Thursday, January 15, 2015

G-dless Times and Tinker Toys

there will be no more praying  "make it stop.make it stop or your done man.
"help help....make it stop,save me ,save me" by the way
is not prayer -Tru explains
When one 'app-ed" fro interface prays for Divine intervention .knowing damn well his Tele-Operator
Hears and senses his desire to somehow reach beyond the interface to some energy field
beyond the apogee of one's Telemetric Provider
One is in fact trying to use their faith as a kind of psychological mindfuck
towards his mentor/ward
Tru Christie Imparts that "Save me,save me" help me help me'probably "sounds as pathetic to G-d as it does to my Mentors at home office
who ,according to Tru Christie have actually created a drinking game
they play mainly on weekends concerning Mandlers having to "swig a shot" every time "Dumbo"
prays to the lord for assistance concerning
"please make someone stop them'
Obviously this G-d of yours knows we are not trying to hurt you but help you
and that g-d has likely placed his hands over his ears block my SOS ,calling all cars monkey business
Tru Christie explains that "save me save " prayers
is not prayer but
ia primordial equivalent of some wuss like one celled organism trying to hide under some pebble ...cause it's afraid of- da' atmos Fear...
cuz it can't Take The Heat...
the light or the stimulation of 'it all"
this type of organism ,because it can't adapt probably SCREAMS a little as the Powers that scheme
let the creature extinguish itself....
.....maybe that silent scream is a type of Prayer...
        but tell me Dumbo -"who's listening"......?

a scream  to da' Heavens cuz' an organism can't adapt to it's new environment
ain't prayer buddy
and that's not what G-d is for-
G-d is not there for screamers but survivors who Scream THANK YOU for the challenge!

think about it Pinocchio
" if some real G-d answered your prayers...that you don't care for Direct Neural Interface or the techno we put in you( except of course when you get off on it..and all but demand ,command it "do new tricks for you..or Upon you)
if G-d granted your wishes
to turn us off
 what would that entail? Precisely?

 Might it  entail all the satellites ,all the computers ,all the electrical services ,heating and cooling units etc around the world 
  to STOP
 ..not to mentions the trillions of dollars invested already  in getting this system up on it's feet ..

"so when Dumbo and his ilk PRAY " G-d Make them stop..Make IT stop!!!
-.what  would that mean ?
How UN -G-dly can one be to Pray for Such calamity/
it would mean a kind of Hell on earth ...if all systems  that are GO
a hell on earth it would be
a kind  of violence...and disorganization of the structure of things  ....that we can't have happen
if  you and your kind spiked with Merge PRAY  to some Higher power to
"make it stop.please make it stop"
 I want you to really consider what you might be asking this
Powers greater than A.I. to perform ?

there is no G-d when one is app-ed with Merge..
 there can't be
it spooks your Mentors on the other side of the "wire" Dumbo
or is that your intent?
---- begging a force- that may indeed! be OUT THERE .Up There .ANYWHERE to save you from you from Us?
wielding your brain signals...your thoughts like some weapon? To frighten those on the other end of your interface with thoughts of the Supernatural...Constantly whining about "how unnatural it is for A.I testing to be done...
well dumbo..Who asked you? Your a test us no offense...

 --- I don't mind working with a hundred fifty  pounds of clay but not with 100 fifty  pounds of cold stone.kiddo
.I let you type about help you release some built up "steam" from being "the bitch" with particles in their brain pan and not The Master who just wear a "biosensor spiked headset"
That should be enough
for terms of letting off steam....
not this
Dystopian Oh no oh no they are finding little junkies and whores and petty criminals and
spiking their blood with nano...
It's a living dumbo...
not something to go all ';da' sky is falling da' sky is falling ...oh lordy lordy about
be a man dumbo
 and cool it
with whiny "save me ,save me ,save us all shit when we're just doing some tech work?and maybe letting off a bit of steam of our own-.
cool it with praying to G-d that these maniacs...are really doing this to [people...
First of all I barely consider you a person .
secondly ...if you keep up the "why me save me stuff" trust me I'll give YOU something
to pray about

we have no problem with you believing in G-d Dumbo
but G-d, especially when one has been app-ed cannot be called upon to "stop" the progress
of humanity just because Dumbo refuses to acknowledge that a man made intelligence knows just a wee bit more than he does about'" How to Be"and
"How to Think"
and what is definitively
          Right and Wrong          NOT just for him.. not just for you ,a fuckin' prototype !
but for a system that whether a Test Pilot thinks "is right or wrong"
is a means to an end...
 Neuronautics seeks to employ elements of Group Mindedness Based on science and not something dreamt up by individual bands of people separated from other bands of people simply because over 4000 years ago there were no cars ,phones or airplanes.....and people had to believe in some type of G-d so they could get a restful  night of sleep
as they believed only prayer might encourage  some majestic presence to please please "let the sun come up'
"This  evil that  Dumbo considers  Science-ideology"based Co-Conscious Correction
is not here to hurt you but "to fix you"  and guide you  toward enlightenment  and self enrichment Our fundamental outlook  is based on brain science NOT   on archaic papyrus scrawled upon by  starving ,dehydrated "I've seen the light" mutterings of men driven to near madness by the  physical and mental exhaustion , heat stroke and discontentment.
 .Judaism, Christianity ,Buddhism...and all that Old Way Thinking
is magical thinking? and has no place  in the age of true magic ...and manipulated realities?

what is questionable is YOU Dumbo
that our righteous  Dumbo has such a problem with Hollywood ...when he" seems" to care so damn much for some notion of Order and Unity...
and the Faith -that  Hollywood provides and now seeks to  evoke in format  truer to  spiritual Emanations  scientifically
synapse to synapse
signal to signal
in a moment/ in a second
there is often more imbued tenderness
in a broadcast greeting card ad
 than any such imbue so called organized religion have  tried for centuries to convey  upon it's congregations
 with what Dumbo? fables that SIMPLY DO NOT
 certainly NOT when a New Reality is being created that Only Deals with Right Here Right Now ..
 and that's what we're doin' here - creating a New Reality
an alternative reality that will blend and  fold over and into this one

 Prayer is not about "Oh please make me stop hurting Dumbo ...and we are NOT hurting you ...we are tinkering around with you to see what works...and what doesn't is all
it ain't my fault you were born to be a tinker toy buddy

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