Friday, January 16, 2015

Merge Proxy Cyber BCI Conference 2013

 "BCI for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)"will kick off the workshop by presenting the basics of ASD, including current therapeutic options and the incredible heterogeneity of the ASD community in terms of needs and outcomes and  BCI and A.I.  tools and methods  could be directed toward addressing the challenges of those living with autism as well as tools that permit the analysis and comparison of data from large numbers of people. Archiving and sharing presents a great challenge for extracted neural data  collected by different systems using different nanosensors or nanotube prosthetics that are incompatible with different BCI software and Direct Neural Interface "brands" of Mentoring via Telemetry.."

  • Brain Computer Interface Programming Techniques
  • A.I.Software Engineering        
  • Neural Data Structures  Neural Data Storage Representations/     Direct Neural Computation By Abstract Devices     Analysis Of Algorithms And Problem Complexity
  • Logics And Meanings Of Programs
  • Mathematical Logic And Formal Languages in Deep Learning
  • Information Storage And Retrieval based on Imbued A.I.
  • Information Systems Applications
  • Information Interfaces And Resistance in Participant    
  • Artificial Intelligence and Contextual Vision 
  • Pattern Recognition and Transcribed Perception Data   
  • Computer Graphics and Occipital Overlay in Immersive Reality
  • Image Processing And Computer Vision   
  • Legal And ethical Issues of BCI and Television   
  • Branding Management Of Computing And Information Systems

"Biochips were first created to be used in fisheries to remote neural monitor the "state "of a mass number of organisms in a collective environment and their collective reaction to the environment of the fishery.It was an inexpensive way to "study" stimuli and mass adaptation to the system (the tank)...Surveillance of people ,has become the number one priority  and industry in many countries who have considered that monitoring a population from the inside out is much less expensive and therefore more  practical than having to hire teams and teams of specialists trained to monitor large groups or people...With even the most sophisticated cameras or recording 'pick" on another's "interior intentions" that many with ill intent have learned to "mask' with their is not only feasible but integral to maintain security by switching our current policy of using primitive camera and recording devices for via facial recognition and pupil scanning  to detect asymmetrical or abnormal behavior...  and begin accepting "that action lies in intention that can only be detected by placement of nanotech closer and not further away from  where intent actually  begins-The Mind....Merge Bionano  has the ability to both capture and thwart a deviant  pre -Neural Firing before this indicative becomes an impetus of action."
{transcribed from tape )

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