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outisde in

I wake up
no..this is not true
I don't really ever wake up
not anymore
the pills
the pills just wear off.
and I become semi conscious .
hear and see things briefly.
take a fist full of pills and wait to fall back.
fall back to what?
I am not sure
                                                                                                                   none of this is occurring
                                                                                                                   I do not see and hear things
                                     I write what I write to add backstory
                                             so my art will sell
                                                as I have been told that my kind of art
                                                   doesn't sell on it's own merit

but requires some candor on  my part
as if to fill to color within the lines
of the comic called Outisder art.
some candor that I am unbalanced.
unschooled...undomesticated...                                                         the "he soo cwazzzy shit

                                                                                                           having a unique spin ..that
                                                                                  possibly involved genuine a type of
                                                                        synthesized schizophrenia that XXXX read about
in The Atlantic was XXXX's idea
as that year
at the Outsider Art Show in New York
there was a plethora of Psychotics
doing somewhat rote paintings of
the feral kind                                                                   XXXX suggested I throw an ashtray at
                                                                                  ex lover at some bar...and make sure the
                                                                                  it his ex -just hard enough that an assault
charge could be just "non misdemeanor" ish
enough that I could spend some time in prison
and therefore have some "cred' concerning
jail time to add to my Outsider Art ..backstory.
                                                                        but things went wrong and the damn bartender ducked
                                                                        ashtray....even though XXXX has told him he'd get a cut
if I received a 16 month sentence
and could "do my fill" of drawings and sketches on 'bed linens
and those handkerchief things hippies and next thug life"
often have
on their person.......                                            


the landy link/ debt sounds

the 350,000 field effect bio biotech upside my head  no larger than  white blood cells  record and transmit  my once private inner monologue to my Mentors ..In real time my every thought .every thought I have ..even how I react to TV is now spoken back to


this alone
is not  what does it
but feeling two ways about "it' simultaneously
because in fact you are being taught the "right way" to think 

it's the feeling two ways about the Mind to Mind and Brain /Machine interface that 
makes you feel bad..
likie you don't appreciate everything thery are doing for you

thery have explained they must be sometimes very strict to "re-parent" one's mind
AWAY from 
self and serf concerns that serve no purpose
concern8ing the synthetic telepathy "sessions'
to fix your Thought Style 
so it "works" back and forth without you 
co0ncentrating on the very same things you certainly wouldn't want a jesus or angel or alien to KNOW 
you think of..
you don't want an alien in your head for instance while you blow your nose
so you pre -empt the action with 
the "filler" your mentors taught you

2 times 8 is 16
3 times 12 is ...36

Winston tastes good like a cigarette should
or to see
WHITE like one might see white in a paint shop or at least 
the names of the variations of White ..  
people make up.

what eventually drives each and every one of us made fodder for this project to madness

and a type of rage

that  must be released

in this life

in this reality

are the little things like concerns about things you don't want to share with another..
for instance
flossing your teeth..

you stop flossing.
and if you ask me ...they want you to lose bits of
"activities of daily living " like grooming
so you appear

a "bit off'
because this testing is illegal
and for their benefit
these experimenter want and NEED you sometimes
to explain
why you are not the same
to friends family etc.

the mentors say

you cannot take this type of rage

with you

to your afterlife


is enough for most test subjects to ixnay on the EWWbay of the sh*t ,shower and shave of it all


it's a built in

somehow...that it must be released on


here...all of the human subjects type...thank g-d that everyone assumed we're insane ..or we'd be in lots of trouble because this is dangerous technology in the wrong hands of people not doing human experiments
but what are called war crimes according to my team
and simulations of War Crimes with Brain interface is NOT AT ALL
like genuine
horrors that could be done by enemies

 now all is meaningless.



I am just


it doesn't matter

do it..

take a life ...

I might and not my own
this is what they wanted...
and now I just want whatever they want

mainly I want to show YOU how it got like this before I do
what they ask
what they interface

where this "story" was heading since it began-

Cole Cohen

compo cola/bimbombay: ” MEMOS FROM LIMBO by Cole ...
Sep 06, 2014 · In 1954, Harlan Ellison joined the teenage street gang The Barons under an assumed name in order to research his first novel, Web of the City


2009-Dr Martin Pinkus  admitted early on that Merge alone was not worth anything whatsoever if the Inserts  were not used by Tele-Operators trained to study and thus  the bio tech ,which according to Pinkus involved Gestalt Therapy that emphasized the subject "app-ed" with Merge brand bio tech  to take responsibility for their participation  in the Mentor/Proxy relationship that demanded a Proxy LEARN how to focus ONLY on he or she's moment to moment experiences involving the Proxy's moment to moment perceptions concerning the Proxy regulating their focus to both their environment and their responses to all type of social adjustments that a Proxy had to make to successfully maneuver and  adapt  their responses  towards or against.. The Proxy was never supposed to focus their perceptions or cognitions to their immediate or distant past nor was the Proxy to ever dwell much less talk or write about their link to a unit that not only recorded and transcribed their sensory ,cognitive and emotional responses to said environment and their place therein but always "act as if " whatever interface the Merge enabled the Proxy to receive was not taking place.Although a Proxy's Tele-Operator" served up" their own overlap of sensory perception as well as cognitive and emotional(charismatic ) correspondence  to teach the Proxy how best to cope or exceed their natural abilities to function with in the non virtual world all Tele-Operators once eager to participate in this  new type of Human Engineering however never assumed that their Proxy's would be so resistant to their remote technicians. Because of this much of the focus of the interface became about breaking a Proxy's self will ONLY so   Analytic Theory that focused on  the powers of persuasive  cues instilled upon the Proxy via electronic  broadcast  not associated with Merge, as one of the main sponsor's  of Merge Mind Reading Technology came from the entertainment  /marketing industry which relied upon a cross demographics  Recorded Neural Reads based upon  Associations and "Triggers"  that a broadcast induces in a consumer of story based electronic Sound and Image .One of the most important foreseen uses of Mind Reading Technology had to do with synchronizing the triggers and cues within a consumer's mind  with the exact triggers and cues  that could be delivered to the consumer's mind both with traditional screen based TV and the new TV that sent sensory  and emotional signal directly upon a consumer's cortex.

"yes," I understand there's an intrusive nature to the interface but to be fair -


How else  could  Virtual Reality possibly work without your Tele-Operator

 knowing second to second every visual,auditory ,emotional perception in Real Time .Also -how could this work if certain signal based  algorithms based on your thought style were not "mapped" so a Tele-Presence could predict what a proxy might think ,feel or "do" next not only Mind to Mind but Proxy to Real Life Situationals .

a proxy should and must appreciate

 the heavy lifting and mixing- using a client's accumulated Neural  Data a Tele -Operator ,at this stage in research and development

must do "cut and paste and anticipate " wise

especially when a Proxy has taken it upon himself to analyze the analysis

of the product

he was told to think about

it was only to correct this unforeseen conundrum

that we have reverted to

MK ULTRA-esque like "mind reforming " techniques

so BOTH  the client and the client's mentor  might not be burdened of "certain""Ingrains" that had all but taken over a client's "Beingness"...

on and on an on Pinkus went and went

like he just liked hearing his own yapping 

I know he saw my leg going jump ...and my eyes looking at the little fake fountain in the office

the fountain usually calmed me down

but I am ever increasingly aware of Pinkus noting my every response..

my eyes than focused on a new clock he had with the word Merge Bio Nano on it

and next a coffee cup of his that read "Merge Bio Nano the New Ammo for Drug Delivery Systems

'How much they pay you to prescribe Merge  doc?"


and why don't I even have a fucking pen with the words Merge on it.."

"Why?I will tell you why ," Dr Pinkus says in a mean challenging way,a way he never spoke to me before," Why because you are a charity case for Merge Proxy Cyber who has done nothing since interface one but attempt to drag both the product and the New Way down to DUMBO.."

"Only I get to speak to Dumbo like that ," XXXX said ..


according to my boyfriend ,XXXX

I was "in my own little world" which used to be  fine

actually XXXX said that's what attracted him to me

that I seemed 

utterly absorbed in absolutely nothing whatsoever going on around me 

 but obviously this was  NOT so fine anymore or he wouldn't have dragged me to this shrink

he "made me see" for the last 3 months ...or  "we would split up...."

which meant I would have

I go back to living on the streets  or with  some exJohn who used to

take me shrinks as well

XXXX wanted  Dr.Pinkus

to" make me "more reciprocal in bed.... whether I was autistic...or not

something more than a reach around

"Dumbo used to blow guys in the streets for a happy meal  doctor ..don't let him fool you"

when I said I only could do It "right" because it was ..a job..Dr .Pinkus of course stood up for XXXX..not me.

when Pinkus said he needed to talk to me alone and could XXXX wait in the office  Pinkus said  that "my reciprocation" was interpreted as love by XXXX....and it was "my job" as XXXX's companion to "show XXXX love"

 .... Pinkus explained that he had studied under Dr Eugene Ellsworth Landy, an American psychologist, therapist, and author best known for  unorthodox 24-hour therapy, involving control of "every aspect of a client's physical, personal, social and sexual environments...and there was an experimental program that used "The Landy Link" I  the works  and I might be a candidate because I ,according to Dr.Pinkus suffered from Low Functioning Autism 

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death in penance

Previously a  major hurdle in brain-machine interface was the lack of an implantable neural interface /neural recording systems  less than  10 – 100 µm in scale for transmitting and recording  neural signals  across multiple brain structures. As the bio sensors  scale down and the distance between recording points decreases accordingly, the absolute accuracy of a neural read increases . Previously  the EM signal had to be garnered and imbued through 2 mm of brain tissue and due to tissue absorption and beam spreading the fluency of functional transcription was both time consuming and  expensive..
Previously the highest fidelity acquisition of brain signal could  be achieved using bio sensors  remotely "parked" between brain cells or means of short term  intra-cellular penetration. Previously our  approach to "mind translation" focused on the signal discharge of individual neurons rather than seeking  "ease of acquisition "concerning composite equivocation of  the entire neural signature .The smallest neural prosthetic previously  occupied approximately 100 µm2 of silicon real estate .Packing the same functionality onto a smaller footprint is now plausible. Thinned, multi-substrate integration to meet the volume requirements while keeping the overall CMOS area constant resolves the issue of scale but requires substantial human study . Scaling the active electronics to appropriate dimensions is clearly a win for the Mind Augment /Mind Assessment Industry -Tru Christie ,Proxy Cybernetics

telepaths and doormats

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"No Time for Sergeants" (1954-1967)/Frey Me to the Moon

Few realize that Gary Rainy's first version of "Inway to the Enways" was written as short story for  Gary Rainy's unpublished 4th volume of "Long Shorts for Young Boys" .Unpublished because ****publishers who once had high hopes for Mr. Rainy found the last batch of stories dealing solely with a young man who sails around the world looking for buried treasures that some  mystical Entity named Cromwell telepathically guides a man ,presumably based on Rainy named Zabrinski was found some how both too redundant and too radical. "Somewhat unseemly," A copy editor remarked as the protagonist, Zabrinski must use a nasal inhaler to commune with his muse named Cromwell.The handwritten manuscript that Rainy delivered to the publisher, in person dressed as a Commandant presumably from the 1800's, made it Clear that apparent that Zabrinski was not the only one inhaling something to commune with "The Entities "-and for this reason ****publishing house not only ended any further dealings with Gary Rainy but also saw fit to send the bizarre diatribe to certain agencies who had requested that certain manuscripts found subversive in nature be sent to agencies concerned about a "type" who seemed to want  to indoctrinate "the youth" with dissident behavior..
The agency that received the handwritten narrative was all too familiar with Mr. Rainy who had begun several years before sending this and many other  agencies boxes and boxes filled with  diagrams, ideas and methods to "Measure the Souls" of every living being on earth...his ramblings were anticipated by the agency like theater goers anticipated serial one reels in movie houses ...the Office of Interior Intentions often brought Gary's diatribes home to their wives to share for a good laugh.The  "manuscripts" were often read in full at cocktail parties in thespian stylings...His thesis on how some house plants were essentially they were really just reincarnated BAD SOULS in new vessels (plantlife) was a running joke around the Office of Interior Intent who begun bring in houseplants and labeling those that "grew funny" all matter of criminal
...Gary said his See Meter had detected Emanations of pure evil incarnate coming from a potted fern in a wealthy widow's Pasadena home...the widow who was all but bedridden by all matter of health problems and nightmares' was suddenly "cured " when Gary after using his variation of Wheatstone Bridge on the offending fern choked the fern "too death" bare handed and burned the ashes of "the evil doer 'in a remote location near Bakersfield.

After hearing the potted plant "punchline " one time too many a high ranking official at the OII(Office of Interior Intent) decided he had had enough of this man being made the butt of these cruel jokes...and decided there and than to help Gary Rainy help giving Mr. Rainy a new muse via "The Frey Effect"

compo cola/bimbombay: locked wards to perception (1958)
Feb 21, 2015 - locked wards to perception (1958). xxxx won't speak to me. and has this way about him that sets the tone for the other roommates all affiliated ...

august 1969/grassy knoll/grassy roles

your POSTS concerning the subjects you have concerned yourself with
(these subjects that have concerned themselves with you ...YOU being -a Human Subject
are not SAFE SUBJECTS to POST  UNLESS one understands the premise of Diminutives and Nullification of Content. order to present certain truths one must also be prepared to offset their credibility by deliberately discussing subjects that render void  a previous post's integrity and therefore your own  For example, when you write about Hollywood  and it's sway upon a populace's ears and eyes and mind and introduce the topic that "it might Go Without Saying"  therefore...
that the writers ,actors  etc.  may or may not have been groomed to "play these important roles" ( i.e . Monarch programming )or what ,for now we may as well call The Illuminati ONLY in as much as the term "Illuminati" serves our case that certain words ,by design (and by MEDIA -a-tion) ARE  examples of certain words serving to nullify  of one's credibility. Meaning , if one such as yourself chooses (perhaps unwisely ) to continue describing Advanced Technology and Human and Social Experiments it is in one's best interest to continuously add posts that "cancel out" any relevance you might have attained -for instance- your post about  "the same Hollywood that set up Roman Polanski Twice..." is a marvelous example of  the writer completely marginalizing his attempt to act as reliable narrator....because "this last statement" seems to concern the incredulous implications of Hollywood setting up Roman Polanski- insinuating  that (a) Charles Manson was allegedly used by certain "change agents' agency to "test mind assuagement techniques" (MK ULTRA).and that (b) Manson was given great leeway concerning "Tests concerning Coercion, Drugs ,Group Dynamics and "Collateral Damage"This post in particular  emphasizes how disinformation is based on "a shadow of doubt" as much as "a shadow of truth".Also this post also  reintroduces the notion  that certain "happenings" might be pre-staged to cause instantaneous shifts in the culture ..and therefore the Collective Consciousness's perception of Reality..In the case presented - a Realty Test" concerning "what can happen" if   a younger generation attempts to not only denounce but also destabilize   social structures  that had been created for centuries to ensure that society would not become "unhinged "based on radicalism and communal living strategies not based on  mass consumption 
What is peculiar about the Manson case is that Manson was given the "jist "of his role by actor  Bobby  Beausoleil,that "the point of "The Family",after enough data was collected concerning "sociological testing "pertaining to -How much control a charismatic could have over an individual or individuals. This information now quantified  The Family would participate in a staged "event" to insinuate upon the culture= that staid rules of social control when allowed to be put aside- can and would cause an inevitable escalation of the "Have  Nots" wanting what "the Have's "acquired..In the "Never Let the Right Hand Know what the Left is Doing "Bobby Beausoliel  deliberately  convoluted the "reasoning" for  "A Happening" to take place ...Charlie" had to remain un aware that -"Deviant  Social Structures" were to be  "placed  on trial".Beausolei ,taking a page from MK ULTRA used  Manson's own ingrained  Grandiosity  of "what would or could ' happen when rigid societal  controls are enticed to fal by the wayside

I am confused.
I have just woken up..

I am not sure if I am being applauded or "given a talking to

"do we EVER applaud you Dumbo?" Evan graphs
"no," I graph back
"so this means what?"Evan graphs
"This means I am to listen.." I Graph

when one is given what they had referred to as "a pack*"one's mind doesn't register the information through mere words but
through what I can only explain as instant understanding..

 the presented as an idea ...rather than a verbal explanation..

*Pack Learning (thought transference ) -to receive non verbal, non visual information via Brain Computer or Direct Neural Interface via neural prosthetics  - involving Deep Learning via Artificial Intelligence  - accomplished by the large fiber tracts in the brain  that form webs and neural pathways of electrical field that surround these dendritic "trees" "spiked ' with bio technology. "Pack" learning (instant understanding) or "Pack" processing  occurs  in dendritic  trees entangled but not in direct contact with section of mind "lit" by electronic imbue . In this way, processing in the brain can occur in a non-localized manner. This type of processing is properly described by Dennis Gabor, the inventor of hologram, as quanta of information he called a "holon", an energy-based concept of information retention. The same  wavelets used in quantum holography are also the basis of MRI, PET scans and other image processing procedures
Gabor wavelets are windowed Fourier transforms that convert complex spatial (and temporal) patterns into component waves whose amplitudes at their intersections become reinforced or diminished. Fourier processes are the basis of holography. Holograms can correlate and store a huge amount of information - and have the advantage that the inverse transform returns the results of correlation into the spatial and temporal patterns that guide us in navigating our universe.
David Bohm  had suggested that were we to view the cosmos without the lenses that outfit our telescopes, the universe would appear to us as a hologram. Pribram extended this insight by noting that were we deprived of the lenses of our eyes and the lens like processes of our other sensory receptors, we would be immersed in holographic experiences.


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jihad mnemonic

The previous  administration forced the CIA to drop "tough" interrogation techniques like waterboarding, forcing the  agency to fall back on a brutal method that leave no physical marks with direct energy and Psychotronic Radio Frequency weapons meant to cause the prisoners to visually and aurally hallucinate .Psychotronic weapons that imbue in a detainee "Voices" and the use of  insertive biotech that can decode a prisoner's thoughts, facilitate mood changing frequencies via brain signal augmentation via Neurotronic Persuasion that are  meant to cause the prisoner a mental breakdown are still considered "hand's Off" weapons                           
Previously sensory deprivation had long been a useful method of  causing the prisoner "to break" However with the addition of devices placed in the prisoners biochemistry that can decode  a prisoner's inner monologue in combination with a primitive form of Brain Computer Interface that can "react"  i.e transmit visual hallucination based upon  the prisoners "inner monologue the prisoner no longer lapses into a state of full mental decline. "The premise of much of the "interface" is in fact to create a bond with the detainee using for instance   a collection of photographs etc of the detainee's family "enter" their hallucinatory state. There is less risk of the captive losing complete control of their sanity, as be the stimuli of interface forces the  detainee to 'always  be on" and therefore never  lose sense of  some variance of "integration." And  thusly what might be gathered from this self kept at least marginally intact .
Previously  sensory deprivation was used to cause visual and aural hallucination inflicted by the brain's natural need" to sense and perceive reality". The subject, now immobilized  in a small, soundproof room and fitted   with blacked-out goggles and earmuffs begins hallucination in as little as two days  Extreme hallucinations” of sight and sound  followed, in some cases by “breakdown akin to psychosis.”
The idea is “push people beyond the brink of what they can bear, physically and mentally. By adding Hallucination to the hallucination one not only paradoxically keeps the detainee sane but now serves to redefine the tactic of .” Sensory deprivation techniques that could  violate the Geneva Conventions, according to international law experts, and would appear to be illegal under the Military Commissions Act, which bans “severe or serious mental pain and suffering.” sensory deprivation goes all the way back to the early days of the Cold War. It is a big part of the CIA’s 1963 KUBARK interrogation manual  obtained in 1997 by the Baltimore Sun. That agency manual describes sensory deprivation as a central tenet of coercive interrogations. For particularly rapid results, the manual endorses the use of a “cell which has no light (or weak artificial light which never varies), which is sound-proofed, in which odors are eliminated, etc.” Following that plan, the manual says, “induces stress; the stress becomes unbearable for most subjects.” The manual adds, “The subject has a growing need for physical and social stimuli; and some subjects progressively lose touch with reality, focus inwardly, and produce delusions, hallucinations, and other pathological effects.”
As proof, the KUBARK manual refers to research on sensory deprivation at  McGill University in Montreal and the National Institute of Mental Health. Subjects in that research were placed in isolated water tanks or confined to silent rooms on soft mattresses, wearing blacked-out goggles and earmuffs. In one study, subjects experienced “visual imagery somewhat resembling hallucinations” within three hours. In another study, only 6 of 17 subjects could last 36 hours on a mattress in a quiet tank that prohibited movement. The stress is described in the KUBARK manual as “unbearable.”

The theory behind the CIA’s fascination with sensory deprivation, McCoy said, is that subjects are so starved for stimulation that they will even crave interaction with their interrogator. “The idea is that they break down and then they cling to the interrogator, because you are hungry for stimulus,” with new advances in Brain Computer Interface we offer stimulus that not only keeps the subject oriented but provide cues and Neuro Linguistic Mnemonics  that can hypnotize the subject and usurp their notion of reality with this virtual reality so the detainee will in a short time lose track of just whom he is addressing and there by sharing information the BCI and A.I. Tele -Presence  work as both as good cop/bad cop  to induce “ kinship" with a detainee ,for instance a "apparition" seems to appear that may ask the detainee to explain "the works he has done for this benefit " of seeing "angels'
this video serve 2 purposes..

Presenting the information in a thoughtful, restrained manner

and how the 'remix" of this information using "powerpoint type" graphics NOT meant to help "mainstream" the Dr's credibility BUT in fact to "minimize and stylize" the content toward "the lowest common denominator" of "tin foil hat" hysterics

“Because Psychotronic weapons and Radio frequency weaponry that are tuned to act upon our RNA , DNA and sensitive "electromagnetism" that the human brain signal "runs on" are invisible  there must be a unique transparency to the discussion of these  weapons.the invisible nature of 'beam " technology "wireless" weapons are what makes these unique and terrifying weapons such 'assets: to our arsenal? We are not longer in apposition as citizens to sway the  government  to disclose these WMD which only work best within the framework of the continental United States (who are these weapons than to be used on? Is there an assumption that some day "the meek" might "wise up" and need to be quelled..Psychotronic Weapons that are of little use outside the continental USA can not for this reason keep hiding under the Homeland Securities the system (see HARRP) was designed to protect "us" from the so called enemy within. The Government must be willing to share data and findings between private labs , academia and  the military.. who  must "wake up to fact that neither Artificial Intelligence ,Brain Emulation and Human/Computer Interface is NOT being designed for medical enhancement but{ for foreseen ,pre emptive} "crowd control.

 At the TECOM Technology Symposium in 1997 the subject was openly discussed - that consideration concerning ethics  determining the effects and risks  of non lethal brain entrainment weapons  over shadowed a one single  individual's health and welfare

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never again" does not mean "anything goes"/the FBI vs. Arnon Milchan

WEAPON אמנות כ
.thought Indis O Say ..imagining העולם החדש "סבלים" מסתכל על ציור של סלבדור דאלי וthinking.IF אנחנו יכולים רק
להשתמש בזה כדי לפגוע במישהוטלוויזיה, סרטים, רומנים, תמונות חזותיים, מוסיקה לעינויים להסית עמותות ... כדי לסמנו של אדם מודע לא מודע בחלומות ושעות הערות

עושה "החלק שלי" חשב Say 'Indis Oגבר טוב יותר היה תלוי בעצמו

עכשיו שמוח יכול להיות, פשוטו כמשמעו,חטףהרצון האנוכי שלי לחיות בזהלחיות למרות לדעת מה אני עושהועושה את זה בכל מקרה
שמא הנשק להפוך שוב אותושוב
אני לא יותר טוב מהםאולי יותר גרוע, חשבתי Say 'Indis O וזה היה נכון

יום ראשון, יוני 1, 2014

"Facetaker" של "Indis O Say
אני מרגיש שאני חייב להמשיך עםFACETAKER, novelization של
הסרט הנורא
מתפרסם. בצדו של כל אוטובוס, קיר ולוח מודעות

רק חלק מאיתנו יודע
כי הסרט הוא להיות מיוצר
בשני פורמטים שונים מאוד

אחד לקהל הרחב
ועוד גרסה לgenooo ההמונית ..
אני מתכוון גברים-ED תורן ונשים שבינינו הטוענים שהם היו

ו" apped "
עם ההזדמנות לחקור ולפתח
מיזוג טכנולוגיה
: התעשייה "עלולה לקבל הצצה טובה יותר של כמה סוטה
טכנולוגיה יכולה להיות משכנעת
סוף סוף
יש מדע והטכנולוגיה
שיכול ויציין ללא ספק מאלה שצועקים אאוגניקה! או איזם classism או בכלל
לקראנו העצבי מדבר בעד עצמו
בעד או נגד אלה
שמוחות בינינו
הם יכולת הקיום או התחייבות לחברה

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------הנקודות נקראות הרבה דברים על פי אלה שטוענים שהם כבר "במינון"
איתםתותבות מוח, שתלים, שבבים, חיישנים ביוהטווח שצץ שוב ושוב בחיפוש שליהוא ניטור מרחוק עצבי ומיפוי המוחומשהו כינה אדם / מחשב ממשקהמאפשר לנושאים לחשוב ולחשוב לאפילובחלומותעל פי אתרי אינטרנט ופרסומיםאלה מתויגים עם יישומים המאפשרים למחשב ממשק מוחהם אינם מודעים שהם נמצאים בשימוש כגינאה חזירים בתחילתוככל שעובר זמן "הכוחות" שהפכו אותם ל" Open Mind "יכול אכפת לי אם הם מבינים מייד שתפקידם בניסויים אלוהוא 'מה הוא ", וכי בהחלט לא כוח גדול מספיק כדי לקבל גישה וטכנולוגיה כמו זובאמת אכפת לו הרבהאם"הם נתפסים""השבבים" הם כל כך קטנים שסריקה מסורתית לא תזהה אותם ..וmoresoשלא יאמינו לכמה סיר סדקשמדבר על ממשקים, שבבים ומה לא ...עדייןגרגרנותו העצומה של הנושאים שכותבים עליהםאמיתי או מדומהממשק ... לא נראה על פי רוב הפטפוטים של 'מד מן "אבל אנשים "במקום הלא נכון בזמן הלא נכון"הם קוראים לעצמם אנשים ממוקדיםהם טוענים שיש טכנולוגיה מוגנת בפטנט מעשרות שנים לפני שמתירהעודלהפקיעו של האחר חושיםאנשים אלה אינם ממוקדיםמנהל את ההצגהבמובן מסוים הם SHOWאו לכל הפחותדוגמאות של כמה עשוי מיזוג לעבודבמונחים של שליטת קהל, שיווק ופשוט"לגיהינום שלו"

ואלרי אמר לי לקרוא על "כמה אגדה אורבאנית" הנוגעת להתייחדות עם כוחות שאינם טבעיים בטבע אבל בכל זאת להשפיע רווחתו של אדם עם תחושה של שעבוד ורשות ...
המחקר מוביל אותי לשאלה שלי
בתור משהו מלאכותי ומושרה ....
אני הופך פרנואידית שואלרי רוצה שאני בספק אם הקרבה שלי עם "הרוחות"
אבל היא פשוט קובעת כי
כדי לי להבין איך לכתוב
תרחישים לDream בימוי Lucid
אני חייב להכיר
"נושאי בדיקה" לכאורה
בכוונה או לא בכוונה
לנסות ולסכל
הנוגע לשירותי קריאת מחשבות וMind להגדיל '"

המוזה שלי
שואל אותי, "Indis O תגיד, איך אני היית רוצה להיות בראש של מישהו אחר שבילו שעות לחשוב על החרדות המשעממות שלהםאו לבלות זמן רב מדי משקף על עצמםבמיוחדמול מראה .. "

אני טוען שלא הייתי ..

"בבקשה להתמודד עם" novelization Facetaker עם מחשבות כאלה בראש .... לחשוב על Facetaker כסוג סלטיק של אדם boogey האמיתי שמקשית את פניהם של השקעות גרועות שלהתקשט על עצמם ... עם כל העניין של ג'לי שיער וקרמים וכאלה ... לחשוב ולכתוב על זה כאילו יש לך איזה סוג של טכנולוגיה שאפשרה לך לראות מה ראה עוד, שמעתי את מה שעוד שמעו והרגיש כמו עוד לבד באמצעות ממשק ... או אלקטרוניים או נבואי בטבע. ..warn נשמות פרוקסי אלה של מה שעלולים לקרות להשתקפויות שלהם אם הם לא מבינים את הפורמט. "

אנשים ממוקדים .org, שוודיהHallen O. פורסם מרס 2013
למרבה הצער הבעיות העיקריות עם ביצוע Mind לMind ממשקעם אחד שבעיקר רוצים לקרוא את המחשבות שלהםהרבה פחות לימד לחשובכלפי חוץ וכלפי פנים לאלכן הם עשויים להיות"יותר קל לעבוד עם"הוא לא רצויאכפת לMind הממשק עצמו ..
פרד טוב יותרבובה טובה יותרזה לא להילחם בידבתוכם ..היד לעזרה כי "מלמדת" ITProxyללא חושב כל כך הרבה כמו מעקביתרון יתרון אחד בלתי נראה '"
עצמי חשב .and מחשבות של עצמי ..או רצון פנימילהפוך למה שקודם ספרים קראו פשעי מחשבה....... בגיל שבו ניתן עיבד את מחשבות.(במעקב יום וגיל זה הוא בטיחות ובטיחות יכולה להיות סמוך ובטוח רק כאשר כוונות של מחשבה מוצגות)שפה חדשהחשיבה למשנהוחייב להיות המציא ..למי שכבר נחשב "הדבקה" על הסטטוס קווהפוליטי הנסתרכי הוא הקדים את הזמנים אולי על ידי בעל יד ב" מה שהופך את הזמנים "שכל מהות לסוג זה של מעקב.בהחלט הייתי מרגיש יותר בנוח עולה על מטוס עם נוסעים שיש להם את דעתם "לקרוא"מראש של להמריא
דברים אחד אולי מעולם לא dreampt של יכול לקלקל ישיר עצבי ממשקברובדרך דוחההגוף שאתה רואה שמצורף לרוע המזל לנפשהוא מלא משלוקודי מקור וסיסטמטיקההגוף מזיל ריר, הזעות, רעב, לגימות,ואחר ולא ברורמאמציםכי רקכעס-Operator טלהשכבר לימדושאם אחד יש מה נחמד "ממשק"לא כל דבר "ממשק"בכלל
מיניותהערכה עצמיתמשתיןטיפוחרחצה
הן הקללה על מנדלר שתפקידם הוא "לטפל"בא והולכים ופיטורים וmisfirings של סינפסות של אחד
כמעט מהרגע הראשון"שתוף אלקטרוני"הגוףהזיכרוןו": עצמי נלקח כאובססיה עצמית "על ידי מנטור של אחדלגרום להתכווצות שלנכונותו של נושא ללחשוב בקול רםעל ידי שידור מועבר ..כאחד ש" כבר apped 'לממשק בזמן קצר בכללהופך מהרהרק מודע יותר מדי לאיך חדירה למחשבות של אדםיוצרמחדש -alignment של תהליך המחשבהכמוח נראה הבשיל בדחייהברית לא קדושה זהעד כדי כך שהתקפות בתת מודע זהמפעיל הטלהעם סיכוםשלפונקציות אחרות במוח שבשום פנים ואופן"לדבר" בשוודיתתפקודי גוף ופונקציות הלימביתלקבל פילס בעםמחשבותהפרעה כמעט מיידית של "דיבור עצמי" ובעיטות "צנזורה עצמית" באחד מרגישכך מופחת על ידי הפלישה של זהטכנולוגיה שמציג את עצמוככל ידיעהואף אחד לא יכול לעזור, אבל רתיעהבחילופי פחד מבוסס של "יש לי רחמים, יש לי mercy..stop לעצור עצירה"
כוח מנטור כל ידיעת הממשק אכן עשה "לקשור"אחדלא יודע מה לעשותאיתיממשק ...אבל בכל מקרה שיסף את כף ידו של אחד או לרוץ לחדר המיון הקרובללתת להם תרופות .... כפשוטו כמשמעו, במשך לילה אחד ישרכש הפרעת מחשבה חמורה מאוד

Merge Proxy Cyber ( sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, balance and orientation)

Virtual reality - a connection of computer graphics with interaction "man - computer"helps us understand  the new language of "thought" . .  . Tele-presence enables a person "app-ed " or rendered for such to be both a "man" in his own right but also "many men" to relate to whomever one at his helm decides to Tele-logue upon the user who has the biotech which allows the Proxy to interact with artificial agents or personalities. It may take years for a man  "gifted" with Merge to overcome his initial artificial "need" for a closed mind to feel as if he is being 'invaded or conquered . Without "ease of entry" neither the Operating Tele-Presence OR the Proxy can   generate an effect referred to as "flow" This is - a sense of oneness- with the machine and or "team . When the subject overcomes the barrier of the intrusion, then what was first taken as abduction or "mind rape"  becomes second nature. Virtual Reality requires an open mind and thus an open window to the brain's sensory receptors.. We have seven main senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, balance and orientation. The brain integrates all of these signals from all receptors and next  compares the new data one receives from an Operating Tele-Presence  with what "inner vision "and "previously private monologue " that already exists in the subject's memory and Real Time Adaptives.
 One of the main problems in the development of virtual reality is that  the Proxy becomes defiant and closed off  to overlapping sensory data  inevitably causing  the Tele-Operator to  have to chide the Proxy back to the adventure. Often the OT is forced to interface upon the disgruntled  dissonant  or disturbing (often demonic)perceptions,  especially if the Proxy refuses to stay  in "flow" with his or her Operating -Tele-Presence who has little choice but to  reel the subject back to the New Way with contradictory, disorientating or threatening tutelage . The Operating -Tele-Presence  often becomes furious that the Proxy is blocking his or her interface with mendacity or heightening  the  mundane-ness of  the Proxy 's day to day ,thought to thought life...or reemphasizing their   "need' for 'alone time" although it has been explained that the interface must be 24/7 so the Proxy does not have to readjust constantly to "the situation" Merge.

1987-1993 biologcial systems and bidding contracts

Proceedings of the Joint Symposium on Interactions of
Electromagnetic Waves with Biological Systems, held as part
of the Twenty-Second General Assembly of the International
Union of Radio Science, Aug 25 - Sept 2, 1987, in Tel Aviv, Israel

Awarding Agency:  Department of Defense
SBIR Contract Number: F41624-95-C-9007
Title: Communicating Via the Microwave Auditory Effect
Principal Investigator: Mr. Brian Kohn

Company Name:
Science & Engineering Assoc, Inc.
6100 Uptown Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Business Representative:
Project Period:
Project Amount: $739,995
Research Category: Monitoring/Analytical


An innovative and revolutionary technology is described that offers a
means of low-probability-of-intercept Radio frequency (RF)
communications.    The feasibility of the concept has been
established using both a low intensity laboratory system and a
high power RF transmitter.  Numerous military applications exist in
areas of search and rescue, security and special operations.


In this research program, we plan to investigate a revolutionary new
form of communication based on the microwave auditory effect. This
proposed communication idea satisfies the requirements for an
innovative, natural interface requiring no learning or training for
efficient operation and effective communications. The purpose of the
program proposed here is to extend the results of a recent
feasibility study, performed for the Armstrong Laboratory/OEDR. The
study found that voice communications, via the microwave auditory
effect, are highly feasible. In Phase I of this SBIR, we propose to
investigate the range of potential applications for this radically
different form of voice communication and recommend hardware and
systems concepts suitable for laboratory and brassboard
demonstrations to be built under Phase II.

Monday, April 20, 2015

"The Facetaker "(the real Hive Minds of Los Angeles County)

the book of elroy

Saturday, April 27, 2013

the fact that "the looks thing"
was reversible was not disclosed to new clients
The clients of course were aware that the nano particles could alter one's appearance drastically
but  were not informed that "at a flip of a switch" the cluster of nano could rearrange itself to one's mentor's desires
 not yours 
The cosmetic nano enhancement feature that came with The Package of The Singularity by Proxy Cybernetics could be "reformatted" into something hideous if one did not "get with the program"

  Much in the same way that one's intraneural mentor  could turn synthesized 'telepathy" into "synthetic insanity" if one's neural readings were presumed "mutinous",confrontational or simply "too weird"

"Don't fight it
          After all
   you have signed on
          and paid
    to be sculpted  by  bettors
 to Become
and trans-scend your  current state*
 to Be One
with the teachings of Gary Rainy
who  despised this contrived sense of "Me"
 back to the path of                  We*
-------are in this
together Dumbo

are we
Evan? said I was yours .and to trust you and the new way ,that i should consider myself adopted .....
i did.
and needing reparenting...I did
and mind  plasticity..I did
and that the inserts were temporary
and just training wheels.
Are they? still

threats of physical harm you say are mainly to test my fight or flight response and reawaken  my primal
and that "the reigns" that alter-one's looks
are a gift.
as man's most ingrained primal fear is disfigurement
and dismemberment

and that Gary Rainy are fearless Reader and Leader
who knew .who knows only cybernetics ...only steering and
a Hive Minded Collectivism
could keep the species alive and wicked
so much did Gary Rainy love his children
that in the imbues..the "dots" ,the "raindrops" the "inserts"
he prescribed
the use  "psychotronically induced pain " in his mentorship
to further induce the amygdala to regress to primitive states of altered consciousness.
and that the psychotronic pain
is  a gift..not a punishment
from Gary Rainy's
to  be able through Telemetry to reach out
like a father ,with a caring kick in the behind , done only with love
a "butterfly kiss"


Transhumanism is a movement that fundamentally transforms the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities with a  following that has since grown into the worldwide  movement.

Francis Fukuyama has called transhumanismas the world's most dangerous idea., to which Ronald Bailey  countered that it is rather the "movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity".


they hit denny old school
  the precise area in his brain
that makes  hormones.
\ for growth ..
human grown hormone ..this gland   shuts down  after puberty .or is supposed to/ but not if they
tap it right
when you get that  gland .when they trigger it

.you get a disease  that can be  irreversable.
acromegaly it's called.

denny was so handsome
.and in days only days he became literally looking like a  monster
they expected him to kill himself.

but he didn't

 ..he walked around LA "I'm loving it' style..knowing how he looked
obviously he cared
but he wanted more for people to see
to see what "his mentors did to him" for talking about "it:

they say now they can cause your looks to change  not with the direct energy  the Merge runs on

the same electromagnetics  that the world runs on.

that we all run on

but with bots..
such nice little funny words for such serious things

the Mentors told us they  could change someone's looks back and forth back forth
that bots..they are called
6.000 can fit on the head of a pin
 penetrate your skin
 under.inside  your skin..

 ...he showed me on the computer..
living cells mixed all around with "the dots"

the bots

 hundred and thousands of bots designed to be  little scalples. and next as filler ...little bots.that could be operated by make you beautiful
also hideous

it's up to
who ever owns you.

who ever Mandles you

if they don't like what you're doing or thinking
they can with  a  flip of a switch make you a perfect 10 to a zero
 in a blink of the eye..

I saw it happen.....they wanted me to
I saw it the day I was told
there  was gonna be a new app...
to keep us
The New Way


.thought Indis O Say ..imagineThe New World "Porters" looking at a Salvador Dali painting and thinking.
we could ONLY
use this to somehow hurt someone

 and who was he to say ..

lest the weapon be turned again him


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Indis O 'Say's" The Facetaker"

I feel I must continue with
the FACETAKER,the novelization of
the horrible film
being publicized. On the side of every bus,wall and billboard

only some of us know
that the film is being  produced
in two very different formats

one for the mass audience
and another version for
 the mast-ed men and women  amongst us who claim they have been

...... "apped"
 Merge Technology
the Industry" might get a better glimpse of just how perverse I mean
Persuasive technology can be
there is the science and technology
that can and  will indicate without doubt from those who shout Eugenics as racism  or any- ism at all

 the Neural Read speaks for itself
for or against those
whose minds  amongst us
are Viability or Liability to society

The Dots are called many things according to those who claim they have been "dosed"
with them
brain prosthetics,implants,chips,bio sensors
the term that pops up again and again in my search
is Remote Neural Monitoring and Brain Mapping
and something termed a Human /Computer Interface
that allow subjects  to think and be thought to
in Dreams

according to websites and postings. Half placed as disinformation ..some "new discoveries 20 years old..REALLY NOTHING  ABOUT those tagged with apps permitting a Brain Computer Interface

those silly towns that act like lures.
thanks to and only to the movies
as lures
for just the type they want to traffick

at first  they  not aware they are being used as Guinea Pigs
as time goes on  half the fun of it  seems to the  "powers that seize " is watching them suffer they that they have made Open Mind-ed"

.they walk around in their hidden chamber
their own skin .their own minds

they can scream but who would believe them

...               can they be kidnapped ..I see HIM or HER- over their...
and if they try to explain what has happened they seem insane..on drugs
but trust me
 they are kidnapped ,,held captives
 their own the crime scene..

the "chips" are so small that traditional scanning will not detect them..
who is going to believe
some crack pot
who speaks of interfaces ,chips and what not ...

they call themselves targeted individuals
they claim there is patented technology from decades ago that PERMITS
another to
commandeer another's senses
these Targeted individuals are not
running the show
in  a sense They ARE the SHOW
or at the very least the
examples of just how Merge might work
in terms of crowd control ,marketing and just
'for the hell of it"

Valerie has told me to read up on "some urban myth" pertaining to Communion with Forces that are not supernatural in nature but nonetheless effect a person's being with a sense  of servitude and possession ...
The research leads me to question my own
as being something artificial and induced....
I become paranoid that Valerie wants me to doubt my kinship with "The Spirits"
but she simply states that
in order for me to understand how to WRITE
scenarios for a Directed Lucid Dream
I must become familiar with
alleged "test subjects"
purposely or non purposely
attempt to thwart
concerning Mind reading and Mind augment 'services"

My Muse
asks me "Indis O Say,  how I would YOU like to be in someone else's head who spent hours thinking about their humdrum anxieties
or spending too much time reflecting upon themselves
in front of a mirror.."

I contend that I would not..

the muse graphs that I -
"please contend with "The Facetaker novelization with such thoughts in mind....think of the Facetaker as a Celtic type of genuine boogey man who lobs off the faces of bad investments who preen over themselves...with all matter of hair gels and creams and such...think and write about IT as if you had some type of technology that allowed you to SEE what another saw,HEARD what another heard and FELT as another Felt through interface...either electronic or Prophetic in nature...warn these Proxied souls of what might happen to their reflections if they do not follow format."

 Targeted Individuals .Org  -Sweden

Hallen O. posted march 2013

unfortunately the main problems with conducting Mind to Mind Interface
with one who does particularly want their thoughts read
much less taught to think
outwardly and not inwardly 
so they might be
"easier to work with"
is the unsolicited 
Mind to Mind Interface itself..

a better mule
a better puppet
that does not fight the hand
inside them..
the helping hand that "teaches' IT
the Proxy
to not THINK so much as follow
the lead of one's invisible 'lead"

self thought .and thoughts of self..
or inner will
become what previous books have called thought crimes an age where thoughts can be transcribed.
(for in this day and age surveillance IS safety and safety can be assured only when intentions of thought are presented )
a new language
of thinking to another
must be invented..
for those who have been deemed "a contagion ' on the status quo
the hidden politic
that is way ahead of the times perhaps by having a hand in "making the times" so rife for
this type of surveillance.
certainly I would feel more comfortable getting on a plane with passengers who have had their mind "read"
in advance of take off

things one might never have dreampt of can foul up a Direct Neural Interface
in the most
repulsive way
the body  you see that is attached unfortunately to the mind
is full of it's own
source codes and systematics
the body salivates,sweats,hungers ,gulps,
and other rather obvious
that only
a tele -Operator
who has been taught
that if one has nothing nice to "interface"
don't 'interface " anything
at all

self assessment

are the bane on a Mandler whose job is to "handle' the
Comings and Goings and firings and misfirings of one's synapses

almost from the very first
"electronic communion"
the body
the memory
and the ":self will taken as self obsession" by one's Mentor
cause a
constriction of
a subject's willingness to
by transmitted broadcast..
as one who has been "apped' for interface in no time at all
soon becomes
only too aware of
how intrusion upon one's thoughts
creates a
re -alignment of thought process
as the brain seems vested in rejecting
this unholy alliance
to such an extent that
it subconsciously attacks
the tele operator
with a summation
other brain functions that in no way
"speak" in Swedish
bodily functions and limbic functions
get weaved in with
an almost immediate disorder of "self talk" and "self censor" kicks in
one feels
so reduced by the intrusiveness of this
technology that
presents itself
and one cannot help but recoil
in fear based exchanges of "have mercy ,have mercy..stop stop stop"

the Interface has indeed made the "tether" the Mentor an ALL KNOWING force
does not know what to do
with the
but either slit one's wrist or run to the nearest emergency room
be medicated literally over night one has
acquired a very severe thought disorder