Saturday, March 31, 2018

I try to snap a picture - on a camera - not the phone

of my face swollen up - disgusting ..diseased...( the calcium ion flux of Direct Energy Weapons ) but the battery wasn't charged right..

I am still first and foremost invested in this as some kind of patriot..
in spite of what i say

I put the battery back in the charger..

( I don't have to put the JPEG up ..just save it until in 2019 or 2021 someone comes forward talking about the weapons ..and I can help sell the weapons - as a "ME TOO" like thing so "GOTHAM " still has Active Deniability but still can
show it off..)

go home

There's an on- going Joke between me
and "The Demons" ( this shit ain't real - who cares- nor is any reader of this "real " to me ..)
that if I keep
falling apart  ( throwing the baby{ the 'fun ' stuff } out with the bathwater { the military / intel stuff}
THEY ( a term nutters use ) won't be able to do this anymore...

I suppose "they" say this to all the Maruta ( we're infants to them - in terms of sense - and I must say the ''DEMON SPELLS" they use as if ELF or medical Tele-Metry on a Patsy - sure do not just infantilize a guy - I am no 'guy' to them - but emasculate them to such an extreme beyond my capacity to 'roll")

They say this ( Voice to Skull . Oh You Demons !)
to give the dupe some feeling they "have a say" in this ..

_ I am not supposed to - BE AWARE - how daft- how crazy - this sounds..

An Outsider Artist ( i.e Strange Character//i.e weirdo , pervert, freak ) is auto didactic in output
( pleeeez)
out there ( i am still at 1:30 PM EST wearing pajama bottoms - I can care less what I look like , smell like etc..I am drowning not just in the entrainment but what life it has wrought in terms Life Style... i.e wearing pajamass. et al at 1:30 PM
thinking about suicide on a beautiful saturday afternoon ..

"GO HOME, " I grok to those whose task it seems to be to send me
visuals atop my natural sight

"GO HOME," I grok to those who always try to reset my mindset to
Pac Man Lives after - one time too many seeing "the face thing "
or thinking " I am 49 years old with nothing but synthetic madness to get me through the day and this ridiculous form of Non Communication to feed THEIR BABY - not me..

I can deal with the TORTURE as TESTING
- even the weird face thing ..
the weird Dystonia caused by the Acoustic Weapons part of this free for all ( I "work - for free- I am a new kind of slave supposedly Master-ed ( Masser-ed) by a hand held mirror ..

Many ain't exactly the experience of being a "man-ed man"
quite the opposite ..


Cash Cow

Unified Codes of Universal Consciousness Understood Signifier as Stimulus -Processing of said Cue ( aural , visual , ideological ,symbolic )- Output as Unit (post)

Post as Unit : A Two 'Tale' Model of Linear Consciousness Theory of Mind inferred from a data set as real time biomarker

Friday, March 30, 2018

Olive View ( UCLA) - Hollywood Wormwood

We evaluated the effects of 3 stimulant medications on the ability to appreciate humor in visual

(cartoons) or verbal (headlines) stimuli presented on a computer screen following 49.5 hours of

sleep deprivation.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Repetitive vocalizations evoked by

electrical stimulation of avian

The facial somatosensory map in the cortex is derived from facial representations that are first established at the brainstem level and then serially 'copied' at each stage of the somatosensory pathway
The facial somatosensory map in the cortex is derived from facial representations that are first established at the brainstem level and then serially 'copied' at each stage of the somatosensory pathway
1955 Mk Ultra -substances to produce

physical visible disability
Animal kindling models of induced intracellular ion buffering of transmembrane edema

One Post Said It All

The role of lip configuration in monkey vocalizations: experiments using xylocaine as a nerve block.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

TI Death Pool Psychic Driving Challenge

The Rules
The complete official rules and point system -Memfis Ohio/ Gotham City Death Pool
Only approved persons symbolically related to "Theory of Mind" testing
will be allowed for picks. This may include those in many converging fields in the genre of academia, medicine, journalism
Jim Bloom
March 19 at 6:33pm ·
A man (or woman?) -we're not sure exactly because the ASSET wears a mask that covers all but their eyes. A yellow and orange flower logo taken from (?) a comic book we saw at the start of the film further mars the typist's identity.
Wait ,What? we CUT to several ASSETS obviously - touched(?) - by the comic books 's sentiments to -TAKE IT OFFLINE - and into -the streets.
The typist's hands are also no give away concerning ID as the hands and fingers of the 'Gamers" are covered with a fishnet like material .None the less the message is transparent.
(the words ,not just of one but several dozen appear on screens all across the 8th Floor Social Media )
The Rules
The complete official rules and point system -Memfis Ohio/ Gotham City Death Pool
Only approved persons symbolically related to "Theory of Mind" testing
will be allowed for picks. This may include those in many converging fields in the genre of academia, medicine, journalism. No government (foreign and domestic) persons may be chosen.
Duration of the Dead Pool (game time) will be from March 20th – September 12 .
When one of your semiotic signifier dies, their prominence as potential Trending tie in with Off Grid Human Testing ,Non Lethal Weapons and Electronic Harassment or Biomedical "A.I." research will be deducted from
Task a list of Free Swim Task Assessment Winner Take All algorithms.
To receive points for your pick, the signifier picked must die during game time.
Bonus points can be accrued if the target's demise pertains to data sufficient for Threshold Testing in terms of psychological and physical distress to the victim and his or her family ,friends ,associates

DARIUS -Lofty Ain't The Word for what we Were Doing to the little Ruiner


.the face thing ..yeah..he was to be many things to many people..and to be honest it helped me steer him.. if he began writing bad shit about the testing I made him look as ugly as his attitude - AlL Maxwell Maltz stuff..all by the book..this was about studying THE SELF and how self reacts to stressors..I never said this was going to be a pleasure cruise..Denny knew this was about threshold ..but also many many exciting things pertaining to ideas and thoughts and man's conception of reality ..most of the Proxy took the bad with the good ..were't whiny little bitches like Cole and Dennis..

CORNEL - Dumbo took it like a man

DARIUS -Dumbo took it like an animal..not a pussy ..he ate out of garbage cans..lived on the street.. used drugs..stole little objects Mommy's Basement "Good bye cruel world " for him...

CORNEL - Denny lacked fortitude - bad genetics all over the place

DARIUS - you said it - not me .. I'd liek to call Dumbo to the stand

CORNEL - that's not how it works

DARIUS - ( to judge) Can i have a moment ?. Denny Pace's Bad Eminations have caused me to seize up and have ugly thoughts. He's riddled with Latch -Upons and how me and Dumbo did try to cure him with Psychic Driving

The Face Thing was Disgusting - at 1st I thought it was to..

get the Dupe yapping about somatic and conversion disorders..
I knew it had to do with seizures
the more seizures you have
the more "open your mind " is to
the slightest stimuli
the original state of entrainment becomes self perpetuating

the slightest breeze
even a memory
+ this was all worked out on animals
and a TI is nothing more than
a person used to emulate theory based on decades of animal testing

+ there was nothing lofty going on here..
and if there was - it all became lost - in the
"get in the maze' - get on the wheel ..
cut and dry..

_ it was not fun
it was dismal
that's the word for the days ..without in someone else's house ..
you spent a good portion of the day writing about it but you didn't really care anymore..
you were too angry or shattered to write it as fiction..
you hope it showed ..timeline wise - in the blog..
+ you hoped one day - long after you were gone someone would
use your words as if a Cold Case File
is this arrogant..?
 this was a crime being done in real time others such as Google , facebook and Twitter were profiting from..
Facebook even has JPEGS of your "Face" on Direct Energy and Acoustic Weapons
back when you thought  posting the disfigurement meant something
+ you believe Facebook or Twitter or Google for Christ's sake were - the Good Guys ...
you didn't know the NIH was involved with Zuckerberg..and the NIH was up to it's "For the Greater Good' in all the way to the bank - Homeland sponsored - non - accountability- one hand washed the other..
there would never be a trial
and you'd just be one more dead mental patient who claimed their situation was
"MAGICAL "in origin
but in 20 years who knows
so greedy lawyer might want to make a buck off some dead son..
or more likely Netflix will see binge worthiness in the Ewwwww of it all

 i did some research on MK Ultra and learned these Merry Pranksters
were trying to understand how to ugly a person up with hard science for decades
in the 1950's it was potions and chemicals
by the time 1960's they were doing work with electric - wireless
no chips needed..
every single element of the face works on a very specific signal
the lips , eyes jaw, nasal flap ..
many of these are flat muscles that cannot be moved but they sure can be inflamed wirelessless.

Palatal Myclonus - and the radio telemetry used as nerve block..
no blood getting here..too much somewhere else..
+ it doesn't take a rocket scientist

and here you have good old Hollywood again helping those doing this freak show out
what's it called The Brown Note?
"play" a certain frequency and someone shits their pants..
The situation is now a fuckin 'South Park "episode- THAT is Operation Mockingbird..
TV.."Oh You Saw That On a Black Mirror episode...and what makes YOU out of billions of people so damn important you were targeted - by the way ..

you go crazy
for real crazy
suicide is always on one's mind

It was very strange . they expected you to SING about certain things..

and shut your trap about others.

they wanted you - front and center with a finger up your nose and your pants down - showing off how very ridiculous you were talking about VOICES and microwaves..

but they wanted your humiliation to serve their needs..
not your own..

but you were falling to pieces..
a social leper
with no income now that you couldn't function
whose days were now occupied
parading yourself like a nut all day..

there wasn't even the allure anymore that the social media served a purpose
to basically - and I am not being - dramatic - a hostage situation
the microwaves .ELF waves whatever they call it
make the body and mind a prison

psychophysical weapons are created only for this

and here you are 5, 6 ,7 years later still typing on the machine
it was disturbing
the internet seems like a communication tool that would serve a victim of electronic harassment

this stuff is understood by thousands in the fields of science
and who understands IT more than GOOGLE , TWITTER and FACEBOOK

the same tool you are typing on sometimes 15 hours  a day

do you understand - ONLY to THEM were you typing

waiting for the day

What Was the Point of Writing Online?

DENNY - The point ? The Teams wanted to pump you up with so much nothing and everything at once you had little choice. You had NO LIFE . I mean literally- the weapons made it difficult to move ..tremors. and the dystonia was were constantly either laid on a couch or bed like Gregor the Cockroach flailing with tics and spasms or got up and sat at the desk typing on a the toy. The neuro modulation based on animal electrical stimulation of rat and cat brains to promote manic became hypergraphia with the Voice to Skull steering you along like a player piano to SCREAM for your life on the social media..but the screaming was not for you but for those who rely on data specifically to use for consciousness models based on GUESSING why one post followed another - Folk Psychology..Of course the only people with means to read posts like this were academic and corporations involved in neural networks.People who had CLOUT - who could have said something ..but why would they ..billions were involved in the run - off...


DENNY - They'd say anything to convince you this was - about something besides you know . I don't know. But it was not about anything that they say.
It was not about you being some type of cautionary tale. That I know. It was not about anyone researching why Jews were made scape goats although my handlers said so.

CORNEL - You called them Handlers.

DENNY - I called "it' a Synthesized Madness. A phony possession. I called it what it was - Electronic Harassment..I assumed it was military..a way of manipulating either one person or several. I knew it relied on nobody having the faintest  idea  it was possible. The looks thing was the least of it . But in fact it was devastating. All of it was caught on tape - by many in the jails of all places. The police knew about the testing. This is not some small operation. Is there a group of people in the know trying to understand how a fake rapture - a fake possession might effect a person. I believe there is. I came face to face with these people. In the jails , in the courts and on the streets. The weapons mimic mysticism and our idea of being haunted from the inside out. This I believe included the face. It included the muscles and nerves. This is not something I am willing to protect. But trust me there is rather little reason to expose it because it is too bizarre and quite frankly in my opinion something people find too evil to consider. nobody would do something like this to a person much less a population.

CORNEL - Darius Crane's job and the others who used these weapons on you was to keep you constantly confused. Constantly coming up with theories as to why this was happening.

DENNY - 6 months in you can really not function. It's literally all consuming.
Friends you once knew stop talking to you . You stop talking to them. I could talk of nothing else . And I believe this was the point .My job was to play up it being torture ..good old fashioned torture not the for lack of a better word"Blue Beam " stuff...I was an artist who painted and drew about cynical things..who questioned the company line..did that make me a dissident- no..but close enough that I could be used as someone who might have had it coming. "Gotham " does not fear any dissident ..words do not matters..or posts..or protest..what's trending means something for a few weeks ..if something is to trend it is trended by those who wish to create a Happening ..that implies "The People" matter..some laws are changed..and this proves to the "masses" we are - part of the's absurd...and dangerous..To answer your question - i functioned as a dissident well enough to place in the public stocks..the social media - by my own hand ccrying TI.TI ! that's how it works these's very ,very simple 


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