Monday, February 22, 2016

The Happy Wanderer and Gaslit Institutionalization

The Happy Wanderer  script is of use both as Bi-Direction Interface upon a human organism doped with neural prosthetics by Tele -Mnemonic Presence 9synthetic telepathy) to get the subject away from their dwelling. As the subject in time comes to  feed a degree of safety and a degree of security based upon their own  cortical compensations regarding  modification based on diffuse ment of chronic sensory exchange concerning Closed Loop Direct and Indirect (chatterbot algorithms) and web based "bi -directional" mediation concerning "online persona" promoting the reward of Reward less Threshold testing  concerning  simulated annealing of the subject's mood,perceptions and nervous system .
A well trained Operating Tele -Presence and a well trained placed variable "as variable visage " in thesocial-media    (chat room,social media)   will entice the TI to "pack up and go" from their job,home,city as to  eliminate momentarily habituation factors from the subject's neural read.Often "The Happy Wanderer" platitude is interfaced with attenuation of ultra high field frequency at dopamine receptors with auditory aggrandizement of the subject's unique position of being "the eyes and ears"  of research and development and "Why not reconsider the burden as  adventure".The alteration of mood of retooled tone ,cadence and pitch of the Imbue temporarily allows a subject to reconsider their own fault in not providing visceral feedback ,. Often a placed variable as "contextual "friend" " on the social media will be asked to act as qualifier to "great changes"  and even removal from testing by "taking the leap" of "faith" to leave town,family,job,apartment to satisfy the BrainLink.
Often "The Happy Wander" script is used to set the stage for predicated Street Theater  and increased subjective discomfort "exercises" upon the TI's "integrated organizational " systems to allow for  east decompensation strategies to be performed upon the subject to hospitalize the subject  and therefore update "paper trail" of the subject's diagnosis as mentally ill

Sunday, February 21, 2016


    the narrative .the inner monologue ..that is the mind at play,at thinking is tinkered with by the research..your body sometimes feels if it is going..the sheer amount of what ever frequency that connects too much for the body to take..and I watch in dismay the ads for wearables. Companies want us to get closer not further away from EMF..I think of stories I was told of x rays being used in shoe stores to measure foot size..and than the size of these neural prosthetics less than the size of a human cell..there is nothing to scan..and we still call them "chips".. Another TI has passed away..close to my age..natural causes..the EMF causes all types of diseases concern
    ing damage to RNA nd DNA strands ..damage to the blood brain barrier ..the once tight buffer that staved off neurotoxins is now punctured..and this is progress..I am no longer able to be their .their reliably un reliable narrator...whatever asset I was to "my team" as exhaust fan lost...the exhaust now is meant to stay within me..a canary in gold mine of Mind Mining Brain Initiative..but I must understand the sacrifice of the TI for King and country and thousands of corporations who know the " Internet of Things " begins with a person being first and foremost - a Thing -my team must understand the rate of death ..from this hyper exposure to EMF in my specific demographic..for
    the future consumer of this all consuming Singularity

    Denny Pace
    We all do our jobs posting away ,trying to pretend this wasn't the point ..vying with others aware of the point of this "book of faces" as tabulation ..mixed with intentional fabrications .and the instigation to write all the ready made words that make us sound daft..Voice of God Weapon - Synthetic Telepathy - Cybernetic Hive Minds - MK Ultra Mind Control - Remote Neural Monitoring - Psychtoronic Weapons - DARPA Sonic Projector - Satellite Terrorism - No Touch Torture - Gang Stalking - ELF Weapons - HAARP - EEG Cloning - Bio Communications - Nano Technology & Future Technology..oh if one day all the TIs would STOP typing if all together we now claimed we were in cahoots creating a New Urban Myth...a complicated contrived. Art Installation..THAN we might win...
    oh..maybe China.or Russia ..or Korea has this magical tech ..
    but not here..
    not that I know of..
    ...ahhh get someone else to write of these magical weapons ..
    or give us a better wage to write this tripe ..
    This the concern of those who have asked (?) us to use our wits as some representation of living Plausible Deniability..
    Denny Pace
    and this (visual reconstructions Duh SCiEnce a' Mind ReAding ) just oNe more placed nugget of SI- ence 25 years old for duh Targeted Individuals to lick dar' chops ...dar' chops most like - a - lee frothing a bit from da' various anti anxiety meds and toxic major tranquilizers they ( and myself) must too often take with a type of mind rape ..that is ..and is meant to ONLY be duh stuff of da' mooovies...I post the visual recuunstrux vid as it goes (or went ) with duh plaCing of other pre supposed finding ..carrots ...eaaasta' eggs for the TI to savor ..and thus post in a SEE Ma' -dis is not a dream dis is really happening fashion..certain key books we TIs meant to "stumble " upon ..written by ex CIA agents
    agents indeed...but of what ..agents of just enuf information to keep duh TI going
    on his or her field trip..of "discovering" these oh so placed finds..and .keywords ..we are meant to find and pine over in those key Limited Hang Out ..Op schlock books ..written in language even a Dummy can unda'stand - yes yes yes evi - dense ! And early on. How We the presumed -dim TIs - oh do react on cue and mull over these books which show case our lot...and as expected these books At the time .....offer us some variation of Hope..hope this will end hope in knowing others know..yessum GeNUine prooooofessional men and women with PhDs and MI 5 J-j-j-jiiiiive .behind der' names ------.ah give me a B Side .... You know Play me dat speech by dat congressman. Again...ooooh yeah baby u know what I liiiiike..
    neon green letters on black ... rages again duh machine.. Duh Matwwwwwix and ELFHAARPLookingthrough a cats eye1999! ..
    so many years ago ..I as expected would take the print outs of my findings to the shrink..
    Look Look .....
    and than you wake up..
    and each day you do..
    you are less..
    and less
    Denny Pace
    Feb 25, 2011 - A sizable number of neuromarketing companies already brain test movie trailers for the major studios through fMRI, ... via fMRI brain scans, as a way to supposedly flop-proof films and ...
    Hollywood Gets Inside the Minds of Moviegoers - LiveScience › 5073-hollywood...
    Aug 22, 2008 - But in reality, both Hollywood studios and neuroscientists are ... as brain scans to peer inside the minds of moviegoers. ... more than just sell Hollywood's mov...(tharr be more)
    Peer into the depths
    (Visit: Using Hollywood movie trailers, UC Berkeley researchers have succeeded in decoding and reconstructing people's dynamic vis...

Monday, February 15, 2016

(1)Desensitize both subject and therefore  word as to
Re-define the word or term (mind control)
Media resources to
- contrast image of term HIGHLIGHT fiction concerning facts.
Entice writers,publishers,movie makers to make science -science fiction
Desensitize the term (mind control) with examples of heinous ,violent acts occurring because the "actor" was under the influence of term (mind control)
Encourage celebrities (late night talk shows,radio hosts) to discuss the topic seriously with optioned experts to provide  EMBARRASSING MOMENTS AND FACTS when  describing the subject matter    
 as to INVITE ATTACK on "expert" and therefore subject matter 
attempt to balance the story with more optioned experts to be discredited at a later time
Use of semi fiction to appear to make a purposely outrageous story be presented as "the whole truth"
 Use fiction to portray a realistic version of events as fiction regarding mind control . - Report to the President,"  June 1953. U.S. President's Committee on International Information Activities: the Jackson Committee

Friday, February 12, 2016


Sixth Annual Army Human Factors Engineering Conference, 3-6 October 1960.

Publication Date 1960
Renamed Project MKOFTEN in 1964 the term often referring to timing and age of onset and ritual as to habituated a child primarily before age 3 and next age 5 to an environment provided by caregivers to best "help" the child disassociate presumably to "mystic like -trance states" Project OFTEN was often performed upon foster children ,adopted children  and "scoped" children who were speculated to serve as "assets" in various fileds of influence pertaining to entertainment,politics .the sciences or to serve as "obect' (sexual) to power brokers as reward or coersion.


 OFTEN was a covert Department of Defense program developed in conjunction with the CIA. A partner program to MKSEARCH, sub -[rpjects of MK Search and MK Ultra involved  prenatal "rendering" of a child in vitro . Aspects of Human Engineering  via MKOFTEN was to "test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans".Some tests were done to the child's mother (drugs introduced as well as the induction of staged stressors to understand the effects thereof  cortisol's  on the fetus in the .Biological as well as pharamacological  "strssors" were often introduced into the mother's system (viruses,high doses of estrogen or testosterone  by mant doctirs that participated in the research )w
CIA's Operation Often was also initiated by the chief of the CIA's Technical Services Branch, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, to "explore the world of "the occult" and "the use of fear insinuated upon the growing child to induce aspects of personality fracturing with ritualized traumatic abuse as to discover perceived inner reaches of the mind normally beyond reach". As part of Operation Often, Dr. Gottlieb and other CIA employees helped create a pseudo name for "these children to be raised on symbols and induced damage to their psyche " -Indigo Children.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

a TI does a lot of research....
and a TI forgets how they even heard of the term TI.(Targeted  Individual)

one can't keep track of most of the TIs they "meet " online
many who dare begin sharing the details of their story
with you
about face very quickly.
they have said too much

the way one knows one is saying too much ...going into too much detail is unique to a person literally
tagged to be manipulated with technologies that concern means of control one cannot see..

one spends an awful lot of time sounding like a pundit .."well you can't see the signal that controls a pacemaker  can you...but you sure would notice "it " 9if you had a pacemaker0 if the 'beat" ...."wave" .."pulse"  "frequency " that operated the device sped up or down.
or stopped completely.

and soon one spends an awful lot of time alone for speaking this way

who  (most of all ,really a fellow TI) wants to hear it?
a TI hears inside their own mind
endless questions about WHY is this taking place
WHO is doing it
and HOW does it work.

somewhere in our journeys  to answer these question
usually at the height and also at the ebb of certain tests done with frequency with both our bio ,neuro and physiological  signals
we begin writing to all matter of law enforcement,legislators,human rights group
and soon stop
we realize our letters ,petitions etc describing our situation reads as garden variety delusion ,psychosis  ...thought disorder
Most Tis seek psychiatric counseling and and do in fact follow instructions to medicate our  so called "chemical imbalance" with medication ,talk therapy and even hospitalization
many TIs finding no respite from their "delusions"  and their aura and visual "hallucinations '
attempt suicide.
Many succeed.

we "stumble upon' information about  advanced and covert technologies created to purposely entrain another's mind and body with directed signal and directed energy created as weapon
to deliberately cause disorders of both the mind and body with electromagnetic frequency 9EMF) extreme low frequency ,(ELF) milliwave and microwaves NOT because we are desperately attempting to "explain away" our psychiatric "imbalance"  or the stigma that goes with such diagnosis
with an even an explanation even more stigmatic and open to ridicule than that of
"mental patient" -that being - that one has been somehow "augmented" or "targeted" for human testing.

no,we stumble upon the term Targeted individual because  we might be looking online  or in bookstores..for reasons psych meds are not working there something you or someone you know is taking that works ..
as we all realize the internet can lead one to places that one does not expect...
places one does not seek ..
yet often one peruses a site they might never have sought as they see similarities and accounts of others who are having "atypical" circumstances that do not gel with clinicians
concerning not only onset ..but  secondary symptoms of "thought disorder"

One by one we learn about a type of weapon that billions and billions of dollars have been spent upon for decades.
And one by one we discover that the United States has a history of testing biological and chemical weapons on it's own citizens.
Furthermore we discover that the United States has a long history of doing psychological "ops" on it;s own citizens and this is where a typical TI many ,if not all of the "madness" we have been exposed to we now see is almost point for point with psychological threshold tests done in the late 1950's  60's and 1970's.
Has schizophrenia standardized it's symptomology precisely to the tactics of Push/Pull Psychic Driving Techniques and somehow taken it's means of illness directly from the Kubark Manuel? and the work of Dr Ewen McGregor and George White..are 80 or so "nuts' who do not know each other experiencing "by the book" verbatim "imparted" scenarios and renditions as mass pathology?

There is very little information about Neuro and Psychotronic Weapons nor Direct Energy Weapons and certainly less by those who are researching and deploying these weapons on citizens online or in books..
Human Testing is not something one talks about  or writes about (unless one is the victim of such ) .Human Testing and documentation of such is the type of "work" one shreds.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

promote integration with the brain tissue while introducing minimal mechanical perturbation. The ultra-flexible probes were implanted frozen into rodent brains and used to record multiplexed local field potentials and single-unit action potentials from the somatosensory cortex. Significantly, histology analysis revealed filling-in of neural tissue through the macroporous network and attractive neuron–probe interactions, consistent with long-term biocompatibility of the device 
rightWe used an optogenic like method of corresponding Hz aimed at site specific Hz specific neural probes lodged in the test  subject's ventral tegmental area .The probes scored to only be triggered  by correspondence  frequencies remotely "aimed" at on and " off" parts of the neural systems involved in romantic love..It is important that the subject bond with his or her Operating Tele -Presence completely during the initial three months of Direct and Indirect Neural Interface. Several of the behavioral aspects of romantic love suggest that bio chemically it (love) is consistent with recorded neuronal sequences  concerning in vitro synaptic studies of cocaine addiction in Macaque monkeys    (David et al. 2004Kalivas and Duffy 1998;McBride et al.) acute cocaine injection has been shown to activate the VTA in fMRI studies of humans (Breiter et al. 1997). In addition, fMRI studies have shown that secondary rewards like money activated the nucleus accumbens/subcallosal region and VTA (Breiter et al. 2001Delgado et al. 2000Elliott et al. 200020032004Knutson et al. 2  )More data implicating reward regions and dopamine as an important neuro probe placement to serve as synthetic neuro "transmitter" is needed in human studies with A.I. ,VR and Direct Neural Interface to best understand and thus simulate  the feelings and behaviors of romantic love .Next we must attempt to adapt probe resonance and placement to best mimic the natural signal firings pertinent to evoking in the human organism the simulation of feelings of dread,fear, terror,agression and self loathing by remote means 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

XXXX tries getting the crayon lines off the TV but they won't entirely come off.
He pauses from his anger at me (he didn't like the kid either )  and asks why there  is crayon the tv anyway ..and I say cause I was for a while trying to trace the tv charcters to learn how to draw people -duh
And than XXXX says ,calmed down now ...realizing  the tv can't be sold on e bay..
(Having at least taken 300 dollars I had squirreled away in case I needed meth or something..for a rainy day..and says Jesus're supposed to be the good guy
and I say I know but that day I think EVAN ,one of my Mandlers. Completely wet over ride on me...and I didn't know what I was doing
And "you know EVAN sometimes cannot help himself"
XXXX knows this is true .
But still...he says I should have somehow fought it better..that he know there is some part of me that likes EVAN
Of course there is some part of me that likes EVAN I think but I just know not to say it.
Because we sorta needed the roomates..and money..especially because I told some art guy that someone told me to paint in an Outsider Art way ..
And now the value of my art is less.

"I told the kid it was a story ..," I say ,like the kinds of stories my foster parents would tell me.about kids being trapped in fridgerators because their parent took them to garbage dumps and put them there because they were bad and sometimes forgot to take them out.

"Well..I'm gonna call Proxy Cyber you know and see if EVAN really was your Operating Tele -Presnce that day or if you're just turning mean on us" XXXX says

"I am whatever the Mandlers want me to be" I graph

"Your job is to fight the Tele -Presncse not roll with it.."

"Sometimes I just don't care...." I say and wish I hadn't because XXXX puts his hands on my throat and says'"you better start caring"

XXXX stops and I begin to raise my fist.XXXX just shakes his head..and picks up the little notebook of carttoons ..or more so Story Boards for the remake of 1988's the blob

"These are horrible.." XXXX says

"Yeah things are really not going well here..with anything.."

XXXX looks in my eyes and than hugs me ,holds me but I feel nothing but Mandled.and not by XXX?.just Proxy Cyber


XXXX comes into my room and begins removing the TV like I am not even here...and than starts ripping open my drawers...I am on the bed my Team had told me I had better begin drawing tiny people in tiny boxes...and putting bubbles over their heads...and little circles with little triagles attached to imply only little people are in boxes ...little cartoon people are saying the things I am not supposed to say....
but all the people I am drawing seem to be staring straight ahead.....more like they are talking on youtube...and I begin throwing the little colored pencils on the floor..Of course XXXX thinks the little bluecolor pencils    I let roll onto the floor is some response to his behavior...
"Don't push me Dumbo" XXXX says
I know why he's taking the TV and scouting for's because the roomettes for some reason decided to tell on me...after all these months..
and now it's really really -at least to XXXX all my fault we have these vacant rooms...
because he didnt know and WASNT SUPPOSED TO KNOW that one day a few months ago the roomates were set to move back in..after the fiasco concerning *****'s little brother.
it was on a day XXXX was out of town on a business trip...
and ***** came over to make ammends ....bringing with her the little brother in question...
asking me if I could say i was sorry..
so i did...and everyone was set to move back...when **** gets a call saying she had to be back at the resteraunt she manages  and please please please could I watch her little brother cuz she didnt have tiime to drive him home..
so of course I said yeah ...not that I wanted to
I didn't like the kid..
even though i said "sorry"..
i guess some 5 year olds you like and some you don't
all kids aren't equal..
well **** leaves ...and you can tell the kid is like afraid of me or doesnt like me

'why should he -the feeling is mutual..
so i say ...well do you wan tto play Minecraft? and the kid can't settle down and he's a moron or i say you want me to make you grilled cheese and the kid says he can't eat milk...i tell him cheese has hardly any milk in it which is why they call it cheese..
the kid wants me to read him something beaus he says thats what baby sitters do..
I get mad that he thinks of me as some babysitter....for some reason because my job is really to make sure ,as far as I am concerned he doesnt go playing with lighters or running into the street out the door ...or drink bleach or something..
well i begin reading him some book about how to lat down ceramic tiles because that's the only book around ...and the kid starts rolling his eyes like some hot anything I do isnt good enuf for this little i say OK i will tell you a real story
...about the stuff i write about concerning Mandlers.
and how there's these teeny tiny sensors in everybody's body and mind that bad people released into the air and clouds and foodand soda    ...
and these little teeny tiny "chips" swim up your blood and latch onto all the cells in your mind like billions of them,,,and people with headsets meant to read your mind ...sit there every second of the day ....decoding every single thing you think and dream and feel..and if they decide they dont like you they will begin making you hear and see and dream things ...and soon begin making you do things u might not want to do kill people ...or eat puppies...and that i have a feeling very soon the Mandlers will not like what he is thinking and begin making him hear and see things...and he starts crying..
well i cant leave him alone can i I try to calm him down by telling him maybe we should have step with the book about how to place ceramic tiles down so they won't move or collect mold...and the kid seems ok with more crying...and I even make him cereal with soy milk....his sister comes home and is so nice to me saying thank you and that's that..
except t***** says to XXX the next day she thinks it's too soon to move back...and XXX is like "damn" but he expects it....and we eat a little cheaper for a while...and than this morning I hear XXXX on the phone ...and just know the damn kid told his sister I told him the story of the "apps'

Saturday, February 6, 2016

tHe TIs oF tHe CaRiBbeAn

Every matey aboard th' Book of Faces be able to spy on this!
all o' the 7 seas.. mateys upon ye olde Facebook .....accidentally i had hit a button to reset my setting..and discover Facebook has setting for Pirate ...and I just start laughing..we TIs who are literally posting on FB as documentation .THAT ALL MATEY nothing more...I suppose we expect or to be honest ONCE expected our posts to a be CALLING ALL CARS to SOMEONE brave enough AWARE of this testing (in the field) 
willing to risk their CLEARANCE ,JOB, and possibly indeed face imprisonment (anything unclassified is worthless for our cause )...but the passing thought of we TIs being read by "friend" ,our posts being introduced "in pirate" to someone .......reading us pouring out our hearts and losing our souls sees that TI Oregon is considering jumping from his terrace - posted in FB "pirate setting' -----2 hourglass cycles -ago is too much I guess of a Reality Check on how meaningless the social network is for TIs...praise The Lord and pass the THIS IS MY ELF..goes through my mind...briefly..briefly..?briefly ?
...(I have kept it on "Pirate" to remind me to remind me 'What be troublin ye?.(or 'What's On Your Mind -in Pirate ) is Human Experimentation. but if your government is doing human testing on u and nobody believes u are they doing it at all?.....i keep the FB setting on pirate to remind me that FB is even less a place to SOS to somebody YES this is happening...than i even allowed myself to believe spy on this!

all o' the 7 seas
Yer mateys upon ye olde Facebook
Arrr neone but I shall see me treasures
Arrr neone but I shall see me treasures
Check the hatches..
but what else do TIs have?..The Congress? The FBI,the NSA,the Justice Department ..a REAL REPORTER?. if your government is doing human testing on u and nobody believes u are they doing it at all?....
but what else do TIs have?..The Congress? The FBI,the NSA,the Justice Department ..a REAL REPORTER?.
.no we have FB and the option of Pirate speak..

Everymateyaboard th' Book of Faces beableto spyonthis!

all o' the 7 seas
Yer \mateysupon ye olde FacebookWho may casttheir eyes upon this?
Every matey aboard th' Book of Faces ?.
...(tharr be more)...I write it this way ..that way any way..but to whom?
i try writing it as non fiction as fiction...and back and forth..
this isnt a game..this isnt a book...people are being hurt ...people are being ripped apart ..families...destroyed..and it is purposed.
someone's job.
so is it not mine to try my best to try to make sense of nonsense.
nonsense is the goal of this weapon.
after all
2o11 Van Nuys California
Оставьте вашу квартиру, оставьте владение, и мы будем оставить вас в покое "
"Налейте воду на компьютере., Не нужно ничего, кроме того, что есть в вас
"Вы понимаете, мы говорим залить водой и оставить все вещи и ключи внутри .do вы  более думать .Не вы не знаете, что вы делаете с остальной частью всех видов, когда вы думаете, как вы делаете больных вещи ..
"Вы понимаете, как работают радиочастот"
"Вы худший человек Америки и Америка не хочет тебя здесь.
"Мы все про вас знаем"
"У вас есть худшее мышление и Америка хочет шизофреников, и вы в конечном итоге совершают самоубийства"
"Pour water on your computer keyboard'
"what do you not understand about pouring water on your computer.
"Do you understand, pour water on your computer
"You have officially been identified as a deviant

"You are America's worst kind of person are sick go to a mental hospital
"We know everything about you"
"You have the worst ever schizophrenia , and you will eventually commit suicide"
~Do not take your keys or wallet you won't need them
you will not be coming back to the apartment.
Did you understand pour water on your computer.Pack no cloths leave your keys and wallet and go .Now..go now to a mental hospital .go to a mental hospital this is your government go .Go now leave your keys.leave your wallet .you will not need will not come back.what did you not understand about pouring water on your computer."

ССР находится в очень хороших руках с  that allow mind decoding and feedback, the Soviet Union takes the lead in the use of human -to-human interface technology in this battle. ..and we shall take your men ,women and children in this new invisible way! ..We have turned Dumbo into a warrior against the USA through mind assuagement..and so many others spite of knowing I am being coddled by comrades I let myself attune with the frequency set upon me to bring me UP and not DOWN....

Friday, February 5, 2016

The point is to keep you wired on wireless
To crave the minute but detectable signal that just enough
shifts your own
those brain signals of yours already burnt up and out by so much frequencies of sound .of vision.of color and vibrant patterns distinguishable as people and body to get you hard
Little shapes decipherable as houses and cars and wives better than your own 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Michael Hastings on Active Denial Weapons (2011)

"Active Denial Weapons serve as pillory. Active Denial Weapons serve to precipitate public humiliation as the victim inevitably attempts to use the social media to try "expose" the nature of their targeting with weapons most are unaware of. The target's use of the social media helps showcase not only the target's decomposition but also the product that is Active Denial Weapon."- Journalist Michael Hastings (2011)

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators

the BooCk of Biff (part 8)

 sometimes .sometimes between the endless unwanted exchange of thought to thought Mentoring I get confused where I begin and my "team" at Proxy Cyber ends .

It is my job to begin peppering the posts with 3 letter acronym of a certain agency as to help cement that the very use of the 3 letter acronym- CIA- by a certain type pertaining to finger pointing
would and could always be associated with -just the type of lunatic and lunatic fringe concerning discrediting such a "type"
...I was to begin on February 1st start typing word for word from binder 78: 2704 C.
a rather detailed account of "my" experience with a slew of Black Helicopters..
Finding the entire account a little too North by Northwest meets "Enemy of the State"
concerning a demonstration of exactly the type of thing that my "team" had asked me to try to stay away from as being just a tad too generic (as it is my job to also rectify any entries in the binders that seem too forced )....Moreso--- I thought entry 78: 2704 C was some kind of test...
concerning my ability to properly convey the type of weaponry and the effects of such on a human organism's mind and body
(whether this weaponry exists at all -I would be the last to know...) My work here at the 8th Floor is essentially copying what is in the binders online
---- whatever date matches up with whatever binder I am expected to transpose on any given Sunday ,Monday,Tuesday
the reason I thought 'Black Helicopters' was a test
is that I am up for a promotion in March to -I hope ,I hope ,I hope !- get proper financing and also equipment to begin doing a podcast concerning- my so called "situation"- being targeted by "the state" with outlandish active deniability weapons
Thinking the February entry entitled "Black Helicopters /App-ed Spring"was deliberately placed before me to see if I have "the wits" to detect Entries so outside the needed "shadow of a doubt" it is my job to insinuate upon others via posts I decided to go" off page" and show Proxy Cyber I (without the use of binders ) could write about my supposed abuse with so called advanced technologies off the cuff..
little did I realize some of my jottings were in fact exactly what I could not write..
In my defense I thought I was doing what was expecting of me to help perpetuate the use of the 3 little letters (C-I-A) equivocal .
I.e.-a person who one might say the C.I.A, "did this ,did that to me ..." is and should always be taken as -jack rabbit crazy...
Live and Learn..
as they say...
always some "They" saying something...which means so much and yet nothing at all..
As it is February 4th and the entries of February 2nd and 3rd in the binder that relied upon "Black Helicopters" preceding it .I am back to following rote..
but not without being called to task in the most demeaning way
by my "team"
Oh ,if you only knew the problems I got into last May attempting to write one small entry about Forced Hospitalizations as Punitive Protocol for dissidents in iambic pentameter
A fiasco according to my team at Proxy Cyber and proof that I must always "stick" with the binders delivered every 2 months except in terms of purposely spelling the words rong
In my defense .
Having been picked to be one of several hundred ( for a short story I sent to Parasol Press concerning a take on "A Perfect Day for Banana Fish as told from the perspective of a Security Officer whose job it was to monitor a camera placed in the elevator, never mind such securities were not as prevalent as they are today ) paid (if you call 29 thousand a year being paid !) to type endlessly about being "tagged" for Human Testing with all matter of "neuro devices"...(hence the notebooks that supposedly are meant to express how these so called weapons might be used..((according to my trollings of "the net' to find even a glint of the fact that the USA might have nor much less perfected these weapons I am assured there is no such such...which is why I suppose it is so very necessary I stick to the words in the binder)..but Proxy Cyber did claim I was given the task of doing this public service because of my literary worth...
and how was I to know that my "filler' pertaining to a certain organization and the said organization /agency I was to begin reiterating as "the stuff a lunatic might say is after him"
was a touchy subject..
it is much more difficult than you think finding much of anything one can write despairingly about this 3 letter agency help keep the trope going that those who might claim to be Targeted Individuals are being "attacked "by the CIA
as to give so called TIs the proper "things one says" to be taken as "nuts"
for really no other agency has gone to the lengths the CIA has to make sure our citizens are safe
from "the stuff of covert substances or operations" to injure another psychologically judging by it's rather long and rather public history of conducting unsolicited tests of such kinds on many thousands of men,women and children for "the greater good'
I have been told several times that the weapons written about in the binders
that Proxy Cyber has decided I should write about as factual...(so factual in fact that according to my Mentors implicit in the narrative should be a palpable need to constantly switch the "story" back to fiction...) do not exist
and it is not my business to ask -than why I am to write of them as if?-
but more importantly (as I am NOT to go back to trying to fix my postings with the inclusion of February 1st's "Black Helicopter/ "App-ed" Spring" I must attempt to bring the narrative away from
whatever evidence or speculation that there is any connection whatsoever between the CIA and

 upcoming Charity Ball at the Neuronautics Integrity Center
to raise funds for the children left kelp- less due to the riot ,the tragedy
that occurred at the 'March On Mall Street" protest in Memphis, Ohio
well over two months ago