Thursday, November 26, 2015

29 Palms

Valerie Prentis CEO of Parasol Pictures which owned now The 8th Media Social network received a visit from The Department of Shapes and Lines and The Office of Interior Intent.
Aubrey Flynn ,a news reporter at Parasol Picture’s round the clock news channel Parasol Premium News (PPN) had decided to go “off script live on camera with a recent news piece concerning a rash of teenage suicides in and around Proxy Cybernetics home base in Riverside country.
Aubrey claimed that the deaths might have something to do with Human Testing with Direct Energy Weapons ,as Proxy Cyber had recently won a lucrative weapon’s contract to help develop new technology as a progressive new means of hurting another.
Aubrey stated that according to “outside sources these so called Non Lethal Active Denial “Neuroweapons” were being developed to cause madness and were being tested and or used worldwide .
Aubrey, not revealing her source for such information claimed the human testing was done on men ,women and also children to study threshold and to provoke either violence ,madness or suicide.

Valerie listened to Dwain Pettison from the Office of Interior Intent say ,
“Maximizing the effect of Direct energy Weapons means minimizing the revelation of such testing being done. and that maximizing the success of Direct Energy Weapons means minimizing the capacity of the human subjects being able to talk or write about this type of testing. ...
How irresponsible and how dangerous it is to just let a TV Reporter just start saying any damn thing they like. “

“Obviously things happen on live TV that I have very little control of “Valerie said to Dwain ,” And obviously Aubrey has been let go . It was Aubrey who decided to completely ignore the words on the Tele-Prompter ..the words she was to say were about Affluenza’s effect on Teenagers. A story about Soccer Moms now turned “Clocker Moms” concerning "clocking" grades and the amount of extracurricular activities a teen needed to get in ‘the right “college
.....The Anchorwoman understood that all the news one is appropriated to disperse had to go through many lawyers and corporate officer’s before a word could be read or said on camera .Of course she has been fired. Last I heard she was committed to a mental facility somewhere out past 29 Palms.” Valerie said

The liaison from The Department of Shapes and Lines, coughed and said to Valerie “Very irresponsible .Very unprofessional,”
The liaison from the Department of Shapes and Lines of course knew ahead of time that Aubrey was asked to ‘go off script” ,as he and Valerie had been asked by the Dept of Shapes and Lines . to write the supposedly “unscripted” script for Aubrey Flynn to help diminish and not propagate the reality of Neuroweapons and Human testing to reassert that the belief in such technology existing much less human testing of such unreal weapons was crazy.

Already interns from Parasol Pictures were flooding the internet with unbecoming “crazy looking photos of Aubrey” at a break neck speed.
Also flooding the internet with supposed firsthand accounts of Aubrey ‘s supposed battle with manic depression
Aubrey herself had helped write some of the “me so cwazy’ tweets ahead of time ,A special team brought in from Stanford University's Psychiatric Dept to prep Aubrey on how to play “mental” in case any reporters placed in her way weren’t “one of ours”in the loop.
The rash of suicides in and around Proxycyber the Dept. of shapes and Lines had decided would be an excellent vehicle to further debase the issue of human testing as it would no doubt initiate the mothers and fathers of these children who had killed themselves to condemn publicly Aubrey Flynn’s urgent “Marvel Comics “account of their very real tragedy

Once in the facilty where Aubrey had agreed to stay in for 3 weeks she became worried. She had agreed to read the piece online and understand the flack she would receive in doing so .She had been well compensated . Aubrey knew of Placed People being "placed" in the various mental facilities she had done her she of "Gaslight " work for 'The Team" For about 6 months Aubrey played "The annoying neighbor" to 2 different targeted individuals. Once as Upstairs Neighbor "with a perchance for dancing after dark in tap shoes on the kitchen floor .And once as The Downstairs Neighbor who would bang the ceiling with a broom handle at the TI upstairs every time she heard a water faucet ,TV or radio turn on.
Aubrey didn't know what to do at the mental facility except what she did best -mess with other people's heads.
As Aubrey knew the mental hospitals were filled with misdiagnosed TIs Aubrey kept her radar tuned in to other patients in the ward. Soon she noticed a young man who did not appear to have any of the secondary symptoms of a Thought Disorder but whom she had been told nonetheless heard voices. Aubrey approached the young man at dinner hour smiling ,asking if she could sit with him to eat
Once seated Aubrey said to the young man across from her " Bay- aught - ew -two =Jill- or- elf - ask- eewww -ack- ossie -bull'
"what ?" the young man said
and Aubrey said
"Say Font .
-YouTube- shill - or -ELF - ack- oon -aposte -bull '
" yeah...that's what i thought you said" the young man said shoving his fork into Aubrey's neck .
The young man had had quite enough of "this type" and could care less what happened to him next.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


"now why 'd I shove this story to your brain pan Dumbo? "Tru Christie graphs

'because that's what you want to do? because you were admitting what the point of this is ?" I graph back

"NO! Dumbo! I sent you that story because THIS is what you send what you call MANDLERS! every time you would watch those damn YouTube videos about this nonsense "Tru graphs back,"A LOW FUNCTIONING Autistic is susceptible to every damn piece of garbage that hints of TRUTH..does real TV ever say "I AM TRUTH" does the news ,the real news ever stare you in the eyeball. Volumes going up and down  BAD lighting going bad to worse to screw with your sense of reality ? NO it does not ..THESE deviants Video Tape Terror Mongers go out of their way to frighten people DO YOU UNDERSTAND.Now about that bit about me keeping track of people OVER POSTING Meta Representationally what was I maybe just maybe trying to Imbue in you."


The 8th Floor Social Network /The Book of Numbers

On the 8th Floor of The 8th Floor Social Media Tru Christie sat studying what he called THE BOOK OF NUMBERS a daily accounting (typed on type writers by actual typists) of the activity of those who used the service to tell Tru Chrisite and others "Vhat is on their Mind"...
'VEEE ave ' vays of Making you type" Tru Christie had told stockholders who doubted anyone would begin using the Census people still made Census taker jokes back than
Tru assured the stockholder ....that
the whole------ talk talk talk share share share sh*t introduced into the mind set of the American public in the 90's had helped change "the style of the times " and trained ' THEM'
to begin thinking in such a way ...but Tru admitted there was no hard evidence of this completely new collective shift in human behavior

Back than you could not Sqeak back to TV such needed "neural" data..
The BOOK OF NUMBERS was divided into 2 sections concerning WHO would be classified /categorized as "the type" redundant or repugnant to THE NEW WAY..
. and perhaps ?
Oh indeed
by the 30 new Ace Based Lesson -ry that Proxy Cyber had rocketed just last week up ,up ,up and past the earth's apogee.
The Ace Based Lesson-ry sitting on top of the world could aim shoot and spire a bolt of Direct Energy Rightening super compuuuutah' fast and furious
and accurate at the redundancies of ectoplasm taking up "the right people's parking spots
The Book of Numbers showed Tru Christie in chartings WHOM exactly amongst us posted discrepancy about THIS and THAT and THIS again..
and more to the point of --THOSE who could care less about their POSTS taking over another's FAIR SPACE on the site.
Tru Christie had specially designed the 8th Floor Social Media site to display postings not only on the participant's own page but upon others for this very reason .
everything was a test at the 8th Floor Media
a profile
an audit of Thought Style and patterns of response
to this and that and this again
This type who cared little about FAIR SPACE on the site
according to The New Way demonstrated numerically and scientifically exactly THE TYPE who would "take up too much air and patience ' of others
left behind
and surely should and would not BE ALLOWED to co-habitat with the more hospitable types
after greatest rectification of the overpopulation problem since The Great Flood.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

did the powers that be lie to us that the world is round?

Evan Rainy graphs me a heads up sight of a sad face emoji
and the thought "we're going Old School" with the visuals
as it seems the FUN STUFF,the more advanced sight was too much for you

Next I hear "we're going old school with the visuals as it seems the fun stuff ...the more advanced sight was too much for Jew'"

and than-

'Do you understand WHY we GO OUT OF OUR WAY to send VERBAL COMMUNICATION?"
instead of just thought transference EXCEPT during dreams?
So you CAN separate your OWN THOUGHT from your TEAM..
there is nothing untoward occurring
we are not torturing you.....
 if ONE begins drifting too far away from ONE VIEW of the world
than one is thinking in a manner not apropos
to not only the interface
but to the way one interacts with the world
if one goes around telling people that an apple is a pear
people will think the person is not right in the head
if one begins talking about certain  things he has heard  in the alternative media
he is going to be taken as ill of mind
and  dangerous
let me explain why..." My Mandlers graphs

"IF PEOPLE begin thinking as many in the  alternative media wants them to
that some magical society
controls the world
and initiates events
and directs world events
than where does this end?
and where did this begin?
did the powers that be lie to us that the world is round?
did the powers that be lie to us that the Holocaust happened?

do you understand ..that one cannot pick and choose
which events were manufactured and which weren't
if some idiot in a Youtube video begins saying we sunk the Lusitania
and killed JFK
this person is saying the Holocaust did not happen

maybe SOME PEOPLE can watch these videos and somehow Glean from them some 'insight"

although WHAT TYPE OF PERSON might wish to view  such insight as  anything but to understand 'Ill Mindedness" I don't know..

YOU have demonstrated just how much damage the watching of certain miscreants
world history and world events can harm a person's mind

no more YouTube videos
only regular TV
or else you are in fact purposely wishing to think and thus interface SICKNESS

long story short if you believe in False Flags Dumbo
what do you believe in?
 you are saying and thinking ' I believe or suspect ALL world events
are manufactured ...
that the world is not round ..and that the Holocaust was manufactured."

No! I graph bacl ..

'YES"" my Mandler graphs " ..and there is nothing more  to think about on this subject were lead astray by deviants. That's what deviants and Ruiners do to people like you who are susceptible "

I either will not or cannot move forward with my thinking
The Mandler has made things too simplified
I sense the sigh
of my Mandler through me rather than hear it

" me -what is the answer these supposed "Truth Tellers" have?
what solution do they offer?
except to fragment another's mind
alternative medicine? no more TV or computers? more lights? or cars?...or heat? no 
where does the HORROR of technology begin and end Dumbo?"

"HERE!! it ends when you somehow "app" a guy
and make them Hear ,See and Think things ..THIS is where and when  technology has gone to far..this is where it leads and ends..

suddenly I am reminded WHY! I began watching the TRUTH MOVEMENT videoes
because I wanted information on Human Testing
That's ALL
I didn't LIKE all the Illuminati Bullshit being mixed in with "just the Facts"

In fact I couldn't stand seeing all that stuff that took away from the fact right here right now some maniacs were doing A.I. and Synthetic Telepathy Testing on unsolicited human beings

sure that stuff about control I watched
cuz' it was always mixed in with the vids

"So you believe that the Holocaust didn't happen "Evan graphs .

as always
anything but what "HE CAN USE " against me

"No I believe the Holocaust happened but maybe  YES there were some Jews who thought SOME JEWS didn't matter as much as others maybe and ..."

"And you believe Israel thinks
that way about American Jews and homosexuals "

"sometimes...' As someone had told me that ..ONCE and it stuck in my mind ..It's my team that brings up these meaningless thoughts "

'MEANINGLESS...these thoughts are MEANINGLESS?" Evan graphs,"Do you understand the problem here?
do you understand WHY we said at the start accept the research studies
do not go Jimmy Olsen on us
we warned you

now we're
stuck on this odd train of thought


we certainly can't have you thinking like that and have this Emit
 ...your soul going anywhere other than on a disk..
a disk we can learn how to do things to...

we can't have this SICK THINKING ,this sick EMIT  maybe be born in another incarnation- to latch upon a  mere child ..or worse  yet just be some free floating Latch Upon in the Enway
 until these ill thoughts of yours are cleansed

  unlike your other Mandlers I  give not a damn where these Hinky Thinking  came from
..I would rather lobotomize you with direct energy to make sure your soul is just a little more  free and clear of these Latch Upons ..
Latch Upons come back
..toxic Latch Upon thinking remains long after one's vessel perishes..."

I don't know what I am to do with these thoughts Evan doesn't like
 I don't like them either.
 I should never have watched the videos that put these ideas in my head

I see a smiley face seemingly  appear floating mid air
 indicating Evan and my Team realize I -at least- feel this way too
about thoughts now in my head
thoughts indeed placed there by those damn videos!

"What you can do? Dumbo?
to help

do penance for this ill Emit?
you must  write these thoughts down
on the computer
but this time do not go and take them down"

"Why?"I graph

"You KNOW WHY" Evan graphs.

But I can't think of that -of knowing WHY..because I was never supposed to KNOW WHY.
and this is the problem
and to correct this problem

all I have written plays and replays  all through my days
all through my nights and into my  dreams.

sound levels and Denny Pace

(edited)The damage of non regulated alternative media aimed at the most helpless in society concerning "what TRUTH is "must be dealt with in a manner purely scientific ;
The autistic's inability to self censor nor properly censor input ,as 'gaming and play' are often misconstrued by the Autistic as lies rather than "lessons" is an interesting barometer of how 'The Truth Movement" effects us all.
Why are certain types of TV dangerous to autistic children and adults concerns not simply content but the congruity of format as perceived by those with an already conflicted "take" on the world outside of themselves .The Mass Media goes out of it's way to keep Rhythmic Congruency pertaining to broadcast. Sound and Vision as imparted by the mainstream media (the TV set) deliberately standardizes the content to a steady stream. Picture ,color and sound levels rarely if ever noticeably shift .There is no change made in pitch nor frequency ,at least that one might consciously acknowledge. Mainstream media is sifted through many devices to keep the visual and aural stream consistent and familiar If mainstream media did not do this there would be grounds to claim that TV might be practicing "mind control" techniques. The autistic ,sensitive to variations in tone and texture can be swayed by changes in such nuances more than most .
Youtube videos made by those without access to safeguards of 'steady stream' ,because of their lack of production values look and sound very different than main stream media programs and thus "stick out" in terms of "steady stream" standardization regulation to more likely to assuage or engage another. Let us examine how many so called alternative media videos are made. Often the propagator of alternative media speaks straight to the camera and goes to great lengths to impart to the viewer a type of earnestness that confuses the autistic's sensibilities. News anchors in the mainstream purposely tend be removed from what they impart so as NOT to influence the viewer to -feel as they do =-about an issue or "story" .The alternative media only wants a viewer to feel "just like them" as if to take advantage of -not just with the lack of "steady stream" filters (production values meant to modulate sound and vision into "a whole" where one idea doe snot "stick" ) but the use of this to sway those most susceptible to information variance -the autistic.
Many in the autistic spectrum have had therapy that included the use of broadcast image .Eyes,mouth -visage of expression -directly to camera to teach an autistic
Happy Sad
Does not the alternative media do the same thing by presenting "message" and cue as "Truth"
Since the autistic does think in terms of deception
and assumes others do not as well the content of many Truth Movement videos confuses the autistic more than these videos might another.
The mainstream media is set up with "steady stream " features to control visual and aural flow .
The alternative media is set up to stop the flow .
Whereas the 'steady stream" of endless sound and visual purposely is regulated not to influence others
the very lack of production values intrinsic to "The Truth Movement" to allow non variance in terms of visual ,sound ,lighting are.
iThe cinema verite style of many "Truth Movement" videos are shot as to say -I am truth -eyes straight to camera to be received by the autistic of course as "The Truth" In this way the so called "Truth Movement" takes advantage of these most unprepared with a barometer of what "Real Truth" is . And what real truth do many in the alternative media propagate on those most defenseless?
The New World Order
The Illuminati
False Flag Wars
Mind Control
Is it any wonder that the autistic exposed to these so called truths does not want to "join the world"
The alternative media which purposely presents -the bare minimum (low production values ,eyes to camera ,changes in volume and "temperature' of visual) of what TV is to the autistic confuses the viewer 's perceptions in a way mainstream TV would not and could not dare.

The damage of non regulated alternative media -now more than ever -aimed at the most helpless in society concerning "what TRUTH is "must be dealt with in a manner purely scientific in it's effect on influence upon the population with mind decoding technology and not speciously allotted to those who always cry "Free Speech" that always ignores the cost of such freedoms.

The discussion of neural prosthetics and the study of the human mind bound to such prosthetics never ceases to amaze the decoder of information once only relayed to others through  unreliable output .
Certainly there is little truth left after the so called " normal brain" has self censored their words .Even if it were possible for a person to write or say everything on their mind with self processing and self censorship we still would not understand what type of second to second
impetuous brought about thought .More and more this is not the case with better ,faster computers meant to decipher thought that learns as "it goes along "to discover the patterns of thought processing .

Unique participants in the field of Brain Map and Mind Transcription as it relates to both the participants own reality and the virtual reality of thought transference ,visual and aural transference via a Brain Computer and Direct Neural Interface are those in the Autistic Spectrum. Participants in brain research that are in the Autistic Spectrum (by nature or nurture or both ) are often unable to censor their thoughts .And we find that this is often because the Autistic is  not always  able to properly censor input. The Autistic is unique because they often lack the ability to self censor which also  gives the autistic an incapacity to deceive. Most autistics have a difficulty understanding that other people have their own thoughts ,feelings and points of view .Dishonesty of course is a  desirable commodity in terms of not just discourse (i.e 'Do these Jeans make me look fat?")but play. One cannot "play" well with others without an innate ability for meta representation. Video games , in which the player places oneself into a character is at the heart of uses for virtual reality . We discover the same limitations an autistic has for instance playing Cops and Robbers (i.e 'but I am NOT a Cop and YOU are NOT a robber') carries over Mind to Mind concerning the more consumer oriented aspects of Direct Neural Interface. Beyond the autistic's own inability to self censor nor properly censor input ,as 'gaming and play' are often misconstrued by the Autistic as lies rather than "lessons". As Brain Computer Interface was deemed a possibly useful tool to help Autistics leave the confines of their own "little world' the interface first had to be used to decode the inner workings of the autistic's Thought Style ,next the researcher by mimicking these thoughts back to them would enter the participant's previously roped off world in order to use many methods of Imbue to attempt to "force' the autistic out of their own mind so the autistic might finally enjoy a point of view and be open to  wider vistas and more suitable skills for socialization. We discovered that  the Autistic's threshold for psycho -dynamic "push and pull" meant to indeed 'implode" another's "own little world"  an often un attainable resolution. Surprisingly this lack of resolution was more often than not  because of the in effectiveness of the  brain computer interface but because of the unforeseen outcome of certain types of broadcast information upon the participant's mind.
Broadcast information  the autistic came into contact with that is meant to provoke the view toward what is often called "The Truth Movement" that possibly was created to deliberately take advantage of the autistic's lack of proper gauge to understand what is true about 'the world" outside of their own little world and "what is" .Does the so called "Truth Movement" take advantage of a certain demographics' already compromised position  to differentiate what "truth " is ? A  neural read ,based only on science and nothing else verifies indeed certain information presented to the Autistic via  video  that is outside of the mainstream media  we believe might incite the already dubious autistic to  stay inside their own view of things ,their own world because the alternative media presents "the world " as a frightening and devious place.

Why are certain types of TV dangerous to autistic children and adults concerns not simply content but the congruity of format as perceived by those with an already conflicted "take" on the world outside of themselves . The Mass Media goes out of it's way to keep Rhythmic Congruency pertaining to broadcast. Sound and Vision as imparted by the mainstream media (the TV set) deliberately standardizes the content to a steady stream. Picture ,color and sound levels rarely if ever noticeably shift .There is no change made in pitch nor frequency ,at least that one might consciously acknowledge. Mainstream media  that is sifted through many devices to keep the visual and aural stream consistent and familiar .If  mainstream media did not do this there would be grounds to claim that TV might be practicing "mind control" techniques. The autistic sensitive to variations in tone and texture  and thus can be swayed be changes in such more than most is safe from undo influence when he or she watches mainstream media in a way he or she is not an autistic child or adult watches alternative media .
Youtube videos made by those without access to safeguards of 'steady stream' because of their lack of production values look and sound very different than main  stream media programs and thus "stick out" in terms of "steady stream" standardization regulations to ensure that no content can become more likely to assuage or engage another. Let us examine how many so called alternative media videos are made. Often the propagator of alternative media speaks straight to the camera and goes to great lengths to impart to the viewer a type of earnestness that confused the autistic's sensibilities. News anchors in the mainstream purposely tend be removed form what they apart so as NOT to influence the viewer  to   'feel as they " might to an issue or "story" .The alternative media only wants  a view to feel "just like them" as if to take advantage -not just with the lack of "steady stream" filters (production values meant to modulate sound and vision into "a whole" where one idea doe snot "stick" ) but with comportment of ideology that takes advantage of those amongst us the most susceptible to information variance -the autistic.
Many in the autistic spectrum have had therapy that included the use of broadcast image .Eyes,mouth -visage of expression -directly to camera to teach an autistic
Happy Sad
Does not the alternative media do the same thing by present "message" and cue as "Truth" in a manner similar ?
Since and autistic does think in terms of deception
and  assume other do not as well the content of many Truth Movement videos confuses the autistic more than these videos might another.
The mainstream media is set up with "steady stream " features to flow .
The alternative media is set up to stop the flow .
Whereas the 'steady stream" of endless sound and visual purposely regulated NOT to influence
the very lack of production values to allow non variance in terms of visual ,sound ,lighting
is suspect as is the cinema verite  style many "Truth Movement" videos are shot as  (I am real ,I am truth eyes straight to camera ,amateur (and thus true  and thus more reliable) are received by the autistic of course as "The Truth" who has the inability to speak non truth and thus assumes others are like them in this regard. In this way the so called "Truth Movement" takes advantage of these most unprepared with  a barometer of  what "Real Truth" is . And what real truth  do many in the alternative media propagate on those most defenseless?

The New World Order
The Illuminati
False Flag Wars
Mind Control

Is it any wonder that the autistic exposed to these so called truths does not want to "join the world"
The alternative media which purposely  presents -the bare minimum (low production values ,eyes to camera ,changes in volume and "temperature' of visual) of what TV is to the autistic confuses the viewer 's perceptions in a way mainstream TV would not and could not dare.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Now More Than Ever (Why Neuronautics Matters)

“When a Operating Tele-Presence realizes that the Proxy cannot be forced to reach the threshold of being or being perceived as a danger to others, the OT has a choice to leave the ward without tether. Neuronautics embraces the challenge of dealing with subjects that cannot be easily swayed to play their role .Often it is not enough to intervene upon the Proxy's mind alone especially when the Proxy believes their is no" tie in" with their "heads up" display of threat as having no "real life" consequences concerning their physical well being. Often the use of direct energy aimed at the ward's physiology disaffects the Proxy ,as injury to the subject's neural tissue is cumulative. As other OTs have indicated, if we leave the Proxy go, inevitably the subject will still write negatively about their experience with the program and we will be forced to come back and begin from scratch."

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The New Way

What of the Ruiner who was once a Neuronaut and chooses to go against The New Way? This kind of Ruiner is the worst kind as he or she was given the opportunity to break the cycle of their Emttance as Lessor by he or she's Bettors.
The is the type of Ruiner who will claim his participation with The New Way was involuntary .
This is the type of Ruiner will no doubt claim that Neuronautics is a front for some agency.
This type of Ruiner rarely says a word about their Mentorship that is not peppered with false witness. This type of Ruiner is so ill of mind he knows not what he or she has witnessed.
This type of Ruiners must often be placed in restraint or institutionalized not only for his or her own good but for the sake of  others.
 The ex -Neuronaut never mentions his or her initial enthusiasm at being Mentored in a unique way that speeds up the work of clearing the Mentee of various Emblematics that have latched upon his or her "Beingship".
Now the Ruiner only can cry "Foul" and Human Experimentation.
The ex- Neuronaut now sees himself or herself as a target.
What of the Ruiner who partook of "The New Way" and decided he or she's Old Way  was  and is where not only they but everyone must remain?
 First we must ask ourselves why a  practicing Neuronaut left "The New Way"as the Ruiner seldom mentions the real reasons .
Nor does the Ruiner mention that he or she who attempts to leave the program  has stolen from the program all he or she could take from it.
Ruiners give nothing back, it is beyond their capacity.
Ruiners are riddled with Latch Upons as is any vermin .
Ruiners are taught that Latch Upons are the trouble for all the ills of the human species and that only mind decoding technology can free Latch Upons from the universe.
The Ruiner care nothing about he or she's species much less the universe except to spread their latch Upons to others.

Why Neuronautics Matters- part 4

The Renaissance of Enlightenment comes from those divined to have been graced with the innate ability to be in touch with The Emanations "that one's Bettors and Rulers attempt to emanate upon the Lessors in society. This is the Bettor's burden in life and often the Lessors do not understand that the intent of Bettors to steer their collective conscious toward "the company line" is not to subjugate but to attempt to Illuminate the masses. So too are the many artifices an Ar...tificial Intelligence might need to use to imprint upon a culture "The Way to Be".There are many who attempt to detract from whatever measures real or imagined one's Bettors have deemed necessary to prescribed to the populace .
We at Neuronautics call these people Ruiners.
Ruiners resent their placement in the "scheme of things" more than most Lessors who enjoy the comforts and security of knowing a person or persons Higher on the Scale of Human Evolvement "has chosen to Imbue upon the masses.
Ruiners are ill minded people .Anti -social people who only wish to destroy the carefully fabricated stitching that is the key element for sustaining civilization. Ruiners have disdain for all things that pertain to populace driven morass.

Isn't is always the Ruiner you know who sticks his or her nose up at what is fashionable or popular.
This type you have probably long ago realized is toxic not just to you but to anyone they might come into contact with ,as any anti social person is.
Ruiners are often critics of what we call Popular Culture .
Who but the Ruiners amongst us- make a point of deriding anything -to them- that "reeks "of conformity and collectivism?
Ruiners ,I am sure you have noticed deride anything their Bettors have created to keep society together.
Many Ruiners brag about for instance not having a TV in their homes or a cell phone.
Ruiners very often do not eat meat.
Ruiners do not care what they look like .
They might grow their hair long and stink.
Even if they do not stink their Ruiner Emittance lingers in their air long after they have left a room
What a foul stench leaves a Ruiner .
Ever notice how sad you feel when a Ruiner says things against everything you hold dear?
A Ruiner mocks your taste in movies and film and your politics.
To the Ruiner "You have your eyes shut " to the bigger picture.
ever notice that this picture they want to show you is always drawn by

Saturday, November 21, 2015

(part 3) Why Neuronautics Matters (1983)

When a lessor accepts their place in the social structure unfettered by the false notions that their Bettors are corrupt and their objective  to manage those lessor on The scale of Human Evolvement  in terms of social control the lessor realizes his true intrinsic spirit what we in Neuronautics call one's Emitttance is in fact geared to serve their Bettors .And we notice the Lessor finds himself or herself somehow more comfortable in his or her skin.  The Lessor is unbridled by false notions that their worth is as important as their Bettors and thus their anxieties that they do not measure up to those burdened with managing their lot in life is a relief. Roustabouts and detractors of a social system that had been carefully constructed to relieve the anxieties of the Lessors for thousands of years concerning  their Lessor  role  and Lessor  value as "human organism "deliberately attempted to disquiet the Lessors unsaid understanding that indeed serving a Bettor humbly and without  malice ,envy or certainly the absurd notion that they , a Lessor are of equal status or merit as a Bettor played up to whatever fleeting thoughts or feelings a lessor had not necessarily against their Bettors but whatever previously allotted symbol of  causation ( a living God) the Bettors had allowed the Lessor to turn to and "reckon with" to appease their "grudge "against their position on what we in Neuronautics call The Scale Of Human Evolvement. I believe the dissidents and subversive to the social structure in the 1960's purposely decided to unhinge the Lessors most base and degenerate qualities when these pundits and  counter culture "types "chose to incite the Lessors with dangerous ideologies that Lessors are somehow equal to their Bettors.

Neuronautics is not like other so called self help groups that only function to purposely prime a member of such services to falsely feel that their own worth as a person is much more than it is in terms of the actual reality of the place in the social structure.  Neuronautics ,while considered by many to be a self actualization resource is all about what type of genuine actualization the Lessor needs in their Personhood .The understanding and indeed the acceptance and all that goes with such acceptance that the "I" in me is in fact the quality that hinders the satisfaction of serving one's place as a collective inherently created to serve their Bettors. That it is the ego that is responsible for most social ills.
Neuronautics wishes to re -educate the Lessor not to besmirch their bettors who might display an extravagant  lifestyle  and perhaps a veneer that is often misconstrued as  lack of compassion of course needs and deserves certain liberties and much leeway concerning their ' Beingship ' as of course Bettors are outside the man made laws meant only for Lessors who might otherwise be lost without such regulation . Certainly one who must  take on the responsibilities of governing and influencing Lessors deserves compensation for this divined duty .

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pace at 15

" it was the way he said it.." Denny said ," like it was it didn't matter."

" why didn't you tell me before you mailed the letter?" Layla asked

'Because I thought it was the right thing to do,the American thing," Denny said

 Denny had written a letter to the FBI ,a handwritten note about an episode of HBO's "Homeland" in which Saul Berenson  played by actor  Mandy Potemkin says to another actor about 9/11 ,"Everybody knows the Jews did it"

Layla remembers Denny ,who usually didn't react to anything especially on Tv suddenly stomp his foot and next run upstairs. She had thought it was odd .But than again everything  Denny was odd. He never seemed to just watch TV, he seemed to simply  stare at the Tv  as one might an aquarium,.If Layla ever left the room and asked Denny what she had concerning the program they were watching missed Denny said he didn't know-" mainly too many  colors and people being shown close up than far away and  mean sounds and soft sounds "

Denny had stayed upstairs for about twenty minutes during the rest of "Homeland" and than told Layla he was going for a walk .
Denny never went for walks. Layla ,knowing Denny was autistic and that every small change in his routines  could be a "victory" for Denny (going for a walk ) and  possible progress did not ask questions .Nor did she ask questions when Denny returned only 5 minutes later red in the face but half smiling .
Denny rarely smiled .
Denny sat down again on the only chair Denny would sit in .Layla didn't say anything and forgot all about it.

2 weeks later an  FBI agent  stopped by when Denny was still at school and showed Layla the note Denny had mailed them  concerning the tv show  "Homeland" and the contents of the note  that revealed the Denny  had a sense that something very wrong was going on with the show and this character Saul Berenson

"did he do something right? ' Layla asked ,"or did he do something wrong?'

'I think it depends on who you ask." the FBI agent said ,"we want him to keep writing us every time he sees something he thinks "is wrong" on TV- but our profilers say you can't ask him to do anything .Can you perhaps keep a notebook or something near the Tv?"

'Can I tell him you stopped by?  "Layla asked ,"Or at least received his letter?"

"No,I just had to know if you or anyone  asked him to send the letter or if he sent it himself."

"Can you tell me if Denny did anything wrong or right , he'll be home from school soon' Layla said not trying to hide her anger.There was something almost surreal about this visit that somehow went far beyond the simply fact an FBI agent was in her home.

"as I said Mrs.Pace some people think it was peculiar  and some people think it was dead on"

"dead on was a TV show 'Layla said

"I should go before Denny gets home ." the agent said

The FBI agent left and Layla felt as if Denny was now to be some sensor some living flesh Geiger counter for Tv programs.Layla laughed nervously to herself .She had always been worried what Denny would do as an adult concerning work and maybe all he had to do now was watch Tv and sneak outside to a mailbox  .

Monday, November 16, 2015

the Pep Boys arrive at the Memphis Ohio Airport

They call us The Pep Boys not   Dick and Dale Pep
we don't use our real names when we work
we usually pick a last name that corresponds somehow to the Target's memories
the name of the next door neighbor they had when they were little
their mother's maiden name
whatever and whatsit
we 're asked to work on some Police Chief named Deets
 moved into the Memphis Ohio Arms Apartment  4 days apart
to be right on top of Deets and right next door .

we do   not look like each other though we're  brothers  and this is good because it lets us be together but  play different types

I am to play the best friend
once Deets starts losing it
the "Oh I had a brother who heard voices and saw things..I understand and do not judge" guy

I shall be

 the sidekick to Chief Deets "Laced Man"

the meaner a guy is the nicer he can play
and mean is what I was since I was a kid..
don't know why don't care
one uses what the almighty rod has giveth
lest he takes it away

we were  asked to move to Memphis Ohio
 by Proxy Cybernetics to keep an eye,a camera and microphone on Doulas Deets.

A Ruiner

Also a to keep a Brainlink going with Douglas Deets
 until Deets could "sese the light" or  "sees the headlights of a fast moving vehicle approaching at full speed"...


The rigging of Douglas ' apartment was the easy part
 as was the spiking of Douglas' brain with bio tech.

Each year the software that  allowed both me and Dickie to decipher Chief Deets thoughts into language and  Chief Deets vision and inner vision into electronic  image become more easy to operate.
In the 90's and way into 2002
this was a bitch and half to run
and we didn't have bio tech than
it was 3 or 4 different systems at once going
not a genuine interface
no real mind reading ...not like now
not supposed to really talk about the details
as if I understand how the damn stuff what's the big damn deal
EXCEPT maybe me being the one  chipped up like a cold cookie dough

The software that studies and gages a person dosed with  bio tech 's moods
is in the software but we don't use that until we can get a good idea of exactly what we're attuned to with the brain computer interface

 usually best not to meet the Ruiner face to face so one is not thrown off by their humanity
or visage
best to only watch them throw through the cameras ..hear them throught themics
while you're also literally hearing what they hear
and seeing what they see.

what matters with a Brain link is what is  underneath one's visage
but sometimes
a bit of the "get to know you"
helps move things speedily along

in a way there is no right or wrong way to rape and pillage another's mind with synthetic telepathy
everyone has their style
everyone follows pretty much the same formulas
at least at the beginning so we don't like lose the guy to wrist slash or something before even getting started
you  gotta come on slow

in a way
introducing synthetic telepathy to a fella is like slowly seducing some woman to  let you stick your hand down her pants

if the bitch becomes too adamant
sometimes you have to slap them around a bit

They like it like that

although they might claim otherwise

probably it's  something primal
like recall somewhere in their subconscious  being dragged by their hair into caves by the strongest suitor

most men who man other men go both ways sexually

you have something to say about that?
no.I didn't think so

It 's a job.
that's all
but an important one
but just something one does
how much does a Mandler get paid you ask
more than you might think

because while you are manning the man or woman
all their information is floating not just to your computer
 but to like 50  or one hundred others
for like 50 or 100 reasons that have damn little to do with
making a guy snap

Deets ,according to my higher ups was getting ready to go Silkwood on his compadres
about some of the specifics concerning The March on Mall Street.

can't say me nor my brother  really care why Chief Deets was spiked with biotech
although word on high suggests  it had something to do with The Mall Street March
I used to be a cop
and  policemen should  understood the rules of creating a realistic happening/crime scene
and sure as hell not squealing about it

in my  opinion "the protesters were gonna eventual do something violent anyway ..why not just do it for the violence can be somewhat controlled..sorta like the way sometimes firemen have to burn a portion of forest to intercede  and prevent wild fires.Know what I mean ..

my job is to play "the nice neighbor " to Douglas Deets while  brother Dick plays the  unpleasant neighbor just above Chief Deets.
Dick plays bongos.


my ex wife  Miriam  willsoon arrive . Miriam will play Chief Deets' love interest
after the loving
that Douglas will recive once Dick and I had get a good enough glean of Deet's thought style.
and could begin the fun part of bombarding the 34 year old Ruiner  with sound and vision
directly to Chief Deets cortex
Dick  thinks  of it as a mutual hallucination
a guided trip
the chemicals ,the drugs for this tripping
 frequency that was "made to match" made to override those 24/7 signals signals signals
that make you see hear taste ,cry and f*ck..
all just signal..all just pulses and waves and beats per minute
that's all a brain does..
singal signal signal

unlike LSD -25 or DMT or shrooms
with a computer program and some wireless
one has control of the "trip"
and because of the interface one  knows exactly which way to steer the magical misery tour
second to second
sense to sense

all it takes is the right softwear ,a headset a computer ..2 or three screens
and some ingenuity

it 's  about attitude
this kind of work
and patience
it could get damn  bored  as hell reading or listening to some guy's thoughts all day
unless one sets up
a bit of street theater to throw the guy some material

Dick was and always would be "material"
His job for the next few days will be  to  introduce himself as the new guy upstairs.freindly as kittens and cake he will be

"I play bongo drums ,I'm a musician, I play them very softly..but sometimes I get carried away if this ever happens just knock 3 times on the ceiling with a broom" 
When Police Chief Deets handed over the phone Beau Bromel head of the Office of Interior Intent  asked Deets if he had watched the video on Glen's phone
 Deets ,who had watched the video
  said no.
 Deets was unaware  that Beau Bromel was wearing a body cam on his person or specifically a mini camera inside his  baseball cap with the letter O.I.I .on it 's front panel
 Deets was also unaware  that the mini camera was especially made to work with facial expression and pupil scanning software to detect untruths.
 When Beau accepted Deets' word that  he had not watched the video on Glen's phone  Chief Deets thought that was the end of it.
 Deets couldn't quite make up his mind whether to investigate the content of video as it would mean investigating his own police department .
 One question Deets couldn't help but ask himself was why most of the police officers chosen both to play protesters and also investigate the crimes the protesters supposedly carried out were the least reliable ,lest amiable ,least organized officers in the force.
 The policemen asked to "play " with the outside agency were the officers with the most demerits  ,most drug and alcohol problems and worst records of police brutality--- none of the finest had been placed "in the loop"
 It would not be for long that Chief Deets could think this way about his fellow police officers
 without reappraisal
 but- for the time Deets allowed his mind to wander
  Deets ,off the Mall St. case had very little to do  but let his mind wander
 and was thankful for the focus
 Deets thought the  coffee his lieutenant brought him might help him regain.
 Deets was un aware that the coffee had been spiked with the Merge bio tech that the pretty "gal" from the private security firm had spoke about using on dissidents- to survey a person not from without but from within their  brain and nervous system
 nor did Deets  realize that with the bio tech spike
  more often than not
 a hallucinogenic was also given to the target as to confound the target
 and  the  doctors
who no doubt would believe anyone claiming they had begun hearing or seeing things
had not been "app-ed"
but had simply - lost their mind
 The reason for this was 2 fold
.The biotech testing was illegal and the company needed to cover itself by discrediting those  tagged
 with a diagnosis of  drug addiction ,mental illness or both
 Also the incited madness allowed the subject's  Handlers via Interface to "save the target" from  chemical induced insanity as to create a bond with the target that would nor could ever go away completely.
 According to the gal from Proxycybernetics the biotech took 2 or three days to bind to one's neural tissue
and  a week to begin decoding one's thoughts and another week to "talk back" to one's thoughts via a brain to computer interface
 ""The New Way" of surveillance that  Memphis Ohio should be proud to research and develop Brain link technology ,' the woman from ProxyCyber had said"  which was a Hand's Off Non Lethal alternative .. ,we tried using tattoos on  people but they  had a way of destroying the filaments once the interface went both ways ..everyone is going sub dermal now ," the gal had said holding up a very small vial that she said contained several hundred  million sensors "they might look little but their impact is beyond imagination. Once a few thousand of these get inside you
..every thought*, every perception, every memory, every secret will be relayed ,broadcast and  scrutinized by Merge Proxy Cyber for Psycho Correction and more to the point Psycho Detection

 Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of California, San Francisco-Mesgarani N1, Cheung C, Johnson K, Chang EF.
During speech perception, linguistic elements such as consonants and vowels are extracted from a complex acoustic speech signal. The superior temporal gyrus (STG) participates in high-order auditory processing of speech, but how it encodes phonetic information is poorly understood. We used high-density direct cortical surface recordings in humans while they listened to natural, continuous speech to reveal the STG representation of the entire English

King Creole scene 3

it is about rooting out an ideology
in times like these
now more than ever
those who claim that there is a unseen hand that shapes the economy, policy and the media
an unseen hand run by private societies, private corporations and a small minority of people
who scheme and devise ways to control every aspect of a person's existence
people who claim these things are in fact the people who want to claim every aspect of a person's existence
those who want to create seeds of doubt in others are dangerous people with dangerous agendas
against you
by turning you against
your own country
this type of enemy is sly and often carries no weapon besides words
but words as much as weapons can win or lose wars
the type of enemy that is dissident tries to eat away at the morale of the nation and it's good people
who the dissident wants to supposedly "Wake Up"
the dissident degenerate wants you to understand
America has sold out to greed and commerce
and therefore has no reason to holds true to it's purported ideals and constitutions
if one believes there is a hidden hand of secret societies and cabals and factions
that moderate the culture
and use the media to confabulate
causes for
the masses to be affected
and effected by
than we become exactly what those who purvey such lies want us to be
and that is -faithless
and just like them
if there is no faith in our media or leaders or financial institutions
there is no faith in the common reality we all have made an unspoken agreement to compliment and comply with
the dissident will say anything to make you lose belief in the world
the dissident will tell you the world is flat
if the dissident thinks this will make you lose faith in gravity
if a soldier is brainwashed into thinking the war they are fighting is a war based on false flags and profit
how can the soldier be expected to win the war.
if a population is taught by dissents and conspiracy theorists that politicians and the media
lie to the American people
and one should not believe something one sees on the news is necessarily factual
how can the American citizen be expected to support the war
these ill minded dissidents want us to "wake Up" and really see what is happening
most people who "wake up" dissident often wake up to the fact that they are miserable
and because they refuse to acknowledge that they have caused their own misery
by being so very
out of touch with the joys that come from losing one's egotism to the idealism of mass consciousness
of course it is "a hidden hand" that has rigged the game
the Ruiner,the malcontent ,the dissident once was seen as perhaps a necessary character in society
one might like to have around
if only for a "there but for the sake of God go I" reference point.
Or perhaps ,in the past, we didn't so much mind the dissident speaking his blasphemous negativity about the social structure because society felt they needed a canary in a coal mind like paranoia in the mix.
A hysteric who "just might be correct "about certain concerns in the right measure.
Maybe we took the right of freedom of speech to the extreme.
Maybe we misinterpreted the phrase "freedom of speech" entirely
Just as it is not OK to yell "fire " in a crowded movie theater
it is not OK to yell False Flag ,in the middle of a war.
The dissident only cares about his own misery.
And we all know misery loves company.
The service of the common weal means nothing to the dissident .
How could it? The dissident and the degenerate
are anti -social organisms.
Most people with anti-social tendencies of course look for fissures in the social structure.
But dare this type to look at the fissures in themselves .
Dare them to ask themselves why they do not fit into society and have thus turned against it
And have thus choose to write or paint or pontificate against the system.
To the degenerate the establishment is fraught with discrepancy and hypocrisy and corruption.
"Or why else can it be that I am so removed and disillusioned with my place in society? 'the dissident asks .
I will tell you why. Because society can usually smell a dissident miles away
and intentionally wants very little to do with a person who functions more as fungus as mold in the community than a person of worth.
Fungus and mold ,like dissidents and degenerates can only thrive if they latch upon another organism. Dissidents, like mold spores cannot survive in the light of day .
Dissident enjoy the dark and hate the light

Sunday, November 15, 2015

briefing room and "A New Way" of surveillance

it was not easy for the Chief of police to have to sit with those lesser in rank in the briefing room His place at the lectern at the briefing room now occupied by the head of the Office of Interior Shapes and Lines. For a moment the Chief felt empathy for those who had to "keep rank" and kowtow to his orders and laugh at his jokes.
more than that -it was not easy for Chief Deets to keep his mouth shut about what he saw on Glen's phone-
-Evidence- that at least some of the protesters in the March on Mall Street were not protesters at all but policemen dressed as protesters.
 Already Deets could tell who was- under the masks- by the way some officers  conducted themselves in briefing room.
 Their rank ,it seemed to Deets was still the same
 but their attitudes now assumed an unsaid promotion concerning favor
And this favor was noted by the Office of Interior Intentions who had made a point of assigning this small group to the on going investigation of the March on Mall Street, nobody else.

The Office of Interior Intent told the policemen that cameras were obviously not enough to watch the citizens of Memphis Ohio and that there was a new means of surveillance the town was being asked to test .
A burly policemen ,who was now in favor, joked "They said that about the reality show too!"
When the laughter died down
a well dressed woman in a tight blue suit  approached the lectern, making at note of smiling only at the pack of policemen now part of the "team" who would deal with the protesters/dissidents/suspicious persons of interest
At the lectern the woman said to the policemen that

 "Surveillance from without
has not seemed to work too well not only for Memphis Ohio but
towns and cities coast to coast .
This is why Merge Proxy Cyber believes that surveillance from within
 is the best option for those amongst us who have displayed certain traits
 that may or may not lead to acts of violence against others.
Namely-  all people who attended and or marched in support of the  the March on Mall Street
 all people who made a point of watching the protest  from the wings
 all people who have purchased a "H for How dumb you think we is" mask, \
all people who befriended both online and off those with sentiments against Curtis Kurtz ,the banking system of Memphis Ohio
 and those in the sections of town who do not have a supermarket but feel as if "they need one".

Chief Deets was surprised at the last statement .
As the protest last spring at the Proxy Publik Market
ten miles away from the poorer section of Memphis Ohio by those who only had  access  to Bodegas was a peaceful protest that had nothing to do with the March on Mall St incident

Chief  Deets felt the back of his chair being tipped by a foot by a plain clothes detective .Chief  Deets turned his head around and saw the detective laughing and than make a gesture of buttoning his lips shut.
Chief  Deets outranked the plain clothes detective ,in fact he outranked everyone in the room.
 Had something happened without his being aware- that had somehow completely reorganized law enforcement- that Deets was un ware of.
The pushing/tipping of his chair came so out of the blue
 that Deets could not respond
 because the deed seemed so incongruous  with normal behavior.
 The Chief told himself ,this was why he didn't say anything or  make waves .
The Chief worried he would not have such an answer
 if something like this happened again

King Creole (day 834)

Adam Parker had not needed to memorize the script as the words he was to say came to him ,as if magically
 by interface
thank Gary Rainy! thought Parker
the ever changing script that director Andy Kubark had written for Parasol Picture's remake of "King Creole"  changed so often

In the remake of "King Creole " Danny Fisher does not sing
but orates  for the group that is to lead America out of the dark ages
out of  The Age of Self Will Run Riot"to the light age of A New  Idealism through Nationalism

Hanley had said during pre production
that the audience would have a difficult time sitting still and listening to Adam Parker/Danny Fisher  (a lapsed  Catholic turned Neuronaut)
 and asked the set designers to erect a huge ever changing screen of images to act as background/stage piece  behind Adam parker every time the scene was about speech making

the background video screen Andy Kubark insisted  be linked to real life audience members amongst the extras in the crowd scene who had agreed to wear electrodes under their King Creole hats to garner brain signals that could and would  work in tandem with the screen in back of Adam Parker to visibly display changes in audience interest via colors and ever shifting patterns

when the interest waned a small shift of the electro magnetic frequency was adjusted on set to alter
the mood of the room and according to Hanley's demand
this same parallax shift would be imposed upon the actual video /film as a unseen flicker
 frequency meant to help  the audience's mind focus
on "the slow parts"


                                                                           DANNY FISHER

                                       There is probably no other people in the world who have so developed the instinct of self preservation as "Them" .The best proof of this statement is found in the simple fact that this race still exists.
Where can another people be found that in the course of the last two thousand years  who has undergone so few changes in mental outlook and character as "Them.

 And yet what other people has taken such a constant part in the great revolutions?
 But even after having passed through the most gigantic catastrophes that have overwhelmed mankind "Them' remain the same as ever .
What an infinitely tenacious will to live ,to preserve THEIR kind and thus their ideology is demonstrated by that fact.

Deets and Watson

with Glen's phone now on him,the Chief of police was of course tempted to watch
the video Kenny's fiend Glen had used to film Kenny 's murder and the entire Protest on Mall St.
however the Chief was like told by his higher ups that "the case" was now in the hands of the Department of Shapes and Lines and The Department of Interior Intent
and because of the case being compartmentalized Chief Deets was not to view the video on the phone
Chief Deets was told to bring Glenn's phone back to the police station which was temporarily taken over by the Department of Shapes and Lines and the Office of Interior Intent
closed circuit TV cameras had filmed Glen and many others filming the March on Mall Street March and the subsequent shots fired by the March on Mall St. protestors at the crowd
and it was high priority that all the phones
filming the rally
were confiscated
to help Chief Deets supposed the Department of Shapes and Lines and the Office of Interior Intent
put together an airtight
linear timeline of events

Glen's phone which sat beside Chief Deets in the squad car
seemed to beckon to the Chief "watch me"
maybe thought Deets it was the endless beeping and glowing
of the phone that made the phone feel as if
it needed to be touched,handled ,watched,reckoned with
maybe it was the TV shows Chief Deets watched
that would have gone close up on the phone
or the way a supporting character being told by higher agencies to "know their place:
always decided to ignore chain of command

The Chief picked up the phone sort of hoping he might accidently press the button
that began the video

 anything that played
 would have played because it was supposed to
 divinely ,through intervention
 and through wireless technology

as much as the Chief sort of liked rubbing elbows with those from important agencies
he had only seen on TV
there was also alarm that these departments might soon all but take over the town
The Chief tried to remember some history lesson where in fact policing above police
more secret police
had done just that to not just a town but the entire nation
seemingly over night
seemingly on their won
seemingly for good reason
even if the reasons were laid down
in advance
The Chief paused
Paused his thinking(not an easy task)
Deets looking around the squad car ,hoping his emotions did not display on video
glad he had the wherewithal to keep Glenn's phone on his lap and out of sight line of the dashboard mounted cameras
the police car had been spiked with small cameras when mayor Curtis Kurtz had been asked by Parasol Pictures to think about doing a Reality Cops called Midwest Municipalities
which had fallen through when an albino set of twins was born two towns away
which Parasol Pictures actually adopted as their own
when the mother and father denied the use of the twins the therapeutic outlet (being televised 24/7)
Parasol Pictures sued the albino twins mother and father for neglect when they refused to sign a contract that would pay for the twins college and medical bills and won sole custody of the twins
although Memphis Ohio was delighted that the twins were now safe in parasol Picture's hands
it was also a disappointment to Memphis Ohio that the reality show " Midwest Municipalities "
never got off the ground
Making sure his emotions would read neutral
Chief Deets allowed himself to think
briefly about his concerns
that he and others had been in the same position of taking orders from several departments
a decade ago when the Memphis Ohio Bridge collapsed in on itself
the city was devastated
with Locked In Syndrome
but it was not just that the Chief of police felt marginalized by the departments that swooped into Memphis Ohio to baton down the hatches ,set curfews and locate all suspicious persons
it was their methods of doing so

would the shooting at Mall St. bring back the "Show Your Face ,Show you Rate" program that encouraged the townspeople to "please stop at every camera and pause " every time they saw a camera ,thought Chief Deets ,still keeping his face neutral for the camera.
Luckily the Show your Face ,Show you Rate " program was soon stopped ,as the program of pausing for 2 seconds or more at each camera one say ,if nothing else caused more traffic problems than anyone ,least of all the Memphis Ohio police could cope with

Eventually "The Show Your Face ,Show you Rate" program was stopped
and replaced by a mandatory but free phone App called "Say Where You're Going ,Show What you're Doing"
which soon became the norm.
"The say where you're going ,show what you"re doing jingle created to help the town of Memphis Ohio adjust to the new law still played in Chief Deet's mind.
Now that everyone had finally gotten used to their new limitations
Chief Deets wondered how many new laws the town would now have to get used to
concerning what happened at the March on Mall St. incident
Chief Deets knew those un happy with the economic imbalance were an angry lot but Deets had no idea the March on Mall St. activists would go to this length to make a point. To chief Deets something seemed fishy about the entire situation.
the phone ,still in Chief Deets hand ,out of the sight line of the camera
perhaps held the answers
answers Chief Deets wanted before once more
the post office,the fire department ,the gas company ,the census department ,the streets department ,the power station and even the local TV station was not run by the county but the Office of Interior Intent
Some cops took classes in heighten security
and classes in surveillance and advanced "tactics" to non lethally corral a crowd
One of the shop teachers at the Memphis Ohio High School had asked Deets to join the Nationalist Spring Movement but Deets decided against it.
"somehow" this remembrance gave the Chief of Police impetuous to exit his car in an area the Chief knew the CCTV was down and watch the video on Glen's phone

Saturday, November 14, 2015

March on Mall St

It was as if it was scripted

the occurrence
....the perpetrators were dressed in the same masks some of the March on Mall St marchers wore two weeks ago
to protest the doings of Curtis Kurtz CEO of the Memphis Ohio Bank
to protest the closing of the Memphis Ohio Mall
"They killed Kenny"
I heard Glen shout watching Kenny fall
But there was a smile on Kenny's face going down
In High School Kenny had said it would be worth dying violently
If someone could somehow sneak that line in before he perished
Luckily Glenn was right next to Glenn when the bullets hit and caught the whole thing on his phone
Also he caught Kenny on the ground
right before he died
filmed Kenny as he first placed his hand over his one eye
than making a triangle with his hands Kenny had began making after he saw several rappers use the gesture at Illuminate Music Awards
next Kenny made a gesture with his hand
he had seen several actors make at the Illuminate TV Awards
Kenny's pinky and index finger only showing
to imply
Kenny followed it all up with a. complete shudder of his legs
they had seen Kenny use (and use and use) every time he got drunk)
The Benedict Arnold bit he was asked to play in Mrs.Labtree's 3 rd grade show
Mrs Labtree's had scolded Kenny before opening night
when the parents would be there " do not do that silly 'I am dying-watch how I die" thing
But Kenny did anyway
Glenn showed me Kenny's footage on his phone
Long after Kenny had been taken away like the others who had been shot
I ever understood what those silly hand gestures were that Kenny did
but the final shudder ..which must have taken all of Kenny's strength
Glenn said "this baby is gonna go viral bitch"
I looked at the footage on the phone again wondering
how great an idea it
Might not be
for Glenn tp post so soon after the shootings
" it would have been what Kenny wanted" I reminded myself
Glenn said would have to edit the video
Especially the part where Kenny seems to recognize one of the shooters
" Mr Cairo?"
You hear Kenny say
Mr Cairo was our shop teachers in High School and head the Memphis Ohio Volunteer Fire Department
The last guy on earth you'd think would be in a March on Mall St rally

Wearing a "h for how dumb you think we is" mask
From Parasol Pictures
version the graphic novel of " H is for How Dumb you Think We Is"
Starring Adam Parker
Me and a Glenn were watching the video on Glenn's phone
when the chief of police walked over
"I'm gonna need to take that phone" the chief said , "might contain some evidence"
Glenn had no choice but to hand over the phone to the chief
but not before he had sent the video to his cousin Bette overseas 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Cued Arc Manual

Not having anything but a Wheatstone bridge to measure a client's Emmitance
Gary Rainy relied on his Muse .A deity he called Dr Joyce.It at first was odd to Gary that the mystic deity so sounded like Dr Joyce ,his psychiatrist at Allen Memerial Hospital where Gary was "stationed" after the war when he struck his wife so hard she was treated for concussion. The muse ,the deity Gary heard when he wrote did not seem to come to him through his ears but the voice
which told Gary Rainy about a way he could measure how people think by measuring a persons response to what the Entity called a cued arc. A story acted out upon a client by actors .The cues based on whatever story arc the client admitted he needed de patterning from.
And in only 3 days Gary Rainy wrote what he referred to as "The Cue Arc Manuel"
"The problem is ....people don't often think of their thoughts going anywhere at all..but this is not true..people think and emit their thinking and thought styles into the air and into others ,this is empirical fact. How could an EEG machine glean all those spikes if the brain were not emitting energy? Do you now understand why I have made mind research my life's work?
why it is important to know what one thinks because thought is a tangible force in the universe..You may think of Pravah metaphorically if it helps you understand the lessons of Neuronautics.
What is important is that you have begun thinking about thinking and thinking about how thoughts transfer from one to the other .And how bad thinking is not just unsafe to you but a danger to others.How does one remove bad thinking. How does remove their inner Ruiner .
Ruiner thoughts and emotions that have become part of what we call Your Everydays and Essentials that make up your Thought Style
.Well these thoughts were probably driven into you so it is our job at Neuronautics to drive these thoughts out of you.Psychic Driving and De-Patterning is nothing new to many researchers but perhaps it is new to you..Neuronautics is not about hand holding and empathy but push /pull methods of removing years and years of input that you
a future client of Neuronautics made your own.
Because you did not come equipped with the skills to guard against Ruiners
The journey to sanity begins just one session of psychic driving a week at your local Neuronautics Annex
.You might ask yourself why can't I just read "Inway to the Enway" and become self aware
land fixed?
Well much in the same way one cannot become a Dr. Just by reading medical textbooks one cannot become well without learning how to operate. Years of hard work went into making a n Operational Teams of Neuronautics trained enough to steer another's mindset back to Tableau Rosa..
introduction to "Inway to the Enway" 1959 updated 1967 12th edition


The term Ruiner is used to describe  people  deemed not only enemies. of "The  New Way " and "The Church of Neuronautics " but also enemies of the neural highway.
 According to Neuronautic's' founder Gary Rainy, Ruiners are a sub species of mankind whose thinking patterns are eugenically  different than "the men and woman they pretend they are ""

According  to Gary Rainy most Ruiners but not all have alien blood in their DNA 

. A certain type of .Aliens,according. to Gary Rainy shipped the very worst of their kind down to earth over  10,000 years ago.
According to what some Neuronauts refer to as the bible of the church "Inway to the Enways" a small portion of these degenerate aliens  were sent to earth because a Better  faction of these aliens according to Rainy "had to send this kind  away" to be free of their Ruiner ways.

According to Gary Rainy these Ruiner Aliens spread themselves around the globe and begin raping human women in order to conquer the human race by creating  hybrid or lessor humans. 

Rainy remarks that the Old Testament and all religions speak of Ruiner like dark angles descending upon the tribes.
Ruiners ,according to Gary Rainy are and always have been a threat to the human race and can therefore  be punished and harassed using any and all means .

According to Gary Rainy Ruiners can only be detected with Mind Decoding technology which exposes Ruiner like deviations
Gary Rainy said all sadness and mental illness and war comes from Lessor Hybrids who by nature are pathological in their hatred of their Bettors.

Ruiner only want to destroy the power structure of humanity with subversion and perversion.

According to Gary Rainy's follow up to "Inway to The Enway" "Beyond The Enway"the  degenerate space aliens came from a star system far beyond Pluto called Pravka and the Pravideans were made up of two very different factions -

The Pravah and Pravain.

According to Gary Rainy the Pravah of the planet Pravka are enlightened ,joyous and decent whereas The faction of Pravains are  ill minded  and destructive.Gary Rainy claims he met a Pravah while Mind Walking in a sensory deprivation tank in the early 60's and on this Mind Walk was given what the Pravka called 

  the raindrops.

According to Gary Rainy Ruiners can only be detected with Mind Decoding technology which exposes Ruiner like deviation
Gary Rainy said all sadness and mental illness and war comes from Lessor Hybrids who by nature are pathological in their hatred of their Bettors.Ruiner only want to destroy the power structure of humanity with subversion and perversion.According
To Gary Rainy's follow up to "Inway to The Enway" "beyond The Enway". the  degenerate space aliens came from a star system far beyond Ours called Pravka 
and the Pravideans were made up of two very different factions -The Pravah and Pravain.According to Gary Rainy the Pravah of the planet Pravka are enlightened ,joyous and decent whereas The Pravains are warring, ill minded destructive.Gary Rainy claims he met a Pravka while Mind Walking in a sensory deprivation tank in the early 60's and on this Mind Walk was given what the Pravka called the raindrops. Very small implants that could enter one's body by through a handshake.According to Gary Rainy The Raindrops
bind to neurons to detect Pravin thinking.

According to Gary Rainy ,because the Pravu and Pravain look so much alike these raindrops that bind to neurons allowed the planet of Pravak to distinguish and thus seperate the bad thinkers from the good.The Pravah next apologized to Mr.Rainy in a mind to mind style (now that Gary Rainy'smind was dosed to do so) that he ,the ruler of Pravah was sorry some of"the bad kind"had escaped"from the mass grave"under the ice caps his minions had carved to bury the Ruiners once and for all.Ruiner seek to destroy the reputation of Neuronautics and therefore we must destroy the reputations  , finances etc of Ruiners

The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to dismiss Gary Rainy and the Church of Neuronautics role of seeking and finding all Ruiners are Ruiners  are targets to subdue  Ruinatious activity
According to Gary Rainy one day there would be a version of The Raindrops on earth to help seek out the Lessors from earth and thus the universe for all time but before that the earth must use whatever means at their disposal to remove those amongst the human population who were Ruiners

Gary Rainy was told it was his duty to form a church that praised Bettors amongst the earth and found and destroyed Lessors who might rise up and take all that their Bettors had created.