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Cole : 2 years and 3 months,13 days

Psycho-physical damage 
Stage I.
  • Electromagnetic

  • Microwave

  • ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) 

  • Directed Energy 

  • Acoustic 

  • Psychotronic

  • RF (Radio Frequency) 
*semi-paralysis  in the area of the beginning of the spinal column
* irregular sleeping, heart-beating
* numbness of the hands; at night, cramping of the legs,dystonia,myclonus
* pressure, coolness of the skin
* feelings of non-specific fear and panic ] tremors,
* changes in the blood (early signs)

* prickly sensations, tremors to the muscles of the feet

* auditory tones of various frequencies
* sharp pain in the internal ear
* dull pains in the area behind the ears
* internal trembling, vibrations
* head pain in the temple and a warmness in that area, pain in the eye-sockets

Stage II.

* "radio-sound" effect (before this is long-conducted the resonance-loosening of spinal and brain fluids at the frequency of 2-10 Hz. for maintaining the fluids of the skull and brain in stimulation
* steady reactions to all aspects of coding
* lowering of energy (observed with irradiation at the frequency carrying frequencies of ~780 Hz.and amplitude modulation ~71 Hz.)
* aggravation of dermatosis
* eye pains (cataracts, asymmetry in lenses of the eyes, puffiness [?] of the retinas )
* aggravation of the course of chronic illnesses
* destruction of the functions of the kidneys, liver, organs of digestion, circulatory system, bleeding in gingival, gums, periodontal and others
* gauntness
* "sand" in the eyes, burning sensation, loss of hair, brittleness of nails
* compression pain in the heart fits of coughing
* changes of the color of the face (bronze shading of the skin)
* asymmetrical puffiness of the face
* disfiguration of the face, the intentional emaciation of separate muscles, cartilage
* syndromes of destruction to the external nerves of the thighs
* impotence

Stage III.

* destruction of the brain, irreversible changes to the structure of the brain (academician V.P. Vekhtereva)
* irreversible processes in the muscle material, in the bones of the skull, and in the structures of neurons "..minimization of life" --external reaction to EMP appears as an illness, up to heavy, sharp, chronic, organic pathological processes (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

* functioning of the hormonal system 
* [....] Parkinsonian symptoms disease (trembling of the hands) 
* allergies
* epilepsy (especially caused by the multiple-rapid stimulation by a weak, low frequency waves)

Damage in the mental sphere
Stage I.

* manifestations of depression
* lowering in the interest in perceived information
* shortness of temper (irritability)

Stage II.

* steady depression
* lowering of abilities for analytical thinking, some worsening of the memory
* symptoms of chronic fatigue
* superficial nature of sleep
* higher incidents of conflicts

Stage III.

* confusion in the accounting of events in real life
* loss of ability for analytical thinking
* lowering and a loss of memory
* feelings of the lack of sleep
* indifference to personal external appearance [...]
* lowering of self-control
* suicide (as the experimenters "practice" provocation techniques)
* "...their ignoring that they are carrying with them a deadly danger"... "...people simply start going crazy and nobody understands why..." (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

(in the book by Ju. Vorob'evskii" Knock at the Golden Gate, Moscow, 1999.

Manipulation with the memory.

* Erasure
* Blockage
* Recording of information needed by the experimenter
* training -"prompting" 
* comparison,

* a shifting of the effective frequency up to 100 Hz. or a lowering to 5 Hz., with memory loss

Control of Stimulation in the brain.

* by states of consciousness (up to the loss of these)
* in sleep
* emotions
* intellectual capabilities
* attention
* speech
* activeness
* muscle tone
* stimulation of one and the same zone with stimulations of:
o 30 -40 mV- activation of attention, memory, movement;
o 60-70 mV- "emotiono-genic" effects

Millions of healthy and normal people all over the world complain about hearing foreign voices in their skull (v2k), about being targeted by unknown radiation; about being tormented and raped by this radiation, about that someone is able to read their thoughts (synthetic telepathy) and making comments on them, about getting their memories hacked, about somebody seeing with their eyes/hearing with their ears and commenting those signals.Those people are called targeted individuals (ti). Their number is constantly growing.
I studied the research from David Icke, Cathy O’Brien, Heinrich Lammer och Heiner Gehrig that opened my eyes for this covert technology-

Magnus Olsen--Eucach - European Coalition Against Covert Harassmen


I listen to what Rebecca thinks.
it's my job.
it might seem a peculiar job to you, dear reader.
it certainly seems like a peculiar job
to those who I read
many cannot take it
they jump or cut themselves
or worse.

there are too many OTHERS around anyway

if you haven't noticed

you who have a set of 7 REAL friends
on your speed dial

tell me
without my having to spike your dendrites with biosensors
what DO
YOU think of
who are not like you..

you probably do not think of them at all

unless they take YOUR parking spot or YOUR favorite table in a what you've come to consider YOUR Coffee House..

I have just begun encoding the thoughts of "our girl at the mall"
she probably hasn't  yet notice that someone's
 broken into her house.
broken into Her mind.
I want to get close to The Girl
I want to know her
and see her when I see her completely in ways we have nevr been able to see people before.
I am not the only one with a headset on.
we work in teams .I look at my team reading the same thoughts I am .I bet  Patrick is  angry that she isn't thinking 
and thus visualizing her "2 Days in The Valley" porn shoots..all we see on the monitor is Ted ..not even the back of Rebecca like we've been trained to assume POINT of VIEW
it's disturbing
sometime I blink when Rebecca blinks
when she hiccuped 
i hiccuped as well
I smell the waffles ,as if I am there,,,
Ted 's eyes aren't on Rebecca ...
soon if Rebecca "does her job" I will be able to see out of Ted's eyes and be able to read what Ted's thoughts..
for now I cannot see who Ted is looking at.
but I  hears  Rebecca's inceptionof the conversation
"Look at that guy,"
I sees Ted point
and I "hear" Rebecca hear Ted

"he's wearing that Google Glass thing.
..I saw three more in the last week,they look offs...look what i spent 1500 dollars on...they record nonstop everything ,everyone they see...they're like little tape recorders,that's all..intrusive isn't the word


I laughs .and tell Patrick
"my god if they only knew."*

*Scientists Successfully ‘Hack’ Brain To Obtain Private Data
BERKELEY, Calif. (CBS Seattle) – It sounds like something out of the movie “Johnny Mnemonic,” but scientists have successfully been able to “hack” a brain with a device that’s easily available on the open market.Researchers from the University of California and University of Oxford in Geneva figured out a way to pluck sensitive information from a person’s head, such as PIN numbers and bank information.The scientists took an off-the-shelf Emotiv brain-computer interface, a device that costs around $299, which allows users to interact with their computers by thought.The scientists then sat their subjects in front of a computer screen and showed them images of banks, people, and PIN numbers.They then tracked the readings coming off of the brain, specifically the P300 signal.

the Griddle

Rebecca watched the tape of "this Kathleen'
who seemed like a nice enough girl..
she could not help but imagine her 
having to do a 3 -way 
on a kitchen counter
she hated her mind
what it had become 
she meant it ,what she said about quitting the business

she had noticed herself seeing the world as if 
the world were an on location porn shoot.
the last time she had seen her grandmother 
she actually 
envisioned the male nurse  who was hoisting a patient
into a wheelchair 
only doing this action to introduce
a theme
she imagined him taking off his white coat and saying ,"she'll be asleep for a while..these beds are adjustable "

how was she to know this type of thinking
would be exactly what they wanted

'would you like a drink..a Diet soda,juice,sparkling water

.a man asked,

How could she not ,she thought,as someone had turned up the temperature in the room 
to near 90 degrees 
or so it seemed.
The men had removed their suit jackets
(and this gesture made her afraid,,,oh this again she thought)
but that was all
no shirt removed 
or smiling glances of "Knowing"...

she took a large gulp of the water.*
some poured down her top
she wondered if this awkwardness
could be considered what they called "a certain gracelessness,a certain lack of style"
that according to THEM
was what she needed to de-poise herself of.

"did she drink it?" she over heard a man say

"Rebecca" looked down at her Metallica sweatshirt and wondered what she had drunk

'it will take 5 days for us to get an initial reading"she overheard the man said.
Maybe they were talking about something else....she didn't feel any different...

The same man who had just been talking about drinking "it'
banged on the table and told the 5 or so men and women 
it was time to get down to brass tacks.

the chairman of the meeting was handsome..
he looked her in the eyes when he asked
"Do you know what the term "to meet cute" means?"


Rebecca had seen enough photos and videos of Ted to recognize him
even from behind.
he was a nice looking guy
short cropped hair.
an LA Fitness 3 times a week Bod.
no skinny jeans(thank g-d she thought)

when she approached him she saw a young man with a smile so wide that she could not help but notice he had braces on the back of his teeth
in  a take on 'I'm pretty but  shy ,don't know what to do with my hands,girlish sexy  deliberately dum voice,"Do you have any griddles?"

"what type of griddles"Ted said ,literally spreading his arms out ,so she would know the spnace of the griddles the store had AND the expanse of the knowledge he HAD of these fine griddles"we got...pancake griddles,waffle griddles.sandwich making griddles all kinds of griddles"Ted explained.

"my mother's birthday is in a week" she said ,on script,"her waffle griddle ...

"love waffles,,don't you especially handbaked ones'Ted remarked

"Hey," Rebecca said,"maybe we can get some..",she began but stopped herself, or more so the 'thing" they put in her ear  stopped her from asking Ted out for waffles,told her,' to slow down and just look at the griddles....'

"hey maybe there are some griddles that can also make sandwiches..."Rebecca said

"sure there are" Ted said,"follow me"

The Mic in her ear said,good ,good,look at the griddles ,compare prices and leave....he'll surely want you to come back

Rebecca wondered if Ted thought her odd
coming back to the best buy 3 times in one week
to finally decide on a griddle..

she told him as instructed by the mic
in her ear..
that she was a comparison shopper like mom..
never mind that the only thing her real  mother comparison shopped for was methamphetamine
she not recall her mother EVER cooking a pancake let alone a waffle

she had removed the mic
knowing how to "date" someone one her own
but there was still some odd sensation
that someone
was telling her
how to "play the date"
Rebecca put it down to nerves,as she really
(not method acting-ly) was beginning to like THIS TED

The men in headset yawned their way through a "eat cute"
discussion of
"did your mother like the griddle"
"oh she loved it"
'did she make you any waffles?'
"Oh she made like five million dozen for everyone the next morning"

The Man in Charge tapped the headsetted Reader
on the back
"we're gonna tell her tonight..bout the nano in her temporal lobe..we'll give her an extra 20 way to do this without telling her...not this one.."

"How's she gonna take it?"the "controller/reader asked removing his headset,sick of the talk of griddles...although he did now Jonesing for some matter of carbohydrate..

"we'll tell her she's some kind of agent of change..some kind of new kind of sp-"

The Videos suddenly came up
they were afraid the nano had not adhere to the occipital nerve
and they could now see
through Rebecca's eyes

""what do I spy with my little eye" A handler said,noticing syrup on Ted's lips.

we can teach her
to Mind's Eye
 the scene by thinking in two shots
this way we won't always have
Point of View shot.

'what if she freaks."a Mandler said.

"what do you think happens if she freaks"

Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis

Come up with a new name for herself ,so she might get into character
"Please-," a man whoi called himself Jeff said"NO MISTYS OR AMBERS


she checked into the hotel as Rebecca Olivier

was asked to downsize her looks..
to a Minneapolis "mentality"
Rebecca assumed that the mentalities in Minneapolis were quite the same as anywhere else..
but maybe "mentalities" were in fact different in
certain part of the country..
They had even provided a make up artist to pony tail her hair with scrunchy.a 
and a costume designer to get the look of an over sized Metallica sweatshirt to fit her" just wrong"

she was told to meet "the Team" in rented boardroom in the hotel itself
she was to be further fitted
and taught some very
different acting techniques

the character she playing was a 
take on a girl named Kathleen O' Brien
The Small Appliance Salesman's
"out of my league .i don't believe she's going out with me" old flame from High School...'

"How do you know these things...what happened to this Kathleen..?"

A man named Jeff,her 'acting coach ,"I guess this Kathleen also soon realized she was out of his league ,,who knows who cares...your job for the next hour is simply to study some private video we have of "This Kathleen" from  2008 and 2009

Psychiatric Abuse and MKULTRA By Mauri (1957-1965)

I remember my mother telling me I was sent to the psychiatrist because she had a dream I was drowning. She did seem to occasionally have a problem when it came to reality testing. What she really knew, I can only guess. But she dutifully drove me there and waited an hour for the session to take me home.  I knew why I was being escorted to the psychiatrist at the other end of town, I was in big trouble once again, a problem he was expected to solve.
My behavior as number one trouble-maker in the cult next caused me to be shunned. It was a condition that was to last the rest of my life. Being shunned didn't turn out too different from being the scapegoat, which was my previous role, so life continued much as before. My mother would drive me to the psychiatrist's office weekly and I got to know her on a more personal basis. 
 I don't look like I need weekly visits to the psychiatrist's office. But according to my family, I'm a big "trouble-maker."
Maybe a shot of scopolamine*, a little electro-shock and few suggestions can turn me around.

Oh, oh!  It looks like Lotus Blossom. That Beta Programming just sticks like glue.
And now it is being reinforced by the use of Narco-hypnosis and electro-shock torture.
Good before and after shots, that psychiatrist really knows his stuff. 

The psychiatrists had originally entered our lives on what seemed like a positive and a negative note a few year previous.  Suddenly we were the center of their interest.  They gathered together to help us with their almost magical knowledge of the human mind.  A female psychiatrist arranged to send my brother to a sanitarium in the San Fernando Valley to help his depression.  I was unaware he was depressed.  I remember when we all visited my brother; it was traumatic to see him, as his personality was gone.  We all sat around a picnic table surrounded by Eucalyptus and Olive trees.  In the distance on one side was a structure that looked like a huge old house, in the other direction were courts where the residents could play ball.  The trees dribbled debris on us as we sat.  I would have considered the area beautiful if it were not for my brother.  He seemed unable to function in any way, as he showed us the craft he had done.  My brother, who was very skilled with his hands, showed us something that looked like a small child had made it.  I knew that he was being electro-shocked. This colored the memory to shades of a Frankenstein Movie. When we finally got him home my parents were furious.  It took a long time to nurse him back to health, and in some ways he was forever changed by the experience.  But still we couldn’t shake those psychiatrists.  
The first summer I went to the psychiatrist, I have no real memories of his office only that I was to see the same psychiatrist my mother had been visiting and his office was a long drive away, over the hills, past UCLA and in the Valley.  My father and brother went to a psychiatrist, Dr. T, whose office was much closer, the Crenshaw Medical Center. We had all visited him as a family the year before, so I remembered him.

*The effects of scopolamine were studied by criminologists in the early 20th century as a truth drug or as a suggestion drug. 
Scopolamine is used criminally as a date rape drug.. United States State Department (March 4, 2012) reported that Scopolamine can render a victim unconscious for 24 hours or more. In large doses, it can cause respiratory failure and death. It is most often administered in liquid or powder form in foods and beverages. The majority of these incidents occur in night clubs and bars

The first summer I believe I was taken to the Valley and we met the psychiatrist at the same psychiatric hospital where my brother had been electro-zapped to vegetable status, a year or so previous.  I remember lying in a bed on wheels with an I.V. attached to my arm.  Many ladies all in white scurried around the spotless room.  I noticed their spotless white shoes that laced up to the ankle, and small square heels nurses-style.  One nurse in particular caught my eye, her shiny new white shoes with a pin hole design on the top, contrasted with the dark brown of the wood floor. I looked through the square pains of glass connect by wood panels in the doors and the windows out into a yard full of graceful trees.  I didn’t feel quite present, more on the verge of emotional departure from the scene.  The room began spinning and everything ran into everything else then went out of focus, and the memory ends. I guess the drugs from the IV were kicking in. By this memory I feel my meetings with Dr. Jacobs began at the sanitarium in the Valley, probably associated with UCLA, because the psychiatrists were associated with UCLA.

 Most likely it was Olive View Sanitarium.

Movie reconstruction from human brain activity

Thursday, January 30, 2014

you're hurting me,you're hurting me.."He says in a high falsetto voice,fopping his hands like some archaic pantomime of a homosexual

The Man In Charge from  LA
           sat in the back of the auditorium.
far from
            the men and women
                  who 's life work was and is the psychological ,pharmacological and now Neurotronic  manipulation of  the Human Mind
"Syntha-natural  Hive Mind had "taken over" the souls who ran the show as much as the souls taken were
The Show"...Myth had alot to do with Mind Augment..And thank G-d ,Dr Robert's had said ,"the mass division caused by 3,000 TV  channels has not diminished the belief in either The Devil or Aliens or Possession.Last year 48 movies were made about possession,and 36 about hauntings...although the demographic does not BELIEVE in Vampires..the films about altered states do in fact "open one's mind" to involuntary re-tainment of what the Jews call

"י(event implausible plausible)מפּלאַוסיבלי גלייבלעך געשעעניש
or The Dybbuk

any one who has ever watched TV and may i remind that  you direct neural interface is little more than  5 sense TV  transmission to the section of the mind that pieces together  Common Reality

in the 1960's we had freedoms to investigate what
fracturing Common Pre -Set
Cognitive Reality meant by seeking volunteers to "partake" of mind altering drugs..
but the subject';s
 reaction to hallucinatory drugs was random...
one in 5 might react this way
one in 60 this way
however with Psychotronic s Accuracy can be near 100%
in "hitting" the right set of dendrite ,synpapses and neurons .
in the correct order

The Subjects
themselves become the problem here
not the "machinery

"you're hurting me,you're hurting me.."He says in a high falsetto voice,fopping his hands like some archaic pantomime of a homosexual
means nothing
This is Hand's Off testing
nobody truly get's HURT with
Neurotronic Testing

i suggest that this type

the type we choose for
testing may as well need a Reality Check
by using Altered States of Being to "wake them up"
I sometimes compare .Psycho Cybernetic Mentorship The Hell Night *performances certain churches present
to show
what will happen
if they do not stop
as they are

the type that becomes a Target ..or a Subject for Psychotronics
"the Type" that really serves no purpose on earth besides being a burden to others
the type that seeks aid from the government ..and spends the aid on crack cocaine
the type that sells themselves in the street.
or sits with  a cup in his entitled hand asking,than begging,than often screaming for money and food.
non people
 who seem to have only been made to be measured
scanned and possible enhanced by "the testing"
and whether they no so or not
the tests are probably the first time in these people's lives they are being of service
to anything or anyone besides themselves

The Man in Charge..wondered if anyone considered him a non person besides his parents ,ex wife and children
more so if anyone who mattered.
if anyone who could DO SOMETHING to him might think of him this way
He was glad that nobody had scanned ,skimmed or salted his mind with particles(at least that he knew of)to Know his thoughts.
He himself
rarely listened to his inner ticking
a man does not think .a man acts.
a man does not speak.he does not gossip or make sounds unless sounds or language had to be made.
he rarely lied.
and in this and many other ways what he said and what he thought were according to himself
much the same.
in his job he had to always be aware that anyone from any other Mind Augment Line  might want to 'get inside" him to learn how His brand worked
it was expected
inevitable that one day he would be tagged..
lie down with dogs
wake up with flies
work for mind modulating companies who shove nano particles in your shampoo
wake up with voices.and fuck knows what else..seeing.emotional over rides...
at these meetings,
he was always conscious of being slipped something..either a drug or "particles"or maybe  some virus that contained everything at once
he had heard a woman "joke"
that she had heard
that supposedly   some new biotech  start up in Boston had done  what she called some wild
"Black Swan" hybrid experiments on one of the CEO's  ex boyfriend's who had rolled the books
"literally,the kid grew feathers out his hair's absolutely amazing how far we've come  just in the last 2 years.."

the Man in Charge
was not squeamish
after all he had just experienced via a wireless Emtotiv headset
being a 34 year old actress being strangled to death
"The Black Swan"biotech possibilities made him rush to the lavatory

he had heard Dr.Robert's speech
about 5 times.
always the same..
he came to these lectures
because it showed respect
he had been one of them
before going completely off grid

The Man in Charge
was not so much the man in charge
as he was in LA
so he
did not quite know what to do with his countenance..or baring

Meek was never his thing..

and The Man in Charge of the Man in Charge
Dr Robert's must have noticed the Man in Charge's discomfort.
for he
made a point of excusing himself
from "his boys'  rather abruptly
The Great Dr.Robert's walking briskly with his hand extended to shake The Man in Charges" hand

"did you hear about the new bidding?to get the new contracts.?"Dr Roberts said"..we  need  more "in Paris"neural reads.Do you get what i am saying..
which THEY want to overlap
on some***** down in ****
they say it's good for business-"

"from Singapore to Witness,"The Man in Charge said,quoting an old Elvis Costello song,for no reason

"graphic and prolonged"The Good Dr. said,"nothing quick and painless... no compassion ,no hesitancy which will force a re-cut.. which will take away the power of the Interfaced Realized Experience*.

of dying violently"

*Hell houses are haunted attractions typically run by Christian churches or parachurch organizations. These depict real life situations, sin, the torments of the damned in Hell, and usually conclude with a depiction of heaven. They are most typically operated in the days preceding thetriduum of Hallowtide.
A hell house, like a conventional haunted-house attraction, is a space set aside for actors to frighten patrons with gruesome exhibits and scenes, presented as a series of short vignettes with a narrated guide. Unlike haunted houses, hell houses focus on real life situations and the effects of sin or the fate of unrepentant sinners in the afterlife.
The exhibits at a hell house often have a theme focusing on issues of concern to the whole public. Hell houses frequently feature exhibits depicting Christian interpretations of sin and its consequences. Common examples include abortionsuicide, use of alcoholic beverages and other recreational drugsadulteryoccultism, and Satanic ritual abuse. Other hell houses focus on the theme of the seven deadly sins. Hell houses typically emphasize the belief that those who do not repent of their sin and choose to follow Christ are condemned to Hell.
**יn December 2008, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International's Department of Cognitive Neuroscience announced its own research into the translation of neural signals into images.[In addition, Dr. Moran Cerf of UCLA published a 2010 paper for Nature which claimed that he and other fellow researchers were on the cusp of being able to allow psychologists to interpret thoughts by corroborating people's recollections of their dream with an electronic visualization of their brain activity.

Unsolicited Human Testing is the New Human Traffic

the most important part of conducting human testing
discretely is to place as much distance between
the sponsor
of these tests-..and those you must seek to perform such tests
not only is it essential to out source the tests but one must also
convolute the essence of the research and acquired data in such a way
that various universities and medical associations and groups and corporations
will only know about a small sliver
of "the big picture"
so one must early on chose wisely what dummy companies one needs to set up and what data needs to be falsified in advance
also which streams of hard copy soft copy true statement false statements might need to be doctored .
..this can be done by always keeping in mind that the main goal is to get the human studies as far away form their initial source and basic reasoning to preform such studies as possible..
so .one should constantly switch initiatives...change issues into non issues and back again ..suggest at first all data is being done for medical reasons . than back peddle that all studies are focusing on academic theory. Next set up special interest groups act as ethical watch dogs...than confirm that for financial reasons you can only do research out of country make..this company fold and divide one's research into fields that on the surface have nothing whatsoever to do with with a legislator to stop the very work you are doing .than once again fold or buy another company. Go public with information 15 years old..and remember to always say this type of science won't be possible for another 15 years...go back to academia...and seek options overseas. Go public that the work you have done with monkeys...has made you have to refocus on ethics before moving forward to human trials. lose or data..claim your research is ...transitioning ..move headquarters to yet another country quick start up quicker buy false loses than false gain for .dummy companies to keep agencies off point agencies most importantly when one is conducting human experiments ..make every thing so confusing that eventually even the source of the initiated outsourcing can truly say
without faltering" I have not the slightest clue what is or was going on

in the small lecture hall Dr R***** banged on the green blackboard he used specifically as an visual referential that was meant to imply "wholesome"qualities of some broadcast or actual representation of "school house" fundamentals
using a pointing stick to deliberately cause auditory imprint
with his purposely severe tone meant to instill on future
"change agents"-
2.NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT BLATHERS ON ABOUT SO CALLED "HUMAN TESTING" OR "goes on a campaign against psychotronics or cybernetics" NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT tells a Dr., hires a lawyer or writes to a congressman or state representative
always remember!
it comes to nothing...
never in my 4 decades with this agency has anything whatsoever come from full or partial disclosure from a subject.
no matter How much "they know"or think they know
...The subjects are inevitably taken to be either psychotic or schizophrenic*..
their rigorous campaigns to prove their "normalcy
in fact often escalate their problems concerning legitimacy
("someone put something in my mind..someone put something in my drink"Dr R**** said in a childlike voice and the crowd laughed, the crowd of students who "would " be placing "something"in "somebody's drink
"I think somebody did something very naughty to me "Dr R**** went on,his voice even more childlike when he stuck his thumb in his mouth"..I think I was violated .. I tink I saw a puddy cat .I tink someone put computer chips in my brain)
Turning serious Dr R**** asked the 'change agents" in the lecture hall,"DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE?
do you"
I am explaining to you that no matter WHAT a Targeted Individual SAYS...
YOU will always be SAFE
..I've often wondered myself if someone "Tagged" me with "apps' if I would say something to anyone..
and if I did how it would sound...
but truthfully I cannot
because I and I expect anyone here in the audience simply WOULD never be BRANDED
NON PERSON enough to be on "the wrong end" of Humane testing.
That is what we call it...
Hu mane Tesing
Never Human testing
I would like everyone to repeat after me
"Humane Testing"
The SUBJECTS perceived indignities caused to them INCREASE substantially when various "threshold tests" are conducted concerning Mind Assuagement cause many of subjects
have a melt down ,inevitably they make a public display of themselves ,this only helps OUR case. Not theirs.
Dr R***** sipped a glass of water and spoke in a manner that is casual and intimate,
"I remember a young woman,a subject literally picketing the ***dept for 4 weeks all the while neurally interfacing her mentors she intended to light herself on fire .as some kind of diminutive gesture against Neurotronic testing
...could you imagine?Could you imagine lighting yourself on fire and nobody believing a word you have said?not your friends ,not your husband ,not your family...why i even felt for the poor woman myself. Inevitably these Suffragette types will make matters worse for themselves in the courts,hospitals and everything in between as their lives become a objective lesson in diminishing returns...we do like a record...we do like to cover our asses...and we do like an open file of discredit-ification..
.which means a Psychological "happening"should present ever 2 or 3 years if for no other reason than continuity...they become used to the voices and visions but do not worry
a disintegration of self occurs nonetheless .do not give up that a full mental breakdown can also present through secondary symptoms of albeit synthesized schizophrenia-------Never ever Think of these subjects as people..THIS is what they want you to do,this is how they manipulate YOU. Obviously whoever procured these subjects had damn good reason for not identifying them as 'people"and there fore neither should YOU



The development of  a nanomechanical chip that can be internalized to detect intracellular pressure changes within living cells, enabling an interrogation method based on confocal laser scanning microscopy.

"Our goal was to fabricate a chip small enough to be inserted into a living cell and detect mechanical loads," Rodrigo Gómez-Martínez, the paper's first author, tells Nanowerk. "As a result, we have been able to show that this nanostructured device can detect intracellular pressure changes. This is the first time that pressure can be detected by a sensor located inside an intact cell, preserving the integrity of the cell membrane."Suárez points out that the presence of the nanochip does not seem to affect the cell's structure or viability – cells with the sensor chip inside were alive, healthy and able to divide (with the sensor remaining inside one of the cells).-
Teresa Suárez,The implications of the tenacity of these bio sensors combined with their sensing mechanics means that perhaps sooner than expected certain so far unbelievable  
enhancements of the mind and body are now not simply "do-able" but profitable

IBM builds 9 nanometer carbon nanotube transistor, puts silicon on notice

It's not the smallest transistor out there, but the boffins at IBM have constructed the tiniest carbon nanotube transistor to date. It's nine nanometers* in size, making it one nanometer smaller than the presumed physical limit of silicon transistors.


oh this is great
the Man in Charge of the Man said

looking at the photo of
 The Girl
 The Find.

oh we can do sooooo much more with this Neural Read
     of what's his name Ted?
some Dunkin Template?

especially if The Girl
is Playable?
and judging from THESE photos
 This Girl is Playable alright

between us
I've lost a little
in one of our "ventures" in Thailand..
but good news is
we've just gotten a private request..
for a special game..

what type of special 
 The Man asked The Man in Charge

well we still like this Ted for a Template
but this
anonymous buyer
says he
 an Innocent

sorta what,The Man asked The Man in charge

.Direct Intraneural  Interface Snuff..I've heard it's all the rage
in Paris..,he joked
but than  turned serious looking at the Man as if he was doing an intracranial scan with his eyes
don't tell me you never headsetted
"In Paris"?

i thought that  "read"was an urban legend...,the man said

and the man  in charge handed him a headset
unlocked a small safe.
and placed a small data disk
in the grey op box
that played
the Mind Loop of Paris Hume,the late actress's
final moments
of life

Ever been to Minneapolis?

her stepfather had told her
           when she was 13
              that she had 'the bod"
                     and the face of a porn star
especially when he was trying to get on top of her

               that's all she had to go on in terms of "future endeavor' she might be good at
when she ran off in the middle of the night
with her stepfather's wallet.
and mother's purse

                        it was cold.
she would have went anywhere but "home"

she checked the time schedules
of the buses.

or California

she assumed she might have to live outside for a while.
she needed someplace warm..

the fare to California was cheaper.the trip shorter

she used up her money quickly ..
mainly on cabs

the city made no sense to her.

she assumed that Hollywood
was LA
or LA  was Hollywood...

once she got to Hollywood
 she was surprised
 and disappointed ,as it was nothing but a line of small stores..
she didn't know what she expected...
but she did
she expected people walking around in Roman Emperor costumes and showgirls...and lions ..and lion trainers...
in the public streets.
things like residential neighborhoods and supermarkets never entered the picture "in her mind's eye"VISION of LA,maybe she was the "dumb piece of uppity trash" her mother said she was

she took buses.
that took her anywhere.
and found she liked the sights she on on  bus that took her to "The Valley"
she could picture cowboys and indians
being filmed there.
when she was little that was what her Real Dad watched
and the "backdrop' just seemed
like somewhere he'd like

although he was dead.
she often spoke to him.or felt she did.

The SanFernando valley
it seemed safe
in a way Hollywood did not

she had always looked older than she was..

and assumed
she could find work
 by lying about her age..
but every store and  restaurant she attempted to apply to
asked for ID

A man who had overheard another "sorry,but ..."
approached her.
and bought her a soda.
telling her a 'girl like you' shouldn't working in some fast food place to begin with...

"oh if I've heard one story before it was this one before.."she said

 she had now been in the Adult Film Industry 5 years

 she  put down the 'script"that had to do with Cheerleaders...
and told the director
she quit..
she was quitting the business...

"sure babe"the director said,not looking up from the camera he was readjusting..."heard that story too before...take a few days off go to Palm Springs or something "

she drove to her acting class...
real "acting "
where she didn't have to "act "like she enjoyed being balled by two guys in a pool...

she had made alot of friends
in the class...
and had begun
seeing a Guy
 who often dropped by the class-The Guy said he was
Talent Agent

The Guy wasn't
in the Movie Business.
but the Gaming Business.
and told her that Computer Gaming needed actors.
for simulations...
and since  Amber had
been simulating for years.
she might be perfect.

"perfect for what"she asked.

"if I told ya I'd have to kill ya....but I can's very much ahead of it's time..."

Amber had taken classes in Voice Over and assumed maybe this Gaming Company wanted to use her voice for a character..Like The Sims..

"it's a little more complicated than's about brain waves...and recorded experience...and sometimes we need pretty women to instigate a good read... invite someone skeptical about "sharing" to Join the Club..

"i don't understand" she said.

'You shouldn't ,in fact it's better all around if you don''s really that new.."The Man said."Ever been to Minneapolis?



Ted Rominskie's family is asking for the public’s help, unsure of who would kill him or why.
Ted’s mother, Helene Rominskie, said he had all his money  on him and that no credit cards were taken. However, his phone was missing.
Theodore's sister says she is" unsure of who would do such a thing; they said he had no enemies.
“He loved his family and his friends and he would do anything for anybody,” ......


the Curtain of Displacement

"can I be Frank,"

jacob graphed /
Jacob thought 


Zara's mind

"you were Frank last week"

Jacob and Zara 
"in the air"
on another plane
or pane
being developed

"by anyone and everyone who matters,"Jacob's father had said
to his dubious wife,Darlene,Jacob's mother
when he gave Jacob an Emotiv headset
for his birthday over a year ago
Darlene thought,she  legitimate concerns that this "set"
would be just one more distraction for Jacob
to run .

but Jack had ,it seemed,quite long ago stopped
caring much 
what Darlene said
much less thought
(although quite soon it would be quite the opposite. indeed)
Jack,Jacob's Father
worked in the field of Immersive Gaming
and Virtual Reality
and reminded his wife
that 30 percent of the programs
were being developed in fact
to help improve focus
and teach
he said it was like  her sneaking and hiding vegetables
in Jacob's smoothies.
Darlene was hiding alot of things
and just the mention of the word
"hide"and "sneak"made her squirm
"I just don't want my son  being one of those who is walking around town
looking as if he's talking to himself"Darlene had said..".communicating with god knows who
god knows where. about god knows what safe is it for someone to
communicate with another Mind to Mind

"That's not quite how it works Darlene," Jack said,"Do you ever even listen to a thing I say about what I do at work?There's a computer involved..
you know .Jacob doesn't just put on a headset and being telepathic you know..
there's a Curtain of Displacement that is incorporated into nearly all the programs..
to prevent too much "mind swap"
he explained that a Standardized Play Self
was over- layed on top of one's mind
before one could even begin the game
or communication
you think I'd let our son go completely  mind to mind
with someone
with out a Coating ?Jesus you ever think about what you're saying

Darlene thought ,"how can i think what i am saying ,when I have no idea what you're speaking about.."the point was Jack knew Darlene didn't understand his work or the exact way virtual Reality and Direct Neural TV worked ,and punished her for it .Treating her,it seemed like some 
"dumb temp" who was always in fear of losing her job..
which seemed to be about tolerating an increasing arrogant ,distant husband
and son
as Jacob 
had recently begun treating her much like his father had taught him..
If she had not met Grant ,she would have been driven out of her mind long ago..
"A Penny for your thoughts Darlene" Jack said obnoxiously.

"Do you even know who he's talking to who?" Darlene asked
watching her son ,in the kitchen nook
literally fall off his chair 
and literally Rolling on the Floor Laughing
"he looks like an insane person,he looks like someone who's hearing voices..."

"First of all Dar,"Jack said ,talking to her as if she were a child,"He isn't talking to anyone,if you hadn't noticed,his lips aren't moving,he 's graphing" to another person ...Zara, Dale and Lane's son..
you DO know who Zara is .I mean the two of them HAVE been playing together since they were 5.."

'Get off the floor,pick up that chair and get ready fro school," Darlene yelled.

"He can't hear you ,Jesus Dar,why you always ruining someone else's fun"Jack said ,picking up the tipped over chair,tapping on their son's shoulder,removing the headset from his son's skull.

Jacob turned around and gave Darlene "a look"
that said the same thing about her ruining every one's fun
that Jack may as well have "graphed" Darlene thought 
right into her son's mind.


"can i be Frank," Jacob graphed
waiting for Zara to 

He had waited all through school to put the headset back on
he had waited all through  his mother's "raving"
to put the headset back on....

"ground control to major tom," he thought ..
towards Zara.
who had text- ed him he would be Open Minded
in 1-2-3-....
Jacob for a moment wished he could Interface 
with his mother
still angry at her for what his father called her hysteria
" it was unhealthy for him to spend so much time indoors
playing computer games

computer games..
his father had told him his mother's 
concepts of "gaming" began and ended with Pac Man 
(which he had looked up on Wiki...)
...his mother didn't realize that when he put on
the headset 
he could BE OUTDOORS
he could BE ANYWHERE
he could BE 
"can i be Frank?"
he graphed sensing that Zara was 
"you were Frank all last week Jake" Zara graphed,"you be Dunkin..:

Dunkin was "the good guy"
who dressed like a Pilgrim.
and whose job it was to fight Frank in 
a mash up of some mutually setting of the 1600's and 
modern day Cairo or something..

the character called Dunkin
had been developed ,according to his father ,to be a Naturalistic Baseline Emotional Over-ride
of "Good Guy"
which was why Jacob always felt."good"
when the 13.5 Hz Overlay 
came upon him.
when he "became" Dunkin..

his father had told he in confidence that the Dunkin character was based on a 24 year old small appliance salesman  who had been spotted by what he called 
"headhunters" at The Mall of America

the headhunters ,his father explained ...
spotted 'types"
the headhunters also called themselves "talent scouts" and "casting agents"
accept THEY were scouting for brain scans
for emotional over lays

they had chosen the salesman 
his father explained
because he "fit' the "game piece'
he was Dunkin-esque
the 24 year old applianc esalesman 
was affable
and extroverted
his collected neurals as predicted contained
a hopeful,everyman quality
that was generic enough to not encrypt "self"
 upon a player who needed 
a "parasol" or a "shield'
to protect them from the intrusiveness of direct neural interface
the right level of "cushion' was presumed to be at least  85%
to not cause the psychological damage that could otherwise be 
"picked up' from engagement with another's mind
without the protection
Emotional Overlay.

his father had said it could be very dangerous
for both parties to enter
the "arena/theater" of  Co-Mingled Virtual Reality
as without a 'buffer'(Dunkin)
the sheer intrusiveness of "mind to mind" could be terrifying
even if the Other Player
means no harm.

"never ,ever use the headset with making sure one has a
..."His father warned.
"saying that the Emotional Overlay that distanced
Self from
mind to mind interplay
also created a mutual virtual plot structure,time and place
for Action to occur 
on and through you