Friday, January 30, 2015


a wonderful new apathy runs through me...I no longer really care about you dear reader
I no longer care about attempting to explain  AI experiments on humans  nor psychotronic or directed energy "chip" or sans chip altering your perception ,emotion
or cognitions
.I wish it upon you,in fact..but moreso-.I wish upon my friends and family that chose not to
believe me.
I want them to feel the noise.I want them to feel like toys..

I want them to call me and explain what is happening to them.

and tell I want to tell  them "it's all in their heads"

I want them to be hurt and terrified by voices and sights and sound!

I want them driven mad by "it"

and I want to bring them colorful balloons and get well cards to whatever mental hospital the AI testing
 may lead them to.

I want to sit with their Drs. and hear about their clinical diagnosis of psychotic break
and tsk tsk tsk..
with false compassion.

I watch them drink juice in the 'Day Room" while afternoon soap operas play
in a locked ward
and meet with their social workers
to "come up with a plan" for their after care

I want to listen ...very attentively to their description
I want to listen to them argue
that their condition is not organic in cause
but something else.

I want to say,"I know you THINK this is what's happening"
and hold their hand.

but most of all I want them to see just a little  smile that shows them
I know it's not all in their heads
or organic in nature
but all true.

and ask them if I can get them another juice..
hoping they are kept locked up and fed pills that will make them swell up like the colorful balloons I brought them
and make them drool at the mouth
I want to watch them decompensate visibly
every time I visit
and still be plagued by sound and vision

I want to observe their full mental breakdown
knowing that every word out of their mouth explaining
that their symptoms are not psychiatric in nature but that they were  Targeted as Human Guinea  pigs
and I want them to see pity in my eyes that it breaks my heart that they are so "disturbed"
one more smile
before I leave the locked ward
to let them know
I KNOW it's not a psychiatric problem but purely
psychotronic in nature

and than maybe speak privately with their Dr,
about upping their medications...all the while  wringing my hands .
saying .
"oh how very tragic that "this happened" to such a  loved one Out of Nowhere".-

Cole Cohen Dec 28 2014


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