Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mule Skinner

 there are limits...we set and next we entice you to use your sense or lack there of to ignore certain boundaries concerning what one might post and what one might keep to themselves
  • we entice you to ignore these boundaries after we are assured you realize
  • and understand why certain boundaries might have been set
  • either to appease certain aspects of confidences entrusted to you concerning
  • private matters pertaining to your relationship with your "team'
  • especially concerning aspects of this mentorship that are being worked out
  • concerning misread signals....or your attempt to mislead your tether by purposely
  • transmitting false signals regarding  location.,intentions  and departmentalization of
  • programming techniques.
Programming techniques concerning Deep Learning or Conceptualized "wordless "Attainment
are to be assumed Merge's Intellectual Property and  thus writing in depth about Systems Management practices unique to
the Merge Brand is unacceptable .
Our main job is to keep a subject absorbed enough in discordant storylines
so Proxy Cybernetics  may pinpoint exact sets of synaptic excitation based brain waves activity
elicited by precipitated virtual exponential based "events" meant to provoke physiological , psychological and also sociological stressors
to study  patterns of signals based upon input whether or not one's signals are transcribed or recorded  or usually discretionary or pertinent to whatever goals certain inter-cerebral studies hope to satisfy.
As there are many research studies often being done consecutively we rely very much
on aspects of Virtual Reality and temporal stimulation of a subject's senses
to not make the subject feel objectified as "study" but an important member
of "the team"..It is important for a subject to often feel they have been chosen for some
specific reason...But I have found that this imbue causes many subjects to become delusional
way ahead of studies that deal with thresholds of sanity and self maintenance and imbued delusions.
It is best for a Tele-Operator to confound the subject 's sensibilities
by presenting convex pretenses of " Tele-Presence"  (good cop/bad cop) but always returning to
a dispassionate tone so a subject's signal system returns to some variance of "self order/sanity"
If only to record subject's self building mechanisms
well before a Tele-operator begins introducing   predictive imbued "events" in the mimicked
Thought Style (wordless or intuiated) regarding the subject's inner monologue
It is best if the subject's own thought style and thought cadence is introduced "silently"
upon a subject incrementally and if future imprints for delusional episodes are introduced in a non linear manner...(often these themes are best introduced by using Street Theater "real life" initiatives
to both remind the subject his situation is indeed non organic but manufactured(once again aspects of "Gaming" should be instilled upon the subject and that most of the interface/interplay is being done for the subject's amusement)

Immersive Reality (especially occipital overlay-"seeing via stimulated quadrant of the visual cortex) should be used either sparingly or as means of bombarding a subject's senses
often this Cue-ing of sensory overload helps a subject switch gears and reorient their capacities to
new studies or to challenge key notes of "personhood" found recursive in a   subject's inner monologue(core self)
Often a subject will decompensate ahead of schedule and must be "carried" through inevitable derailments often precipitated by
 a Mentors presented storyline concerning "brain map' and extraction of signal
concerning how a subject reacts to certain themes...
It is often a good idea for a Mentor to add elements of
 "the reason" one has been app-ed into Tele-Present rendition
it matters little if the  explanation is disingenuous or not
as the subject's  mind ,even if it has become "used to " induced "story(reason,plot,conditions)
a Mentor can still feel assured that the subject 's automatic response to
a virtuated theme (concerning morality,complacency and engagement ) to
procure accurate conclusive schematics of the subject's personality
often a Mentor may use the subject's daily real time face to face reactions with reality that have nothing to do with Psychotronic Imbue to gage anaspect of the subject's psychological and or sociological make up
 Remote neural monitoring  a subject's most  "run of the mill "reactions and actions concerning their milieu often acts as "a quick read" that convolutions  concerning many transcriptions of a subject's  inner monologue is best accomplished by using various programs concerned only with pattern analysis..(for instance- does the proxy "care" if a plastic recyclable is placed in a can marked non recyclable...and if the subject does this knowingly...or on many occasions...a mentor perusing
previous neural reads can by this one act alone get a measurable account of a man or woman's
ideology,disposition and attitude to and towards the world outside of their own construct..and the constant  re-construct  a subject must do concerning disintegration of self   initiated by Imbue upon a subject's 5 senses.

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