Saturday, October 22, 2016

The 8th Floor Social Media -Denny Pace November 21 2016 

    Mind's Eye style I begin picturing my arms as legs.And hands as feet opening doors spooning food in my mouth .A disgusting image I can keep up for 2 whole minutes.For doing this I am rewarded for a full 7 hours with gentle ,whimsical head's up display and kind ,caring sounds and emotional overlay that feels like a semblance of age 14 .All hell breaks out when I begin to tell fellow Maruta to start collecting their online posts in folders to shape into something besides studie...
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    Denny Pace 
    11 hrs

    Always when the Cue Man Show is out reading their lines you're Hz -ed to the Heed.In some trance .Dopey.You never can really say "What the fuk are you talking about"
    You just kind of "get" the information relayed to you You mean nothing to them except as some receiver transponder.The ones who created the project are dead and buried..the Mandlers are working with semiotics laid on you since you were a baby and just last night ..The teams are working with 60 year old Behaviorist Science in 2016 .None of it translates.To them or yo