Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Band Width Gold

  1. VALERIE wants to add a character named CUSHIE to the new children's franchise THE BIG LITTLES and asks the animators to draw a likeness of the anthropomorphic cartoon handing out print outs of children with Huntington's Disease.
  2. INT - PARASOL PICTURES- DAY VALERIE PRENTIS hands out free invites to an REAL art opening. Various ASSISTANTS and DEVELOPERS wish her warm Glaxo Well Swell about her appointment to the GOTHAM SANFORE AMMER MUSEUM.
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    one of the patients escaped and killed the others, stealing the experimental seeds and Daryl's Bloom costume, this patient becoming the next Mister Bloom
  4. TI Conference North Gotham Adult Day Center March 13 2019 ------------------------------IDENITFY !!!!!------------------------------------
  5. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY to see through my walls. The PERPS !!!! torture my ALL DAY with COVERT WIPONS and even my Tushie Hurts too much from the MICROWAVE ELF to paint !
  6. SMEAR - a Blog by Tushie Ponson Proxy Cybernetics just recieved a grant from the Gotham Institute of Health for 5 billion dollars to use VR Goggles to help Gotham's Prisoners Think Right about Community. According to PC thinking right requires one be entrained in betawave pulse
  7. TUSHY ! by Max Fate - The Gotham Gazette The artist simply known as TUSH or TUSHY who suffers from a psychosomatic disease that makes his arms and hands - non functional paints with his assh*le and has been given a one man show at Valerie Prentis 'gallery.
  8. if he got any more he might lose some of dem' artifacts that Parasol Pictures and Proxy Cyber so wanted from their "Participants'"
  9. it wasn't diifiCult 4 the artist they pwesented in at duh Blossom Row Art Show to takh bout technoin a disgwuntled way because they gave him 'an ear piece;"in exchange for a monthly chek of 500 dollah
  10. "You'd better watch your step," said Valerie Prentis to the "gimp" asked to read for the part of Twobled PeRson who painted with a brush up his bung hole to wepresent as "Twoubled " who tawked bout tehcnowogy
  11. Parasol Pictures is now casting Schizoid and Strange Character ( age 30 -55) to play Troubled Individuals in it's latest feature "Attack on Monorail 7' We prefer Eastern Europeans with unibrow ,'ethnic" features and no muscle tone.
  12. The real world seems to him empty and meaningless, in contrast with the mysteriously significant world that he has made. He is extremely intolerant via