillips Denny said "The Entity that lives through me and I through it stated that It was not important I be told the long history of from which planet or universe or dimension the good or bad entities which latch upon man have come from.All that matters is my link with the entity help me  identify the bad entities hiding in men ."  Mrs.Sands said looked up at Layla 
"When Mr Phillips asked Denny how he could identify the bad  aliens hiding with in men or in this case a 8 year old boy Mrs.pace ..he said the aliens make him see things nobody else can ..He said he saw atop Andrew Pettison 's  face  -the face of a Latch Upon ...so indeed Mrs. Pace your son does in fact seem be hallucinating  and therefore might be better helped at a different school

"Surely Mrs. Sands you have had other children fight before in this school...and as you said the Pettison boy is fine " Mrs Pace said ,"Other children who have struck someone have not been asked to leave the school."

'No they have not ..children act out all the time  but the reasons for acting out do not seem to stem from psychiatric problems" 

' You said -seem to -stem ...and that Denny -seems- to hallucinate ,"Mrs. Pace said ,"To you this might -seem like -some kind of psychiatric disorder but Denny and I both practicing Neuronautts do not -seem to - believe quite in your particular belief system  ...Do I -seem to- hear you correctly that Denny is being asked to leave the school on the grounds of his religious beliefs Mrs.Sands because I think a lawyer might -seem- to think we have a pretty good case against this school


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Black Slacks/Front

                                                                                                       More than meets TI  
                                                                                                             by TNZ Tempo

Actor Ralph Ansel, currently starring in "The Big Littles go to Monte Carlo " claims that Tim Tucker was not the person who commissioned several hundred people to 'play' Targeted Individuals online as  performance art  but who he refers to as  "men in black slacks". Ansel said "Men in official looking uniforms dropped by a theater workshop both Tim and I were involved with over 8 years ago with something of an ultimatum for Tim Tucker and myself  which  involved "taking care of" a close family member ...if we didn't 'play along'.
When asked what the term "men in official uniforms" meant more specifically Ralph Ansel seemed uncomfortable elaborating .
'I can only guess that Tim had been gently persuaded to be the fall guy for the tragedy involving Angela Dobsen"
Why would "men in official uniforms " be so invested in trying to convince people that make believe weapons and make believe technological advancements were being used to hurt citizens is anybody's guess.

Word has it that actress  Kimmie Baker ,who had her own very public breakdown speaking of 'chips' online might play Angela Dobsen in a Hulu limited series about the TI Hoax ..

Reality Star Resin Baker's Secret Visit To Neuronautics Annex EXPOSED!  Is Kimmie's  little sis trying to join the controversial church?

(pictured : Resin Baker at the
front  door of the Burbank Neuronautic's branch)
Earlier today, The Parasol Post ran a story titled ' Chip-a -roo Chip-a roonie ' about a man named Tim Tucker notable not only for his play 'Building 17" but the bizarre incident following the play's opening ,the author Tim Tucker found naked except for a Snuggie loosely wrapped around him atop of dumpster literally baying at the moon.Subsequently hospitalized under court order Tim withdrew from the New York theater scene.No more scripts from playwright Tim Tucker only a bewildering blog filled with rants about microwaves and human testing.Tim Tucker called himself a Targeted Individual or more to the point "called " himself a Targeted Individual before yesterday admitting online he made the entire story up , as did hundreds of so called TIs who claim (or claimed ) they were used as human Guinea Pigs for Direct Energy and Neuro weapon s testing and torture ! with these "so called " Advanced Technologies.
The truth behind "Targeted Individuals " is actually rather harder to believe than claims that certain agencies might in fact conduct chemical,biological and 'electronic harassment' on it's own people .According to Tim Tucker the so called Targeted Individuals Movement is the brainchild of he and sociologist/ marketer Brice Boncelli. Brice Boncelli runs a company called Low Main Terrain which specializes in "subversive hoaxes" and creates international art projects exploring media,politics,advertising" and the mechanisms of influences on the co conscious mind .According to Tim Tucker the elaborate Targeted Individuals hoax took a tragic turn when a woman suffering from a genuine thought disorder killed herself to protest 'synthesized insanity" as neuro weapon.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tucker : A Man and His Dream

Marcus goes on about Tim Tucker like he himself was were some Mandler in Tim' s mind -trying to get Tim to "think right' and 'Be right' or at least hurt him enough Inside Out to make sure not a shred of his soul can come back to latch upon unborn children or hover in the Great Enway itself- as to influence others as disembodied Enrot. 
The way Marcus becomes so angry speaking of a Ruiner like Tim Tucker it's as if some Latch Upon Emanation has seen Marcus as some kind of suitable vessel to entrain and augment to it's will. 

According to Neuonautics the Emanations are everywhere around us -unseen and hungry for embodiment that seems like -minded enough to receive it's compatible frequency.

Latch Upons-disembodied essence

silent -oh not so silent !
invisible -but not once Latch Upons get inside 
(and make you see ,see,see,)
see and hear and feel 
 the Latch Upon 
still potent 'left behind' mindings
of the departed -
re-in -carnate 
essence of  THEY 
too sick in their Beinghood - to go elsewhere -after what we call passing away
they pass away 
to pass through us if we're lucky
and stay in us 
if we are not

the Eminations 
to filled with self self self 
as they were too much too much 
always always in their bodily vessels 
those especially 
this kind 
this kind who feinged kindness 
but possessed only take take take 
takes everything after passing 

this kind never passes through
in life without taking and does so even less hereafter 
this kind 
this Emination
this Latch Upon 
of course skulks too close to the ground, waiting for  that chance 
to bind with like 
like mindedness 
waiting waiting waiting for even a second or so of fleeting unfocused synapse 
that matches their own -
and in it goes
and in it stays 
just a momnetaru lapse of Bettor Being-ment ,an open door to 'Latch Upon'  infestation.

Neuronautics  promises to help you combat these Latch  Upons 
seek...comfront ...destroy
Neuronautics hopes to seek those amongst us 
filled ton brimming with celestial enrot
who walk and talk amongst us taking taking taking

a neural read
and science does not lie 

run run Ruiner from the neural read
but you cannot hide 

 Certainly Marcus is thinking too much like the Tim Tuckers of the world to get so riled up abot Tim . I cannot understand why Marcus cannot distance himself from any feeling good or bad that perceives Tim Tucker as anything more than organism. There is a reason that Neuronautic's insists we think of the test subjects as vermin- not human at all.
Mandlers  and neuro engineers alike understand that to empathize with a human subject they are monitoring and studying is dangerous . To empathize with these objects means thinking like a Ruiner . And anyone is ruined after being used for brain computer interface in no time at all.I cannot help think Marcus' hate of Tim Tucker reveals Marcus' ability to think as a Tim Tucker does.According to Caroline Macy the worst thing a person can do is think of the subjects as anything but organisms.

 Marcus' being so emotional in his reaction to a mere object of study is a give away that Marcus  can "think like the enemy' -meaning there must be parts of himself with similar Ruiner thinking style .
At the Neuronautics compound they make films and Tv shows for Parasol Pictures  that are meant to evoke physiological  responses to stories that can be tracked  with special pupil scanning technology to see what character  one relates to in the film .
An awful lot of things one might try to withhold form others given away one responds to TV and this response can be measured.
 The fact that Marcus reacts so angrily to Tim Tucker means -if you ask me-that he has an awful lot of Tim Tucker in him or he could not  put himself in Tim Tucker's  shoes.
Supposedly those being mandled are judged harshly on their TV viewing during the brain computer interface .
Eventually Gary Rainy hopes to make all TV programming able to elicit and next  quickly gauge another's real time response to story- to efficiently and inexpensively best discover the Ruiners amongst us with no need for remote neural monitoring  I hear a production of "Building 17" is in the works to test how people 'really' feel  about the collapse of the Memfis Ohio Bridge with pupil scanning.

Gary Rainy writes a lot about TV in his books and how what the  input we receive from televised image  becomes part of our Inner Beinghood ,our Mind's Eye as much as any parent,friend,lover and therefore one must be very ,very careful what one sees and hears.
He discussed a night in bed addled with a bad summer flu watching the television and finding himself feeling he was being asked by the makers of some insipid romantic comedy to think about life from some women's point of view.Over and over the camera was an over the shoulder shot from the actresses point of reference -as if the film maker wanted to make me a queer.

Since beginning  my Neuronautics classes I  have  begun watching a lot of westerns and war movies on TV .Programs without women in them . Gary Rainy said if a man relates to women too much especially on screen and thus the mind's eye 'women -like qualities begin to overtake a man's mind. In Gary Rainy 'Beyond the Enway" book he discusses the way Hollywood uses point of view and over the shoulder shots to feminize young boys who mind's eye style must constantly leap in and out and in and out of a female's set of eyes .Gary Rainy says this phenomena can be even worse for boys and easily swayed young male adults who read books with strong female leads. Gary Rainy said it was in a male's best interest to before reading a book take a black marker and cross out all female   characters . 

Caroline Macy the worst thing a person can do is think of the subjects as anything but organisms.
Marcus acting and talking the way he does about Tim Tucker as if he himself were reading and steering Tim's mind and nervous system seems to have nothing at all to do with his aspiration to be a Mandler of men . Nothing to with the decoding of the subject's thinking as  to make the subject be  "right " for things that mean alot to the brain research financially in terms of big data. Big Data  accrued from a neural read  from one "app-ed'  with sub-dermal  sensors as  -Wireless Body Network .
Accrued neural data -or what  Caroline Macy calls the shorn hair and gold fillings of the operation  .
Neural spikes  ,dendritic cascades ,pre-neural firing protein release -important "artifacts' the Mandlers  often need to hospitalize the subject  for .So many of the subjects smoke .So many of the subjects stop moving about as free moving animals.The threat of hospitalization as if a stick poking the Proxy ...like a guinea pig now -fat and web eyed close against the glass of the cage .The threat of neuroleptics ...and group home sweet home gets the subject moving ever so slightly away from the glass and on the wheel spinning ..but it's always back to the  various universities  hospitals  for  readings that require variable concerning  an institutional  setting...one's reaction (again)  to confinement and humiliation 
"Graham Crackers and Grape Juice ! in the Day Room !'

These monsters have stolen your life
your sanity
your dignity 

the universityhospital   involved  -

how'd I get here again?

the ....tether

.. getting the subject to do outrageous ,bizarre things to place them under observation to get the subject committed against their will.It's amazing how much will some of the subjects hold onto regarding self in spite of their tether to Mandlers. There is great fun for Mnadlers in getting the ward committed in terms of induced signal to drive the object insane .

There is also money in getting a subject committed and one kills two birds with one stone as the commitment  re-affirms the human subject  as having mental issues rather than being fodder for brain research .Furthermore the hospitalization also serves as good clap board like marker in the subject's 'dailies'  concerning reverse brain engineering .The premeditated "time outs" for the Mandler's wards also  allow researchers interested in the sociology of human ecology to work out paradigms concerning 'What Would You Do ?" like scenarios concerning evoked response to a plethora of situations regarding universal aspects of "Beinghood' that often require a lot of emphasis be placed on insinuating manufactured 'happenstance' into the Proxy's environment. A love interest, a financial crisis or opportunity ,ethical and moral quandries based on staged events  in and around the subject's home ,workplace and community .
If for instance the subject has substance issues a "windfall" of cash might fall into the subject's hand to see if the subject "learned their lesson" . If a woman is attracted to abusive men an attractive  "bad boy" has just happened to move in next door.

"Are you with me Biff?" Marcus asks,"Sometimes you're like a Proxy in a  Synthesized Beta State with this drifting off"

Sometimes Marcus seems like a "placed person" in my periphery as to evoke a response. Pamphlets or no pamphlets from the Neuronautic's annex . A pay hike for taking care of Tim Tucker sans Hand's Off and Hand's On I remind myself this is my apartment he's in speaking to me as might a Mandler to a Proxy intra- neutrally.I let it go curious to survey Marcus ' attenuations toward Tim Tucker .

  "At first Tim was doing all the right things when he was released form the mental hospital ..He was fearful and next angry and this anger of course made him focus on revealing the testing ...of clearing his name as mentally ill..by of course making himself seem as crazy as a bedbug online by claiming he was a Targeted Individual ...as expected he begins posting like madman ..obsessively making him lose 'friends' not only off line but on..He doesn't care -of course!- what he has to say about what is going on takes precedent over all things..he's at that phase in the targeting we call the "Sermon on the mount " spending every waking hour finding the rag tag of placed declassified evidence that Tim believes will find him restitution and justice..ten ,twelve,twenty posts a day -as if it doesn't occur to him anything online about neuroweapons is supposed to be online about neuroweapons to human test subjects to chew on and post so researchers can study how a mind reacts to social media ,desperation,the EMF the very computer emits . Reach studies concerning hand eye coordination..keystrokes..the subject's reaction to colors and the amount of pixels in ads..how a person with genuine "secrets' might try to disperse information online ..

All during this of the Operating Tele-Presence(OT) is  telling him everything he thinks ,does,says  is sick...crazy..
it's crazy times two Biff because Tim Tucker knows he's not crazy
because they made a point of explaining it to him real, real serious "Bitch you wish you just be crazy ..THIS is what we do to people who write 'Building 17"....
they tell him all this in the spin bin
in 'that way' way THEY have of talking

----people who latch upon the Voice to Skull script "Building 17" are intrinsically in terms of idea-ology
 science  of mind style 
 sick to the very last metered synapse  

every damn subject goes through the same damn 'Sermon on the Mount" sh*t concerning 
The Internet..the social media being their 
'words are mightier than the sword" thing

unaware their words are indeed of much.much interest to only those trying to understand neural narrative
daily their SOS message in cobble
is dissected by others trying to understand things like how the letter "P" or "G" is used in terms of declarative
while words beginning with a "F" or "H" are used when a human organism, is deflated .."

I know Marcus likes impressing me with his 'inside man" stuff concerning Mandlers because he used to date Eileen a Mandler who was sent back to floor 3 to only interact with the human subjects as  faux Targeted Individual online because she -according to break room gossip had a habit of going "Mrs. Danvers" on the Proxy before enough data could be gathered form them for medical and consumer use. 4 suicides in 7 months with Eileen on headset to the subject's brain pans.

"So sorry if I am boring you Biff...so sorry if our mission to get to the bottom of Ruiner for once and all in the gene pool means so little to you..I guess you like a world full of Ruiners hiding their sick,sick thoughts behind false airs suits you..I guess the actions of Tim Tucker trying to destroy the TI Program means nothing to you."

'Go on Marcus ," I say

"In the beginning of his targeting Tim did just fine displaying himself as what he was online..an enemy dosed with accoutrements to be psychotronically managed from afar... used for neural reads..used for 'parts' to serve some function in society he tried so hard to malign with talk of false flags and rich man wars.. sounding injured and tortured online to show others what we think of type such as him..
read sometime Biff how the TIs write of their targeting  in the first 6 months so careful..all metaphor and 'shhh shhh'
than they get embolden every 'find' about synthetic telepathy and voice to skull rushed up upon the net

like someone is reading their damn posts with some bated breath

these people might as well be insane
what arrogance on their part thinking anybody gives a rat's ass
about some nutter talking human testing

when was the last time you saw a post or a Tweet stop the world?
unless your some Kardashian
who gives a flying fuk what you say online
and 2 feeds later who gives a fuk about that

isn't that what the damn net was made for Biff/
to make everything mean nothing

well Timmy boy be going through the paces none the less
Mandlers listening in on his every burp,cough and scratch
really Biff it be that intrusive

guy can't wipe his own ass without a Mandler saying saying something about it

but this Tim deserves this type of remote neural monitoring
know why
because people like Tim are so wrong in the head that if someone doesn't totally clear them out than their souls come back and latch onto little babies

'Is that true?" I ask Marcus," that the Mandlers are in them when they wipe their ass?"

"The Mandlers aren't IN THEM Biff " Marcus shouts like I insulted the Mandler's creed or something

"...they just see through their eyes
 and hear their thoughts ..BUT SOMETIMES a Mandler will take advantage of the Mind to Mind and make them FEEL they are - to give the human vermin some rounded out secondary symptoms of schizophrenia. to keep the human testing on the down low ..as this "too close' feeling concerning the Mind to Mind makes the Proxy hyper conscious of their own body..as to make them hopefully groom themselves ..so they might have that schizo -affective cast to them for the most casual observer"

"Why.." I ask Marcus

"WHY? Biff?-to keep the testing going..It's important to really work to keep up the subject's mental illness cred..they're not doing anything wrong Biff..their researchers..maybe bathroom habits have to be understood for medical reasons...can I go on Biff ?or do you want to talk scatological the rest of the evening  "

"No," I tell Marcus worried he has  seen me flinch .I can't help thinking how skeevy it would be to be a Mandler...and also a Proxy.

"I know what you're thinking Biff," Marcus says

And for a moment I think someone slipped nano tech in my drink and talking to Marcus through a ear piece

'The Proxy aren't really human..if they were they'd have killed themselves
rather than let men Mandle  them..I would..wouldn't you?"

'Yes" I say ,,and I would 

'Can I go on without you interrupting like some Mandler who demands  I only eat soft food ?"

"Soft food?' I say

"Yogurt,pudding,noodles,ice cream ...Mandlers don't like crunchy food being eaten by their Proxy it 's hard on the ears of Mandlers ..they also don't like Proxy looking in the mirror too much .hard on the Proxy's eyes and sense of self when their Mind to Mind  .that's why so many Proxy get told that they're faces will be cut off if they over preen  ..and this Face Taker thing is  not just to be transmitted a potent  pain reading  ..but because the Mandler feels the Proxy went Facey Face on them deliberately ..as a psychological attack ...the Proxy brandishing his face as a weapon to disturb the testing..fully aware their face is seen through the Mandler's eyes or inner vision if "linked' in such a manner ..that's why often the Direct Energy is sent to the peripheral nerves of the subject...the facial nerves..to make the sick freak stop looking at themselves but it backfires..and a game of face-tag begins..all the while the Mandler warning the Proxy if he or she keeps it up the  Mandler  has grounds and authority to cut off the Proxy's face "

"That's a Mandler myth' I say ,'The Facetaker story"

"Certainly it is no myth to Proxy who over preen is it?..and Biff..it isn't as much a myth as you think "Marcus says ,'Remember that guy got his face bitten off in Georgia or something..and that guy got his head cut off in Canada .."

I know about the pain readings of the subjects being vitally important in the brain research studies so researchers might discover how to replicate these pain receptor signals so they might be able to aim them at people Hand's Off 's style but "The Facetaker " is just a movie made by Parasol Pictures..Or is it something more I start thinking . At least to Proxy. Do Proxy see hidden meaning in movies like "The Facetaker'I can't help but wonder.And was this the point .
I stop myself from thinking as best I can wondering how Proxy feel unable to hide their thoughts let alone stop them form the Mandler's all knowing mind tech.
I stop myself from thinking about 'The Facetaker' movie and the implications of it's 'hidden meaning".I sound just like a damn TI online going on about "Illumin-..."

'You with me Biff ? Or are you looking going all Self Referential on me .Preening in the mind's Eye mirror of self thought..?' Marcus snaps his fingers in front of my eyes.
"If you're not careful Biff one day these snapping fingers with be snapping free floating emoji snapping fingers only you see by way of "apps" if you keep looking like you're thinking odd thoughts. Tell me 'what's on your mind?' You won't because that look indicated the type of crazy self involved thinking cascade of stream of consciousness sh*t that drives a Mandler crazy..FOCUS on Tim Tucker OK..or at least pretend you care about the Tim Tucker situation.."

One of my jobs at The 8th Floor Social Media is to peruse vieo data of people waling around,standing in front of money machines,in front of computers ,in super market lines..to find people looking like they might have Interior Intentions that that seem sneaky or curious. Without thinking I find my hand up to my face ,as if I am trying to cover something . Marcus freaks out .

"Oh Biff you are so lucky I am not a Proxy 'app-ed' to interface or someone would see you displaying a "tell" like that . A mind that hides is a mind that lies.You're lucky I am not with mergers and acquisitions Biff or I would have  been impelled to  to spike your drink with nano bio"

I put my drink down without thinking

'I'm kidding Biff..I know a like mind when I see one ..' Marcus says

I am grateful when he continues on with the story of Tim Tucker

" every body at the loony bin ..all the mind Drs.  working on these brain map studies of course know  Tim Tucker tuned into  the Voice to Skull that would become the play  'Building 17"
and this  is  of course grounds for dosing him  with stuff that makes his mind open to be decoded , modulated and written upon  ...they give the Proxy a lot of time to get used to the interface in the mental hospital
they convince them  they're these Pioneers
in for a load of Jonny Mnemonic adventure
if they can "stick with it"
the intrusion
the only adventure they get  is semiotic vision
and an auditory cortex full of Mandler Pavlov Tuff Love

the vision all fingers snapping
occipital over ride of whatever scares you the most
some adventure

your  thoughts read as "girlish  " to the Mandlers
little dollies are shown to you
you be spending too much time in front of the mirror Boy
and ain't that a clip from 'The Facetaker' I see in that shadow

funny isn't it they create something like this
and can't or won't legalize euthanasia..

slow kill and human testing..electronic torture
but a painless death
no way

too many Tis would go "drink me" too soon
and no more gold teeth and shorn hair as neural data

The Operating Tele Presence of course has to spend lots of time amusing the Proxy 
with a good deal of chatter
this is all for his or her benefit
a free ride on the Transhuman train
enhanced living by neural prosthetic
a sneak peak O PIONEER to "Cool World Roger Rabbit' virtual reality and Deep learning 
 tell the fukker anything to keep the son of a bitch from offing himself too quickly
there be data to collect ..concerning his responses
 sunlight ,humidity ,sugar,pollen, ...fear,sex,hunger, sleep..the dude is nothing but a gauge now that  he's been "app-ed' for two way brain interface
they can make him see things,feel things,make him cry -on demand - push of a' button  
..some folks in some agency did the same damn thing with a squid's nervous system....this dude ..this Tim Tucker fukker be squiddy
like he deserves ... they got no life ahead of them no more
everything is now for the "team"
including their "Calling All Cars " sh*t online
to get help,help,help

one of the things they also need Squiddy  to do is write...
why you think they send stories through his noggin
like he be some player piano..
they want to see how story effect's -das human organism-

he be all things to big data...
...but mainly he be target pwactice to folks want to learn how to drive a dud ecw -cw -cw -azzzy

...well as you know Biff playing a faux TI online ..is he main thing they want the little Husks to do
 is write about how damn hurt they is...screeeeeeeeem scream screeam online..
so people all over  can  see..BOY what a nutter.
..and also so people 'in the know " can get off watching the dude go to pieces...
the stupid targets think some congressman or reporter gonna see their posts and put a stop to dis
the only people who read their posts are those keeping track of them..
.nobody gives a damn if they use a few people for this tech Biff..so long as it ain't them .
.well Tim is doing his 'Calling all cars' for the various corporations and Big Arma who need such promotionals as well as those 
who very much want people like Tim Tucker to become poster boys for Truther meaning crazy talk
but than Tim starts saying
all the wrong things
he realizes the "alt media" is but a pre-mediated Mind fuk in itself
he realizes nobody gives no god damn about no traditional posting
all that matters is what the mainstream media tells people matters

he hatches this scheme to see if he can make the topic of Targeted Individuals 'in the real news' not the mindfuk alternative media set there mainly to be -just that- He wants to somehow get the term Targeted Individuals out in the mainstream with shooting up a mall.church or school...

"Suddenly Biff . Tim begins inferring he isn't a target at all..according to his posting beginning like September .." Marcus says as if I don't know what Tim began to do with posts .As if I don't understand the worst thing a TI can do is stop screaming online .

Cora peaked into the kitchen ,giving the new marble countertop a quick knock knowing I had to focus to stay in character as presumably some nut typing from his mother's basement or some derelict motel room somewhere

a candle for Angela Dobson

Tim begins lamenting that he feels horrible about the Angela Dodson situation
for a week
on his Hitter account
doesn't answer anyone who asks "Who is Angela Dobson"
he posts a JPEG of this Angela Dobson on InstaCam
an obit

but was it he adds....
the next week he  starts posting that he himself feels responsible for Dobson's death
says he thinks he should turn himself in

begins writing that he fears going to jail
but anything is better than this aching guilt

he doesn't say what he's done Biff
he's just some washed up playwright who's been writing about being targeted for 4 or 5 years now
he's nobody but Sir Batshittio Crazio

and he realizes that
he started realizing a lot of things..

mainly that people  wanted the Targeted Individuals to write and write like a bunch of human statistics.
why target someone with weapons this bizarre and slow 
unless you want that Target on display

                                                            Tim cleans himself up..loses the pills...they never worked  anyway
starts looking at the other Targeted Individuals posts...form the point of view of someone unaware

he sees the point of the targeting like he never has before 

to genuinely make one appear absolutely  mad as a hatter online 

Biff a lot of them finally catch on
but they don't try to fuk it up for us

If Tim Tucker just walked away
from the computer maybe we wouldn't have to Hand's On instead of Hand's Off

and starts saying 'it's about time" he finally admitted WHY he's been writing what he has ..
about his "so called' targeting

-so called- he wrote Biff..
-so called-

and how this "so called' targeting lead to Angela Dobsen's death

suddenly his readership jumps
what's Loony talking about

did loony snap and  kill someone ?
people like hearing THAT kinda' stuff about loonies they used to know NOT about microwaves  and waves and and sh*t.

the next week he starts ranting online that he never thought
"it" would get so out of hand
posts a JPEG of him in a car outside a police station
he makes a video in the car
all sobs and shaking
he's inconsolable
and his admission to what he's done
Tim Tucker posts on YouSpool-his admission that he and hundreds of others had for 8 years convinced their friends ,family and acquaintances they had been targeted for human testing

according to Tim it was an idea he and few of his more artistic friends had back in his college days
Theater Studies
who goes to college to for theater studies Biff ?
we're talking faggit with a capital F here
-and i don't care if he's married Biff or is attracted to women
being a fag is being a fag

well anyway
Tim Tucker starts filling his 8th Floor Social Media with all these documents.
all these written notes he supposedly wrote like a decade ago for what he thought would be the ultimate piece of performance art
the ultimate performance piece 

he said he wanted to use the internet as some kind public square
a sort of theater in the round
to understand how story builds
how story is understood by others

see..faggy sh*t ..
big faggy ideas he starts writing about how it was HIS idea to create this 'theater piece" which involved asking hundreds of people to pose as what he say is a term HE coined
Targeted Individual

Tim starts writing daily like his 8th Floor Social Media page is some damn confessional
that "it was an elaborate joke ' this someone is torturing me with Direct Energy Weapons and Microwaves ..and "chips"
and this joke killed Angela Dobson..

well Biff ..."somehow : this story gets
"leaked" to some Communication Department at some mid west university
"TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN" the teary admission begins

I can continue the deception no more
there are no neuro weapons
no human tests
no such thing as electronic harassment
or Psychotronic Torture

my theater group many years ago
decided to think of ways to use the internet as a type of living theater
we posed as people who claimed we were being abused by the Otherment
with frightening technology
to see what others might do with "the scenario"

we went all the way with this scenario
realizing if we were going to do this we were going to do this right
we told our friends and family we had been "tapp-ed' for human testing
we checked in hospitals to get "What Would You Do" reactions from Drs. and Nurses

as the years went by we expanded our Living Theater to 'make it more fun" writing scripts for people we called  Gangstalkers to play against
our so called Human Test Subjects

and on and on it goes Biff
Tim Tucker 'admitting" there is no human testing ,no "program" to test neuro wepaons or microwave weapons
why did Tim Tucker claim he had to step up
come forward?
because Angela Dobson
a genuine person suffering from a Thought Disorder
identified herself as a victim of human testing
and  took their own life to protest the plight of her fellow Targeted Individuals

next thing you know 
hundreds of TIs are writing it was all a sham
and  they feel ashamed for what they put their loved ones and friends through playing this dirty game
Meanwhile he convinces a friend ..another theater type to "spill the beans " that it wasn't performance  at all
and Tim Tucker is covering up a much larger issue
and he's appalled

it wasn't Tim Tucker who asked several hundred people to pretend they were being doused with sound weapons ,direct energy weapons or artificial telepathy
it was
someone else entirely
encouraging them to play " Targeted Individuals online and off

some one according to this friend of Tim Tucker's who had probably put Tim up to this

get this Biff
probably killed  Angela Dobson

according to this friend

"...some official comes knocking on your door saying we need a few good men and all to simply type on the computer a couple of hours a day saying you're hearing and seeing things..what would you do ?"
"So who did kill this Angela Dobson/' Biff asked

'There is no Angela Dobson Biff, " I tell Biff but that sure as hell didn't stop the Targeted Individuals   from  not holding a candle lit ceremony for her as a public apology for going along with Tim Tucker with the "theater piece"

Bands of them holding signs "I am not a Targeted Individual"

Tim Tucker  even got up to speak to the crowd shouting through a mega phone "There are no such things as neuro weapons ..acoustic weapons ..active denial weapons  ,synthetic telepathy if you hear things or see things the Otherment is not targeting you with advanced technologies ...no such things have been developed  here...There are no such things as Targeted Individuals if you have symptoms that resemble the myth of psychophysics weapons please seek mental health immediately...If Angela Dobson did she might still be alive...We as a collective are so sorry for what we did...."

And for doing this Tim Tucker 's days are numbered  .