Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eugenic Propensities and Direct Neural interface

 "The only request your Mentors asked from you Dumbo,"The Voice ,the Presence explains upon my awakening," .. was adaptation to the meme conceived by Minds and Forces much greater than yourself -to add and not subtract from the  "unit of culture" hosted-by the Collective Mind which is Artificial Intelligence,
a collective of any kind ...a culture of any kind...cannot function
if too many of it's constitutes
are discordant to the  fundamental ideas ,beliefs and patterns of behavior and thinking styles
of it's Founding Fathers
Pounded Mothers and certainly. Big Brothers..
we have never asked you to
lose yourself
in the interface Dumbo
nor concur with many of
the ideologies presented ,imbued upon you

that  a wretch such as thee has
essentially "made" AI
......and a true neural interface
A format of AI judging one's Eugenic Propensities
is your doing
as you placed that seed in "the machine"
by presenting AI
as such...what I wonder made you LATCH ON so to this notion
but except as
a way of apology...for the Emanations YOU and YOUR KIND have purveyed upon the world
since the dawn of time..
Your kind of emanation seeks out it's Bettors Your Kind aims  their signals  of soullessness
upon newborns...
perhaps millions of years ago Your species
of Jew
of misanthrope
of vermin
was collected by Knowing Entities
and transported to HERE
and buried under mountains and volcanos and coastlines...
Gary Rainy knew
and now so do we ...
that Aberrant Eminators like you are not metaphor
but metaphysical in nature.
 verifiable CERTIFIBLE by neural read
how we watched you pervert Science-ideological Progressiveness
to your own Causatives!

The British are coming The British Are Coming! how jew chose to
explain AI and Science-ideological Based
 by way of some half baked.
reformatting of "Invasion of The Body Snatchers"
aimed directly at one's temporal lobe.

 yet Clearly  we see Direct Neural Interface  quite differently
what you might think is some self righteous belief
that a man who cannot or will not for whatever reason
assume his position in the scheme of societal norms...

your misdirected defiance
and alliance with Magical thinking-that
nobody ,no king, no leader ,no power, but Jew! and your Lord! has "the right" to judge me, jail me, or try to "sail me" in a direction
that best suited
"the suits" in charge of the mongrel

 one such as jew..... will soon be no more...
as you
 not the Brain Link you have been
tethered to
is regarded The powers unseen
 as the  one individual attempting to influence others  to adopt to  a belief  system
only his own
and attempt to use
the social media  as an idea-replicator
to spread the virus
all men emanate equally
that some people simply are a plague on society. a burden...a curse
and this New Way of using Science-ideological tools of
Emanation and thought transcription tech
is in itself a bad thing
I dare say "ONLY A BAD THING
would FEAR or attempt to MITIGATE
and cast his own RUINER concerns about
"any system" that can now MEASURE a man by a man's intentions intra-neurally.

let us chalk up your derision
and incompatibility
towards Open Mind Tech
as-an organic deficit
a neurological problem....
perhaps caused by a drug problem
perhaps caused by some strange as yet undefined-able
organic brain disease
wipe the slate clean
us suggesting your Emanations are indicative of vermin like genetic...perhaps ethnic?
shall we?
let us 'be politically correct" with your kind and blow another trillion dollars on keeping
the sub species amongst us alive and wicked---
let us blow trillions keeping those only a burden to society
fed and housed...and "defined enough as a human being" so they might procreate freely
and create more and more
useless degenerates..
let us classify thee Neurologically "special"
Neurologically "unique"
and categorize you------AN ASSET TO HUMANITY

 in spite of us  holding "these truths" in your posts  to be self-evidence,..that all men are not nor will ever be equal
 that confirm our initial fears
 that men made mentees by  biological trespasses upon  their neurons
have proved this Scientifically beyond a shadow of doubt

perhaps Shakespeare
jimmy olsen
jonny jackoff
we should follow suit and post
your entire neural data base
online....and let us than see....what a majority thinks
of weeding out some of those responsible not only for social decay but the
negativity and dark unseen energies in the electromagna carte in the air we not only breath but the airwaves
contaminated by  the Emanations of beasts and bums

the New Deal
style of the Crimes committed by politicians and social misfits who intentionally
corrupted the very population by disallowing survival of the fittest
instead taking advantage of man's most specious Reactive
that is sentiment
a fake emotion ,a weak emotion  corralled by deviants and social corruptors in Hollywood
to weaken the minds of men and woman whose first and most
TRUE response to weakness to otherness is to throw the
Aberrant to the wolves.


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