Friday, June 30, 2017

june 30 2017

I guess you live with it
but there was (not anymore ) something to trying to explain it
not for money.not for credit. and not - i don't think - to get help
but to figure it out?
or maybe to occupy oneself while it  was ( is) happening
sure - it occurred to me - there would be a time -I just didn't - or couldn't live with it anymore
I had tried - bowing out of it on 2 occasions
never would i use drugs to - bow out again..-


i think I'm still supposed to help -minimize it-
but the truth is - after all these years of it
even if it ended..
I would have less then what i had before it began
I am basically homeless
and have "no job"
I have not painted in 6 years
that was how i made a living
I am also 6 years older
I trust nobody - i don't believe in my country
nor law,justice - anything--

i am meaner then I was..I am angrier..
for years so caught up in the "interface " synthetic or otherwise
i do not connect to anyone.

Friday, June 23, 2017

1 min
I go the distance for JUSTICE Mandler. I am BATMAN ..cut it OFF -
"For someone who thinks they understand Semiotics, Girlfriend - whose name is Bloom - like the villain in Batman named Bloom who wears a Flower dead center on his face as mask Jib -and - like a little "ponce" named Bloom BBC shtyle THINK for a moment how CRISP it would be to have- Jamie -found with his dik cut off and it jammed in his fukin mouth cuz' he couldn't seem to keep it shut ?"
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BRUCE WAYNE sees the JOKER on a bench.
JOKER is plaintive and calm
BRUCE as if looking for a taste of such Emanation...
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Music video by John Fogerty performing Centerfield. (C) 1985 John Fogerty, under exclusive license to Geffen Records
take. down .the photos. Jib. nobody knows . what they mean. just look like Jib is playing with people he shouldn't be..
"you demanded they go up"
this is the type of lying that gets a guy lying in a pond somewhere.
"they are evidence - you tinker with my calcium flux"
looks like the type of face grubbing little girls do
"you do this to little girls Now!. Good Gosh ...the horror of Progress"
Maybe we need a corresponding Brain Map to understand Mister Bloom
"I shall now place various JPEGS of scar tissue - i shall claim were caused by microwave the shills playing jigsaw with the term Targeted individual..'
Suit yourself faggit.Keep fighting back like this and we'll cut you're fuckin dick off.

Jim Bloom shared his post.
23 mins
Brain Lang. 2016 Aug;159:45-59.
Does the sound of a barking dog activate its corresponding visual form? An fMRI investigation of modality-specific semantic acce...
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