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breaking the Wavers

Neuronautics was a godsend to Memphis, Ohio...
Neuronautics cleaned up the streets,,,by opening up a drug treatment center on the edge of town.

my son Algernon,now 20.....My wife Christine and I didn't think he'd make it to 19!
Algernon had had a substance abuse problem ever since he was 14, 15 years old 
we had tried everything..rehabs,psychiatry, counseling.. MORE rehabs

Algernon had begun stealing...and harassing our younger child Davis,who was only 10 years old.
we had no choice but to ask him to leave
And although it sounds harsh, by that point I could care less where he went. .Christine however was overwrought that Alger just  disappeared
Finished with us.

some obstacle in his path
a virus he had finally shaken.

Algernon  not even  taking the time to either phone or write.
Except Davis ,our younger son discovered online
about the most bizarre things both my wife and I had done to him
as a child.
Later we discovered Algernon was dating a man named Flynn who convinced him
that he could raise funds for his (their ) drug habit by
discussing his 'Trauma Based Ritualized Abuse"
and Monarch Programming
to start a charity of some kind for Victims of this peculiar
brand of "youth" on Kickstarter.
(Later Davis discovered that Flynn and Algernon had switched gears choosing to instead "kickstart" a documentary on their story
of Satanic Abuse and supposedly raised over 5 thousand dollars such a film ..
Davis was called to his school's social worker
and asked IF "any strange incidents were ALSO part of his
short life.
and Davis mentioned that I had given him a stuffed animal of a clown
when he was young that scared him
and that was all that it took to have our housed searched ,not only for the scary toy./stuffed animal but any odd films or books  and anything these investigators -schooled in -Satanic Abuse..etc
could find.)

 one morning while driving home from work many months after the searches and seizures and funny looks both my wife and I received from the neighborhood that once felt sorry for us for having a drug addict instead of a son.
I saw Algernon in front of the old once dilapidated Rec Center that Neuronautics had purchased and cleared out during one of it's many revitalization projects in Memphis.
There was Algernon
playing whiffle ball with a pack of kids.
he was wearing a Neuronautics T -Shirt I had become familiar with,
as I had seen more and more of teenagers wearing thise shirts around town.What I guess one ,in another time might have called hoods.
That was who Neuronautic's seemed to specialize in saving...

Alger  seemed to be 'managed" by some of the older  Neuronauts about my age .The older men and women who worked with these troubled kids didn't wear T-Shirts but ..what one might call a uniform..the uniforms looked quite sever and I supposed that the severity of the Mentors was meant to impress upon their wards. Their "fixer -uppers" that they meant business. Seeing the posture and 'no nonsense " approach " these authority figure displayed ,I admit made me feel almost complicit in how badly Algernon had turned out. Christine and I raised both Alger and Davis

I  parked my truck far away but close enough to watch Alger and those dressed as he was,,,
pick up the plastic bats and whiffle balls...
 and speak with the various parents that came to pick up their kids...and next watched Algernon and others dressed as he was pile into a van with the words
Neuronatic Reachment Programs 
"Off the Street and On your Feet"
on it's side.
As if in a bad movie I followed the van to
the rougher side of Memphis, Ohio
and watched the men and women ...get out of the van and enter the rebuilt  firehouse with the words Neuronautics Reachment House
on it..

I didn't' tell Christine I had seen Algernon as  I didn't want to get her hopes up..
or mine, for that matter.
as yet no other facility or group or halfway house had .
actually got the kid sober for more than a month or two.

I watched Algernon from the same far away parking lot play and teach whiffle ball to  kids younger than he was ...and  next ...after the game ended and greet the parents
of the kids Algernon was coaching ...I made a decision to drive over to where the van was that I assumed was going to "take Algernon"home"

Algernon saw me and immediately came over and hugged me
Algernin had stopped hugging anyone...or smiling at any one since he was maybe 4 years old.

He asked one of his Mentors in the uniforms ,not the t-shirts if he could spend the day with his father...
they shook my hand...and said "just make sure he gets back to the Reachment House" by 6 pm.

At the house ,out house Alegernon explained to me what was different about Neuronautics
and why he thought
this time he could stay sober...
"he explained that all the other programs he had tried
all based on the same premise
"I am powerless "
Neuronautics on the other hand
Empowered it's clients
I don't know about you ,he said ,"
but If I am to belong to any group ...meant to set my life back on track..
I would much rather this group empower me .
rather than ask me to "accept I am powerless...over drugs,alcohol...nor anything else"
Maybe another programs works for SOME people..."

Seeing the amazing change in my 18 year old...who in one year passed his high school equivalency exam and worked 2 jobs to attend night classes at Memphis Ohio State University
I wanted what Algernon had..
I didn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol..
but  Christine and I  were having problems .
 I felt something was missing from not just my life  
but from  Christine's life as well...Algernon must have sensed this.
Algernon I was used to being senseless..or out of his senses on whatever chemical he had decided to snort ,pop smoke or shoot up into his system .Algernon in the recent past had only been able to sense weakness in another or compassion he took for weakness to get something (money mainly) out of someone ..But now he seemed to sense even the smallest emotions and subtexts behind a pause ,a sigh...
at first it was jarring...but his bearing that accompanied his new hypersensitivities toward what Algernon called 'the Enway"seemd Knowing
there was something about him now that went beyond mere sobriety
Something in his eyes and very as he called 'Inway to the Enway" that seemed ,lit for lack of a better word.

Algernon began stopped by the house once or twice a week.At first I was wery.Making sure I knew where my wallet was,my car keys, Christine's jewelry...
Of course with Alger's new heightened "Inways"
he was aware...of my hesitancy..
and "patted me on the back" as if not to make me feel self conscious about protecting "My THINGS" and "MY FAMILY"

"Things ,things ,things"
Algernon would say,out of nowhere,smiling to if talking ,communicating with some Entity I was too diminished in my being to understand.

Algernon next took out his wallet and began ripping his money in half .Next he went to the drawer in our kitchen and took out a pair of shearing scissors and cut his credit card(where it came from,this credit card I do not know ) in half .

"Appearances ,Appearances ,Appearances ," Algernon said next taking the scissor and cut a huge heap of his own hair ,he was always proud of off at the bangs.

Christine seemed somehow enchanted with Algernon's behavior ..literally enchanted and took the scissors Algernon now placed in her hands to cut  off a huge heap of her own hair.
Chrisitne handed me the scissors which I quickly placed in the sink.

Algernon came up behind me.
Patted my shoulder ,squeezed them as -a Father might..

"It's Ok Dad..I understand.Mother and I are one plane of existence and you are just not ready"

what does one say to this? was all I was thinking.and who the fuck does this druggie ,"cured" or not think he is...?
But I let it go.
I really was glad he was here .I didn't want his "gone" again..

It was like he was reading my mind..
He held me ,once again like he was the father and I was the son,and I began just crying,not only for him but for the cruel ,unforgiving thoughts I was having about Algernon.

 Afew evenings later Algernon took  two kitchen chair and set them down so they faced one another
 and told Christine and I to face one another and think to one another .
To think what we wanted to say to one another
and not just expect that the other could know what was on your mind  but absolutely KNOW that the other was both feeling and KNOWING what you and thus the both of you needed in terms of
what Algernon called "The Emanations"
the only rule according to Algernon ,who according to what he learned in Neuronautics was that one could never ask the other IF
what was on your mind was indeed received telepathically
by the other.
That it was faith of not, as Algernon said ,needing to know Absolutisms.
that allowed the physics of this New Way of communicating to work
That it was not 'the words" in one's mind but the 'Merge" behind the words..that brought man back to man's pre -verbal primal mind
It was something Algernon said he had learned to master and that Christine and I might one day "Know  without knowing as well"

By the time Algernon began splitting his rooming at our house and at the Reachment Center .By now Algernon was training to be not just saved by the Organization but part of the 'New Way" and  had begun dressing in the uniforms we had seen other Neuronauts wore all over town

"we don't you give Neuronatuic's a shot ?Algernon asked both me and Christine over one Sunday dinner ,"explaining that although
although there is no real service in a traditional sense there was none the less a true type of Spirituality in Neuronautics.and a growing congregation....we meet  at the local Annex for just one hour..usually a Neuronaut who has completed much of his courseload  simply speaks about what he or she found in themselves from following The New Way
 "there is much grace to be had by just coming together for the same cause."Algernon said

I was blown away,here's our kid who could barely sit through a dinner with saying "f*ck' this "f*ck you' once 8 months previously  talking about Grace and Causes.

But that was over a year ago.
and our lives have completely been Purposed since
our first meeting with Our Bettors
at the Church
Don't be put off when I explain that one's advisor in the program is called a Bettor.
All the term means is that one's mentor in the church has taken many more courses than you and thus has Evolved to Greater Levels of Beingship

I take weekly  classes at the Annex...and tithe a portion of my take home paycheck to the organization is both the least I can do and the most I can do
one reason my Mentor...who took me and my family under his wing.
asked me to
spare some time on Saturday morning
to help run the Youth Program ...was to show me that money was not all I could offer nor give back to Neuronautics but my time well
mainly at the rec center
I was to organize the children of Neuronautics
into separate teams
to introduce them to a new type of Learning...that was best introduced as a Game..

I picked up the gadgets at a warehouse  out side a man I met at an old strip mall near the Memphis Ohio Multiplex
took the boxes .placed them in my truck
and drove to the rec center.
there was one very large,very heavy box....and a much smaller box that contained batteries and chargers.
it was explained to me that while the gadgets ...the Tike Wavers
looked like phones and could be used as phones ...for emergency
(and included ...all the things a phone NEEDS to a camera.)
the phones were not REALLY for making calls
but playing a new type of Dodge Ball
that wasn't about dodging Balls
but beams that came out of the Tike Wavers.
I suppose
whoever at the Church set up this game ...thought beams were safer to aim at another than a ball was...

"It's about weeding the Ruiners out ," Algernon said ,patting me on the back blowing a whistle..

Algernon grouping  the smaller and weaker looking children on one side
and "their bettors" on the other .

"Weeding the what ," I asked.,following my son's lead and separating the smaller ,frailer kids into piles.

I looked at the Tike Waves

and one of Algernon's Mentors came up to me and explained
how the game worked and what Tike Wavers did-

"Directed Energy  is basically  focused power caused by the dispersal of the instrument's (The Tike Waver) force into the atmosphere.
Laser wavelengths are about 10,000 times smaller than microwaves. Therefore, they are more suitable for accuracy at long distances, because they diffract 10,000 times less.  But microwaves  can also be used by The Gamer  if a large area or many people need to be irradiated
Direct Energy Tike Wavers offer the following capabilities:

  • They have pinpoint accuracy.
  • They offer a low cost per use and maintenance.
  • They have a virtually unlimited magazine capacity.
  • They are simple to track, aim and shoot with sophisticated sensors.
  • They are less lethal if tuned properly.
  • They can operate in all weather conditions.
  • They can engage multiple targets.
  • They limit collateral damage.
  • Their energy travels at the speed of light.
  • Their energy can pass through walls at distances of hundreds of meters or even miles.
  • They are silent and offer plausible deniability of their use.
In addition, they are scalable, which means a single Tike Waver can be configured to produce a multitude of effects by adjusting its power or frequency. Some include tiredness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, convulsions, epileptic seizures, and temporary paralysis.
Other effects include: vibration of internal organs, cooking of internal organs, cataracts, burning sensations, controlled heating of the entire body to produce hyperthermia or fever, headaches, and a loss of short-term memory or cognitive processes. They can even be tuned to cause death by cardiac arrest or cancer. This energy can be transmitted accurately for long distances (in some cases many miles). Some can pass through most unshielded structures with little difficulty. And their use is virtually undetectable by casual observation.'


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