Thursday, July 30, 2015

Congressman Ken

 There are individuals in this country, victims of Psychotronic (or Mind Control, Electronic, Electromagnetic, Directed Energy, Neurological, Non-lethal) Weapons, who are being targeted unjustly or used as human subjects in experiments without their informed consent. Victims of mind/body control detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history. Criminals may implant people with microchips or nanomaterials and place them under continuous surveillance. They monitor the human brain, continuously alter consciousness and behavior, directly assault and torture mind and bodies of the human subjects.
The congressman read. Using the  letter to wipe ketchup off the side of his mouth..

These are some of the symptoms that targeted individuals may experience:
a). Microwave hearing, torture with loud noise.
b). Visual hallucinations, artificial dreams.
c). Reading thoughts, retrieving memories.
d). Manipulation of thoughts, will, emotions, desires and perceptions.
e). Manipulation of human behavior: forced speech, involuntary body movements, transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, compulsory execution of these commands (i.e. the Manchurian Candidate effect).
f). Debilitation of mental acuity, loss of memory.
g). Sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep
h). Cramps, spasms, excruciating artificial pain in any part of the body, manipulation of body systems, including heart attacks and other serious medical conditions.
2. Some victims are subject to harassment and organized stalking in their communities, some victims receive false psychiatric diagnosis and in addition become victims of the systems, from which they are seeking help (medical institutions and law enforcement).
3. The misuse of such brain and body manipulation technology directly undermines the Constitution and Criminal law of the United States.
THEREFORE, your petitioners request that the Government would appoint an investigation in the United States to get to the bottom of these gross violations of human rights based upon the evidence collected by victims for many years. Goals of the investigation should include:
     1).  End of misuse of the mind control technologies
     2). Compensation of involuntary human subjects for their damages
     3). Immediate access to countermeasure protections and removal of any materials, implanted in involuntary  human subjects, such as microchips or nanomaterials, that send signals to their mind and bodies
     4). People responsible should be exposed and brought to justice for these unspeakable crimes against humanity.
"Yadda ,yadda yadda," the congressman said to himself wiping some grease from his hands with the petition.
 Congressman Ken Wallinski longed for the days of old type writing paper that absorbed his mess from his sticky hands rather than the paper that was used for print outs.
The Congressman rolled the "urgent ' plea into a ball and tossed it in the trash late for his meeting with another  Advanced Weaponry corporation seeking a contract.

Wallinski decided to grab the letter from the trash thinking he and the Psychotronics company might have a laugh as they often did scrolling through the net reading sites devoted to so called "unspeakable crimes" against humanity that only the government and the victims knew about .

The Congressman thought ,smoothing down the letter "For crimes so unspeakable THESE idiots sure spoke an awful lot about it didn't they.. perhaps not realizing their pathetic cries and blogs and posts were free adverts that the tech worked. 

Congressman Wallinski checked the signature but couldn't make it out under the ketchup smudge .  He hoped it was a gal.
 The Congressman  liked thinking about woman being used as Test Subjects more than men. 

The Congressman enjoyed thinking of specifically young women screaming and holding their ears and crying .Enjoyed thinking of the "bitches" going slowly mad and not being believed .

It worked just as we assumed ,' Congressman Ken thought checking his phone for the latest postings of the human subjects  ,'create a platform for billions of people with no voice now enabled to share and speak .Billions of people saying everything ,anything all the time all at once...their words..their comments going up an endless scroll....we could have Woodward and Bernstein explaining point for point about babies in Iowa being made into Soylent Green lost in Boi93fromNYC sharing pics of his latest tattoo..

 "Unsolicited Human Testing is the New Human Traffic ," Congressman Ken read ,aware that he was giggling aloud  .Hoping his secretary  didn't hear him ..there was something distinctively un manly about "giggling" Congressman Ken thought, making sure to burp loudly ,just in case his secretary needed a reminder of just how masculine he was. Congressman Ken placed the wadded up petition up close to his mouth just in case a guffaw expelled itself reading the Human guinea pigs writing heartfelt verse only read by heartless members of The New Way that counted on the TIs rants rattles and raves to show potential clients how well this unsee-able unbelievable neuro tech worked -


"The most important part of conducting human testing
discretely is to place as much distance between
the sponsor
of these tests-..and those you must seek to perform such tests" The Professor /Doctor said to the students
             "...not only is it essential to out source the tests but one must also
convolute the essence of the research and acquired data in such a way
that various universities and medical associations and groups and corporations
will only know about a small sliver
of "the big picture"
so one must early on chose wisely what dummy companies one needs to set up and what data needs to be falsified in advance
also which streams of hard copy soft copy true statement false statements might need to be doctored .
..this can be done by always keeping in mind that the main goal is to get the human studies as far away form their initial source and basic reasoning to preform such studies as possible..
so .one should constantly switch initiatives...change issues into non issues and back again ..suggest at first all data is being done for medical reasons . than back peddle that all studies are focusing on academic theory. Next set up special interest groups act as ethical watch dogs...than confirm that for financial reasons you can only do research out of country make..this company fold and divide one's research into fields that on the surface have nothing whatsoever to do with with a legislator to stop the very work you are doing .than once again fold or buy another company. Go public with information 15 years old..and remember to always say this type of science won't be possible for another 15 years...go back to academia...and seek options overseas. Go public that the work you have done with monkeys...has made you have to refocus on ethics before moving forward to human trials. lose or data..claim your research is ...transitioning ..move headquarters to yet another country quick start up quicker buy false loses than false gain for .dummy companies to keep agencies off point agencies most importantly when one is conducting human experiments ..make every thing so confusing that eventually even the source of the initiated outsourcing can truly say
without faltering" I have not the slightest clue what is or was going on

in the small lecture hall Dr R***** banged on the green blackboard he used specifically as an visual referential that was meant to imply "wholesome"qualities of some broadcast or actual representation of "school house" fundamentals
using a pointing stick to deliberately cause auditory imprint
with his purposely severe tone meant to instill on future
"change agents"-
2.NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT BLATHERS ON ABOUT SO CALLED "HUMAN TESTING" OR "goes on a campaign against psychotronics or cybernetics" NEVER WORRY IF A SUBJECT tells a Dr., hires a lawyer or writes to a congressman or state representative
always remember!
it comes to nothing...
never in my 4 decades with this agency has anything whatsoever come from full or partial disclosure from a subject.
no matter How much "they know"or think they know
...The subjects are inevitably taken to be either psychotic or schizophrenic*..
their rigorous campaigns to prove their "normalcy
in fact often escalate their problems concerning legitimacy
("someone put something in my mind..someone put something in my drink"Dr R**** said in a childlike voice and the crowd laughed, the crowd of students who "would " be placing "something"in "somebody's drink
"I think somebody did something very naughty to me "Dr R**** went on,his voice even more childlike when he stuck his thumb in his mouth"..I think I was violated .. I tink I saw a puddy cat .I tink someone put computer chips in my brain)
Turning serious Dr R**** asked the 'change agents" in the lecture hall,"DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE?
do you"
I am explaining to you that no matter WHAT a Targeted Individual SAYS...
YOU will always be SAFE
..I've often wondered myself if someone "Tagged" me with "apps' if I would say something to anyone..
and if I did how it would sound...
but truthfully I cannot
because I and I expect anyone here in the audience simply WOULD never be BRANDED
NON PERSON enough to be on "the wrong end" of Humane testing.
That is what we call it...
Hu mane Tesing
Never Human testing
I would like everyone to repeat after me
"Humane Testing"
The SUBJECTS perceived indignities caused to them INCREASE substantially when various "threshold tests" are conducted concerning Mind Assuagement cause many of subjects
have a melt down ,inevitably they make a public display of themselves ,this only helps OUR case. Not theirs.
Dr R***** sipped a glass of water and spoke in a manner that is casual and intimate,
"I remember a young woman,a subject literally picketing the ***dept for 4 weeks all the while neurally interfacing her mentors she intended to light herself on fire .as some kind of diminutive gesture against Neurotronic testing
...could you imagine?Could you imagine lighting yourself on fire and nobody believing a word you have said?not your friends ,not your husband ,not your family...why i even felt for the poor woman myself. Inevitably these Suffragette types will make matters worse for themselves in the courts,hospitals and everything in between as their lives become a objective lesson in diminishing returns...we do like a record...we do like to cover our asses...and we do like an open file of discredit-ification..
.which means a Psychological "happening"should present ever 2 or 3 years if for no other reason than continuity...they become used to the voices and visions but do not worry
a disintegration of self occurs nonetheless .do not give up that a full mental breakdown can also present through secondary symptoms of albeit synthesized schizophrenia-------Never ever Think of these subjects as people..THIS is what they want you to do,this is how they manipulate YOU. Obviously whoever procured these subjects had damn good reason for not identifying them as 'people"and there fore neither should YOU

the left side of the tower

Often the human subject "comes" with enough pre -data as the subject might have been "born into " one of several programs that recognized the eventualities of bio tech .Many children born into the program(raised Monarch) come equipped for researchers with easy to follow roadmaps crafted by the child's neuro- linguistic steeping .It is easier to work upon a subject raised with initiated "clapboard" moments induced upon the subject during early childhood in an effort to i...mprint a unique neural signature upon the child for ease of access for decoding concerning Reverse Brain Engineering experiments. Computer recovery by biotech interface to main frame enables access to subject's Visual Cortex acquisition of visual data from Brain Computer Interface is actually the easier signal to decode and next recalibrate rather than the signals used for "inner monologue" which are not often linear and can be "thrown off' by such things as a fan or air conditioner not to mention a "Oh I have to pick up toothpaste or Tommy at little league " moment .If a subject becomes too resistant to his or her part in progressive study often one must use "corrective" high powered microwave or ultrasound signals to cause the subject some physical pain until the subject can 'pull themselves together' and be less dismissive or even treasonous about progress that could and should be of benefit ,novelty and excitement for both the subject and his or her Team
(1)they don't send you to any academy like they do in young adult books
to teach you how to THINK to another once they ILLEGALLY spiked you with Merge Bio tech OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh NOOO that might have made sense
no..they want you to just about your business'..go about your demographic learning first and foremost how to MASK that you are Graphing ..i.e telepathizing
meaning you don't go talking out loud in a park to some occipital over ride
like a loony tune..than the more difficult task of telepathizing with THOUGHT that leaves out all that might be going through your mind at that time in terms of sight and soundand everything except a yes sir no sir " type thinking..

or -"I am at AM /PM mini mart buying a donut.(pause)

they see what you see.but that is a different program and they NEED context funny how mUCH these dudes NEED from a Human Test subject and funny how little of the test subject's needs are met being their bitch for science ..supposedly the sheer adventure of being involved in this unique form of testing dealing with developing synthetic telepathy "should Be fun"..yeah maybe for like 5 minutes it might have been when you were 7 years old..or maybe if your time wasn't researchers whose job it is to also see how much Neurotronic Imbue might drive a human organism to snap in such a way he or she will follow any command..without fighting the over ride ..and these dudes don't command you to say be a good painter or learn how to play no cello..nah what they want is you to be drink the kool aid I don't like Monday ...why don't YOU DRIVE and I'll hold the hot drinks..and take the spill..ooooh yeah...I wasn't raised for no other reason dear reader..I fit the profile supposedly of being easily lead..and have a unmet desire to be part of some group ..cause I didn't make varsity in High School or some such shit..But I am not as drivable as pre supposed...and I must say much of my early purpose Trauma Based abuse and all the CUES and Imprint s made during such mind fuck kinda' dissipated when I got the jist of "the I saw Tomato you go Kablingo" of it all...and in truth dear reader ...that's when my team began using the "apps" as the start I must say some of this shit was trippy and awesome and my team wer somewhat playful NNNNNNot now...OOOOOH no way not now.

stillI ind like doing the "run downs" when they use me as just this biological organism and don't care that I have some personality that keeps me from being too much some human drone.
you get off on it sometimes like you're in some TV show

and I am good at not moving my lips when I ttthink to my team my coordinants
'I am in a AM/PM mini mart with the donut now in a the little wax paper thing.

but sometimes they ask you to focus on some "character' who might be a person of interest.

for these tests.

so you have to learn how not to go looking at some one in a way that might get a "Hey why you looking at me dick"

and at the same time THINK of specifics whomever is decoding your temporal lobe acquisitions concerning signal data base on sight

specifics like the "make "of sneaker the person of interest is wearing and give a guess-timent

of how old they are..and than you must focus your attenuations to how the guy sounds

with out thinking your own thoughts because that 's an awaful lot of data for a Team to have to separate.

I am well aware most of these"Dumbo go out and start doing some

tracking exercise"

are only exercises

and as much as they call me an ingrate little lazy loser I do in face get up at any hour to do

tracking ..

and have many times had to go to some pretty seamy places .

to do these exercises

often getting lots of nasty ..what you looking at..? huh

and even a few fights over it.

the feedback I am somehow obligated to give

although I never asked to do this..

in my and XXXX's house alone...

"Off duty" as they say

is what I hate much more than at least having the sense I am doing something

albeit test wise

that is interesting

ME ALONE watching TV ..

is usually good for my Team to collect data of how Brain Computer Interface works with TV..than they graph "enuf TV Dumbo"

we're now going to

work on Clear Thinking.

and I sya or think FUCK YOU monster

we are not doing anything but sitting here watching TV

"NO dumbo we are now going to shut the TV..and DO our language studies


I turn the Tv up..and ignore My Team after all in a sense they do not exist..

to you reader what I write about is make believe or psychosis


it may as well be

I think ..I ain't taking orders from Monsters who put carbon nano tubes in my body

nooo way

would you?


I am no man's slave

but than the pain comes..

or worse sometimes this feeling of sadness from nowhere or anxiety or pure fear.

and this is before you hear a voice saying

"Scunbo hop to it so we "make believe " monsters don't send someone to your house to cut your dick off..


inevitably you do what they say


Evan graphs that my team is concerned....that I used to not take this so seriously..

Evan reminds me what happens to Guinea Pigs who refuse to get onto their wheel

Evan graphs me Visual of a dead Guinea Pig

and this is supposed to make me want to get out of bed.

'rise and shine and give us your roly poly .rise and shine and give us your roly poly
Evan sings while inducing the images on my visual cortex a cartoon of Guinea Pigs that look like cartons smiling wearing track suits..

I don't like these images ..they same

to served to me in real time..

not random

and without my telepathizes this with a purposed graph Evan halts the trumpet

:of the rise and shine song he often jokes me outta myself with

Evan graphs some images he knows usually lighten me up. that seem less CUE-ish.
I watch the imagery seemed based only on art and beauty with out the symbology
to instigate response .
but I refuse to be smitten.
it is all on their timetable..
on their wants form need only in terms of study
how it must pain them to have to actually telepathize something that has nothing to do with Me learning or NOT learning how to THINK in metered "graphs" that contain nothing whatsoever of memory or even where I might be ...or how I feel ..or anything but
a solid thought based only on whatever specific meaning they ask for
WITHOUT any signal they have told me must be denoised concerning selfish thoughts of hunger ,thirst. or an itch I want to scratch


and I believe we spent hours and hours teaching you HOW to bypass such extraneous from your

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII am not massaging YOU ...I am think to myself ..YOU lunatic

I never asked to be part of these tests you freeeeeeeak! I graph
and next feel a horrible zip of pain go down my spine

"Ooooh don't be crying Dumbo..Do you know what a Mentor thinks when He sees you falling apart like this?" Evan graphs

"Not pity,I know that"I graph

"FFFFFFFFFFFFFfar from pity Dumbo contempt...why because ewe have spent years working with your attitude..and trying to HELP YOU learn how to "speak" a new language..with only thought NO word..I shouldn't be having to USE WORDS by now should I..?

"No ,' I graph back thinking "and I wasn't crying"

I can tell the difference between telepathizing THOUGHT and telepathizing WORDS..
I wait for a "good boi" or a smiley face shown to my in my visual cortex.
and receive both

(2) Evan cannot be ignored
nothing can be that has deciphered and next emulated your signal
your frequencies..

the tone of Evan also is the Feeling of Evan
in High Tone..thank Wireless

and thank the mighty transmitters
that are slowly making us all in tune
on the same pulse and wave
my endless bath and cleansing signal of re-attentuation that pass right through my skull the microwaves and scalar waves that can pass through walls and concrete and clay .

I feel my mood swing away from "seriousity"
to the numb dumbness that Evan thinks suits me
I taste the metallic electric in my palate and tongue of being one and won by the electric wonder of Gone
even when the imbue of direct energy is less
gladly I sense the stupor and psycho correction has taken to make me less resistant to the intrusion of Synthetic Entity and Telepathy
it is harder now to move ...without jerky movements and an occasional seizure my Team wishes me not to report to a physician
for the seizures pass.
and I am making real progress giving up ego
to the invisible New WAY

I and only I hear

Evan impart," OOOOOOOOOOh c'mon little Dumbo...Tell me there is not something wondrous about being part of something
larger than yourself
Manknid needs to move away from One ness in terms of Self
and a Oneness of terms of preservation of it's species

so stop fighting us Dumbo

and stop regressing
there is nothing wrong with what we are working upon
Dummy is you not trying to let go of Self Referential Selfish thought that does nothing but humiliate you and whomever reads you Dummy"

"THAN JUST USE THE FUCKIN DIRECT ENERGY TO fry the brain cells you don't want ASSHOLE!"I graph ...

but I was doing so well before..
think outward..
no letting my mind focus on anything but Evan
the last thought I had..
but I was doing so well before..
think outward..
no letting my mind focus on anything but Evan ...makes my Team furious ..
it is exactly the type of thinking they graph is superfluous
and used only to lick my wounds..
and placate myself

a man however does not need to do this and certainly cannot afford to when his every thought is read in real time his Mentors

I have had enough ..
I want to bounce my head
THEIR head into the wall
but instead I go down to the basement and lean my head up again the smart meter the Meter Men put in the house 3 days ago..
I lean my head up close enough I feel in my mouth the same metallic taste I get when my time adjusts my Hzs.

'You're doing this to yourself," Evan graphs appearing as a cricket with a tophat a yard from my eyes.

I keep my head there feeling a head ache and pins and needles all through my cheek

"STOP NOW" Evan graphs...and next "please"

I go away from the meter and go upstairs toward the bedroom but instead have to throw up in the bathroom my mouth is tingling..even the vomit does not get rid of the taste of electric and metallic.

I lay down afrer.
and feel glad that it was ME this time not mY TEAM hitting me with the Electromagnetic Re -Education

But my team won't let me get away with child like self and thus self referential inner monologue that has nothing gto do with reaching newer levels of Knowing
and letting myself be known with out With Hold.

"Nice Job DUMMY..another Mental Breakdown for our good buddy who just might have accomplished with that little trick the frying of brain cells he so wishes..let's hope not ..let's hope you have not made yourself too expendable
I feel my mood slip..away from the High Tone Evan Imbued upon me after saying please in the basement back to my filthy selfish thought process my Team has spend years now
teaching me
teaching me own neural pathways to renegotiate themselves to a roadway that fits in with Group Mind /Hive Mind thought

I have never really had much of an idea what this is for.

why they are doing this..

they keep coming up with new explanations..

they don't like that I have turned on them

in a way neither they or I saw coming..
I will pay for what I did to myself and my head with the smart meter

I reach for my pills..and feel a zap go through me.. like a mini seizure.

'What we say bout" benzoes? Bout' you using Benzoes like some little girl man to run away from your post?"

"My post ? My post is it it.." Still this little glean of my having a purpose .A Post...makes me put down the pills


XXXX knocks on the door. He's holding a tiny plastacine bag.

He taps a line out on a tiny coaster with the Eiffel Tower on my 3rd stepmom gave him and me years ago when she introduced us

One side of the tower is my side to do lines off

and the other is his.

No matter what happens between me and XXXX and between me and my Mandlers we always stay on our side of the tower.

I feel like asking him if we can switch sides but I know it would make him sad or something.

Like I didn't want to come to Sunday dinner..or if I bought a fake tree for Xmas..

"what ?" I say to thin air, knowing I don't THINK this way..'a fake tree for Xmas?"

XXXX gives me a squinty look ,as he knows I am never supposed to react to the sound and images

by now

like a "loony toon"

He covers the coaster with his hand like he's saying gesture like "We can't do this" If you break the rules.

"What happens in Dumbo stays in Dumbo" XXXX says removing his hand .

"I want to be on the right side of the tower for once " I say.

And when I say this suddenly XXXX picks up the coaster and blows the meth off the coaster like it's dust and begins to lift up the coaster in his hand like he's going to break the coaster on the wood floor.

It hits me that in a way even worse than him blowing our lines into the wind

is him getting ready to destroy the ritual

the symbol of what holds our relationship together..

"DON'T!" I yell

"who the fuck are YOU! to be telling ANYONE don't ...when all you say is DON'T to your Mandlers and to the Entire Program?"XXXX says .

"I don't understand any of this.." I say tapping the side of my head..

'YOU aren't supposed to!" XXXX yells,"What side of the tower on you on and will always be on Damien DexTer Darko?"

"the left side"I say

"well than ," XXXX says putting the coaster down and pouring out the lines again like nothing just happened.

I snort my line and XXXX puts his arm around me and sits on the bed.

"I'm afraid for you Dex,,,genuinely afraid..because you used to kinda' know what you were doing and now..I don't know.." XXXX says,"what happens if your Mandlers go away?"

"Than I go away" I say because that's what I have been told.

"and if that happens ..they'll just be another Dumbo we have to break in..Dumbos raised just like you with all the same Cues.."

"I know they told me .." I say

"But you 're not supposed to tell me that are you?" XXXX says," and if your Mandlers got so fed up with your reticence to have to explain that to you...It's not a good sign is it?"

"than let them kill me than ..I truly do not care.."I say

'They won't " they'll drive you fuckin' irreversibly mad like these Benzoes do..why you think they gave you these benzos ? they knew they'd screw you up.."

XXXX gets up to leave ,usually we fuck around.I want to fuck around not be left alone .

Because I am never alone

and it feels like

pretty soon I'll wake hear nothing and see nothing..

and the fear...of what happens when they go away and what they threatened to do..

in dreams

and face to face

would drive any madder than the actually interface .

The only thing I can think of doing is to jump on XXXX back and knock him down punch him in the mouth and force myself inside him.

and the fear immediately subsides..

and the sound and visions Evan sends me are kind.

Once more I am back on track..

and true to the Program's programs.

'You do that yourself ?" XXXX says when I'm done" or were you Impelled by the spirit in the sky ?

"Not sure" I say.And for the first time it doesn't matter to me why I think what I think or do what I do.

"Goood Boi!" Evan graphs."Good Boi"


David Rhodes' testimony about a botched attempt to spray LSD-25 on group of unsuspecting people at a San Francisco "safe house" where the CIA's John Gittinger and other's involved in MK -ULTRA were "stationed" was one non -event the "defendants" used as a form of "press release" during the 1977 Hearings to purposely divert the public concerning the seriousness of the agency's crimes to that of "bumbling buffoons "and "Merry Pranksters".The Washington Post 's headline "The Gang that Couldn't Spray Straight" turned the public's initial perception of horror concerning the nature of the secretive program concerning non consensual human testing into fodder and punch lines for late night talk shows .

The Women of Brewster Place | Targeted Individuals Canada…/the-women-of-brewster-place/
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CIA / MK-ULTRA Hearings - Survivor Testimony 1996


snakes on a plain

Dwain read the memo.
: Targeted Individuals were considering hiring a PR firm to help "Brand " their plight.Dwain made a few phone calls to have Proxy Cyber front a PR firm
so the PR and Branding concerning human testing could be conducted" in-house" as Proxy Cyber was one of over 300 outsourced agencies doing off grid psychotronic testing.The TIs wanted mainstream they'd get mainstream...a promised 5 page article in a prominent magazine that would "just happen "to do a ... hasty final rewrite 2 days after the initial article was OK-ed by one of the funders for the "campaign".
Not only would the editor ad exactly the type of illustrations (pyramids, bright blue glowing brains with cartoon like "shock waves" emanating from it )the campaign wanted no association with
but the piece itself would be a rehash of an article written by Sarah Kershaw in The New York Times in 2008 discussing the subject of Targeted individuals in a manner that discredited and dismissed their claims entirely. Kershaw instead choosing to write about - the hazards of the internet being a feeding ground for troubled mental patients who could not hold a job searching desperately for "reason" for their "delusions and hallucinations" online .The article discusses Targeted Individuals as people suffering from extreme psychosis and schizo affective disorders one day ,all at once deciding their psychiatrist's explanation of their situation being psychogenic in nature and onset wasn't valid and that they had been in fact been made human Guinea Pigs..
The PR firm would pretend to be up in arms...and hand back the fund raiser's money stating that a proof reader could not verify several of the claims made in the initial piece...and panicked having to quickly give the magazine "some ink"

Dwain read the memo.
a prominent scientist was giving a lecture in a legitimate meeting hall about psychotronic weapons and human testing on civilians.
Dwain made a few calls to make sure the meeting room the scientist asked for was flooded by a burst water pipe to ensure that the scientist could only speak in a hall the size of a studio apartment.
Because the TIs hosting the event hired a professional cameraman and sound man Dwain needed to make sure he could slip the camera man a few fifties so the pro would professionally 3/4 through the talk pull back from a tight ZOOM to reveal the scale of the room to instill in whom ever may watch the scientist's "call to arms" that what he said meant little.
As little as the little room provided.
The tight ZOOM slowly retreating to a WIDE SHOT Dwain explained to the cameraman as he wanted the effect akin to watching a diplomat speak about some serious topic UP CLOSE and PERSONAL next be shown in a MEDIUM SHOT to be wearing no pants

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

American Ultra : Dr Robertson on psychotronic torture

Go tight CLOSE -UP next pull away.Slowly.We want a jarring effect.Big Ideas.Small room.After all,it's about manipulating perception.

psychotronic weapons | European Coalition Against...

Posts about psychotronic weapons written by Magnus. ... Dr. Henning Witte; EUCACH Members: Dr. Rauni Kilde; EUCACH Members:

(1) Are you alright Cole?"Vanessa asked, staring at the books littering the coffee table
.Books about
 aliens,witch craft,and secret societies
 books with silly psychedelic covers and triangles with eyes in them
Cole had grown a full beard and had begun drinking in the morning
eating garbage trolling the net for abductees and victims of mind control
the next day it would be another theory, he'd talk about antennas and transmissions, next it would be thoughts of possession and questions about faith.He even asked her if he should become a Catholic

all sorts of explanations for what he whisperingly referred to as "the ear thing"
and 'the eye thing"

she had spoken to his shrink who seemed crazier than Cole was,Cole's psychiatrist explained.
there were all sorts of tests being performed
Cole simply fit a demographic

it's about procuring a library of Thought Styles
"the New Way" could standardize
A.I. and Immersive technology

Cole ,the Dr. explained should be
excited to be part of "it"

"so Cole is a Guinea Pig? For whom?" she asked

"I didn't say I was sure " the shrink said....his eyes darting
his excitement now replaced by
what looked to Vanessa an awful lot  more like fear than anything one
might be 'excited to be part of"

 " don't call it being a Guinea Pig.
he's been selected for some reason....
targeted....some in his position call themselves Targeted Individuals
but that
all but declares victimhood.....and we need Cole to feel empowered don't we?"the doctor said
 it's been happening alot,alot more than you might think""he said softly  looking around the room as if they were in some spy movie,""it doesn't make sense that a schizophrenic would remember hallucinations in this way, nor that Sound and Vision come together

:...The patient. I mean Cole's recollections are story based,a true schizophrenics are not. a schizophrenic's affect is disorganized.
Cole is focused
and astute
something of an extrovert

...." last year I  saw a client  I also suspected was being mentored
Very state of the art. in fact
the way this client described
the Brain Link
the Co Conscious
was exhilarating.....

  The Dr. informed Vanessa that there have been a rash of "the ear thing" and 'the seeing thing' all over California and Oregon
The Dr mentioned that
Gang Stalking techniques are utilized to keep the "participant" quiet..

" chipping someone's nervous system is still in 'the grey area" of legality..."The Dr said..

"the Grey area?" Vanessa said

New Things  need a new Way ,the Dr. said
throughout history
"things" have been "driven round the block" by the civilian population.""Things"" it's really not a good idea to speak about....

'can you help him?"Vanessa asked

"His mentors will help him....
the New Way does not believe in Psychiatry...,"the Dr said

'what does this "new Way" believe in?" Vanessa asked, annoyed at the Drs."withholds"

"Oh ..they believe in many
things I don't understand,' the Dr said smiling than placing his finger to his lips...his other finger pointing to the phone

Vanessa got up to leave..Clearly.
this man was unwell himself
The dr.
stood and said
"A colleage of mine who treated several such patients was murdered. last year,in his home.I really don't feel comfortable treating Cole at this time"

"have you told Cole?About any of this?"Vanessa asked.

├┐ou don't seem to understand",if I tell Cole I am telling Them"

you don't "mess with THEM"....

.Your ex boyfriend is esentially a rape victim.
mind rape..
but also a tape recorder.
and a Tv I's in the grey area...
of legality
it's Advanced Technology...
It's sometimes referred to as synthetic telepathy.Brain waves are read from..."

"Jesus Christ Dr. are  you telling me Cole has computer chips in his brain ,"she said grabbing her coat getting ready to leave,she had heard that most psychiatrists are crazier than their patients and was now assured this was so

"there's no need for computer chips.That's whats frightening ...
but it helps to have bio sensors..for the Immersive Reality stuff.
otherwise there is so much beaming and waves being tossed about that
in no time
one's mind becomes. Irradiated

  .. no larger than a dendrite...truly a marvel of our time"

"good bye Dr"" she said."i think I am going to call some agencies..
if what you say is true
they might be able to help Cole get this stuff out of his system"

"oh dear..I wouldn't do that...  " the Dr said.."why they might just do the same to you poor's best Cole just believe
he's nuts or that the entire situation
is supernatural....

"He does ," Vanessa said


She drove from the office to her apartment
and began doing what Cole had been doing trolling the interent for answers.All she needed was 9 day old beard,a bathrobe and some books about demons and she'd BE Cole.

 what she found was interesting.And terrifying ,if it were true THEY were doing tests

earlier that week Cole had called her in the middle of the night explaining that he was being called upon by angels.And she had snapped at him.She felt bad about then ,worse about it now,she dialed his number and suprisingly he picked it up on it's first ring

'I'm in love he said"sounding happier than she had ever remembered him being
he explained to Nessa that he was communicating with his true companion through all time
that it happened to be a guy didnt matter,love was love
he had never felt this way before
their nervous systems "spoke"to each other

""Where did you meet?"she asked

"You wouldn't understand.We didnt actually meet""

"it's The ear thing right.the "possession"" thing"

"You wouldnt understand"

"actually Cole I think I might""



.Although he was right handed he had begun using his left hand more and more,he had to buy a pair of left handed scissors

if you have something to say say it my face Cole yelled
at the "voices"

it will spoil it.there's a suspension of disbelief factor at play here Evan Graphed.

can I meet you?in real life?

"whats so great about "real life" Cole?what have you done with real life.What's the world done with real life?"

having listened to what Nessa said
(call her Vanessa,actually don't call her at all Evan said)he couldn't get it out of his mind that this sense this interaction was some technological mind fuck.It took the dimension of his initial "spiritual connection" away.But than again this Evan wasn't always the "love interest" Cole made him out to be.
In fact Evan had kept him awake last night telling him to throw away all his money.

"there's a reason for everything,"Evan said

it wasn't always sound ,it was more like the pulsing.pitch.Like the white noise a giant pulsating fan made.
it was also changes.
to his mood and perceptions.
as if someone had removed the top of his skull and was playing various parts of his brain like a piano.
he wished the key was in only the pleasure centers of his mind
but it was a complicated piece Evan was playing
sometimes he felt like crying for no reason.
It was times like that when he felt like calling Dr.Ling and asking for an appointment or pills.
and all thoughts of being connected to Evan went away
he also had the feeling it wasnt always just Evan
in control
the feeling was different.
sometimes he felt like he was simply connected to his own mind.
or to a computer.
bits of him felt as if they were being taken in .and out and reconnected
every matter of thought was presented to him.various styles.
he could have sworn once that a woman had entered his consciousness
he had seen the movie avatar.where other people had the ability to ....

:stop it " Evan said,"to over analyze this is to destroy it"
"than destroy it"
"i can destroy you in about 7 you out of your mind ,perhaps for good.would you like that Cole?:
"no"he graphed.
that's not how it's done.we're not having a conversation.Do you understand?
"what do you want?"
that's not how it's done that's not how it's done ..than the odd not quite sound of a fan .of white noise.he instantly forgot about the entire situation,except that "it" could drive him mad in 7 minutes,he got on with his own dismal thoughts,that he had to clean up the living room,shave..always aware however that someone or something was reading him
"to over analyze it is to destroy it"
fuck you he thought.not at "it"
"we can't do that either"
He found himself shouting at the ceiling"shut up shut up shut up"
"now you sound like a mad man,which reminds me .you must find another psychiatrist and tell him you hear voices.we need it documented"
who needs it documented.who the fuck was he talking to,thinking to.
"stop it stop stop it "sounded something like a high pitched voice.not Evan but more electronic.augmented.followed by another lower pitched "vibration"that seemed to somehow calm his mind down
'go to a mental hospital go to a mental hospital" an even deeper pitch roared.
he stuck his hands to his ears ,rocking back and forth.
he wasn't in control of the "entity" he couldn't make it stop.,
he couldn't shut it off.
he pictured the rest of his life in a mad house.
He forced himself to stop rocking and go to the bathroom to shave.
He saw his face in the mirror drawn tight from the stress.
calm down calm down calm down he hummed to himself,dropping the razor.for one moment wanting to ..
he slashed water on his face.
the sound ,the pace,was slower.he found it soothing .as if his mind had begun responding to another frequency.a calming one
and suddenly he felt  as buoyant

"it's new Cole,"He heard the voice say,"we have to test this mother fucker for all it's worth,isn't that the way love is?"Isn't that the way it is with all new relationships.Especially when you're the bitch,Cole felt a sexual  sensationrun  through his body that was like...

"don't come yet bossman,we gotta get you to a mental hospital"

"why.I'm not crazy"

"dude,you be crazy.or you be dead"



my mom and step dad used to go out to these mom was very good looking,...people dropped things for no reason when she was walked by..
.there were around 7 of us strag alongs .
we hung around in the lobbies of fancy apartments
.we all got to know each other.most of the parents were divorced .it was visiting day.weekends .every other weekend.

"my name is Veda,"the girl in the lobby said.I had seen her around other lobbies.she often wore a crown on her head or something shiney in her hair.I had seen her and her brother sit for 3 hours ,very still ,not saying a word
she was 7 if she was a day,"this is my brother Kit,He doesnt speak.He is magical.
we can communicate without words.some people can,it runs in families,I want you to run upstairs and get us cookies and soda,"
I told her we weren't allowed upstairs.And Kit began having a fit,
"see what you did?"she said,"now quick ,quick run upstairs and get us cookies and soda before something happens"


"I'd like you to meet Evan" Veda said, offering me a drink,"and Kit,Remember Kit,he talks now .But sometimes he prefers the Old Way of speaking.Not the New Way "

"I was sort of expected to see you wearing a crown"I said sipping my wine,tasting something cinnamon and salty

"I am,and now ,so are you"she said,taking away my glass.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

subproject 86 /War Crimes on Mulholland Drive

the monkeys in the lab  were mainly for show
a sort of  "in the mean time" display
as Proxy Cyber needed somehow to insinuate
 that the neural data they had been acquiring  came from somewhere besides human subjects

..Proxy Cyber didn't just cook the books  but sliced them, diced them, glued them back together  to hide the fact that the  genuine data collected

came  not from monkeys but  from a wide section of  human neural scans

 only a very finite number of  private security and non security firms Proxy Cyber  held contracts with
 could know without allowing themselves  exactly what they knew was going on
could use for

any use that fell under the umbrella that was insider
    benefits of 
        Homeland Provisional

most of the companies who wanted to reap the rewards "advanced and thus covert"
that for the stake of "futures"
would not exist until
'The Future"if ever...
didn't need caged monkeys to subjugate whatever qualms many would have had
concerning priceless sensory data obtained from non  consensual human testing
concerning Mind Decoding and Human to Computer Interface.

Big Business had it's own umbrella of capriciousness.
big gains at any cost ...least of all
or morality

just the same ..
there was a sense that
one didn't talk about where the neural data came from
as            .
  who really needed   to feel uncomfortable  with  the unpleasant  fact that tens of thousands of human beings were being psychologically vivisected
 in ways only a mad man could conceive  of
by  mad scientist
 pretending and purporting that  their work was solely being done  for King and Country and "medicine "
            according to word on high IF certain prominent researchers did not believe
               there work was being done ONLY to HELP humanity  they might refuse to participate
                  in certain aspects of "Brain Mapp" whatsoever

(but who was anybody kidding.....
                     everybody in the Mind Augment Field KNEW)

Thanks to Proxy Cyber's arrangement s with certain legislators and media moguls
the "dirty work" behind Human Testing
was either "taken care of" or simply ignored.

certainly the subjects KNEW not to speak about their Testing
lest they be either beaten up,subjected to hours of electromagnetic bombardment...or driven to madness
and or suicide by "the Brain Link /Brain Mapp studies"

  .Tens of thousands of people walking around  terrified or so past terrified to hollow-,many of them falling to pieces in front of their loved ones,their children, friends and parents eyes..
According to Tru Christie and Evan Rainy "it was a treat for those "app-ed' with Merge bio tech
as it made MEN out of boys and Vipers out of "the girls"
who often seemed to take deal with their situation with a  more mystical and  often religious bearing
that that "the boys" seemed to lack
 Over night from seemingly out of nowhere they began  Hearing and Seeing things..
Out of the Blue
out of the Beam
 Their minds  now claimed to be mined
now open books
 to be read ....and
written upon.

"Like many American things," Tru Chrsitie would say to a stockholder who seemed  put off by talk off  human testing "  new marvels and mechanisms  of progress  have always relied upon a small share of .collateral damage ..we might not  often  say so out loud but .
without slavery would there have been the infrastructure  for America's  industrial revolution
 and without dead China men would there have been a railroad?....
Without ...certain world events going down would so many cell towers have been allowed to go up without naysayers chiming in that there was a reason that wires once held what is now without insulation?

"World events."Valerie would  chime if she had noticed the client getting nervous,"We do not discuss world events .certain or uncertain
 in nature or unatural circumstance
..after all Brain Computer Interface and Neural Data Collection  is all about television...and Television has never been about world events...
 more and more world events are about television aren't they"
Tru Chrsitie might chime  in "....but this revolution will not and cannot be televised..The American people do not want to hear about human experimentation.  whatever so called steam the human  subjects must blow off..they blow off quite nicely in the great nowhere of 20 billion channels and nothing  ON ..."

Tru  Chrsitie explained ,"We don't really think of the participants as humans...once they get "app-ed"...and a good many of them only  get on a  list  because they require Mentorship and Monitoring and
often comes to those who refuse to see...
a New Way..
some of our subjects might have been labeled as non persons in another time when people did not mince words
the homeless
and certainly our fair share of dissidents...and dissidents often become terrorists
or at the very least
terrible company at a pub
.and why not let's just call a spade a spade..some of our little family .just happen to be in the wrong demographic at the right time...If you need to think of them...NOT as Guinea Pigs
..think of them as Pioneers..developing medical neural prosthetics for the blind  and deaf ...those in critical care ...those innocent victims of head trauma ,comas, Alzheimers..we're even doing our share with Autistics
did you know that some autistics ONLY come out of themselves when graced with Visuals and Sounds from films and cartoons..I work with a young lad named Denny Pace...a low functioning one ...
a pain in the ass ..
on the outside ,"Tru said,
"but on the inside there is something   else going on....something
deep and meaningful.."Tru lied

Really," Valerie said pouring the shareholder a drink,"It's best NOT to tink of the participants AT ALL...the same way one does not think about Cows or Chickens when one is eating them"."

at this point Tru would get up and go to the monkey cages stating that
virtual reality and A.I. testing on a primate is in this particular field of mind science not of  much value

the data transmitted by a monkey with Merge on the brain is limited
"not "limitless"as it should  be
luckily for you and for us

other patrons who by now have  provided Prosy Cyber Systems
with all manner of capital for "sub projects" in the field of Brain mapping and Mind Encoding and Mind "augment"that allow us to cross certain so called ethical boundaries
that war allows

in the beginning ,Tru would say we were allowed use of "
what various agencies  and  departments ,such as the police called
"non persons"
junkies ,mental patients and   potential "agitators",petty criminals,whores,the homeless
in this way perhaps for the first time in  these non person 's lives they have been able to GIVE something back rather than take ,take ,take,
and some of these non person ...when it comes to mind to mind interface indeed give what they receive...
I have  man-ed many a man in my time
and i can tell you
as the Enemy
is  not always far ashore
but  in our backyards

"....some consider Poor people especially dangerous or at least a burden to those of  work for living ,who know how many children one can conceive aa well as maintain" ,Gordon Morton said over cocktails with Valerie Prentiss ,who in 1994 was just stepping down from an executive position at NBC to become head of programming at Parasol Production's new Direct Neural Interface Department  ...

Valerie was a Level 8 Neuronaught and knew the future of Television had more to do with interaction first of all to begin getting a census of the entire consumer market..
and because  Merge bio tech provided  a complete discovery of all that a human organism thought felt and believed in simply by using the tv as Rorschach  test
a standardized test
to get a science -ideological basis to WHOM AMONG  US COULD -GO
based not on creed,ethnicity , sexual preferences and things such as these that
as Valerie said "Always got the populace up it;s ethical high horse," next adding "How very odd that the populace NEVER got up and screamed and rebelled that the government not first and foremost take care of the population problem..
now that genetic marking ,neural reading and artificial intelligence and the super computers that housed such could classify and determine
down to the cell and neuron WHO here
should not be allowed to take up parking spaces let alone  procreate more of their kind   ...Of course we're not their yet..but one doesn't get someplace without know what place one wants the world to they  ?'

Tru Cristie explained -

"How ,down to the very second a mind scan went to give  a human organism  all the wiggle room they might need ...
to not be misunderstood as someone NOT beneficial to the Enway..

and  that all matter of foolproof has been programmed into   the sight specific possibilities of catering the  media to the mind studies
and how universal  Referentials common to all thought styles
have been programmed into this new form of tv..

for instance every one has a first day of school..a first best friend..a first kiss.
TV already uses the common language of the population...everybody knows what a car is...what a wedding is...but they would and could not if a car ...or if a wedding was not ...introduced upon the the human organism;s sound and vision..
tv presupposes one is acquainted with certain notions of cause and effect...right and wrong...
but so far no psychological study has ever been able to get passed a person  being aware that that  a society excepts us to react  to commonalities in a certain way
people can fake ...normalcy..
as they can fake courtesy...and kindness if it gets them what they want
but what brain computer interface gets is's un-buffered automatic response..
to  instigated stimuli ...and that;s really all tv is..isn't it?

Valerie also thought that TruGenic's
and the Trugenic scale of Evolution could be applied to even those
who bought nothing ,had nothing and gave nothing to the world
by inciting them
to "do us all a favor and  final exit stage right" she said ordering a second round...
but often she would gage the reaction of the stockholder before saying so...
and switch the topic away from human experimentation back to the cute monkeys in the cage .

she loved listening to Tru Christie  talk about The Experiments
and how Dusty the baby monkey  was handling the
mind to mind communications

"we, like our monkeys over there  tend to get absorbed in self awareness

"monkeys have self awareness" Valerie would say ,on cue ,as if hearing Tru for the first time to invite the stockholder back to a more mundane topic and point of view.

"absolutely...ever see a monkey with a mirror in it's cage...they can become captivated by themselves for hours."Tru would say ,looking to Valerie for a cue ,if he should go and touch the monkey ,,to show the stockholder how human and "humane" he was.

" Do not forget the Merge  bio sensors make it possible for our  Tele- operator to see exactly what the  sees, reel after reel ....imagine  8 hour shifts and  that fucking  ugly monkey looking at himself in the .we took the mirror away,,,but next thing you know he is glancing at himself ,preening or studying himself in every reflective  surface conceivable..eventually we simply cut off the  monkey's face ..mounted it..and hung it in the cage...and trust me he  no longer wants to see any reflection of his face anymore"

"what Tru is trying to say is that we do not give up on the subjects that seem Unresolvable ...we attempt to correct the subject's mindset with the "apps" as well..we are not monsters"


whatever America was before..or fooled everyone into believing it was.(and IT never was what it simply reached some peak in the 1950's ..
like how one feels after a good fuck.
or receiving "money from Home"
I suppose our "Money from Home" was getting our hands on some top notch Nazi Scientists we seemed to wait like 6 million years

 so to get our grubby hands upon..

the 1950's was when America perfected it's super stylization
...into the early 1960's when Rockets were in our hearts and minds and brands
and bands.

the space program was like
a version of  OJ Simpson trial to distract everyone from the come down
of the temporary we won we won.we're rich we're rich!
that only for a gusher
spilled upon "the rest of us"

but this brief brief period
"worked" like wonderbread
upon the land
the Homeland!

but how quickly it kept slipping
how Russian we were dredging up "commies'
but how quick we were to LEAVE Hollywood alone
when it wasn't "Commies' tinkering with what shit went into our eyes and ears...but
a whole new enemy
and that IS
IMAGE..and false images...
and so much sound ...and endless strangely everywhere..that
it is terrifying..
and so confronting and pacifying simultaneously
..a soul killer.

the Russians Had that one right
sad that THEY became more like US
rather than less
the Russians and ALL these enemies
are not sneaky about what they expect their citizens to be

not like the USA!

the microwaves..hit ..and tickle...and make my mouth myoclonic click click click
my body dystonic  tic tic tics.
I get hit and hit with these wavey grave-ly
so tempered and so delicate..
so measured and so soft ...
so my passing will seem "just natural"
please DO ME DO ME like you do our enemies
YOU HAVE long ago MADE me ONE
more so than they can ever be..

this country which can't execute a man on death row
in a speedy (nor humane fashion) has shown their teeth for both torture
DO me Like you DO the "enemy" in Afghanistan
make me shrivel up like a toy...
non human
something LIKE I am now...
an object you needed to play with sound pulse frequency..and symbols..
straight to brain.....

speed it up
speeeeeed it up.....!

 -Cole Cohen 2/13/10 The Memphis Ohio Bi Weekly Magazine


death be not loud feel like the  squid lately..the squid .the rube   whose nervous system has been commandeered..
I am the writer
whose been commandeered is this not so
is not nearly every MOOD I feel introduced
upon me
all but swing what I type
toward Kevin McCarthy type
scenery chewing
and back again to the damn truth

the truth can come out but ONLY
if we
swing your mood and mode
toward this now
and next toward that
I am a Tool..
have they not always said this
but only when I am "at my best/worst"
which I now know almost certainly
is only via the signal
what happens when one becomes aware that one is a Kayak ad come to life?
I had no impetous to wake but writing .documenting..
but now after what I can only explain as a long pause
a fostered
mauever "crash"of sorts..
for my "team" to regroup
as I was going the wrong direction
writing about "some of the action" taking place
on a base
rather than
"In my face"
the stakes were never that high for me
all I want is out
all I want
is them to make due on their promise
of "taking care of the problem"
but thie rpromise was always that IT would nOT be fast..but as slow kill as the
this direct energy.
this over load of micro and scalr waves..
I now feel taking a brand new toll
I almost feel my mouth..meaning I taste the current
fry me from the inside out like you do to "the enemy"
the enemy you hit with direct energy so hard their bodies literally shrink to less than a meter
place new dirt...where "it" happened.
be proud of your new toys!!!
.this is not working..on so many levels..
there is a new level....when one starts being aware...and the same time is the same ...lack of awareness one is not only in human ,un holy..but also..a ....something new

Targeted Individuals California
 Everett R 2013

Memphis Ohio Bi Monthly Magazine

they want you to think of everything BUT the project
but what else can you think of. man?
these are folks who tossed 30 monarch butterflies in your  bedroom apartment
cuz' I had the gall to talk bout' monarch programming
they want you to shut up
who'd believe me..huh?

and whose gonna believe the other shit?

. you don't do monarch programming to a GUY
well I guess you don't go doing that to nobody..

only 25 percent of Monarch programmed kidz
are guys.
usually premade to be somebody's foreseen
"baby " when they're 16 or 17
or younger..
they see your a mess. and ply you with liquor..
and listen to your trauma based let x equal x
manchurianesque defiledhood ..
and next thing you know
you're a full blown rent boy

next thing you know "all my friends all my friends" are giving me tranquilizers and pain pills.
yum yum yum
and just as planned you become some piece of human garbage who by now is
a pill freak .
scumbo's disgusting...what they do to you..
on purpose to make you...
segggggmental.when you're just teeeeny tot
fractured ..and thus much much control
when the inevitable
"I can help...I been there' Older brother type gets parked in your spot
why "this guy " suddenly appear you might ask...or might have
before you realize They parked him
as they have parked everyone they Knew you'd respond to this programming is made ONLY for predictive response..

YOU are their project.ya see?
it is the ONLY reason YOU and thousands of others were born at all
for science
Human Engineering...
foreseen ..possibilities...and for these foreseen possibilities
they needed you to be modeled a certain way
and all sorts of nasty nasty things were done to you as a kid
(we talking sssssssssssssssssick nasty shit)
to make you all cobbled into pieces
mind wise..
and than ?
and than you be warehoused for decades...till they got some high tech
shit going ..
to make you
literally a human puppet

voice to skull
is how it begins.
when you be 20 something
and than wait wait wait
pull yourself together from that one..punk

and you do
somehow you do
it takes years
.....and you almost forget about it..
          you blame it on pills...
               or some random "thing" that happened.
and you never see it coming what's next...
how could you
          syyyyyyynthetic telepathy
.....................oooooooh yeah..
                           how they do it?
who gives a damn
you now hear and see shit no one else does...and feel shit..
 dream shit...they read your mind somehow starts slow
of course you run to the ER ..and take neuroleptics ..
dumb ass.
but it makes it worse
know why? cuz' you're fuckin' with "it"
their THING
their techno...
so you "go along' know why?
cuZ' they send folks round you to beat your face in..
they loot your apartment..

you have to know your place in "this"
what's your place ?...a monkey..a lab rat..\
and they explain it to you...they get off explaining IT to you
why they explain this shit to me ...years later...

because they needed a real big wallop to segue you into
the next phase...of "being" NOTHING but some Avatar..but in real are now John Malkovich
and if you don't like it
we'll cut you up
and hurt you sooooo bad...
for thinkin ' you can write nor speak about "it" with no repercussions
skin me alive you

...don me dear reader.
I hate these researchers..
and they hate me back..
they use this tech to fuck with your nervous system as they might a squid.
(didn't ya hear they HAD to learn to maneuver a squid's nervous system..?  now who the fuck needs to learn how to maneuver a squid's nervous system? huh..except the same folks who HAD to rip wings off flies..
these are the people who become Human Engineers..
people who not only might rip wings off flies but might replace the fly wings with tiny bird wings they ripped out of ..OFF of a unhatched baby bird

what's their excuse?
well   the Russians ya' see.or Al Qaida  were doing this..
and IF they weren't well
THEY SURE better now huh?

no .I hope not..know why
cuz' I gotta move outta this place..
and Al Qaida ..Russia ..where ever..when you're a human lab rat
literally....take me save me
I'll cook for you and shine your shoes..I'll shine the entire country's shows I will I will I will.

they thought of everything except what it would RRRRRRREALLY be like to
"man " another man
who they know all about
why they know all about this man they manned?
cause they deliberately screwed with every aspect of his life since he was born..

they want you not to focus on reverse brain engineering..
and imprints...and cues
and the past...but move forward
Off a cliff.
is where they want you
and that's where you will soon be  GLADLY

How dare I expose them..and not respect them
are you kidding me?
I respect them as much I guess as  Dr.Frankenstein's "project" respected
his research scientists
and want to do very much what dr Frankenstein's project did to his maker
but since I cannot "get close" to my team
the best I have is this damn computer..
and ONE day..with me gone or will all come out

IT didn't work how they wanted it to
they wanted a shooter.
How many fuckin' shooters do these guys need?

these shooters are distractions ...the people they kill? OOOOh collateral damage
everyone is collateral damage to these guys..
distraction certain bills get passed
so certain bids and contract get lost in the "shooter'
they kill off celebrities for the same reason
an interesting "Oh my " NOT HIM!...death in Hollywood goes almost as far as 'I don't like Mondays"
it started in earnest with Tanya Harding..and OJ Simpson
reached a peak with Monica Lewinsky
as a lead in to "the big show"
Tanya harding ojsimpson monicalewinsky...
with so much NOTHING going on that keeps are eyes OFF
genuine monkey business (human experimentation with psychotronic weapons and direct energy weapons not withstanding)
nobody really is paying attention to ANYTHING but someone's tit "falling out" of it's assigned position..

Cole Cohen  3/12/12