Tuesday, January 27, 2015

paper clips and predispositions

"To assist in cases of reasonable necessity the state or any industry employed by the state
 has right to commandeer another's vehicle ,private property or a person made ward of the state to be appropriated for public use,"Evan graphs," a just government has a duty to the citizenry when extraordinary and unforeseen occasions arise in times of war  and impending public danger. Human Testing, if such testing serves to assist public concerns indeed outweigh an individual's civil liberties .Persons who attempt to deride and divulge certain aspects of discrete testing may be construed as treasonous to the state ;as every act, movement, deed, and word of those involved with exploratory science concerning Advanced Technologies and their experience with such technologies may be taken as security breach, "Evan graphs

the state of what exactly?i graph back

"so shoot me...I graft
Because  I get "the imbue"... this isn't being done to field off any impending dangers! You in fact ARE the IMPENDING DANGER! Be honest man you all wanted to  get rid of kids you raised to be Guinea Pigs raised me on Silent Sound  and "street theater  parenting. ...so they'd be applicable for apps
and Reverse Brain Engineering projects you've all been workin' on since Project Paper Clip "" I graph

"Ever occur to you Dumbo that I want you to write stories that make you come off as ONE SICK FUCK.... you are The Poster Boy for Eugenics little buddy.
...we saw to that..Dumbo .it was part of your design
so ALL may KNOW once and for all that INDEED some people were placed upon this earth ONLY to be a Burden to Society..."


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