Tuesday, June 30, 2015

...I get dopey and tired.and take a pill to fuck up my mind..and fuck up the interface.i don't know when to believe them.that if I killmyself they will do this to another Jew.i try to think of this now as just madness ..as not really happening....as the albi they wanted and needed me..and all targeted individuals to leave in paper trail.or meta data mental hospital ,jail cell,rehab greenall the places they put me had the same glight green paint..and the fluorescent lights mad eevery one look green and sick..i feel green and sick...I think of aliens ..I think that people only know what aliens are because tv  and film made us.think of what aliens are..and look like...andthat some Hollywood screen writer sat down and drew aliens ..so everyone has now the same mind picture of aliens.and than I realize TRU CHRISTIE is trying to teach me..and think ontop of me...about sound and image.how aliens are safe to think back and forth but if I think of the holocaust I am being weapon..on him....and if I do not understand this I will be taught this in dreams..i go to the bathroom and try to make the pill come up out of my stomach but cannot do it..although I have seen them do it again and again on tv...

bluebinary variance(external/intra-neural intefacing of the Binay Re-allocated Mind)

Tru Christie demands I do not "regress" and FIX the old blogs.
as they are to be demonstrative
just in case
that all of this was done -to make me smarter.

well than I graph maybe I should just go back and erase them all
because this IS NOT being done to make me smarter.
it is being done to hurt me

and Tru next explains that
Old School teaching had a lot to do with discipline
and the use of fear to trigger new neural pathways..

yeah Tru I graph back and Joey Menegele' was just fuckin' around with human subject's eye color to make them look better.

"In fact Dumbo...that IS exactly what Joseph Menegele' was trying to do...
for once old Dumbo..is understanding "The New Way"

"which seems to be ONLY ABOUT your WAY or NO WAY" I graph..

I cannot get the images of concentration camp victims now out of my mind..
and thus Tru's

and Tru graphs me a smiling face..

"Now ..How we gonna FIX that?"*

I have been here before with "my team" this is what they want ..from me..
"fixing "
mind pictures.
getting rid of images too dangerous
to think to another.

this is where I drew the line years ago
and now is when Tru graphs
If Jew' don't DO IT ...we'll get another Jew' close to you
even if you kill yourself..
they will know WHY they were "chosen"

do Jew understand DUMBO!

I try spacing out like I was little
but I can't ..

I try to break "the rules' which keep changing and go back  to variances..and the weird math they were trying to teach me about sound and image..
3 members
Hemlock Society and Targeted...
but I go to my page...and see if anyone has come to save us
but Tru reminds me ...even if you had the decency to kill yourself..
you will know you are taking someone with Jew..
we'll do the same exact things we did to you to them

Thursday, April 24, 2014


(The Zuse Z3 Computer 1941 Berlin)*

"to rebuild a system one must first crash the system" is mainly what Gary Rainy
took from his meeting with
the Professor
who spoke about binary code
being the present language of computer systems...

"rather peculiar don't you think?"the professor said..."that the language of computers, even in 1965 is zeros and ones....
purportedly we're
still grunting like cavemen in this field
after 2 decades.."

Gary Rainy wanted to know what "language' computers of 'the future" might speak in...

"what sort of future are we talking about here 5 years ...20 years or 3 years ago?....there are several futures happening at once  are there not at least hypothetically ....there's the future on Time magazine.....and the future....in "a class' or "classification all it's own.."The professor touched the side of his ear...

and Gary touched the side of his if only because he wanted the Professor to know that he was attuned  .

"let's start with 20 years....I suppose that the current work being done now is "20 years" not 5 years...
in development...and not opened to discussion ..except maybe for those who might have a hand or a handwritten check in it's development.."Gary laughed .Too loud

only to see if the professor would laugh

the two of them
in equal emmit-ance
as they had
when introduced
at the party being held for
 an Industrialist
 who had put up a large stipend for a new wing of this



Gary looked at his wrist.
he had no watch
but said," it's getting late"

let me give you my "work " number<" Gary said pointing at
the phone

Gary scribbled some numbers on a check he removed from his chest pocket

the professor placed his hand on the phone and made a gesture with his hand
a limp wrist.
he opened up his desk drawer and opened an envelope and  tossed some photos of a man doing something to another man that made
Gary turn the photos over.

The professor
got up and closed the semi opened door to his office and than opened it a little
 while posturing a "who cares  shrug
sitting down he placed the photographs carefully back
in their envelope
and back in the drawer of his desk

" ...I will have to speak to some of my colleagues...but I can tell you this much ...the next phase of computing has to do with ...creating algorithms based on the human mind...and how the human mind works....after all the human mind is the most sophisticated working computational system we know of...a bit beyond zeros and ones..

The professor leaned in close, his eyes seemed to be "reading the room, reading the tie clip and all the buttons on Gary's person,

Gary pretended not to notice but now knew without a doubt that whatever information he now got from this man would matter perhaps more than he initially thought
the professor
picked up a paperclip
holding some project
together on his desk
and began
stretching and folding the wire
into any
'                      that came.

there 's some Off the Grid studies with  deep electrodes investigation
 how the Mind perceives and integrates data.

in fact there are some children
who have been
 in Canada
in fact
they were

it's very exciting work.......

               as you might understand ....this type of work ... might 'come across " a little too
to some types..

Gary watched the professor play with the paper clip...
and wondered
what insight he possessed
in the field of
 made him
an acquisition
to the
"a little too Progressive types"
thought as Gary did that Science-and the Ideology of Science
far surpassed

qualms about
Individuated Exploration
perceived "exploitation"

The notion that
someone who changed sides

might be swayed
once again
to alter allegiances

 Neuronautics seemed to appeal
to many

who believed science and not sociological trends
were always
what moved
Higher Path

 there's a hospital in Canada....and a prison in Illinois..***
it's not some thing we talk about, not really the professor said looking again at the numbers on the check....."

let me give you my HOME  phone number Gary Rainy said writing a new set of numbers on new check.

Konrad Zuse  was a German inventor and computer pioneer. His greatest achievement was the world's first programmable computer; the functional program-controlled Turing-complete Z3 became operational in May 1941. Thanks to this machine and its predecessors, Zuse has often been regarded as the inventor of the modern computer.
Zuse was also noted for the S2 computing machine, considered the first process-controlled computer. He founded one of the earliest computer businesses in 1941, producing the Z4, which became the world's first commercial computer. From 1943[ to 1945[ he designed the first high-level programming language, Plankalkül. In 1969, Zuse suggested the concept of a computation-based universe in his book Rechnender Raum (Calculating Space).
Much of his early work was financed by his family and commerce, but after 1939 he was given resources by the Nazi German government.[Due to World War II, Zuse's work went largely unnoticed . Possibly his first documented influence on a US company was IBM's option on his patents in 1946.
** Karoly Ereky a Hungarian Agriculturist coined the word "biotechnology" in Hungary during 1919 in a book he published in Berlin called Biotechnologie der Fleisch-, Fett- und Milcherzeugung im landwirtschaftlichen Grossbetriebe (Biotechnology of Meat, Fat and Milk Production in an Agricultural Large-Scale Farm) where he described a technology based on converting raw materials into a more useful product.[3] He built a slaughterhouse for a thousand pigs and also a fattening farm with space for 50,000 pigs, raising over 100,000 pigs a year. The enterprise was enormous, becoming one of the largest and most profitable meat and fat operations in the world. Ereky further developed a theme that would be reiterated through the 20th century: biotechnology could provide solutions to societal crises, such as food and energy shortages. For Ereky, the term "biotechnologie" indicated the process by which raw materials could be biologically upgraded into socially useful products.

***Jose Delgado’s development of the Stimoceiver in the 1950s that controlling human behavior by electrode  one step closer to reality. The Stimoceiver—a miniature electrode capable of receiving and transmitting electronic signals by FM radio—could be placed within an individual’s cranium. And once in place, an outside operator could manipulate the subject’s responses. Delgado demonstrated the potential of his Stimoceivers by wiring a fully-grown bull. With the device in place, Delgado stepped into the ring with the bull. The animal charged towards the experimenter – and then suddenly stopped, just before it reached him. The powerful beast had been stopped with the simple action of pushing a button on a small box held in Delgado’s hand.

Dr. Delgado, a neurosurgeon and professor at Yale, received funding for brain electrode research on children and adults. He did research in monkeys and cats, and in one paper describes the cats as “mechanical toys.” He was able to control the movements of his animal and human subjects by pushing buttons on a remote transmitter box. In 1966, Delgado asserted that his experiments “support the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion and behavior can be directed by electrical forces, and that humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons.”

An 11-year old boy underwent a partial change of identity upon remote stimulation of his brain electrode: “Electrical stimulation of the superior temporal convolution induced confusion about his sexual identity. These effects were specific, reliable, and statistically significant. For example, the patient said, 'I was thinking whether I was a boy or a girl,' and 'I’d like to be a girl.'" After one of the stimulations the patient suddenly began to discuss his desire to marry the male interviewer. Temporal-lobe stimulation produced in another patient open manifestations and declarations of pleasure, accompanied by giggles and joking with the therapist.

Brain electrode research was also conducted independently at Harvard by Dr. Delgado’s coauthors, Drs. Vernon Mark, Frank Ervin, and William Sweet. Mark and Ervin describe implanting brain electrodes in a large number of patients at Harvard hospitals. A patient named Jennie was 14 years old when they put electrodes in her brain. In their book Violence and the Brain, [65] photographs show 18-year old Julia smiling, angry, or pounding the wall depending on which button is being pushed on the transmitter box sending signals to her brain electrodes.
Dr. John Lilly describes the technique of electrode implantation. “Electrodes could be implanted in the brain without using anesthesia. Short lengths of hypodermic needle tubing equal in length to the thickness of the skull were quickly pounded through the scalp into the skull. These stainless steel guides furnished passageways for the insertion of electrodes into the brain to any desired distance and at any desired location. Because of the small size of the sleeve guides, the scalp quickly recovered from the small hole made in it, and the sleeve guide remained imbedded in the bone for months to years. At any time he desired, the investigator could palpate [rub] the scalp and find the location of each of the sleeve guides. Once one was found, he inserted a needle down through the bone. After withdrawing the needle, the investigator placed a small sharp electrode in the track made by the needle and pressed the electrode through the skull and down into the substance of the brain to any desired depth.”

Monday, October 20, 2014

binary variance(external/intra-neural intefacing of the Binay Re-allocated Mind)

fetishize certain aspects of Eastern European "incidents "that occurred between 1936 and 1945  into a variance of "themed" Go-Go Bar in 1966 (San Francisco),Evan Imparts ,otherwise consumer Tele-Presence is OVER begin it begins ....                                                      

a fetish,Evan Imparts is 
an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment of potency.
"while the colors red ,black and white
symbolized ONE THING in the 1930's and early 40's
these colors (and yes Dumbo ) I know black and white are not really colors..
meant something quite different by 1966
at least in America
Satanism,the Occult...and a very jarring very sexy combination of go-go boots,a mini dress and a cap...
a long black boot .often worn by members of the SS by 1959 became a "must have"item for gay men into the less white bread aspects of sex... by the early 1960's many rock stars wore such accoutrements
as well as UNIFORMS that in the 1930's and early 40's in Eastern Europe might have Inspired fear in
other quite parenthetically induced lust in followers of trend setters who for instance wore leather or police type uniforms
also police-ing caps
all matter of .."occult" and /or military  symbolism
authority is sexy
not scary
what we need to do is convert in a binary way every single symbol of Nazism into
a new variable
Lets for instance -a Black Leather  SS Trench Coat=S and M and thoughts of what this tall man with tight sort hair is hiding under is jacket...
(guns probably, I graph angrily)
A gun yes,But Not one that shoots bullets Lover..

Targeted Individuals Holland   5/19/14

you were raised without affection or attention ..or any love Dumbo Verkuilen  ! because we needed you to only want accolades and "likes"
you son of a bitch

son of bitch is right Tru Christie.
not "that there's anything wrong with it" I graph

YES.YES there's something very very wrong with THAT Tommy Walker is supposed to forgive his mother ..Son of Rosemary forgives his mother..

Maybe if you paid me what you paid Ira Levin and Pete Townsend  MAN...I could have stayed on script is what you'd llllove me  to write.

Your evoked potentials demonstrate that IF someone paid you to write it like HEAD STICK you would

No...I don't think they do..I graph

the machine never lies Dumbo but you do..

kill me is all I ask..and tell me that graph is not 100% true..

nice try throwing Smedly Butler's pic up...strange how you can use a true patriot to turn patriotism and service into Freakshow.

dude you put "apps" in my head...you told me I was raised to be razed...how can I not be a freak show you maniac....

Autistics are supposed to have very strong moral codes..

I am quite sure GENUINE AUTISTICS do...not one's made that way cuz' you had the babysitter's boyfriend molest him when  he was 4...

IT is something one must respect Luddite piece of human ectoplasm..

ahhh just re -mix my signal..I too am a bit confused by this strong moral conviction and suspect it was transmitted upon me so I could be an example of BREACH..right?

Something like that...

so this isn't real BREACH...it was instigated breach..

NO! DUMBO! this display of breach was supposed to insinuate you had values...and some kind of natural 'self law" that over shadowed  governmental laws. ..to prove a point that this technology must be classified a weapon of mass destruction

So only you can use it...for fun and profit, I graph ...as I inadvertently ..or purposely graphed as much from Tru

he sends me a visual of a puppy.
and graphs that," the very wealthy have needs for kicks
and kicking things besides dogs when they get home.."

people..I graph..and start drawing a nother "avatar is people" poster for Proxy Cyber..they DO pay me ..for art..
although they say the art is ONLY collected by people who like seeing how a sicko paints..
so ONE DAY all sickos might be detected early..
by things they draw..and the SICKO signals that are the P300s of the Brain Map

Bad people who deserve to be targets.some can be puppy people ,Tru graphs
Bad people who like ruining things Real People have been working on for 50 or more years ...
are not even good for that
and just like that
the puppy  only I see goes away..and is replaced by all kinds of nasty nasty images of elongated faces and dismembered body parts..like one of my team saw the painting  Guernica ..and though HMMMMM.
if we could only bottle this painting into a weapon to shove right into someone's visual cortex..

and dreams Dumbo...dreams we can stretch out ...
play with time..
tweak the REM to feel like infinity
use the direct energy to give you sleep paralysis

So I have gone to another level!
I graph...knowing this isn't game....I just can care less..what this is..
it's for money..for tv..for reactions to tv ...and just a mind fuck..I want to blow my fuckin' head off...I wan them to feel it..
I wish I could do myself in SLOW KILL style.for them
but isn't that what I am doing.
isn't it the same

Congratulations Dumbo...you have sunk to levels so low that all new levels have and will be  created for you..in fact...we're really thinking now seriously and not dreamily !!
of uploading your stinkin' soul
 for all time   into forever
so we might keep it in a tiny petri dish in a museum
the dish of DUMBO will be very small but very conscious...
and little wires will be attached to the little cells
of deaf dumb and blind kid
screaming as his cells divide Painfully ...

cells do not feel pain when they divide.

we will MAKE them feel pain..just for Jew'! Tru Christie graphs.

sounds like a party.
I graph ,sending Tru a visual of me examining my nails -the wrong way
next I think of the smell of nail files..
and than
move onto inner visions of nails..
and my nailing one of my eyes wide shut
and the other wide open

Tru tries sending me visuals of women in Burkas and and men in headwraps
and I go and shake their hands before kneeling on a little prayer mat

and Tru sends a jolt of pain all down my head
which makes me pray louder in my head and in my mind to Allah..

next my new foreign friends and I grab little cloth American flags from a garbage can filled to the brim with such useless symbols
and begin burning them!!!!!! ...

and for the first time I realize even
if I am in a petri dish
dividing till the end of time ..
I might have these memories  and feel in that dish somewhat OK

I WILL MAKE SURE ONLY DREAD AND TERROR  are included in your emulated brain Dumbo

I run away in my mind with my foreign friends and begin shooting arrows at the sky hoping pure magic will make the arrows fly up past the apogee and knock out space based weapons..
satellites for Tv and internet ...we'll get used to it

we need some "so called " 3rd world time

and suddenly the apogee. The idea of space placed in my head by Hollywood
becomes filled with
space aliens
ALSO placed in me and everyone by HOLLYWOOD

which me and my foreign friends.  despise
more than I can even emit .


Monday, October 20, 2014

ectoplasma respecteren ..

Jood 'zijn gerezen, zonder liefde of aandacht ..of enige liefde Dumbo! omdat we u alleen wilt lofbetuigingen en "houdt"je zoon van een teefzoon van de teef is recht Tru Christie.niet "dat er iets mis mee is:" Ik grafiek

YES.YES er is iets heel erg mis met die Tommy Walker is verondersteld om zijn moeder te vergeven ..Son van Rosemary vergeeft zijn moeder ..
Misschien als je me betaald wat je Ira Levin en Pete Townsend MAN betaalde ... Ik zou hebben verbleven op script is wat je me zou llllove te schrijven.

Uw evoked potentials aan te tonen dat als iemand betaald om het te schrijven als HEAD STOK je zouNee ... Ik denk niet dat ze do..I grafiek

de machine liegt nooit Dumbo, maar je doet ..dood mij is alles wat ik ask..and vertellen me dat de grafiek is niet 100% waar ..

leuk geprobeerd gooien Smedly Butler's pic up ... vreemd hoe je een echte patriot kunnen gebruiken om patriottisme en service om te zetten in Freakshow.kerel je "apps" in mijn hoofd ... je me vertelde dat ik was opgevoed te worden afgebroken ... hoe kan ik het niet een freak show die u maniak zijn ....

Autisten worden verondersteld zeer sterke morele codes hebben ..Ik ben er vrij zeker van ECHTE autisten hebben ... niet een maakte op die manier cuz 'had je vriendje de oppas's molesteer hem toen hij 4 was ...

Het is iets wat men moet Luddite stuk van menselijke ectoplasma respecteren ..
ahhh gewoon opnieuw -Mix mijn signal..I ook ben een beetje in de war door deze sterke morele overtuiging en vermoed dat het werd uitgezonden op mij dus ik kon een voorbeeld van BREACH..right zijn?

Zoiets ...dus dit is niet echt BREUK ... het werd op instigatie schending ..

NEE! DUMBO! Deze weergave van de overtreding werd verondersteld te insinueren u waarden had ... en een soort van natuurlijke 'zelf wet "dat meer dan geschaduwd gouvernementele wetten. ..om een ​​punt te bewijzen dat deze technologie moet worden ingedeeld een massavernietigingswapenDus alleen je kunt het gebruiken ... voor de lol en de winst, ik grafiek ... als ik per ongeluk ..of met opzet zo veel grafiek van Tru

Hij stuurt me een visuele van een puppy.
en grafieken die, "de zeer rijken hebben behoefte aan kicks
en schoppen dingen naast honden als ze thuis krijgen .. "people..I graph..and beginnen met het tekenen van een nother "avatar is mensen" affiche voor Proxy Cyber..they DO betalen me .for art ..hoewel ze zeggen dat de techniek alleen verzameld door mensen die willen zien hoe een sicko schildert ..Dus op een dag alle sickos kan vroegtijdig worden opgespoord ..door dingen die ze draw..and de SICKO signalen die de P300s van de Brain MapSlechte mensen die het verdienen te worden targets.some kan zijn puppy mensen, Tru grafieken
.Slechte mensen die willen ruïneren dingen Echte Mensen hebben gewerkt voor 50 jaar of meer ...zijn zelfs niet goed voor dieen net als datde pup alleen ik zie gaat away..and wordt vervangen door allerlei vervelende nare beelden van langgerekte gezichten en uiteengereten lichaam parts..like één van mijn team zag het schilderij Guernica ..en al HMMMMM.
als we maar konden fles dit schilderij in een wapen te duwen recht in iemands visuele cortex ..

en dromen Dumbo ... dromen we kunnen strekken zich uit ...
spelen met de tijd ..
tweak de REM te voelen als het oneindige
gebruik maken van de directe energie om u verlamming slapen
Dus ik heb naar een ander niveau gegaan!Ik grafiek ... weten is dit niet spel .... Ik kan schelen less..what dit is ..het is voor money..for tv..for reacties op tv ... en gewoon een geest fuck..I wil mijn fuckin 'hoofd af te blazen ... Ik wan hen te voelen ..Ik wou dat ik mezelf kon doen in SLOW KILL style.for henmaar is dat wat ik doe het niet.is het niet hetzelfde?.

Gefeliciteerd Dumbo ... je hebt gezonken tot een niveau zo laag is dat alle nieuwe levels en zal worden gemaakt voor you..in feit ... we echt denken nu serieus en niet dromerig !!
van het uploaden van je stinkende ziel
voor alle tijd in de eeuwigheid
dus we kunnen het in een kleine petrischaal te houden in een museumhet gerecht van DUMBO zal erg klein, maar zeer bewust te zijn ...en kleine draden worden gehecht aan de kleine cellendove stom en blind kindschreeuwen als zijn cellen delen Pijnlijk ...In stukjes en PIECES ..cellen niet pijn voelen wanneer ze verdelen.

we zullen ze voelen pain..just voor Jood '! Tru Christie grafieken.klinkt als een feestje.Ik grafiek, het verzenden van Tru een visuele van mij onderzoekt mijn nagels -de verkeerde maniervolgende denk ik aan de geur van nagelvijlen ..en danverplaatsen naar innerlijke visioenen van de nagels ..en mijn spijkeren één van mijn ogen wide shuten de andere wijd open

Tru probeert stuurt me visuals van vrouwen in boerka en en mannen in headwraps
en ik ga en schudden hun handen voordat knielend op een klein gebed mat

en Tru stuurt een pijnscheut al in mijn hoofddat maakt me harder bidden in mijn hoofd en in mijn gedachten aan Allah ..naast mijn nieuwe buitenlandse vrienden en ik pak kleine doek Amerikaanse vlaggen uit een vuilnisbak tot de rand gevuld met zulke nutteloze symbolenen beginnen ze te verbranden !!!!!! ...en voor de eerste keer dat ik besef ookals ik in een petrischaalverdelen tot het einde van de tijd ..Ik zou deze herinneringen te hebben en voelen in dat gerecht enigszins OKIk zal ervoor zorgen ALLEEN DREAD en terreur zijn opgenomen in uw geëmuleerde hersenen DumboIk weglopen in mijn gedachten met mijn buitenlandse vrienden en beginnen schieten pijlen naar de hemel in de hoop pure magie zal de pijlen vliegen voorbij het hoogtepunt en knock-out in de ruimte gestationeerde wapens ..satellieten voor TV en internet ... we zullen wennenwe sommige "zogenaamde" 3rd wereld tijd nodigen plotseling het hoogtepunt. Het idee van de ruimte geplaatst in mijn hoofd door Hollywoodwordt gevuld metbuitenaardse wezensOok geplaatst in mij en iedereen door HOLLYWOODdie mij en mijn buitenlandse vrienden. verachtenmeer dan ik zelfs kan uitzenden

avatars and insects(THE GAME)

Narrative Networks - DARPA
DARPA launched the Narrative Networks program to understand how narratives influence human cognition and behavior, and apply those findings in international security ...
the New World Order ,freemasons ,illuminati and The Greys!
built ins.
built in traps in the maze..
if the definition of these things were not already created to divert THEY would have been -(see also)-Scientology ,Satanists ,Secret Societies!
the only reason there is secretive "society" to Human Testing
is because Human Testing must remain secretive
while there might in fact BE a New World being made it is Being MADE upon our backs
if WE digress too much from the discussion of being Targets (and Lab Rats) we (as THEY know(the THEY that 'cwazy "always says because a THEY that might experiment on humans has good reason (and such good weapons...to make us seem so) will get not only labeled mentally unstable BUT conspiracy nuts as well

(1)Combine  disinformation with disclosed or "attained" information to demonstrate "the technique "of True Lies-in the media
 try to make uninteresting subjects interesting and important topics irrelevant 
  use postings to divert attention from the important patents  and contract bids concerning  Neuroweaponry  and Human Testing .
Trivialize serious themes in both fictional and first hand accounts of psychotronic rendition-  attach the most pertinent information to videos and or irrelevant JPEGs -
 always keep 5 to 6 posts up concerning "just the facts" between redundant ,sexualized or didactic meanderings .
Purposely fictionalize and  trivialize your subjugation unless an enactment has been presented that by it's very extremes  foregoes chain of command..
-when one must scream one screams..-think of extreme brain entrainment  enactments as "Method Acting" to subsidize "authenticity"
Yet, however extreme  any  real time" displacements are concerning Threshold Testing" and adjustments your containment /entrainment   must not  ever be  detailed-  fictionalized or otherwise. .

.do not break stride of neural narrative meme   by typing or posting something out of character..We will help "make you many characters" as we go along...although some characters that will be abridged upon you will impel you to be more gregarious and good natured do not  comment on other's timelines ..your online presence via tele presence should be of - bringing nothing new or crucial to the forum. unless something new is sent to you via Merge .


flood subject's nervous system with dystonic jerking ,induce hyper stimulation upon subject's pituitary gland  so subject's concern focuses on uninteresting self referential indignation of no interest to other potential readers convolute the subject's  sensibilities to re -establish an online presence that  the subject is not only un -sane but suffers from a personality disorder . Arouse and next subdue the writer's emotional state to meander the  subject's "artistic" intentions if subject  attempts to frame his or her  personal experience being targeted individual  in a manner that might engage those unfamiliar with neuro technology .A subject might begin using metaphor to attempt to "invite the reader into their own shoes" using techniques that were performed upon subject  to introduce synthetic telepathy.Subject might introduce to readers "ways of looking at it" possession ,genuine telepathy...;Inevitably the subject will combine declassified ,academic and private sector "notation" to attempt to explain their predicament ,this can easily be solved by inducing  excitation of certain receptors that mimic compulsive disorders,tapping these receptors will instigate the subject to over post  thus making his online presence nuisance .Inevitably the subject will try to correct their verbiage  and might also begin writing in a manner that introduces the very methodology  the subject's operator is inducing ,be careful to not for instance  use  certain telemetric assuage in  a manner that  a curious reader might  deduce from noticing 'a pattern" with  personal threats via their auditory cortex together with occipital overlay of frightening imagery (the target's body missing eyes,images of skulls and bones) to re -insinuate "the source" the subject's  might be "messing with" attempting to format the subject's experiences in a manner that concern posts that serve the subject's own (breaking tradecraft to instigate expulsion from "program")rather than our agenda. .


Online teams will work together to pre -discredit Targeted Individuals.
In very much the same manner many of us were "hazed" into the program we will be fed "truth as lies and lies as truths. It will only be through time that one can read a Tele-Operator's intents by understanding their Perpetrator's patterns and algorithms peculiar to being held captive in this manner.
Many TIs were lured and  smitten by the novelty of the technology itself when the intrusion began. Many of us were tricked into believing THIS was a "mystical event"
Some of us were told we were "doing it for America'  others were told they were going to be "made smarter" others were told they were "commandeered to fight potential Alien Invaders" who might have telepathic rapport. We were told anything and everything..To this day Few have either the recall or death wish to go into detail about "the first 4 weeks "Nor perhaps should we -just because one is at the end of one's rope does not mean one must hang by it.Never forget that the same type who has invades our very senses has also infiltrated the social network. Many "temps" in the Mind Field earning their "stripes" proved their pathologies "are strong enough" for unethical but necessary psyco technological testing by first getting notice by doing "street theater/gaslighting /Truman Show" mirroring exercises .Street Theater /Mobbing proves to one's employer that the perpetrator has "All the Right Moves" to one day be taught how to be an Operating Tele-Presence. .although TIs are on the wrong side of the hotline //TIs must never forget how miraculous the tech they grow accustomed to is .. Especially to one who can turn it off/take it off.
A temp will go to great lengths to prove they have the personality profile to "man another man" without empathy or sentimentality and will often use the web to weave their way up the ladder .Many will display "game theory" online and stylize their online persona to present as TI some seeking    high ranks of a forum or website, becoming "moderators". Many of the same affiliates of government agencies who write books "based " on their knowledge never forget are Limited Hangouts..writing "just enough" truth " to such a TI into their trust.The TI is supposed to KNOW thois is "all really possible  and do-able" ONLY so the TI can be driven off balance when a loved one etc does not or will not believe them.The same pose and costume is assumed by "the perp" to gain access to host web chats,radio shows.pod casts etc.  This gives them power to delete threads of information they do not want shown.. 

How a TI can spot the internet "temp"

- Often the sites  ,the tags seem to be about one thing (Targeted Individuals/Human Experimentation)   but one scrolls down to see 

(a) Angry ,purposely  dismal..inciting  material .. i.e -"The  shitbags  today are making my tush hurt .I want the perps held up by their balls.

(now what -effect does this have upon a TI?


and that's the point ....of that type of post being written

Is this man or woman the type you would sit near at a luncheonette...or move your tray away from 

The  shitbags  today are making my tush hurt .I want the perps held up by their balls.

THIS TYPE of POST is OFTEN posted by a Temp
to make YOU "not want to belong to this club"

to NOT type

Often a site about TIs deflects into maudlin circus type examinations for what is occurring to a TI
  subjects known to be "kooky" for conspiracy theory
the JFK assassination/UFOs/ demonic possession /paranormal activity


Because people are Paid to sway the conversation AWAY from Psychotronic Weapons Testing.

to further demoralize you
 ONLY is to cheapen the very serious nature of being made a human guinea pig..
Once again a serious discussion about Psychotronic Weapons is explained as 'The Greys"
or "The Illuminati"."The Freemasons" often one sees a lot of upside down flags, V for Vendetta masks. Much of this is done to once more cheapen your situation and affront your sensibilities .  

(b.) -well -there is NO volume" B"

head stick

I go to the barber.i hate getting my hair cut.i don't like much being touched unless it's for sex..and I need that over fast to..cuz sex isn't so much being touched as being biologically activated.like how the stomach releases enzymes to break down food.anyway the barber catches me off guard cuz i'm  graphing to Evan and Evan is super imposing all these nasty insects all up down the barber's arms..but he's not doing it in a funny way like he does sometimes so there some foreboding going on .having quite little to do with my head being  touched by the barber..well I get in the little barber chair and the barber asks how I want my hair cut and I say  without thinking "so it will look good on a stick"and the barber kind of  laughs and asks me "on a stick?'
 "yeah,' I say,"so  my hair would  look best if my head were chopped off and placed on a stick"
 "short around the sides,"the barber says but long around the back so nobody can see the stick?"
 "yeah...yeah..." I say
 happy, in a way, the barber can think fast..and understands what I mean
 he begins cutting and buzzing..and says ..smiling than stopping cutting altogether ,"Ok ..OK I have to ask you this ..Who is going to put your head on A stick?"
 "My Mandlers," I say,kinda angry he stopped cutting ...
 'your Mandlers?" he asks.
 "my team ,my team who put carbon nano tubes in my head"I say
 "Oh I had a brother who thought the same way you do.." The barber says starting the buzzer..
 and I'm like ooooo really man ...you think I'm nuts? ..but I don't say anything...and in the mirror I see just my head ,no body attached on a very thin stick.
 I think to Evan show me my head on a stick from behind please.
when I interface with Evan or my team don't be thinking I make all these thinking telepathizing faces you see in cartons..
NOOO way
nobody can "see me do this "graphing"
.....a guy doesn't go around doing no great Karnack shit with his fingers or have some Charlie Brown look on his face..like screaming LOOOOOK at my thought bubble ..unless you want to go around lookin' damn nuts...
like I said the only reason I said Anything is cuz' I was jumpy going to the barber
and jumpy cuz' Evan was insinuating if I keep typing some shit online someone from "my team" will cut my head off.
.and put it on a stick..

 "so.....," I say cause the barber had baited me ..touching my head to stop the cutting like HE did before , feeling a nick of the buzzer on my hand,"what happened to your brother  who ' THOUGHT LIKE I DO" I say hoping it didn't  sound angry.
 "Nobody knows to be honest ,"The barber said,"he just left his wife one day and never came back..he said someone had .."done something to him'..to make him hear  and see things..I don't know if anyone threatened to cut off his head and place it on a stick...why would they want to do that by the way" the barber asks
 "I write about it.."I say
 "write about what?" the barber says
 "being a human guinea pig..I  say,"wouldn't you?"
 "will I get to see your head on a stick like in the news,no offence ..I just want this hair cut to look very good if this head on the stick thing is true and is televised"
 "I think they'd just do it for their own benefit.." I say,; their own vengeance..." and the barber sighs ,as if disappointed ...and that's it
 no more talking.
 just Evan graphing ,"I really do not like this guy"
 I think back," neither do I."
" there's no one at the shop Dumbo and scissors everywhere..."Evan hums
 "I think we're about done here ,"I say jumping out of the chair.handing the barber  money.
 but not before showing the barber a double take
 towards the scissors with my eyes..
 and it's like instantly the barber  knows..
 and stands in front of me and the scissors.
 the money I handed him  drops to the floor .
 I leave saying sorry...but not really quite sure what to say..
 I sense the cops might come BUT I DID NOTHING!...but this has happened before COPS coming for NO REASON..so I walk real fast but ..real ...extra normal walking style home.

"Now Dumbo" THAT's why we "app-ed" YOU...that was fuckin' aaaaamazing!" Evan graphs.

Monday, June 29, 2015


FBI: Navy Yard shooter 'delusional,' said 'low frequency attacks' drove him to kill

Aaron Alexis was under "the delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves" before he embarked on a bloody shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard, an FBI official said Wednesday.

The 34-year-old contractor, who until a few years ago had served in the Navy, spelled out this belief -- with the words, "My ELF weapon" -- in the sawed-off Remington 870 shotgun he brought into the military facility's Building #197 on the morning of September 16.
"ELF" refers to low-frequency electromagnetic waves, a technology used for submarine communications that conspiracy theorists believe the government employs to monitor and manipulate unsuspecting citizens, the FBI said.
"Ultra low frequency attack is what I've been subject to for the last 3 months," read a message obtained by federal authorities from Alexis's thumb drives, phones and computers. "And to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this."
"This" is the incident that left the Navy, Washington and the nation in shock.

FBI claims Frank Olsen's family is"delusional" inferring CIA drug testing drove Olsen to suicide' 

Frank Olson was born in Hurley, Iron County, Wisconsin and earned both B.S. and Ph.D. degrees (Bacteriology, 1938) at the University of Wisconsin. He worked for a time at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and then served as a captain in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. As a civilian, he was recruited to Camp Detrick, and to the U.S. Army Biological Warfare Laboratories, by the distinguished UW scientist Ira Baldwin, the technical director there. (Baldwin had been his departmental advisor at UW.) At Camp Detrick, Baldwin worked with industrial partners like George W. Merck and the U.S. military, to establish the top secret U.S. bioweapons program beginning in 1943, a time when interest in applying modern technology to warfare was undergoing a boom. Olson's duties included experiments with aerosolized anthrax After 10 years, he was a senior bacteriologist at the program. At some point, while assigned as a civilian U.S. Army contactor, Olson began working as a CIA employee with the CIA's Technical Services Staff (TSS), run by Sidney Gottlieb and his deputy Robert Lashbrook. Some of his CIA colleagues were involved in the MKNAOMI-MKULTRA program, previously known as Project Artichoke and earlier, Project Bluebird. It was a program to explore the possible espionage and military uses of psychotropic drugs. The CIA justified the program, in part, as a countermeasure to the claimed Soviet effort to create a "Manchurian Candidate."

9 to 5

 Linda N.so wished she did not have to show up the traditional way at the Palo Alto Office Park to speak face to face with potential investor's in Proxy Cybernetic's firm.

When all she had to do was place a head set upon her pate and beam her real time "spiel" either directly into the potential investors' skulls or at the very least a hologram of her self
that the boardroom at Palo Park was indeed rigged to visage in such a manner

According to Tru Christie
some the potential  investors however needed "the warmth" of a face to face .. a handshake.and presence ,other than Tele -Presence.
 Both Linda N .and Tru Chrsitie knew  that it fact Linda N.  had very ,very little of these qualities in her without the aid of neurotronic enhancements made either to her own "emit"or Emitance  that Linda N. needed to sell their product of neurotech .
Last Friday Tru Christie allowed for a compromise admitting that Linda N. and thus Proxy Cyber could best sell their brand of Merge bio tech
by  inducing a 6.3Hz signal upon the potential investor's collective brain signals simply  by tweaking some of the microwaves and particle beam projector's already  built into the boardroom's "undercoat",
The "one for all ,all for Merge " feeling this minor augment in collective realities Linda N. felt might  make up for her rather cold and clipped demeanor that "wprked so little at closing a deal had in fact allowed Linda/N to move up to
supervisory levels in the male dominated Mind Augment Field  .
.Linda N.had long ago realized it was more convincing to others if she    not  adapt her personality to the chore of  being liakble
but adapting other's personalities  using the technology (unseen and undetectable) to alter the brain signals of whomever she or her team needed something from.
No harm done imparting a communal brain signaling that "allowed" the investors to see past whatever rough edges Linda N. indeed had and also whatever reticence needed investors might have about using human subject's for human testing .After all as Linda N said" "we put the bugs in to get the bugs out".It was best not to go into detail that the "bugs' they placed into the various whores ,junkies and  homeless people around southern California where nano-tech that was created to permanently  bind to the human subject's dendrites. TMI  though could meant  FBI and DEA  -come crashing through the doors once more for yet another hefty pay out..

Thankfully now that Proxy Cy was working on Neuro weapons and the   carte' blanche to now do anything whatsoever they wanted or needed to do..Who had ever thought ,Tru Chrisite had said "That-the umbrella of Homeland Security could keep Proxy Cyber not only so dry but  also so close to the rain of money insider information insider ONLY training and thus trading provided.,. Because the military demanded that the human testing be masked..at least a dozen companies were created overnight ,mostly having to do with medical applications for  Mind Mining Technologies.
Before entering the boardroom...Linda N. checked an f MRI  monitor that assured her that  all the investor's mind had been temporarily veered toward a nice 5.2 HZ
and began
"We have all  read how hot dogs are made.
we all know that every part of  a cow is used from their hooves to their tongue to the cow's  hide
it might go with out saying  the same company that uses cow hide to make leather
is not the same company that uses  the cow's hooves to make jello
this is the same with neural data acquisition.
while the military may practice brain entrainment operations to ,for instance discover how high  scalar and microwave assuagement upon brain signal might induce focuses ,uncontrollable rage upon a human organism
to create fearless soldiers
another company might study how certain areas of the mind perceive television especially concerning self identity -Tv takes advantage of a human organism's inherent proclivities toward self referentialism ...(if one does not "see" aspects of themselves they have or wish  or believe they have in characters "in" a program" they cannot very well respond to the program they watch
the list goes on as to the endless functions of Brain Map brain interface studies and the biotech that allows another to  allow input to be transmitted over another's temporal lobe
and also accrue output from the same subject's "inner monologue"

Sunday, June 28, 2015

angry e mails and IMs for placing a photograph of a confederate flag and a rainbow flag up with a few paragraphs that discuss what other laws ,bills and contracts were being passed or give on June 25 ,26,27...I wrongly assumed some one might understand the purpose of posting discordant things simultaneously ..to me there is something som how disturbing-first of all- that the government which treats us like children . every now and than "says" HERE! here's a gift to you...b...ut we rarely think WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE TO -give us GIFTS? like civil rights and some SYMBOLIC restitution ( fabric on poles---a flag)..I can bet you any poor black man or woman (who may as well still be a slave to a system that PRIDES itself on CAPITAL being what "makes us wake up in the morning) would much rather care about the state /the union/the president placing a genuine supermarket in their community than reformatting a flag --
and the laws,the bills the WAR CONTRACTS always finalized
during 'LOOK DADDY GOT A NEW CAR!" moments
not only treats "we the people as children"
but should be an insult to our intellect
like some graduation present...
to watch us jump and cheer in the streets ?
-like we have been given extra chocolate rations

Saturday, June 27, 2015

sleight of hand CR-122-14

sleight of hand

n. pl. sleights of hand
a. The performance of or skill in performing juggling or magic tricks so quickly and deftly that the manner of execution cannot be observed; legerdemain.
b. A trick or set of tricks performed in this way.
a. Deception or trickery: made the program appear affordable by statistical sleight of hand.
b. A deceptive or misleading act.


No: CR-122-14

WASHINGTON, June 27 -- The following federal contracts were announced by federal agencies as having been awarded to companies operating in Arizona.
MILITARY $8.31 Million Federal Contract Awarded to
Raytheon(Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, Arizona, is being awarded a $275,434,620 modification to a previously awarded contract (N00024-13-C-5407) for fiscal 2014 Standard Missile 6 (SM-6) all-up rounds, and SM-6 and Standard Missile 2 (SM-2) spares and containers.

Work will be performed in Tucson, Arizona, (33.7 percent); Camden, Arkansas (28 percent); Wolverhampton, United Kingdom (11.6 percent); Andover, Massachusetts (8.6 percent); Middletown, Ohio (2.7 percent); San Jose, California (2.6 percent); Huntsville, Alabama (2.3 percent); Dallas, Texas (2.1 percent); Anniston, Alabama (1.4 percent); Clarkston, Georgia (1 percent); San Diego, California (1 percent); Warrington, Pennsylvania (1 percent); Wichita, Kansas (1 percent); Middletown, Connecticut (1 percent); Thousand Oaks, California (1 percent); and Anaheim, California (1 percent); work is expected to be completed by March 2017. Fiscal 2014 weapons procurement (Navy) funds in the amount of $260,548,374 (94.8 percent), fiscal 2012 weapons procurement (Navy) funds in the amount of $7,852,887 (2.9 percent), and fiscal 2014 operations and maintenance (Navy) funds in the amount of $6,437,000 (2.3 percent) will be obligated at the time of award. Contract funds in the amount of $14,289,887 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, District of Columbia, is the contracting activity.
Raytheon Co. Integrated Defense Systems, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, is being awarded a $33,176,807 modification to previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee contract N00024-12-C-4223 for research and development activities associated with integrated power systems power load modules to be used for electromagnetic railgun pulse power containers design, and for the fabrication and testing of prototypes. Work will be performed in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and is expected to be completed by December 2016. Fiscal 2014 research, development, test and evaluation contract funding in the amount of $8,503,020 will be obligated at award, and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, District of Columbia, is the contracting activity.
Serco Inc., Reston, Virginia, is being awarded a $31,244,653 cost-plus-fixed-fee/firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) waterfront installation support. This contract will provide support in performing the functions of an Alteration Installation Team with the installation of Ship Alterations, Ship Change Documents, and Ordnance Alterations as related to the CIWS on U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard vessels. Work will be performed in Norfolk, Virginia (41 percent); San Diego, California (30 percent); Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (5 percent); Everett, Washington (6 percent); Mayport, Florida (6 percent); and various overseas ports (12 percent); work is expected to be completed in June 2017. Fiscal 2014 operations and maintenance (Navy) contract funds in the amount of $114,000 will be obligated at time of award and will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured via the Federal Business Opportunities website, with three offers received. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division, Indian Head, Maryland, is the contracting activity (N00174-14-D-0028).
Raytheon Co., McKinney, Texas, is being awarded a $19,679,000 cost-plus-fixed-fee modification to previously awarded contract (N00164-12-G-JQ66) for Multi-Spectral Targeting Systems (MTS-C) and provision item order spares for Navy special projects aircraft. The MTS-C is an airborne, electro-optic, forward-looking, infra-red, turreted sensor system which provides long-range surveillance. This requirement supports Naval Air Systems Command PMA 290 Special Projects Aircraft. Work will be performed in McKinney, Texas, and is expected to be completed by May 2016. Fiscal 2013 and 2014 aircraft procurement (Navy) contract funds in the amount of $19,679,000 will be obligated at time of award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana, is the contracting activity.
Exelis Inc., Clifton, New Jersey, is being awarded a $15,262,451 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the design, engineering analysis, program, manufacture and test of the universal exciter upgrade (shop replaceable assembly redesign) to support the AN/ALQ 99 tactical jamming system used on the EA-6B Prowler and EA-18G aircraft. This procurement is to design and manufacture three components of the universal exciter: the modulation direct digital synthesizer, the direct digital synthesizer and the oscillator switch to eliminate the use of obsolete parts. This contract combines purchases for the U.S. Navy (10 percent), and the government of Australia (90 percent), under the Foreign Military Sales program. Work will be performed in Amityville, New York (97 percent), and Clifton, New Jersey (3 percent), and is expected to be completed by June 2017. FMS and fiscal 2014 aircraft procurement (Navy) contract funds in the amount of $15,262,451 will be obligated at time of award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to the authority of 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1). The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana, is the contracting activity (N00164-13-G-WM01).
Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training, Moorestown, New Jersey, is being awarded a $13,561,788 modification to a cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to provide training material, development and maintenance, instructor services, program management, administration and training systems in support of the Center for Surface Combat Systems. This contract modification involves foreign military sales to Australia. Work will be performed in Dahlgren, Virginia (50 percent), and Moorestown, New Jersey (50 percent), and is expected to be completed by September 2016. FMS funding in the amount of $3,412,547 will be obligated at time of award. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was not competitively procured in accordance with FAR 6.302-4 and DFARS 206.302-4. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, Dahlgren, Virginia, is the contracting activity (N00178-13-C-1022).
BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services, Inc., Rockville, Maryland, is being awarded a $10,737,652 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the design, development, integration, test and evaluation, installation, fielding, certification, maintenance and logistics support of the cooperative identification, non-cooperative target recognition, air traffic control equipment, systems and subsystems. These efforts are in support of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s Identification Systems Division. Work will be performed in St. Inigoes, Maryland, and is expected to be completed in April 2015. Fiscal 2014 Navy working capital funds in the amount of $7,281,808 are being obligated at time of award, none of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR 6.302-1. The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity (N00421-14-C-0040).
Northrop Grumman Systems Corp., Integrated Systems Sector, San Diego, California, is being awarded an $8,465,734 modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee contract (N00019-12-C-0126) for the extension of engineering and software sustainment services in support of the Vertical Take-off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Fire Scout MQ-8B. Work will be performed in San Diego, California, and is expected to be completed in November 2014. Fiscal 2014 operations and maintenance (Navy) funds in the amount of $8,465,734 are being obligated on this award, all of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity.
Maersk Line, Ltd., Norfolk, Virginia, is being awarded a $7,103,568 modification under a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract (N00033-13-C-2505) to exercise a 92-day option for the operation and maintenance of five U.S. Navy ocean surveillance ships and one U.S. Navy missile range instrumentation ship. Work will be performed worldwide and is expected to be completed by September 2014. Working capital funds in the amount of $7,103,568 are obligated for fiscal 2014 and will not expire at the end of the fiscal year. The U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command, Washington, District of Columbia, is the contracting activity.

CUBIC APPLICATIONS, INC., San Diego, California, was awarded a $78,197,073 modification (P00158) to a cost-plus-award-fee contract (W911S0-07-C-0007) supporting the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana, providing theatre specific combat training, mission rehearsal training, foreign security training team training and other combat forces training to prepare units for combat operations or deployment to combat theatre of operations, as determined by the U.S. Army and Department of Defense. Operations and maintenance (Army) fiscal 2014 funds in the amount of $44,043,547 and fiscal 2014 other procurement funds in the amount of $5,928,009 were obligated at the time of the award. Work will be performed Fort Polk, Louisiana, with an estimated completion date of June 30, 2015. Army Contracting Command, Fort Polk, Louisiana, is the contracting activity.
Raytheon Company, Tucson, Arizona, was awarded a $51,787,884 modification (P00056) to a firm-fixed-price contract (W15QKN-08-C-0530) to acquire a total of 757 projectiles under the Option 5 Excalibur 155mm increment lb production option for the U.S. Army)

WASHINGTON, June 26 -- Raytheon Co., Tucson, Arizona, won an $8,310,252 federal contract from the U.S. Army Contracting Command, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, for tactical DA58 projectiles, desiccant bags and palletized containers for the Netherlands government.
Contact: Thomas Howes, 973/724-2962, thomas.d.howes2.civ@mail.mil.
MILITARY $900,601 Federal Contract Awarded to Raytheon
WASHINGTON, June 27 -- Raytheon Co., Tucson, Arizona, won a $900,601 federal contract from the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson, Air Force Base, Ohio, for a research effort on the hardening of air-to-ground munitions structures.
Contacts: Brian J. Kilpatrick, 937/713-9883, brian.kilpatrick.5@us.af.mil; or Whitney L. Walker, 937/713-9877, whitney.walker@us.af.mil. ClassA;
MILITARY $496,435 Federal Contract Awarded to IDIS
WASHINGTON, June 26 -- IDIS Corp., Tempe, Arizona, won a $496,435 federal contract from the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Camp Butler-Far East, Okinawa, Japan, for parachute operations training services.
Contact: Kazuho Tamayose, kazuho.tamayose.ja@usmc.mil. ClassU.
MILITARY $37,835 Federal Contract Awarded to Honeywell International
WASHINGTON, June 27 -- Honeywell International Inc., Tempe, Arizona, won a $37,835 federal contract from the Defense Logistics Agency, Richmond, Virginia, for aircraft turbine shafts.
Contact: Kenya Allamby, 804/279-3716, kenya.allamby@dla.mil.
MILITARY $25,832 Federal Contract Awarded to Robertson Fuel Systems
WASHINGTON, June 27 -- Robertson Fuel Systems LLC, Tempe, Arizona, won a $25,832.25 federal contract from the Defense Logistics Agency, Columbus, Ohio, for metallic hoses.
Contact: Alan Searfoss, 614/692-2049, alan.searfoss@dla.mil.
MILITARY $24,720 Federal Contract Awarded to BSE Performance
WASHINGTON, June 26 -- BSE Performance LLC, Peoria, Arizona, won a $24,720 federal contract set aside for small business from the U.S. Army contracting office, Fort Drum, New York, for the lease of portable chillers.
$45,166 Federal Contract Awarded to Better Direct
WASHINGTON, June 26 -- Better Direct LLC, Tempe, Arizona, won a $45,166 federal contract from the U.S. Department of the Interior'sBureau of Reclamation, Upper Colorado Regional Office, Salt Lake City, for general purpose information technology equipment.
$33,904 Federal Contract Awarded to Vernon Hale
WASHINGTON, June 26 -- Vernon Hale, St. Michaels, Arizona, won a $33,904 federal contract from the U.S. Department of the Interior'sBureau of Indian Affairs contracting office, Gallup, New Mexico, for the installation and repair of fencing at the Asaayi Lake fire area. The place of performance will be in Crystal, New Mexico.
CIV5FCA5. ClassJ;
Myron Struck, editor, Targeted News Service, Springfield, Va., 703/304-1897; editor@targetednews.com; http://www.targetednews.com