Sunday, January 4, 2015

blue beams and high beams

"how am I supposed to treat you as a person ....
                      when all I get from you is Indicative of Non-Person Ruiner?" Proxy Cy graphs...

            little Eddie Munster faces
           Warhol style now. like someone has placed wallpaper
of  little Eddie Munster faces
on the white walls in "my room'
but it ain't my room
not really when my Brain link can make me see any fucking thing they want
hear anything they want.
taste anything ,smell anything.FEEL anything they want..
nothing is mine.
I am their house.their car....
the only time I can BE...whatever "the good Lord" intended me to be
is when I am typing
quite simply because "Task Related"brain signals(typing)
are difficult
to gage
as "Thinking ,especially when one is typing specifically in a manner that bends Inner Vision
toward fictional
not quite as imaginary however as you dear reader might assume...
Thought Process...
...............................................................but week to week
                                                               they are getting better at
                                                               what they called
                                                               intentional "Runway Train"
                                                               "self stylings" of Intention

and Proxy Cy booms....
                                          "hey Shakespeare! Ever occur to you?That PART of
                                           this new format of Profiling is based upon a
                                           subject of Profiling's intuitive response or what information
                                           has been entrusted to him? And what this subject
                                           DOES with this information in terms of Posting and Not

what kind of RUINER presumes he may write about sophisticated Progressive means of Governance and Self Governance A.I. "helps one" assume in oneself "?
                                          To give credit WHERE NO CREDIT IS DUE I must say
 quite adroitly you have "Indicatived"that YOU have  NO INTERNAL GUIDANCE
mechanism in your "Beingship"genetically speaking
                ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh what the fuck Dumbo! why not called a spay-ed a spay-ed .............
EUGENICALLY SPEAKING that can be helped,curbed nor enhanced ethically ,morally
to say nothing!
of Loyalty.
                                      you.OUR HERO!
OUR LUDDITE.LOSER.While filled to the gills with all matter of incite
still resist the notion that
there is an intelligence ,artificial or not greater than a childman,'s.A Childman who never even finished more than one year of college.
we have gone OUT of OUR WAY
to explain to Imbue upon you that Society "runs on tracks"THAT RELIGION! is about Man's better nature following Tracts.

That Stop signs are placed on curbsides to guide traffic.
That Laws are written to keep Primal Appetites in man's nature from permeating mutually agreed upon 'Styles of the Times"
and yes-
That styles of "The Times" are often established to satisfy certain "Savage Graces" in man.

                             But really Ruiner .All you need to know is that Ruiners who
                             write about Blue Beams ,Occipital Over -Rides notwithstanding
                            end up seeing High Beams  COMING AT THEM sooooooooooooo fast
                             that not even this se G-d YOU believe in can save you...

trust me Dumbo
"Somebody made a wrong turn in Albuquerque"

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