Monday, April 30, 2018

The New Way ( part 6)

I don't write that much about the
'comic relief" to my LONER LIFE
that any good producer or script writer or director
would toss in the garbage can because it reads ( and looks )
as generic - phoned in and about as stereotypical as one could pull off ( this really is a low rent performance and those who set up should be ashamed of themselves )
that is Street Theater ( a variation of you seeing on TV a cute puppy and turning to your significant other and saying "I want one"
-a dog -
huh what made you think of that ?
(pointing) that ..oh you missed it..
mainly lately YOUNG GUYS - my team thinks will make me think of
my youth
- instead it makes me think
Good God I have wasted my 40's being marionette for these scumbags ..
STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE Menlo Park ... - Princeton University
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Harm Her Love

    2 mins

    Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and indoor
    Timothy Trespas
    As I’m sitting in the waiting room of the mental health company that employs my psychiatrist
    And I realize that there is nothing distinguishing me from the other people here seeking treatment.
    I used to believe and feel inside that I was ‘different’ from all the broken people I saw.
    This stemmed from early childhood experiences being brought to a developmental testing agency for evaluation
    There were many children my age in wheelchairs and suffering from and dealing with severe mental and physical retardation and various other disorders
    My parents never explained to me who I would see and why they were the way they were
    Or that this did not mean I was as severely disabled as these other children were at that time
    I found it disturbing on many levels
    The testing I received there was traumatic at Best
    The realization that regardless of what I believe about myself
    I am not different from the many others struggling with mental and emotional health challenges
    Except in that we are all unique
    This Realisation has hit me several times and continues to become truer as I continue to age
    Nobody believed him. His family told him to get help. But Timothy Trespas, an out-of-work recording engineer in his early 40s, was sure he was being stalked, and not by just one person, but dozens of them.
    He would see the operatives, he said, disguised as ordinary people, lurking around his Midtown Manhattan neighborhood.

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    8 mins
    Representation of spectral and temporal envelope of twitter vocalizations in common marmoset primary auditory cortex.
    Cooperative vocal control in marmoset monkeys via vocal feedback. -

    the song is Harmour Love, written by Stevie Wonder and performed by Syreeta

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    9 mins

    Daniel Johnston, Casper the Friendly Ghost, From the album Yip Jump Music 1983, and Kids Soundtrack 1995

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    10 mins
    The Semiotics of Insanity
    The art of the mentally ill is currently the focus of great interest.
    Allan Beveridge
    Creations of mentally ill patients have been given various names, such as ...
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    Follow me into the world of Outsider artists during the…

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    11 mins
    November 20, 2017 ·
    I doll myself up for the Blossom Art Show
    Reggie Gasker , my art dealer demands I 'look the part"
    he has sent over a dirty bathrobe and stained pajama bottoms for me to wear at the opening
    according to Reggie the more "off" I look the better the sales...
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    DENNY is sitting with REGGIE GASKER at the Country Inside America Diner not touching his food while REGGIE eats ,. REGGIE finds the diner amusing-or is the word quaint...
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    The questions you may have on this rare alternate version…
    LAYLA PACE - Let me let you in a little secret Sir, Denny himself was in on the joke - with the art being used to pigeon hole him as mentally ill before he was used by who the fuck knows - you are all the same - to REPRESENT as a TI...but we're not here to discuss this aspect of this Shit Show ..we're here to get his FOLK PSYCHOLOGY based on SPACE ALIENS , DEMONS or VOICE TO SKULL back from you monsters.