Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pretty fly for a white guy/ AAV6-hSyn-ChR2-eYFP

i look up my dream
yeah that's where i at with HomeOffice
that i gotta look up facts in a sweat beaded pajamas to see..if it's possible 
what they said they will do with my soul if I do not "Be as I am being taught to Be"my my mentors
although to call "it" my dream would be a misnomer.
my dreams 
are not my own
my dreams are guided for optimal use..
the subject is pain
and how after i am pronounced dead
thanks to my cup of consciousness nearly running over in terms of neural collection 
all during the live long day 
my acquired consciousness
is almost vibrant enough 
so that even in the free flow "go" of disembodied essncse of self
although dis embodied is not quite the word...when your systematic soul ya see..if
called as non binary data
it is no longer yours ...,but the "agency" who has been given the deed of extraction..
supposedly if one is a person of worth
one's entire "being"
can be downloaded in morsels
to a new born child
it is explained an entire race of ONE THINK ONE THOUGHT could be created in one Generation
part of the games this new Village of The Damned type
will have 
is a game called ant farm
which included putting 
the extracted souls in all forms of insects ,rodents and even single celled organisms
"imagine dumbo spending all eternity as a conscious manifestation of yourself
every memory every feeling*
and that nano chip of "Ego"
being placed in a genuine lab rat.
one gets used to any thing I think...I have often imagined the kicks a cockroach might have  just" bugging" people with their sheer danger by design " looks..
oh Dumbo
you will not get used to being no Dumbo in a starfish or a retrobate
the dream is spliced with a rather amateur film-school
re-cut of 1958's 'The Fly"
me the white headed fly yelling "help me ..Help me"
only  Vincent Price is not there to put me out of my misery
who gives My Mandlers and Muralists the permission to use so much of 20th Century Fox's movie library ?it's as if the movies were made for

Me ...terrified ..of life eternal as the White Head Fly!
but I fight
find force in my wings and a sense of the awesome in my new sight!

ha ha Mandling Mauraders of Dreams!
I like my new
vrssel and I am glad to have full consciousness of my species re-assignment by Proxy!  You Fool
i think as I  join the flies and l;earn to be a fly and see in 1000 facets
like a kaleidoscope.
i fight the fear
and I am SUDDENLY 
souring over Jellystone park
licking up honeydew and cream pies

suddenly I am no longer a fly but
the white mouse I am 
in this project
prone on a silver tray
being subject to the unthinkable
Unthinkable YES Dumbo ,because YOU can't think yourself out of think one kiddo..


When a photograph can be heard: Vision activates the auditory cortex within 110ms

Proverbio, Alice Mado, D'Aniello, Guido Edoardo, Adorni, Roberta, Zani, Alberto
Scientific Reports, 1, 2011/08/04.
As the makers of silent movies knew well, it is not necessary to provide an actual auditory stimulus to activate the sensation of sounds typically associated with what we are viewing. Thus, you could almost hear the neigh of Rodolfo Valentino\'s horse, even though the film was mute. Evidence is provided that the mere sight of a photograph associated with a sound can activate the associative auditory cortex. High-density ERPs were recorded in 15 participants while they viewed hundreds of perceptually matched images that were associated (or not) with a given sound. Sound stimuli were discriminated from non-sound stimuli as early as 110 ms. SwLORETA reconstructions showed common activation of ventral stream areas for both types of stimuli and of the associative temporal cortex, at the earliest stage, only for sound stimuli. The primary auditory cortex (BA41) was also activated by sound images after ~ 200 ms.

Researchers turn pain perception on and off in mice using light

by Bob Yirka Nature Biotechnology (2014) doi:10.1038/nbt.2834
(Medical Xpress)—A team of researchers at Stanford University has found a way to turn the perception of pain on and off using only a light source. In their paper published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the team describes how they genetically altered nerve receptors beneath the skin in mice, and how doing so allowed for controlling the perception of allows a person to turn off pain at will would be a marked improvement.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I reckon I do not care whatsoever what they do to me anymore..they've done enough..a life of threats ..a life as Lab loses  it's novelty pretty damn fast..i have never had the guts to write about this as it really would read stranger than this..more sinister...more would make ya it does all those who have been put through "IT" ...millions of people world wide..have similar stories..many kill themselves or are killed..many just keep going..trying to find ways to get on with spite of it..the preposterous claims that all this is really happening make their claims seem outlandish and downright delusional.

and still one wonders FOR HOW long?everything tends to 'come out" in the end....

Targeted Individuals Europe | AI research is done on ...
AI research is done on people without informed consent (by TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE)


the fact that "the looks thing"
was reversible was not disclosed to new clients
The clients of course were aware that the nano particles could alter one's appearance drastically
but  were not informed that "at a flip of a switch" the cluster of nano could rearrange itself to one's mentor's desires
 not yours 
The cosmetic nano enhancement feature that came with The Package of The Singularity by Dome Cybernetics could be "reformatted" into something hideous if one did not "get with the program"

  Much in the same way that one's intraneural mentor  could turn synthesized 'telepathy" into "synthetic insanity" if one's neural readings were presumed "mutinous",confrontational or simply "too weird"

"Don't fight it
          After all
   you have signed on
          and paid
    to be sculpted  by  bettors
 to Become
and trans-scend your  current state*
 to Be One
with the teachings of Gary Rainy
who you knew despised this contrived sense of "Me"
 back to the path of We*
-------are in this
together Dumbo

are we
Evan? said I was yours .and to trust you and the new way ,that i should consider myself adopted .i did.
and needing reparenting...I did
and mind expansive plasticity..I did
and that the inserts were temporary
and just training wheels.
Are they?

 You know I'm still trying ..I haven't given up on you yet
but have you given up on Me?
cuz I feel you have
because of the writing..but you cause me to write more...
and more harshly
and say I 'm the one whose made my bed
and make it worse by continuing my diatribe against you
who els eam I gonna turn to?
while we try to work it out 
so this is
time stamp ,not a  betrayl 
and no I am not bailing or "being cute" or making a mockery of  what might SEEM to others like  severe punishments
they are not New Way,they don't understand Intraneural Interface or how it can be used to re-align and prioritize
both one's self referencials or what one puts forth into the world
I do
you know it
I can care less if anyone knows what's it been like.
but man
this is a story...that got carried away perhaps
everyone likes a bad guy
you do Evan
isn't that what you see me as.all the time now?
as you know i misunderstand the
threats of physical harmyou say are mainly to test my fight or flight response and reawaken  my primal
and that "the reigns" that alter-
are a gift.
as man's most ingrained primal fear is disfigurement
and dismemberment

and that Gary Rainy
included "psychotronically induced pain points" in his set of rundowns
to further induce the amygdala to regress to primitive states of altered consciousness.
and that the psychotronic pain
is also a gift
from Gary Rainy's bag of tricks
to reach out
like a father ,with a caring kick in the behind , done only with love
a "butterfly kiss"
Do not get me wrong when I write about the New Way
I get it.I respect it,YOU know it's true
fuck what other's think
or think of my "story"
you said previously It was important to you that I do anything I want
including writing about "it"
 so long as every now and than I tossed in some
measure of fairness.
and respect
and lately you feel I am making a joke of IT
it is you making a joke of me
back in LA,
why can't I go back?
what have you told them?
I thought our sessions were private?
I am not writing about my real mentorship
why are you telling THEM i am a Ruiner?
I am not mocking your mentorship or Tru Christie so much as trying to work out my own ...
responsibility  in this
with all respect
and endurance and love,

Transhumanism is a movement that fundamentally transforms the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.British philosopher Max More  articulated the principles of transhumanism  in 1990, and organized  in California an intelligentsia  and following that has since grown into the worldwide  movement.

Francis Fukuyama has called transhumanismas the world's most dangerous idea.,[5] to which Ronald Bailey  countered that it is rather the "movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity".

Dystonia is a movement disorder. With dystonia, a person's muscles contract uncontrollably. The contraction causes the affected body part to twist involuntarily, resulting in repetitive movements or abnormal postures. Dystonia can affect one muscle, a muscle group, or the entire body. Dystonia affects about 1% of the population

What Are the Symptoms of Dystonia?

Symptoms of dystonia can range from very mild to severe. Dystonia can affect different body parts, and often the symptoms of dystonia progress through stages. Some early symptoms include:
  • a "dragging leg"
  • cramping of the foot
  • involuntary pulling of the neck
  • uncontrollable blinking
  • speech difficulties
Stress or fatigue may bring on the symptoms or cause them to worsen. People with dystonia often complain of pain and exhaustion because of the constant muscle contractions.

Post Mnemonic $tress(the twitch is the Glitch)

TerminalPurely sensoryLamina terminalisSeptal nucleiInvolved in the detection of pheromones.[10][unreliable medical source?]
IOlfactoryPurely sensoryTelencephalonAnterior olfactory nucleusTransmits the sense of smell from the nasal cavity.[11] Located in the olfactory foramina in the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone.
IIOpticSensoryRetinal ganglion cellsLateral geniculate nucleus[12]Transmits visual signals from the retina of the eye to the brain.[13] Located in theoptic canal.
IIIOculomotorMainly motorAnterior aspect of MidbrainOculomotor nucleus, Edinger-Westphal nucleusInnervates the levator palpebrae superioris, superior rectus,medial rectus, inferior rectus, and inferior oblique, which collectively perform most eye movements. Also innervates the sphincter pupillae and the muscles of the ciliary body. Located in the superior orbital fissure.
IVTrochlearmotorDorsal aspect of MidbrainTrochlear nucleusInnervates the superior oblique muscle, which depresses, rotates laterally, and intorts the eyeball. Located in the superior orbital fissure.
VTrigeminalBoth sensory and motorPonsPrincipal sensory trigeminal nucleus, Spinal trigeminal nucleus,Mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus, Trigeminal motor nucleusReceives sensation from the face and innervates the muscles of mastication.
Located in the;
superior orbital fissure (ophthalmic nerve - V1),
foramen rotundum (maxillary nerve - V2),
foramen ovale (mandibular nerve - V3).
VIAbducensMainly motorNuclei lying under the floor of the fourth ventricle
Abducens nucleusInnervates the lateral rectus, which abducts the eye. Located in the superior orbital fissure.
VIIFacialBoth sensory and motorPons (cerebellopontine angle) above oliveFacial nucleus, Solitary nucleus,Superior salivary nucleusProvides motor innervation to themuscles of facial expression, posterior belly of the digastric muscle,stylohyoidmuscle, andstapedius muscle. Also receives the special sense of taste from the anterior 2/3 of the tongue and provides secretomotorinnervation to the salivary glands (except parotid) and the lacrimal gland. Located in and runs through the internal acoustic canal to the facial canal and exits at thestylomastoid foramen.
(also auditory,[14] acoustic,[14] or auditory-vestibular)
Mostly sensoryLateral to CN VII (cerebellopontine angle)Vestibular nuclei, Cochlear nucleiMediates sensation of sound, rotation, and gravity (essential for balance and movement). More specifically, the vestibular branch carries impulses for equilibrium and the cochlear branch carries impulses for hearing. Located in the internal acoustic canal.
IXGlossopharyngealBoth sensory and motorMedullaNucleus ambiguus, Inferior salivary nucleus, Solitary nucleusReceives taste from the posterior 1/3 of the tongue, provides secretomotor innervation to the parotid gland, and provides motor innervation to the stylopharyngeus. Some sensation is also relayed to the brain from the palatine tonsils. Located in the jugular foramen.
XVagusBoth sensory and motorPosterolateral sulcus of MedullaNucleus ambiguus, Dorsal motor vagal nucleus, Solitary nucleusSupplies branchiomotorinnervation to most laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles (except the stylopharyngeus, which is innervated by the glossopharyngeal). Also provides parasympathetic fibers to nearly all thoracic and abdominal viscera down to the splenic flexure. Receives the special sense of taste from the epiglottis. A major function: controls muscles for voice and resonance and the soft palate. Symptoms of damage:dysphagia (swallowing problems),velopharyngeal insufficiency. Located in the jugular foramen.
cranial accessory
spinal accessory
Mainly motorCranial and Spinal RootsNucleus ambiguus, Spinal accessory nucleusControls the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles, and overlaps with functions of the vagus nerve (CN X). Symptoms of damage: inability to shrug, weak head movement. Located in the jugular foramen.
XIIHypoglossalMainly motorMedullaHypoglossal nucleusProvides motor innervation to the muscles of the tongue (except for the palatoglossal muscle, which is innervated by the vagus nerve) and other glossal muscles. Important for swallowing (bolus formation) and speech articulation. Passes through the hypoglossal canal.

(an eye for an eye ,a thought for a thought)

I do not write much
if anything
about my life ...I purposely have not once described the house I live in .the people I live with .the things I do on an average day

you dear reader cannot put me in any traditional context..
unless you too have been
by a start up Cybernetic laboratory

I am not a disembodies voice or a   disembodied transmission of information
I am simply surrounded by such

all day and night long

you can not see my strings
but you might be able to see the growing "nothingness" in my eyes

it .
just goes with the territory
especially when one's own territory has been invaded
I am an experiment
I pissed off a few people
in my youth
thought it would teach me a lesson
to be re-taught
"How To Be"

the sound and vision I receive is technological in nature
but I may as well
be schizophrenic
if it makes this more
readable or comprehendible
dear reader please think of me as such
I can care less what you think
by the way
my only concern is what my
tele-Operators think of me.
because if I think against them beyond a certain threshold
they hurt me
or get other's in The Group to
mess with me

I am ahead of my time
but not so much
Proxy Cyber Systematics, my employer
who pay me with whispers of "sweet nothings" and visual over-rides of mystic majesty
was not very  concerned that
I will be believed
when I began writing
years ago
but now they seem not so sure

the writing helped them understand syntax and neuro linguistics..
now they say I am intentionally
trying to
help other start ups understand
Proxy Cyber Systematics
techniques of Mind Modulation
and in this regard
I am
breaking a trust..

Trust me dear reader
I trust my Mandlers as much as I would trust you understanding that this ain't no story but really happening
yes dear reader
the act of practicing Human Experimentation
is alive and well in the great USA

Human Experimentation
 is sanctioned for "security reasons" in California
 but not here in Pennsylvania
but the transmission continues
and certain hands were either shaken or slipped some money
and there is no end in sight
to the situation
until I come to my senses (all 5 of which have been commandeered)
and leap out of a window

I must be careful what I say in terms of
"danger to thy self an' others'
and coming to my senses
which are constantly  in a state of over-ride

in this regard I have doubts I will ever truly come to "my" sense ever again
nor have the integrated sensibilities to perform
such an act of escaping my
Psychotronic Detainment

they would like me warehoused.
the writing I do they now say is duplicitous
and strange
as if I am crying for help
Evan says the only help I will get is a 302 to the nearest spin bin if I continue..
I graph
"I will simply say I am writing a story'':
I have a cousin you see,,who hears voices....and ya see.doc..I am trying to think like he thinks or some such rot

I refuse to accept the terms
of this  co-opted "adventure"
for the terms keep changing as
more and more elements are engaged...understood and "advanced"
 it is impossible to remove the "dots"
which are smaller than a white blood cell.
there is no x ray or body scan that can show evidence
EVAN has stated that only an autopsy and a sliver of brain culture and a proton microscope
will prove my case
that the Team will make sure
the Husk
(today they do not even call me Dumbo...I am referred to as "The Husk"? Is this cause for concern?)
and the bio sensors

over 300,000 of them
that work in consort with my neurons and dendrites
are never
the problem started when I began to read about Targeted Individuals and began seeing this as an abomination...previously I must admit it was fun being driven and steered and played with given over rides so detailed and so mind bending that one would get lost in the story...and care very little for common was like always being in a dream by dream weavers like a million times smarter than you.
.and than Dumbo fucked it up!Evan graphs thinking of himself as fuckin Anne Frank ,Michael Crichton  and fuckin Paul Revere. All rolled into one
I admit much of the sense of "play" went out of the Interfaces
when I latched on to the Horrible horribilities of Neurotronic Mind Fucks being done to innocent citizens

 the way BCI works
is that not only one's thoughts but one's feelings
are sent to one's
and all the bad thoughts I had against "the  teeny tiny bio sensors that made me OPEN MINDED to all kinds of visual and aural over rides " began
no longer was I
"proud" to be "apped"
but so much against it
I delved into the science of "how it works"
and Evan said it became impossible to create new games
as I was deconstructing
the Virtual Reality scenarios
rather than being Immersed in them..
do you have any idea how hard it became to drive you
to drive me what
I interface

for the themes
that began
last spring
made it pretty damn CLEAR
this wasn't a joyride
they began using
myth ...
they began grazing my cortex for what might scare me in THE RIGHT direction
there was no forgiving them
as there
was no forgiving me
for being what THey Call

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are able to translate neural data gathered by  sensors to implement confusion and fear,,this is better achieved if  the data acquisition and spike detection stages are recorded while a second "voice 2 skull exciter performs on-chip, real-time spike enticement .Optimal open-loop neural conundrum overtime creates a litany of mental  disorders .We propose a new neural processing workflow that incorporates neuron selection method to the speed up mental breakdown.

it might be best if you left IT alone


Brown University creates first wireless, implanted brain-computer interface*

  •  the transparency of "new" techniques and "new" devices that were released in the press...
    angered Layla most of all..
    she had been there
    a decade and a half ago

    when the the particles called nano sensors
     were delivered into her son's arm...
     she grazed the copy for any hint or clue
    Layla was aghast at the size of the mircro processors being used
    how clumsy
    and out of date
    she was aware of patents and that
    nobody in "the field" would openly
    either methodology or
    she felt bad ,almost embarrassed  for the doe eyed students
    and strident
    as they had simply created an ungainly rather dysfunctional version of the wheel that had already been perfected
    over 15 years ago

    Researchers at Brown University have succeeded in creating the first wireless, implantable, rechargeable, long-term brain-computer interface. The wireless BCIs have been implanted in pigs and monkeys for over 13 months without issue, and human subjects are next.
    We’ve covered BCIs extensively here on ExtremeTech, but historically they’ve been bulky and tethered to a computer. A tether limits the mobility of the patient, and also the real-world testing that can be performed by the researchers. Brown’s wireless BCI allows the subject to move freely, dramatically increasing the quantity and quality of data that can be gathered — instead of watching what happens when a monkey moves its arm, scientists can now analyze its brain activity during complex activity, such as foraging or social interaction. Obviously, once the wireless implant is approved for human testing, being able to move freely — rather than strapped to a chair in the lab — would be rather empowering.

    Brown’s wireless BCI, fashioned out of hermetically sealed titanium, looks a lot like a pacemaker. (See: Brain pacemaker helps treat Alzheimer’s disease.) Inside there’s a li-ion battery, an inductive (wireless) charging loop, a chip that digitizes the signals from your brain, and an antenna for transmitting those neural spikes to a nearby computer. The BCI is connected to a small chip with 100 electrodes protruding from it, which, in this study, was embedded in the somatosensory cortex or motor cortex. These 100 electrodes produce a lot of data, which the BCI transmits at 24Mbps over the 3.2 and 3.8GHz bands to a receiver that is one meter away. The BCI’s battery takes two hours to charge via wireless inductive charging, and then has enough juice to last for six hours of use.

    One of the features that the Brown researchers seem most excited about is the device’s power consumption, which is just 100 milliwatts. For a device that might eventually find its way into humans, frugal power consumption is a key factor that will enable all-day, highly mobile usage. Amusingly, though, the research paper notes that the wireless charging does cause significant warming of the device, which was “mitigated by liquid cooling the area with chilled water during the recharge process and did not notably affect the animal’s comfort.” Another important factor is that the researchers were able to extract high-quality, “rich” neural signals from the wireless implant — a good indicator that it will also help human neuroscience, if and when the device is approved.
    Moving forward, the wireless BCI is very much a part of BrainGate — the Brown University research group that’s tasked with bringing these neurological technologies to humans. So far, the pinnacle of BrainGate’s work is a robotic arm controlled by a tethered BCI, which paralyzed patients can use to feed themselves (video embedded below). While the wireless BCI isn’t approve for human use (and there’s no indication that they’re seeking approval yet), it was designed specifically so that it should be safe for human use.
    The Brown researchers now intend to develop a different version of the device to help them study the motor cortex of an animal with Parkinson’s disease. They are also working on reducing the device’s size, improving its safety and reliability, and increasing the amount of data it can transmit — for the eventual goal of equipping those with movement disabilities, or elective transhumanists, with a wireless brain-computer interface.

    Now read: MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons
    Research paper: doi:10.1088/1741-2560/10/2/026010 – “An implantable wireless neural interface for recording cortical circuit dynamics in moving primates


    Attn :Denny's Mom

    Dear Mrs Pace, 

     the nano bio sensor  resolves all the problems of the" ubiquitous chip" and the problems of introducing a foreign object into the skull...  by integrating a microfluidic "film"of antibodies ahead of the nanosensor. The now purified chip is now "good to go" and attach itself to the dendrites and synapses in the temporal lobe . The work was performed in the labs of Fahmy Laboratory and at Yale where they have also described a new method for fabricating nanowire sensor and introducing "neural dust' into the nervous system without any needle but with edibles and potables.Another reason to cover your drink in a bar ..hee are correct that  

    The scientists at Brown describe their work as representing a genuine innovation  in BCI seemingly unaware of obvious progression in the field of Brain Computer Interface and Artificial Intelligence already quite rightly or Quite wrongly being done  "wirelessly".as you know

     .I am still a little concerned that you are  publishing your "cries for help " online  to find those who "played with your son..
    these people care about money
    not individuals
    "It might be best if you left it alone”.. Last I checked, The Bio-Sensory Technology" championed "by Chad Mirkin was being commercialized by Nanosphere Inc . As for integrating microfluidics with the nano particles , a similar  embed process was published by James Heath at Caltech -Good Luck!

    Monday, February 24, 2014

    Layla gets an E-mail

    Layla Pace had written scores of letters to congressmen ,senators and members of the Justice Department. From several she received condolences for her son followed by statements that "They" were not allowed to disclose any information about either Synthetic Telepathy(Brain Computer Interface tests) or the "private sectors" who had retained contracts to help study and modify advanced technologies. Furthermore they had not heard of any clinic using
    Mind Modulation in her "neck of the woods" although they would "check on it "as it was not unusual for people to take borrow or steal both processors and transmitting equipment 'for fun"..or to "play games with.."
    Layla tried to imagine just who might use bioengineered Bio Sensors for "fun" and poured her self a large glass of wine..
    and reread a handwritten letter from legislator against the use and further development of Neurotronic Weaponry or Neuro Modulation "Therapy"
    the legislator wrote:
    THEY have deliberately outsourced "the work" of testing this type of equipment to certain Affiliations and Groups THEY otherwise would have nothing to do with//specifically Hate Groups,Cults and Sects as the purpose of much testing was to simulate a genuine "war game" scenario that an "enemy" might interface to a captor..i can say no more
    and fear I have said too much already...
    Psychotronic  detainment
    .and psychotronic testing  apparatus
    are  invisible
     this  is
     in fact one of their   benefits
    in  the battle field
    and here at home
    The media adds to psychotronic  invisibility
    by seldom reporting on it's dangers or current uses and
     illegal testing on unsolicited US citizens
    who have either been targeted for to  help"map the brain"
    few people besides those involved in the illegal human tests know what this term means
    mapping the brain is all about   learning  to standardize for control and profit more efficient ways to encode  brainwaves into sentences of individual
     also of collected neural data from a cross referenced
    to "help" augment or
    re"training"thought process
      with imprint. suggestion and mediation (being done under the guise of medical benefit and "crowd control")
    the US has a long line of unethical medical experimentation under its belt
    the Brain Initiative has long been underway..
    the sugar coated version of "the wonderment of it all" is said to begin by the end of 2014
     Respectable news agencies seldom  report on  Psychotronic or Neurotronic Direct Energy Weapons
    because there are rather obvious uses for this technology for military purposes
    nobody wants to be come
    a target
    not even a journalist
    whom if I am correct took something of an oath
    to report ,document and present
    any type of wrong doing
    (there are still some of these journalist around)
    whether or not the Government wanted them to or not
    I always believed that journalism was the real checks and balances of
    "the system "
    and what
    The System chooses to do
    especially concerning the laws of man
    the press will not
    or cannot
     break the chain of command of silence regarding Illegal Human Testing
    "the news"
    therefore only finds itself in the murky water of  conspiracy theory
    wedged in between UFO abductions and illuminati Pyramids press clips and everything in between
    for some reason
    the military makes people very afraid these days
    this was not always the case/
    the military's primary job is and was  to protect us
    not scare us
    honored Officers and Generals
    how far one should go
    and when must stop
    .. in the end a good Officer seeks limited damage
    and unlimited peace peace
    in the past the military
    was based not only on tactics but on the  ethics and decorum 
     of those who wore OUR colors
    true leaders were chosen not by their "kill cards" but because
    were inherently good natured ,fair and strong
    a new set of rules were introduced
    that anything times of war
    there are no war crimes
    there is no act against nature.

    -                           Anonymous ,mother of Targeted Individual who took his own life in 2009


    "... it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and bidding of the All-highest?"
    George Hunter White, who oversaw drug experiments for the CIA as part of Operation Midnight Climax


    Like a bear that stepped into a bear this

    The bear cannot get the trap off his foot no matter how he tries
    He shakes and paws.  At it
     but it was specifically designed to keep him immobile
    It was designed with intention of killing him.slowly
    there is hope
     the bear trap is visible
    Maybe a kind person might spot the bear
    And remove the trap

    someone must
    if not from me
    than the scores of other's "tagged" in this way
     mind decoding equipment , silent sound
     artificial intelligence,nano particles

    To describe it
     is to describe madness
    Eventually one stops trying

    Psychotronic and neuro tronic technology was not meant to be. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy
    I am the somehow the enemy.
    .they have read my scans and know this more than I do..I am not In a position to make the judgements they have said
    my judgments about myself or them mean nothing..
    there is a standard now of normal that I am not part of
    my brain scan proves it beyond reasonable doubt
    I do not know what this means
    They Do
    ..I wake up with sound and vision not my own
    I wake up knowing my thoughts are measured by mentors who are schooled to judge my thoughts

    Their disgust towards me
     I feel in the interface
    And it has become my own.
     My hate for the interface that bounces back and  forth and becomes self hatred
    I see myself now
    as they see me
    There is shame in knowing I am thought sick
    in curable
    And less than human by" My Team"

    I feel a perpetual sense of " wait till your father gets home"
    Knowing my neural reads are read by others...
    The sound and vision distract me
    Envelope me
    I cannot move on
    I am entranced

    In the future when this sort of detainment is known
    ..and considered kinder and less expensive than prison
     people will not"give themselves a way,by writing of it..
    they will be glad that it does not show
     to say  they did this to me
     is saying that they did it for good reason
    the .science of scanning does not lie

    the facial or pupil recognition
    software does not lie
    based on pure mathematical analysis
     correlated with millions of comparison "red flag"

    Most peculiar
    this technology was lauded
    so THAT doesn't happen again
    or THAT or THAT

    there is no scarlet letter
    that need go with presumptive predictive "Thought Policing"
    it's all in the eyes and visage of "the naked face"
    the transition to even more intrusive
    of mind scanning and brain wave "vocalization"
    will be lauded as well as a way to protect us
    there will be justification for
    "going this far"
    and the Mind Scan/The Mind Read will be as welcomed an innovation as the Mac Machine and the thousands of cameras that watch our every keep us safe


    a genuine two way communication between a Handler using wearable, thus removable( bio sensing headgear)and a subject who has been  indoctrinated into compliance with embedded bio sensors  (nano sized particles injected in the nervous system) often becomes a battle of will..Frequently subjects will go to any lengths to attempt to withhold their private thoughts from instigated transmittance and .because of this resistance years may  be spent breaking down natural defensive measures that a subject employs

    Corrections to a subjects "style of thought" can only begin to occur  when a Subject is "broken in" and can let go of all resistance to both the intrusion and  the Mentor A squeamish Subject might drive himself mad by resisting "the new normal" of his situation by  reducing himself and thus the Handler to a sort of pre-speech babbling ,or a system of counting or repeating of meaningless gibberish which only creates ill -will and punitive intracranial response from the "team"..Years can be spent wasted  by a subject who does all he or she can .. to halt,confuse or impede practical neural  extraction and interaction by a trained tele-operator whose primary motivation now must become  the removal of a subject's  self created buffer or "firewall" (repeating, babbling, enunciating backround noise...etc.

    Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have made important strides in creating software which can identify natural images from human brain activity.. An encoding model is constructed that describes how visual stimuli are represented in the pattern of activity across the  visual cortex. The activity that the image produces has proven out to be  related to the particular visual stimulus that is being viewed at any point in time.

    The current research suggests that fMRI-based measurements of brain activity contain much more information about underlying neural processes than might have been expected. In fact so much information is available in these signals that one it may  be possible to reconstruct the visual contents of dreams or visual imagery.Images "in the mind's eye"

    The potential use of this technology in the legal system brings with it most of the problems that are already known regarding eyewitness testimony.

     investigators for this innovation are: Jack Gallant, Thomas Naselaris, Kendrick Kay, and Ryan Prenger.

    Sunday, February 23, 2014

    "your embed with them"