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side effects-AI,BCI ,VR (Dystonia/Parkinson's)

Vanesa looked at the monkey trembling in it's cage

  • Ataxia
  • Dystonia — Dystonia is a neurological condition with a very broad range of manifestations. The basic underlying problem involves over-activity of the main muscles needed for a movement, extra activation of other muscles that are not needed for the movement, and simultaneous activation of muscles that work against each other. 
  • Essential Tremor
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • "my ex  had the same began with  TICS  .He complained of Pins and Needles ..tightness in his facial muscles ,"Vanessa said to the young research scientist hoping to get some answers Cole's legal team might use. ..She had moved out to Pasadena and next further north to look for anyone who might help in Cole's defense .Vanessa didn't want to speak about Cole his lawyer told her to be discrete.

    Vanessa decided to  pose as a reporter ..and chose to stay away from Human Testing or Psychotronics beings used now against so called dissidents and would be agitators . Vanessa spoke abstractly  about
    Psychotronics and Neurotronic "corrective "brain entrainment " technology
    stating she was writing an article   discussing ethics concerning TV soon being able to work in consort with neural prosthetics  and thus act as a type of Rorschach Test  .
     when mind decoding technology becomes acceptable and maybe an enviable "app"
     Vanessa told the research assistant ," WE ALL HAVE TAUGHT TV
    HOW TO "GO" BLINK FOR BLINK WITH US .as IT has taught how to think in it's language
    of PREDICTIVE RESPONSE through recitation ..

    " Mt Ex..he used to work in Banning California.
    at a lab,"Vanessa said ,"a lab
    that was testing" straight to cortex tv and interactive interface based on the consumer's assumed response' and evoked potentials*"Vanessa lied, wanting to make her visit to the research assistant seem non threatening... Vanessa realized that people seemed to believe those working on Brain Computer Interface for the private sector were for some reason "safe "

    ..Or safer to discuss than those working on much of the same technology for Security reasons or "Crowd Control" the grid .

    It was encouraging but also frightening that commercialism and greed might be the only thing that might "blow a lid" off the fine PR of discussing  Mind Decoding and Mind Induction Technology interface being  something only  "the tin foil hat " crowd ...spoke of to delude themselves they were not 'just" crazy.
    Vanessa' lie was a half her weekly rounds up and around the silicon valley to find evidence of the science behind Voice to Skull communication ..and Synthetic Telepathy had taught Vanessa that
    there were in fact many companies working on "TV" that could be beamed right into someone's temporal lobe

    Vanessa since coming to California  had visited over 12 different companies working on some variation of Synthetic Telepathy.
    Interestingly when Vanessa looked up the term -Synthetic Telepathy she was steered to sites about Remote Viewing ... or what she supposed on might call "genuine telepathy".
    .It made no sense to Vanessa ..why certain agencies would be practicing Remote Viewing when the Russians all through the 1970's were sinking billions of dollars in something a wee less unpredictable in outcome than true telepathy such as Mind Decoding via fMRI in tandem with microwave technology to induce sound and vision upon a person remotely .

    Both of these technologies used  together Vanessa learned were sometimes called Remote Neural Monitoring

    .Several shooters she remembered had blamed "Voices " and ELF waves for their acts.At the time she believed the 2 shooters were insane...Now Vanessa did not know what to believe.

    Since the mid 1970's Vanessa found several patents had been filed that dealt with different ways to lock on and thus read another's brain signals
    If Mind Modulation and Brain Interface technology was spoken about "in the valley" it was masked not only in REASONS for it's development (medical primarily ) but either  masked in legalease like terminology.
    or simplistic "speculative "language

     The Gaming Industry never spoke of brain signal decoding but
    virtual reality.. or AI
     somehow  diminishing the technology's implications to literally control another's mental state

    Vanessa hoped her Eric Brokovich halter top wasn't only something that worked in film to keep a man who knows he should not speak
    as opened to Vanessa as her slit skirt. Vanessa did need not have worried the young researcher told her he had wanted to speak to a reporter but was afraid to actually seek one out.The research assistant put his finger to his lips and wrote down on a piece of paper the name of a restaurant they could meet at  later.
    "Early on in the "game" of the Gaming Industry most in the field
    realized that wearable computing
    would not go deep enough into one's mind to work
    for the requisite
    Mind Mining or Mind "Reading"
    which of course is the first requirement
    to Interactive Gaming and Brain to Computer Interface" The young researcher said.
    "one who works in the Mind Augment field
    is taught early on to
    "play down" the obvious .... that one cannot successfully 'be connected'
    to a system MEANT to provide an interface of thought without directed energy
    being aimed at one's brain might of course
    over time
    cause unwanted side effects concerning the limbic system .

              "  the shift away from wearables to insertive bio technical devices is inevitable and  being developed at the same time as wearables .Thing is you don't really need what I guess you'd call implants..It can all be done with locking in on your own brain fingerprint..your own signature brain signals..once those are acquired ..they can be picked up on ..but there are things one can do neural prosthetics that require less difficulty -but everything has it's price..

     the biochip is already here
      -although it is not  really a chip
    .but a carbon based molecule that does not rely upon silicon
    as silicon is incompatible for successful long term use  with the human body's own biology..

     BCI and AI and VR i.e synthetic telepathy
    require a biological sensor to be both small enough and organic enough (carbon)so one's system did not reject the sensor from binding  it's" physiology (neural tissue)
      meaning also it was small enough not to cause encephalitis or other inflammatory
      like diseases especially both during and also after the carbon sensors passed successfully through a human organism's blood brain barrier...

    the carbon nano tube small enough
    not to be assumed  a foreign microbe  by one's  immune system
      and thusly not "attacked" by  one's immune system (encephalitis, edema....onslaught of white blood cells etc)

    the problem with this type of biotech is not the biotech itself
      the  micro and macro waves that enable one participate in"synthetic telepathy* communications as there is a threshold to how much directed energy a person can absorb

      Obviously Human Experimentation must test how long a person can take of the interface concerning

     physiological wear and tear
      inevitably the subject gets   Parkinson's like symptoms
    as the "beams",the waves....pulse non stop  into a human organism's system /nervous system/brain..

    "Human Experimentation?"Vanessa said acting purposely surprised .


          )       US6536440 B1
    Publication type Grant
    Application number US 09/690,571
    Publication date Mar 25, 2003
    Filing date Oct 17, 2000
    Priority date Oct 17, 2000

    Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex
    US 6536440 B1
    A non-invasive system and process for projecting sensory data onto the human neural cortex is provided. The system includes a primary transducer array and a secondary transducer array. The primary transducer array acts as a coherent signal source, and the secondary transducer array acts as a controllable diffraction pattern that focuses energy onto the neural cortex in a desired pattern. In addition, the pattern of energy is constructed such that each portion projected into the neural cortex may be individually pulsed at low frequency. This low frequency pulsing is formed by controlling the phase differences between the emitted energy of the elements of primary and secondary transducer arrays.

    Known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain ,
    I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating," said Mike D'Zmura, from the University of California, Irvine and the lead scientist on the project..EEGs are not very specific. They can only locate a signal to within about one to two centimeters. That's a large distance in the brain. In the brain's auditory cortex, for example, two centimeters is the difference between low notes and high notes, D'Zmura said.
    Placing electrodes between the skull and the brain would offer more precise readings, but it is expensive and requires invasive surgery.But new biotech concerning carbon based bio sensors so small over 6,000 of them can fit on the head of a pin has made Neural Monitoring so easy that even a child can "do it" . Placing nano sized bio sensors into a wide demographic without their consent  may seem questionable ethically  however if the individual was aware  of the research   they might not think "naturally"nor behave as they naturally might and therefore no usable Neural Data."Tagging"  a cross demographic of individuals to acquire a cross section of Thought Style via Data Mining or what some refer to as Remote Neural Monitoring(RMN) will standardize AI and thus make AI a less costly venture.
    To work around this problem, the scientists need to gain a much better understanding of what words and phrases light up what brain sections.Mapping the brain's response to most of the English language is a large task, and D'Zmura says
    "The technical hurdles of invasive surgery now out of the way thanks to nanotechnology and biotechnology will hopefully bring  thought-based communication turning into the mainstream, D'Zmura says," Mind-message composition takes specific conscious thought and training to develop them. The insertive tech also requires a trust  that one can think to one's service provider"  on and off " and trust that  every so often one may think privately
    "When I was a kid I occasionally said things that were inappropriate, and I learned not to do that," said D'Zmura. "I think that people would learn to think in a way the computer cannot interpret.:

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