Monday, January 19, 2015

For a logical database to faithfully represent our beliefs about the world, one should not only insist on its logical consistency but also on its causal consistency. Intuitively, a database is causally inconsistent if it supports belief changes that contradict with our perceptions of causal influences - for example, coming to conclude that it must have only rained upon because the sprinkler was observed to be on. We (1) suggest the notion of a causal structure to force logic based  perceptions of causal influences; (2) provide a illogical neuro linguistic  consistency upon a subject's auditory cortex  and cue based logical consistency upon the subject's visual cortex simultaneously; (3) introduce symbolic causal networks as a tool for constructing neural spikes in a subject that are guaranteed to be cause  emotional distress.. Once a subjects reasoning is deduced Chatterbots  fractal based Brain Computer Interface may be used to initiate an endless  dialog in a purposely  incongruent fashion  to  reset  neural pathways away from self logic , self organization and self integration created to cause disassociate nuances in the subject 's neural schema  akin to organic thought disorder  . {name withheld upon request}

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