Saturday, January 24, 2015 sure wasn't a game I played when I was young. From a distance ..even a  close distance it didn't really look like anything was even going on...
you couldn't actually see the waves or beams or whatever they were called coming out of the little handhelds that looked like phones
but you could sure see who had been "hit" with a wave
none of the kids struck by a wave actually fell down...mainly held their arm ...or leg that had been hit...and yelp a little.
when I asked Algernon if any of the kids actually got injured
he put his arm around me and said "oh no...we make sure the Tike Wavers are all turned down to just sorta' nip at them.."
I watched the game...
which would have been more fun not just to the parents watching but I thought for the kids as well...If they were actually able to see the beams and waves coming out of their Tike Wavers
and said as much to one of Algernon's Mentors who was yelling at his own pick off the weak ones...the useless ones first..
but he was saying it in a joking way
I noted when one of the "weakest one,so called useless ones' got a "zing" right at his neck...
and than the Coach
and aim his Tike Waver right at the Biggest guy on the other side.
"Sometimes these little guys suprsie ya" the coach said.
than he said "You really think it would be more fun if the kids saw the actual microwaves...part of the fun of it that they can't see what's coming at them

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