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let x =x

The Semiotics of Killing
Brain Mapping UCLA
Every assassination is a symbolic act. Murder in the form of semiotic value provides a context to the act of violence that a random shooting, stabbing ,etc cannot and do not ...'
Semiotic fuzzy logic user and metadata interface means for interactive multimedia system having cognitive adaptive capability
US20090133047 31 Oct 2008 21 May 2009 Lee Hans C Systems and Methods Providing Distributed Collection and Centralized Processing of Physiological Responses from Viewers
US20090150919 1 Dec 2008 11 Jun 2009 Lee Michael J Correlating Media Instance Information With Physiological Responses From Participating Subjects
The Role of Working Memory in the Subsymbolic–Symbolic Transition
Graeme S. Halford, Glenda Andrews, Steven Phillips, William H. Wilson
In this article, a proposal is made for a new account of the sub symbolic-to-symbolic transition based on a contemporary conception of working memory. Symbolic cognition is a constituent of reasoning and language and requires an operating system that is flexible and can produce novel, yet coherent, representations of relations that are useful in adapting to the environment. Acquisition of such an operating system depends on dynamic binding to a coordinate system in working memory. Recent studies with infants have indicated that this ability develops late in the 1st year of life, which corresponds to the time when symbols emerge in infant cognition. It also corresponds to the time when infants cease to make the A-not-B error, which depends on dynamic creation of a link in memory between an object and its location in space. We propose that such dynamic binding is a previously unrecognized marker of the symbolic transition. Emergence of symbolic processes (e.g., language, theory of mind) should be predicted longitudinally by dynamic binding to a coordinate system.

Blossom Row ( Gotham City )

VALERIE PRENTIS ,host of the gala approaches gives JIM GORDON and his wife ORLEAN a hug. VALERIE kisses ORLEAN on the cheek and next does the same to her husband JIM GORDON.

VALERIE - Gotham's latest power couple (stepping back ,admiring the two ) My don't you look beautiful
(turning her head towards the "outsider art" around her)
High contrast. Here we have the perfect specimens (gesturing at a particularly disturbing work) against the backdrop of the least ...
JIM - You sure do know how to make a guy feel special Valerie

Valerie Prentis ,producer of the hit children's television show" Keta How ,Keta Me" franchise will Valerie become board chair of the INst...

Monday, August 28, 2017

an old southern custom

MATTEW excused himself from "group" when he saw MISS KINYON smile.
MRS. KINYON always smiled when "that thing" happen to his face MATHEW went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.
He looked different.He felt the all too familiar tingling along side his jaw,nose,eyes.
When this happened he looked horrible
When he told DR. STEIN about what he called "morphing" DR. STEIN told him this complaint was one he was familiar with.
In "fact' ,according to STEIN the sense of one's appearance changing was a secondary symptom of schizophrenia 
STEIN upped his dose of neuroleptics to help him with the delusion.
3 weeks earlier MATHEW had been given an MRI that according to DR. STEIN required a special dye be injected into his arm.
That was how much STEIN wanted to ease MATHEW's mind that there was nothing going on except in his own mind.
The LIDA machine in the clinic buzzed without buzzing
sang without singing.
DR. EISEN told him the LIDA machine was like an air freshener
to clients who were brave enough to seek help.
MATHEW left the bathroom,his face numb,his palate clicking rhythmically.He would sit closer to the machine.
He would empower himself.In this way and fight his "Stinkin' Thinkin


I've done many things for "Proxy Cyber"
to gauge response
carrying a toy gun in my pants - in front - shirt open
-all to see
my - purportedly - unaware the "weapon" is visible

only once - during my performance  (why convince a 'useful idiot" they're
"synthetically - telepathic" if you don't play with them) did someone respond
- a guard in a Rite Aid

I told them I was an off duty police office
and proceeded to buy a pack of playing cards-

I got "away with it" back then ( 4? 5 ? years ago)
because I didn't look or act as I do now
angry, un affected, cruel full of hate and more nothing then anyone can tolerate

Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Police Commisioner Gordo the Ero creates Counter Survey Program


RIVIC ROARK is in MAX FATE's office.

RIVIC -Lose the 'G' and the 'H' and you'll never have to work again.

From FATE's point of view we go CLOSE on the computer screen which reads-


MAX - If i lose the 'G' and the 'H' I'll probably never be able to work again if I wanted to. Only 12 % of Gothamites get the Gotham Gazette in print and most people are aware typesetting is not how text is printed. I can't just say someone left out the 'G' and the 'H" from some old fashion typesetting set up and certainly cannot say the same mistake was printed twice on an online newsfeed.

RIVIC - For $600,000 I'd say you can say anything you want. If you like ,when the subject comes up you can say you had personal gripe against Jim and we'll pay court costs and settlement. James Gordon will not bring it to court if he does he'd be an idiot. Over and over the words "Gordo the Ero" will come up.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

compo cola/bimbombay: white traffick/red lights(just DO IT)
Nov 16, 2014 - it wasn't the weight of Akihito's arm around him. that made it impossible for Adam to move it was his thoughts. it wasn't the weight ofAkihito's ...

you were mine for a dime

BILLY YUM is Skyping with a CLIENT
"he jumped ..."
"they usually do. The vanity. Must be a generational thing.You owe us nothing. The pain reading was to die for"
" any Italians.Married under 23?"
"so few marry young. Unless they're queers. We have a few faggits that look like your ex..surely there must be some want in you to hurt the one who got away..."
"I sold him to you. Please tell me you're not using your own product Billy"
"it's a little hectic here. Jim Gordon is making waves..we're doing a wide scope at the Young People's Dirty Gurl Awards. Surely we can find you another Adam ..does height matter the taller ones go fast but you'd be surprised how many people like their Adams short.."
EMMA MORGEN ,a secretary of Billy's  sits in the front office. EMMA  places a head- set on her skull and -thinks- to to her employer.

We hear the - -Proximation 'bandwidth' of neural decoding  -a Woman's Voice
""""" Morgen Murrine is here from Proxy Arma to see you Mr .YUM'''''''''

BILLY - Did he bring the monkey whose face morphs when you zap it with Accoustics ?

SECRETARY (speaking 'The Old Way" to the client, on a phone)  - Mr.Yum wants to know if you brought the monkey whose face swells

MORGEN - (smiling ,shouting )  Tell Billy Boy -He's in the car .and he ain't no monkey .Some homeless guy I picked up on  route 30 and I that I have made his face the size of a volleyball

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Rivic studies the 'gulp' down to the pre neural firing and sends Dr Crane to make his TV a bit Smarter


The GORDONS are not home but DR. JONATHON CRANE sneaks around the living room nonetheless.
Deftly adding fiber optics to the "on" light in the TV as to gauge JIM GORDON's facial affect and pupillary response to 'the male form"

Earlier that same week....

Sgt JIM GORDON ,in uniform is begrudgingly doing desk work 
KID ,wearing only a blanket and sneakers has a nice long stare down with JIMBO who we see gulp than look away
a COP -says to JIMMY - Faggits huh Jim?
another COP ,more professional in bearing comes over with a file or some such shit in his hand and says to JIMBO-
Found him out side the Harm Her Love Club having some kind of seizure
He was trying to get away is what he said
JIM - Get away from what ?

JIM GORDON sits with his wife ORLEAN at a table 
our HERO 
Jim Gordon across the room
-ooooh he be viewing him like he be skewing him
has his legs wide open 
his hand kinda' grazing his
ORLEAN- (to Jim)
What's wrong?
JIM - Nothing...(fidgeting ) They just take too long here
an OLDER MAN and WOMAN walk past JIM and ORLEAN and do a double take
OLDER MAN - Hey,Your Jim Gordon ,Police Commissioner
I love your work
ROBIN,a 20 year old HANDSOME-IE guy makes a purposely loud noise moving his chair,tosses money on the table and leaves

"Targeted Individual -Paul Bennewitz" (1979)

In 1979, Paul Bennewitz operated a small electronics company, called Thunder Scientific Corporation, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From his home on the outskirts of Albuquerque, Bennewitz had, along with others, seen strange lights in the night sky over the Manzano Test Range outside Albuquerque. The lights seemed to appear almost every evening and to fly towards Coyote Canyon, also a part of the Kirtland Air Force Base area that included Sandia National Laboratory and PhillipsLaboratory, both of which conduct government research.
In early 1980, Paul Bennewitz became involved in observing and filming objects which he had sighted on the ground and in the air near Kirtland Air Force Base. Subsequently, on 24 October 1980 he contacted Major Ernest Edwards of the Kirtland Security Police.
Seeing an opportunity a scheme was enacted to bombard Bennewitz with disinformation to entice Paul to help cultivate and propogate the UFO myth

"Targeted Individual -Paul Bennewitz"
For over 60 years teams within the US Air Force and Intelligence services exploited and manipulated beliefs about UFOs and ET visitations as part of their counterintelligence programmes. In doing so they spawned a mythology so powerful that it captivated and warped many brilliant minds, including several of their own. Now, for the first time, some of those behind these operations, and their victims, speak out, revealing a true story that is part Manchurian Candidate and part Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Electronic Weapons were used to perturb Paul's mind and nervous system as false "communications" presumably between himself and aliens were sent to his computer.Across the street "they set up shop" to beam microwaves at the house...
"This is an incredible story about deception and tomfoolery in high places. The filmmakers have uncovered a tale that tells us that everything we thought we knew about UFOs is wrong. And the truth - the true truth - is much more interesting."
Jon Ronson - Author of The Psychopath Test
"Really original in the story it tells... Mirage Men presents an astonishing new perspective on the UFO mythology, and opens up the much wider question of how we know what we know about the world outside... a brilliant piece of work."
Adam Curtis - Director of The Power of Nightmares, The Century of the Self.

Evrim Yançeken (26), lost his life, falling from the balcony of the apartment in which he was living with his parents in Ankara

Aug 5 2013 A report the Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry has recently completed on the mysterious deaths of some engineers working for a Turkish defense industry giant, ASELSAN, maintains that the young engineers may have been driven to commit suicide after being exposed to synthetic telepathic attacks aimed at destroying them psychologically.
Four engineers working for ASELSAN died in mysterious and consecutive deaths in the years 2006 and 2007. Following the initial probe conducted after the deaths of Hüseyin Başbilen, Halim Ünsem Ünal, Evrim Yançeken and Burhaneddin Volkan, the press reported that the unexpected deaths of the four engineers were believed to be suicides, but question marks about the deaths have lingered on, with the families of the victims usually skeptical about their suicides.
Last year, the Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry launched a probe into the engineers' deaths. After completing a one-year investigation into the incidents, the Inspection Board has drawn up a final report, which, after being presented to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan this week, was also submitted to the Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office, which is in charge of the investigation.
Despite previous claims in the media that the four engineers had worked on some important defense projects, “They were not working on critical projects,” the report said. One of the most striking things in the report is the suggestion that the four engineers may have been led to commit suicide after being subjected to telepathic attacks aimed to induce depression. In the report, inspectors also urged the Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office to investigate the deaths from this perspective.
The report doesn't provide a clear answer as to whether the deaths should be labeled as murder or suicide. After enumerating the findings about the deaths, the inspectors drawing up the report highlighted the fact that video images of the period immediately before the deaths, particularly in the cases of Başbilen and Yançeken, are needed, but as the deaths were seven years ago, it is no longer possible.
All four engineers were undergoing psychological treatment before their deaths. But inspectors find it suspicious that, after Başbilen's death, all three other engineers had, one after the other, started to undergo psychological treatment. The inspectors conceded in the report, however, that no connection between the four deaths has been found.
Hüseyin Başbilen (31), a cryptology expert, was found dead in his car, with his throat and wrist cut, in Ankara on August 2006. Authorities announced that Başbilen, who had been married for two months, had committed suicide. Six months after Başbilen's death, Halim Ünsem Ünal, 29, was found dead, shot in the head by a pistol belonging to his father, in his car. The death of Ünal, who was to be married in three days, was also recorded as suicide.
Only eight days after Ünal's death, another electrical engineer, Evrim Yançeken (26), lost his life, falling from the balcony of the apartment in which he was living with his parents in Ankara. About ten months later, Burhanettin Volkan, a software engineer, apparently committed suicide on October 9, 2007, with his own gun while on guard duty as part of military service. Volkan, who had started to receive psychological treatment before being enlisted, was married during his military service. He died only 40 days after being married.
Initially, all four cases were closed after being labeled as suicides. But Fikret Seçen, the prosecutor conducting the Ergenekon investigation, an illegal gang charged with plotting to overthrow the government, referred the files of Başbilen, Yançeken and Volkan to the Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office in 2010.
Başbilen's case is particularly suspicious. In the report drawn up by the Security Directorate, the theory of Başbilen's murder is given a higher probability by experts, while out of the eight members of the Council of Forensic Medicine (ATK), five said the Başbilen case was suicide, with three opting for murder. The investigation is still ongoing regarding the deaths of the ASELSAN engineers. Vehbi Başbilen, father of Hüseyin, wrote a letter to Erdoğan in August last year, saying he didn't believe his son would have committed suicide. It was following this letter that Erdoğan instructed the Inspection Board to investigate the case.
The Inspection Board examined almost everything, from the projects the four engineers worked on to the victims' family life, psychological treatment they were receiving, trips abroad and files prepared by the prosecutor's office. Members of the Inspection Board also talked with the families, the psychologists of the victims and with experts in the use of neuro weapons ,and Brain Computer Interface technology often referred to as Synthetic Telepathy.

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The Yardbirds - Train Kept A Rollin'

Procedures for Behavioral Experiments in Head-Fixed Mice

The mouse is an increasingly prominent model for the analysis of mammalian neuronal circuits. Neural circuits ultimately have to be probed during behaviors that engage the circuits. Linking circuit dynamics to behavior requires precise control of sensory stimuli and measurement of body movements. Head-fixation has been used for behavioral research, particularly in non-human primates, to facilitate precise stimulus control, behavioral monitoring and neural recording. However, choice-based, perceptual decision tasks by head-fixed mice have only recently been introduced. Training mice relies on motivating mice using water restriction. Here we describe procedures for head-fixation, water restriction and behavioral training for head-fixed mice, with a focus on active, whisker-based tactile behaviors. In these experiments mice had restricted access to water (typically 1 ml/day). After ten days of water restriction, body weight stabilized at approximately 80% of initial weight. At that point mice were trained to discriminate sensory stimuli using operant conditioning. Head-fixed mice reported stimuli by licking in go/no-go tasks and also using a forced choice paradigm using a dual lickport. In some cases mice learned to discriminate sensory stimuli in a few trials within the first behavioral session. Delay epochs lasting a second or more were used to separate sensation (e.g. tactile exploration) and action (i.e. licking). Mice performed a variety of perceptual decision tasks with high performance for hundreds of trials per behavioral session. Up to four months of continuous water restriction showed no adverse health effects. Behavioral performance correlated with the degree of water restriction, supporting the importance of controlling access to water. These behavioral paradigms can be combined with cellular resolution imaging, random access photostimulation, and whole cell recordings.

My Aim is True - Watching the Detectives

16 Nov 9.

Neighborhood deprivation and depression in adult twins: genetics and gene×environment interaction.



Depression is a significant problem and it is vital to understand its underlying causes and related policy implications. Neighborhood characteristics are implicated in depression but the nature of this association is unclear. Unobserved or unmeasured factors may confound the relationship. This study addresses confounding in a twin study investigating neighborhood-level effects on depression controlling for genetics, common environment, and gene×environment (G × E) interactions.


Data on neighborhood deprivation and depression were gathered from 3155 monozygotic twin pairs and 1275 dizygotic pairs (65.7% female) between 2006 and 2013. The variance for both depression and neighborhood deprivation was decomposed into three components: additive genetic variance (A); shared environmental variance (C); and non-shared environmental variance (E). Depression was then regressed on neighborhood deprivation to test the direct association and whether that association was confounded. We also tested for a G × E interaction in which the heritability of depression was modified by the level of neighborhood deprivation.


Depression and neighborhood deprivation showed evidence of significant A (21.8% and 15.9%, respectively) and C (13.9% and 32.7%, respectively) variance. Depression increased with increasing neighborhood deprivation across all twins (p = 0.009), but this regression was not significant after controlling for A and C variance common to both phenotypes (p = 0.615). The G × E model showed genetic influences on depression increasing with increasing neighborhood deprivation (p < 0.001).


Neighborhood deprivation is an important contributor to depression via increasing the genetic risk. Modifiable pathways that link neighborhoods to depression have been proposed and should serve as targets for intervention and research.

just haven't met you yet

Variation in Event-Related Potentials by State Transitions.

The probability of an event's occurrence affects event-related potentials (ERPs) on electroencephalograms. The relation between probability and potentials has been discussed by using a quantity called surprise that represents the self-information that humans receive from the event. Previous studies have estimated surprise based on the probability distribution in a stationary state. Our hypothesis is that state transitions also play an important role in the estimation of surprise. In this study, we compare the effects of surprise on the ERPs based on two models that generate an event sequence: a model of a stationary state and a model with state transitions. To compare these effects, we generate the event sequences with Markov chains to avoid a situation that the state transition probability converges with the stationary probability by the accumulation of the event observations. Our trial-by-trial model-based analysis showed that the stationary probability better explains the P3b component and the state transition probability better explains the P3a component. The effect on P3a suggests that the internal model, which is constantly and automatically generated by the human brain to estimate the probability distribution of the events, approximates the model with state transitions because Bayesian surprise, which represents the degree of updating of the internal model, is highly reflected in P3a. The global effect reflected in P3b, however, may not be related to the internal model because P3b depends on the stationary probability distribution. The results suggest that an internal model can represent state transitions and the global effect is generated by a different mechanism than the one for forming the internal model.

Proxy Cyber Gives

Our commitment to Ultimate Gaming and our no holds barred manner of managing the stimuli of our many participant's input has made Proxy Cyber number one in the field of 'off grid" discrete behavioral science.
Our Neural Correlates library grows in leaps and bounds!
Many subjects we have been given to "do what we will" for "The Greater Good" have helped us develop some of the most innovative games based on  any number of 'What Would You Do" moments!
From the  esoteric and to the universal our patented reactions to all matter of economic, social and sexual situations put the dat' in Big Data.
As passionate gamers and sensation seekers hoping to make the world singular in it's vision, it’s thrilling to see some of the unique and intriguing titles we’ve been able to add to our collection from having an unsentimental view of the human condition. Nothing says godless like our incredibly addictive typing game – Voice of God .
The premise is straightforward. Set in the world of welfare checks , social security centers and the many university hospitals around the united states subjects diagnosed as schizoid and psychotic and treated as such by friends and family armed with little more than the shirt on their backs are swayed into thinking their words and posts will settle the score and gain them restitution.Many in the court and legal system make ample money when the Proxy's brain tissue is pushed to overload via military grade direct energy!
All through the game typing challenges are set to synchronous Voice to Skull and Neuromodulation modes to discover how "man" interprets and processes sensory and narrative information. All their output is purposely driven to only read as fragmentation to both keep the "certifiable" thing going and give ample source material to those who wish to introduce aspects "mind control" into the mainstream as a mysterious "Floating World". 

A Man , The Binds

Psychophysical and Neuro Weapons must be researched and developed in a manner that presumes in it’s investigation how a potential threat might use such weapons upon an individual or nation . We seek to understand the capacities and liabilities of mind decoding and mind interface technologies as these advancements might be used by hostile agents and governments against free nations. Our goal is to predict and simulate methods a hostile nation might use upon others by conducting neuro- weapons testing on a wide demographic of persons with a variety of “Thought Style. Our goal is to discover how a victim of brain entrainment weapon might survive such an attack. Our goal is to understand how a human organism might adapt and function while under the influence and duress of this invasive technology. It is only by simulating rigorous aggressive tactics a hostile nation might use that we can begin to understand how an individual or population might deal with a genuine attack with these unique weapons. The public has previously demonstrated it’s lack of sophistication in comprehending the need for “in house” exploratory behavioral and chemical research upon it’s own patriots .One need only recall the hysterical fashion in which the public was mediated to react to knowledge that behavioral and pharmacological tests were conducted upon humans to strategize our pre-emptive psychological defensives. The need for testing indeed done on ‘unknowing’ participants was spun by the press in a manner to malign researchers in behavioral psychology projects commonly referred to as “MK Ultra”.Rather conspicuously there was little or no mention in the press concerning the necessity of the double blind approach nor explanation why such testing required the subject to be unware of the intent or means of the operation. Some journalists and politicians sought to use the revelation of ‘MK Ultra ‘ to embarrass and therefore weaken these agencies and thus the nation’s standing in the world arena . It is not only for the sake of discretion and the media’s inevitable desire to 'stir up the pot ‘as to once again mislead the public as to the merit and purpose of unsolicited human testing that we should seek outside agency to conduct behaviorist studies . Neuro weapons which rely in no small part upon script require experts at paradigm . Whereas one person might be swayed to understand the nature of ‘silent sound ‘ or many means of ‘straight to cortex ‘data induction technology as demonic another with belief systems not enmeshed or schooled in Judeo Christian beliefs might understand the ‘imbue’ of Synthetic Telepathy rendition as extraterrestrial or supernatural in nature One man’s boogeyman is another‘s paper tiger. Although neuro-weapons can be used to subdue reason and heighten fear centers in the brain that respond intuitively to more primal belief systems these weapons and the use of narrative to steer another with synthetic telepathy towards madness rely on an "everyman' fear of the unknown .More and more do movies and TV shape our belief systems more than our family upbringing and therefore film ‘sets’ our individual and collective associations and ‘triggers’. For this reason who better than Hollywood and it’s creative teams to devise some of the necessary paradigms for psychotronic weapon that rely so much upon scripts. Some of the more pragmatic test subjects in spite of their initial displacement concerning 'Voice of God ' technology will in time assume the means of 'communion' is physics based .For this reason we have already commisioned a number of 'experts' to relay a plethera of "inside information" both real and confabulated to bolster these belief systems in the subject. As for creating a shadow government 'like cult 'for those not inclined to "Dark Skies"rendition there are
It's not the first crowd control tool to use sound…

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Kindling Bell's Palsy Models of Facial Paralysis in Cats ( 80Hz 2sec duration Amygdala oscillation nonspecific duration )


are you family? I am a police office. //surely Darius Crane has done nothing wrong concerning...
"Oh no, it's nothinglikethat .....
"well , i'll have to speak to his Doctor Darius is quite an excitable boy

inhibitory control cognitive flexibility set shifting, mental flexibility, or mental set shifting

A liaison type asks JIM GORDON and JILL COP to have a seat in the corridor of the hospital.

"Excitable Boy?"Jill says ," How old is Darius

" I suppose once one is pigeon holed psychiatric patient they remain somewhat childlike - infantilized by the system"

"I read something very interesting about the amazing Dr Crane and certain child cohort studies he was involved in during the mid 1960's involving conditioning of the parasympathetic nervous system with acoustics and oscillations ...he believed he could 'get around" the brain , the mind that was damaged by training the limbic system to react to stimuli that coincided with behaviors one wanted extinct..."

"Kinda' shock them out of it "

'He used their facial nerves and cranial nerves to correct his patient's interior view of themselves making them look ugly when they thought ugly things and look good- like themselves at least when they thought or behaved in a way that wasn't - ugly"

'I wonder if he did that to Darius?"


JIM GORDON slams the door in MGM/ Comic Book Movie Fashion and finds quintessential understanding, ethnic  FEMALE COP
we can see the scene already played out
as if trained to but the human garbage that has trained us to think in small parceled scenes
"Get me everythgwn; you can  on Dr, Jonathon Crane"
we discover he has a son - DARIUS CRANE who is in ARKHAM ASYLUM
uh oh!
"C'mon Let's git a move on "

CUT TO -  

BATMAN - JIM GORDON ( something amiss in The Narrows)


JIM GORDON is still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the new surveillance station that monitors Gotham's posts.

RIVIC ROARKE is joking around with two OFFICERS dressed in RIVIC SECURITY UNIFORMS

RIVIC - You look good at a desk Jimbo. It suits you. Doesn't Jimbo look good doing women's work. Counting beans.

JIM looks at the two officers

JIM - What did I say about you wearing those uniforms on duty

RIVIC - He even sounds like a woman

JIM - (to Rivic) You 're not a policeman nor do you work for the Gotham Police Force.You were invited here to train some of the men in Brain Mapping you did that're done here.

RIVIC - I've only just begun here James.( to officers ) well boys Mister Gordon doesn't want me around see you after hours ( making an effeminate gesture) and please do something about those ..

JIM -- Go Rivic..and you two..I'm letting it go this time but if you ever wear your private security uniforms on duty again.

With indignation the two OFFICERS leave presumably to change . RIVIC hovers

RIVIC - You don't know how to treat men don't know how to flow

JIM - Goodbye Rivic.

JIM GORDON studies the posts of DENNY PACE on The 8Th Floor Social Media ,curious pulling up another feed that is almost exactly the same -Jim calls  to a FEMALE OFFICER to study the screens

JIM - What are these people talking about exactly? Hearing things and seeing things? Do you think there could be something to this ?

FEMALE OFFICER - LSD , PCP in the water supply type of 'could be something to this" or some wanna be writer trying to sell his wares?

jIM - If someone was trying to sell something why would they be writing it in real time on a platform that all but negates linear context fictional or otherwise?

FEMALE - Because he's crazy? And hears voices Jim?

JIM- That's what I thought at first but I went to school for computer forensics and understand to some extent the way one with a thought disorder writes

FEMALE - well Scooby Dooby Doo Jim ...and here I was thinking you were just this handsome little piece of eye candy ..tell me more.

JIM seems uncomfortable or confused. The COP gentle grazes his arm

FEMALE -(seriously) Hey , i meant no disrespect. I'm sorry. It's contagious - the way you're letting Rivic Security basically become the Gotham Police force.

jIM ( angry ) It's the mayor doing this. I'm sorry it's not you. It's Rivic. it's the Brain Map studies..and all it's about money to these people nothing else.

FEMALE - Let's hope it's nothing else let's get back to this Denny Pace feed.What's he look like ?

JIM - Why?

FEMALE - I'm not sure.

Little Miss

The application of 120 Hz pulse trains times at 2 seconds duration was applied day one at Brenda Sharpe for 30 minutes. The following day 25 pulse trains were sent in a four hour study period. Electrical stimulation was continued during Brenda's mid term exam. We noted behavioral changes induced by the direct energy though transient and bearable made Brenda unwilling to keep an appointment with close friend ,according to phone records she was "not feeling quite herself "

Jim Bloom
May 11

BRENDA - Beauty contests?
IVY - Something like that. She died.
BRENDA- Oh I'm so sorry
IVY - She died for the right reasons ,so many die for the wrong ones
BRENDA - I'm confused
IVY - Oh dear .I do go on so when meeting new people.What's your major?
BRENDA - Computational Biology
IVY - Oh my, sounds so serious
BRENDA - Oh not really. What's yours ..Your major?
IVY - Public Relations. sounds so frivolous...compared to you.But I assure you it isn't...