Saturday, January 3, 2015

david/kalev /car(2000-2010)

 I go to the airport
fly to Charlotte
a man in a cowboy hat gives me
 something they've been working on called Google Glass

I try the contraption on in front of the mirror
I am to wear it
 so I can get a vague idea of this guy named David's predicament
according to ***
this guy named David
 being held against his will

 a New Way
some group put something in his blood
so they group can torture David a New Way
with something called Brain Computer Interface
A.I. and Immersive Reality or  5 sense over-ride

my Tele-operator will only "speak to me"
I am told
through Glass
little by little they will
add more and more
"apparatuses" to the the headset

first It will be a one way  transmit
than what they call a Direct Neural Interface
which I can barely imagine

the guy who runs this and will "run me" if I can "do it"
says  his name is Harris.
projects a visual of a post card of Charlotte North Carolina which I see via the glasses
I say
thanks .

whop is this
you can call me Hal though
what about Harry I say
Harry is fine I hear through the boneconductive "ear thing"
and also see a visual of the best places to eat In a 3 mile distance
of the super 6
I say into the mic that I am vegan
and there's a pause.
I imagine Harry, my Tele-Presence .. has thought "oh one of them.."
I am beginning to try to imagine the next part
a headset
that can read and transcribe your thoughts
literally your thoughts into
language....or straight to mind...what they called Mind to Mind...
Synthetic Telepathy
watching the little pictures
on the glasses
and hearing this Harris,this Harry shout
random words
somehow into my ears
but not..
really my ears

that first go with the pictures.than don't

in just minutes I am freaking out...
and all I want is to take off the thing

than I imagine if I were in David's shoes with this shit on my eyes and ears my brain...literally but cannot
I would hear the "Oh one of those.."
luckily I not
and see on the glass that there is a vegan restaurant 5 and half miles from the hotel but it is closed

I try to imagine
the postcard of Charlotte
being interface d not through my glasses
but right over my visual cortex
making me see things
without any kind of headset
as David does
as David was made to

and instead of the  mouthpiece  attached to "the Glass"which I use to say to harry " testing, testing one to three."and other technicalities
I wouldn't need to say a word
as  I was told  David's captives did not use wearables but
something they call nano

 created  to read  thought
David would only have to think "testing one two three" "testing one  two three"to his captors...not speak it

and his tele-operators....his captors
would and could
respond or "telepathize "
 their thoughts upon David
whether David wanted to "hear them"or not]

the thought of my saying into the microphone
testing one two three
transmitted via bio sensors directly to ..headsets
 that allow another  to mind read minds is impossible to imagine
more so that David's captors can send not only Voice.but Visions
directly upon David's  temporal lobe

 hearing, seeing,tasting ,feeling  things by way of what Harry called  an over ride or overlap of victim's visual cortex ...and parts of one's brain
that perceive and interpret  this perception into signals..between neurons
the biosensors ,the nano.....
once it gets into someone 's blood stream
is manipulated by remote to bond with dendrites,neurons...stuff I don't understand

stuff someone  might do to a lab rat or monkey
but to a human-?
but some groups
"playing with" this techno
do not consider "some types" human


 a Neo Nazi group called The community theater
paid big money to someone in the Mind Augment Field to get "the dots" according to Harry
to play a game
they called "Pieces"

they want me to play" pieces"
they want to spike me with "the dots" and than
place me
as Target
I was raised to disassociate.
to survive..

'my Team" saw this technology coming decades in advance..
and had to raise "their kids" a special way
so ....they could
"be played" and not give it away...
the less I know the better,,,,,,
if knew .
they joked....they'd have to kill me
more pictures are displayed on the Glass.
faster and faster.
some images intentionally sickening

 scary voices that seem to come from nowhere and everywhere at once

I take off the headset
but Harry says
no for the next 4 days I want you to keep it on all the time
even while you sleep
so you can get a sense of what it feels like
having another
send you visuals and "voices"
we set up camera in the room to
attempt to gage your state of mind ...
with face recognition technology
so the projections and sound might correspond to your actions
also your phone calls
what you see on TV
and how what you see and hear from the tv
might make you make you make ..associations
based on what you mother said happened to you during childhood etc

already I am sick of Harry's voice
who tells me vegan food will be delivered ..that I am  not to leave the room
and so I don't resist....and so I can get some idea of "how this might be done"
in the blood.
he must  tape the headset to my head
so I will not be impelled to remove it


,the headset now taped to my head .I am prone on the hotel bed ,my hands tied behind my back by the man who had brought my Take the back of the glasses which make me see "holographically"

a voice sounding very much like a algebra 3 teacher I had in high school spoke the words that went with the "sea to shining sea"introduction to 5 sense Immersive

I screamed into the mouthpiece but realized that the man who ties my arms had also broken my microphone off..
" saying David's tele-operators do not care if David wants IT to stop...
the slide show begins for the 19th time
"a still" of spacious
amber waves of grain
purple mountans
the voice repeats 


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