Monday, June 30, 2014

as the threats escalate
I must begin believing
that good people
do in fact exist
my existence becomes less a reality
the more I type
ironically  I began wring this blog
assuming someone might help me..

I had read an article that sony had several patents on 5 sense
str8 to mind tv
and began doing research
as any ...would be :writer/artist/voice over actor night

and than the attacks began...
my apartment broken into
my computer taken
I thought nothing of it but
this stuff happens

I bought anew computer and began further research

tv that over rides one's 5 about s exciting topic I can think of
 and seemed the perfect
basis for a screenplay

I am scared out of my mind
for little did I know someone being tortured with Psychotronic weaponry was not supposed to
sent death threats ....punched in the street...nippe by cars...
and called daily by people telling me ...if I don't shut up about it someone will cut my mouth off
I don't quite know how someone cuts one's mouth off

but a dead cat with it's mouth sliced ear to ear
placed in front of my door step last Tuesday

Human Experimentation is alive and well in



Thursday, June 19, 2014


if the" Community theater"
needed to sing an OFF TRACK
a get them back in tow...they could sing and dance and Emote in ways an Emotive Headset simply could not

it may seem first
but it's really quite case one is

the "street theater" "worked and was purposed " very much like..those pesky ads that  just  seem to POP UP when a server system attempts to predict one's buying,sexual habits and sociological habits
based upon Evoked Potentials and Predicated Response.

Neuronautics however specialized in what she joked were a "client's"or "participants" CRYING HABITS

the "apps"
and had
       Valerie Prentiss
                     called Pivot Points.
A True Believer in Gary Rainy
saw not only
"Inway to the Enways"
as a tract
but as a track one one's upon
placed in
Parasol Productions
just a continuation of the promotion of
brain signaling
                     " a pre-neural firing,,,based on Old Way dynamics and RUINER consciousness
                        could set one back to Level 2.
to help solidify
                      solidarity amongst Neuronauts
                                                        PLACED PARTICIPATORY PERSONS
                                                               were often called in what Valerie called a "MEET CUTE/MEET CUE"

exaggerated antics that might not seem out of place in Mack Sennet short
but purposely
seemed "over the top" Ominous
as these "skits" were
often the Social Adjuncts (primarily actors...or those with the cunning to "Role Play" face to face
based on
Mind to Mind Minding Data.

Many a "performer" had to be held back from
for instance
 not just clipping the Wayward Ward
on the sidewalk with a .shoulder bang and a hostile ,"watchOut"
but some could resists the impulse of foregoing  the confrontational" shoulder clip" and innocent warning
to demonstrate The Integrated Loyalties the Group demanded by it's "brothers"with
 a full fledged
head on the pavement ,punch ,smash, kick
in some cases Valerie looked the other way
.....................................................................but not in the cases of "jew-ie" intellectual types,Valerie had said again and again during that TYPE only "feeds" on their victimhood..
                                                                     the Jew-ie Intellectual "know it All" could be hurt more by complicated wordplay they cannot help but was practiced and ruminated exacting detail simply to demonstrate a brooding HATE of their kind
                                                                     linguistic semantic confusion...
                                                                    will  linger...and grow fractal in the RUINER's brain pan"


In the early morning hours of November 28, 1953, Frank Olson fell from a tenth floor window of the Statler Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Police hurried to room 1018A and found one Robert Lashbrook sitting on the toilet with his head in his hands. When questioned, hotel operators said two calls had recently been made from 1018A. In one of the calls, a voice said “he’s gone,” to which another voice replied “that’s too bad.”


If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem



they bought of everything
 and thought of everything..
.the types of minds that think this hard...that think like this.that think of everything in advance that deliberately raise children for sport.....are grand thinkers. you see.
the type that thinks like this and participates IN THIS...
is a  mind so filled with invention that there is no room for emotion.
they saw
and  made the movies
.the books .THE GAME....Veda read from the script..but with Veda Dino thought you could never everything Veda said sounded it came from a film...
..they are too bright to believe in Heaven or hell or G-d.
they prayed to the "gods" you see that are close to the ground ...the weakest "emanations"
that are only to glad to enter a heartless heart...
  • occultism is you know baby  based upon extreme low frequencies that have been channeled by the those that KNOW there is NO GOODNESS....or believe that GOODNESS is in fact weakness...,"she said....looking at her watch
  • watching him watch the sights they put in him
  • watching him hear the sounds
  • they made him hear
  • watching him feel
  • the fear they
  • instilled in him
  • and his absurd attempt to "appear" sane
  • and human
  • she was voicing what she was told
  • he
  • could not put his "finger on"

they sold their children as "social experiments"
to see if "man" could "run" on tracks.........

manipulated by associations. a binary retrieval system of trauma based
reference points...
stylized parenting....
he looked at nothing ...but she knew he was seeing...the kind of awfulness that "bad sports" deserve
she purposely changed her tone to a droning,bored sympathy
and considered in advance that she would suddenly become sympathetic
mid sentence
to throw him off.
RUINERS were fun to play with.....
how could one resist...

"ritualized indoctrination of symbol based neural and verbal linguistics",Veda said punching his arm
the word coven is not mentioned..
they are beyond "words" you see,"Veda said now rubbing his arm lovingly
Veda took out her compact
and made a point of speaking like the character she played in sitcom,
"they infiltrate and break up marriages...
and destroy ....spirits...
that shine."She placed her compact in her purse and began circling him....
and making quick jabs to his face.
trying to imitate the quickness and randomness of how he SAW

they saw your mother" shine"
and set "bait" before her..
they drugged her...
they tore her and next her children into pieces..........
She placed her hand on his crotch...
            waiting for TIGER BLOOD
and the shit they imploded"
The New Way-

and tv
that goes in one ear
and not

The Other

there had to be..
a human test conceived to
"give IT a go"
              and wait for technology to catch up
to create the true lie
the ...
second part of this

 too diabolical
to even speak of..
a faggit ruiner like you
 wants to be "written off"
and meet a True G-d

"yes," Dino says

"I am late ,"Veda said," One has to do what they say or become like you?"she says kissing him

"they won't just kill you ya know..."she says putting on lipstick

"i know"he says

she touches his arm ...
"my little blue boy" she says"you should never have come back to LA"

"ya think,"he says...
 Veda had programmed her self that morning

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simpatico with EVAN(1994-2011).2014


he wouldn't call me Kalev

"too Jew-ie,"Evan said...."Neuronautics Gets the "Jew" about Karl...I can't call you Kalev..Karl is good"

the annex.....was freshly carpeted.
Evan said he couldn't take the smell...
and besides
                           there was a new "thing" that
'like a millions billions times' more accurate than the Pinky Ring
or the "See meter"
he said," this bad boy
 literally read your  mind..."

on the ride over to the Neuronautics Culver City Annex Evan and I smoked some crack-
"so we'll both be Simpatico
for the
Interface -"

Never one to turn down an excuse to partake-
crazy talk or not-
I simpatico-ed with Evan in the car.
and Evan says  ,"and
there's this shit   called nano...
Merge is working on- that goes  beyond wearable's called
          little tiny undetectable shit...
            attaches itself to your actual neurons..
                                like jizm on jockey shorts
and literally your
mind becomes  a tv set,a radio and projection system all at once..
but for now all we got is the headset

                             I have no idea what he's talking              about

 *  Neurophys- iological  Experimental Brain Research and the necessity of offshoot outsourcing for multi lateral "context"-


"Whilst you can hide certain technology to an extent, what becomes very difficult to hide as time passes is the physics of a given technology"-


"Information is processed by the brain in the form of electro-chemical interactions. That is, every perception you have sends electrical signals to the brain that are routed to specific areas that deal with them. The neuron has a long strand called an axon, along this axon propagates an electrical charge. With a resting potential of -70mV an action potential moves along the axon, in a millisecond, elevating it to a voltage of +30mV which drops off over a few milliseconds. This makes an action potential a form of alternating current with an almost triangular waveform. As such, this produces a very weak form of modulated electromagnetic radiation or radio source. A neuron is a type of transducer.

whenever you have a thought, feeling, speak or our heart beats, tiny little radio emissions are being made by the brain that emanate into free space. The real questions are, given modern technology can these signals be detected and does a method exist of associating them with particular functions? That is, whilst signals in this power range may be detectable, is there something unique about the signals that can be used to differentiate between different roles?

Let's deal with first problem, detection. I tracked down an example of satellite sensitivity to radio frequencies that should act as a baseline.

The sensitivity of our deep-space tracking antennas located around the world is truly amazing. The antennas must capture  information from a signal so weak that the power striking the antenna is only 10 exponent -16 watts (1 part in 10 quadrillion). A modern-day electronic digital watch operates at a power level 20 billion times greater than this feeble level.

So, does the brain emit radio waves at a power level greater than 0.0000000000000001 Watts  Never under-estimate the capabilities of current classified technology. Or one pressed to find out who and what is killing them softly with sound and vision based upon one's once private thoughts."-


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the year of the cat

Transcranial magnetic stimulation was developed to noninvasively activate nerve cells through the scalp.   1896 D'Arsonval applied TMS over the retina and induced phosphenes in the eye to "see" In 1910, Polleneck filed a patent to use magnetic stimulation for the treatment of depression.

1837-A tangent galvanometer is an early measuring instrument used for the measurement of electric current.. It works by using a compass needle to compare a magnetic field generated by the unknown current to the magnetic field of biological organisms and the electromagnetic "aura" of the atmosphere.. It was first described by Claude Pouillet in 1837.
1800s "induced "Inner Sight" In the motor cortex  transcranial direct current stimulation  can effectively prime excitability changes in the human visual cortex.


Transcranial direct current stimulation  applied through the skull can directly modulate the excitability of the human motor,  somatosensory and visual  cortices.  

Low-frequency over the occipital cortex provokes visual hallucinations


1929-. The image of a Felix the Cat doll, rotating on a turntable, was broadcast for 2 hours every day for several years, as new technology was being tested by the engineers.
  • At the Berlin Radio Show in August 1931, Manfred von Ardenne gave the world's first public demonstration of a TV system using a cathode ray tube for both transmission and reception. The world's first electronically scanned TV service began in Berlin in 1935.
  • In 1935, the German firm of Fernseh A.G and the United States firm Farnsworth Television owned by Philo Farnsworth signed an agreement to exchange their television patents and technology to speed development of TV transmitters and stations in their respective countries.[
  • On 2 November 1936, the BBC began transmitting the world's first public regular high-definition service from the Victorian Alexandra Palace in north London. It therefore claims to be the birthplace of TV broadcasting as we know it today.
  • In 1936, Kálmán Tihanyi described the principle of plasma display, the first flat panel display system.
  • Mexican inventor Guillermo González Camarena also played an important role in early TV. His experiments with TV (known as telectroescopía at first) began in 1931 and led to a patent for the "trichromatic field sequential system" color television in 1940.


                                        2013- Los Angeles

"part of my job "she said,"is to incorporate what I have learned when practicing direct neural interfaces into Neuronautics Ranges Of Parental Predisposition
..what ingrained  traits seem to upset a Mentor engaged in this new form of Communication
 of Mind to Mind mediation
and what Parental styles must be adhered to
as to
Merge ", Mindy said...but I could barely hear her above the music coming from  the jukebox
2 types of families....she said....according to Compo Cola.
one wear you can walk naked to the bathroom and back to your room and the other where covering up
even for the short distance was of necessity
                                           "oh " I thought it was OK for Mindy to speak about her Interfacing days
      at Compo...
just not Merge....

and certainly not Neuronautics.
everyone knew about the 2 types of families...being based upon the
"covering up" one had to do to get from point a to point B.
in terms of

and how this rather small...
seemingly meaningless.



parental systems made all the difference "in the world"
towards being able "to conduct oneself" during a "fitting"
or Neural Scan...
....................................Mindy could get away with anything in terms of Loose Lips sink Bids

because she
did 2 years
private sector Vectoring Analysis with Compo Cola...

...................................NANOPEX's rendition of "King Creole "
                                  from the Adam Parker film....suddenly  starts and see the bartender pump up the volume ...
he pats his opposite shoulder with his hand and I see two others down the far end of the bar do the same ....

"I fuckin love this song" Mindy said....

"i fuckin Llllllove Adam Parker"

she made a quick gesture that was 'getting around" even outside of Neuronautics
,two quick pats of her shoulder. And two quick pats to my own

as did I .

"I know Drew...the lead singer of NANOPEX...we both did our level 3 s with Evan Rainy"I said

"face to Face with Evan or just Brain Computer Interface" she asked, actually making eye if I could introduce her to Drew or NANOPEX because we were both "phased" by Evan "

"Face to face at the Koreatown Annex....I left Neuronautics for a while"

"I heard you went "Ruiner"she said..lookin at me in a Looking thru Me way

"I WENT RUINER as you say,I explained ,"to understand RUINER behavior ,I said

"That's what they all say" she said.

No girl was worth this .I got up and started to grab my coat when I felt two pats on my shoulder.

I wasn't sure if the "patting".....
the "salute"
or whatever you called it meant her evaluating me like I was some Level 2 was over

"I killed Mcgrath...that sicko artist," I said, hoping this might get us outta the bar and into my car.

"Your TEAM killed McGrath...,"Mindy said rather sternly,correcting she was my fuckin mother...

"I finished him off....I did the final interface," I said, suddenly aware that this "apple polishing" was the quickest way to turn Mindy off not on

I can't help but thinking I wished I had access to her Neurals.
so I'd known this in advance

 ....I looked away but made sure she saw me ...tap my hand on the "good time"
the back beat of NANOPECK's "King Creole"

"Listen," I said," I have that faggot's personal journals at my apartment,McGrath's

"your fuckin kidding," she said ,suddenly doe eyed...grabbing her jacket....gazing my cheek...

                                                     .                                                                            Feb 2013

thinking of one's thinking.

is madness .

not the slamming down the street .yelling at the moon madness

that is depicted so much in films.

but a less cinematic madness..
.......................CYBERNETICS IS THE UNDERSTANDING OF Understanding
and soon
one cannot help but think of oneself the same way
one is thought of ...and thought to
                                                      NEUROSES IS PERHAPS THE MOST UNMANLY EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCE
.self abasement and all the restructuring ,,,rebuilding and self platitudes
self recrimination self doubt self absorption etc....

there's no place to"hide"....when one is ....Tethered..

 years of might assume one 'gets used to it" schizophrenics "get used to it"
why did I have to know...........because they wanted me to know that THIS is what happens to SICKOS .....
these days..
they showed me the reads....they showed me the technology...
they didn't want me thinking I was "just going crazy" was important to them that I KNEW this was man made...
and placed upon "payback"
                        Choose HOMOSEXUALS
                                                       PRIMARILY TO BE "SUBJECTS"

                    are easily impelled toward subjugation
  as no other "minority group" has been universally
                                                             "made" to feel inadequate.
                                                                and thus "ill"
                                                               according to *** dept" the homosexual responds to a
                                           "good boy " /"bad boy"you are "in " or "out"
                          much moreso than a citizen who has an ingrained sense of "belonging"
although the homosexual may mask his sense of social inadequacy under a veneer of "I AM"
he knows "He AIN'T"-1977 department of Experimental Sciences and Technologies

you are a puppy who shits in the living room

and that living room is your mentors mind. have been trained to think in symbols and colors......and an UNFIXED GAZE of INNER VISION.
.my mind barely functions
                my body has begun
the Seroquel.
the tardive dyskinesia............................the pills given by the dr.
a madness set upon me

to               teach                  me                 a        lesson
......or                      to                   drive               me          to        suicide

the pills
make me sleep up to 18 hours
a day mouth .my neck perpetually swollen
pills for "voices and hallucinations....a joke.
the pills make it worse.
the mentors want

you are the guinea pig that curls up in the corner oif their own cage instead of the feisty moneky throwing it's feces

they understand..

that they almost respect.
pill taking
a "womanly way out
I feel like I am in the 8th grade.
all this manly
man shit.
take it....and it somehow
will build you...but
it's nothing..
nothing but..
...understanding how pointA gets to point B...concerning......INTENTS becoming actions...
 unsolicited human testing
threshold....and guided  perpetual allegiance and "enhancement"
Brain Computer Interface ..or Mind to Mind Communication
thinking THOUGHTS that can be transcribed by a second party..
back at you....the transcription device or program (computer) the only "thing" that
comes between ...RAW data of Brain signal.
I sound insane
I in this tiny Brooklyn apartment
.writing in these notebooks no one will read about  Mind to Mind "communication"

but what else can one think of
the voice mocks
showing off virtuosity and  versatility
and perhaps worse
it can still
suck me in
stttttill turn me ON
in ways
I cannot describe
can this telepresense
everything...and respond to provoke and K.
how to
need it.
evan appears as living mind now open to IT
if programs are created that lead the players in this exchange into a  mutually
"playing field"...of computer enhanced "virtual space"
to protect one's
psyche from psychological "Overlay ' of Disambiguation is created
to act as shield and
"avatar" or "visage" ....

the mechanism is being used to HURT or CONTROL another..
only one "Player" or " correspondent "in the Interface
has such an Overlay.
the other's mind is purposely defenseless

CYBER in Latin means to steer.
cybernetics means a system that is steered.
when one gets on a boat with another .one usually KNOWS the other....and assumed their Captain-ship...their Steering
is not to deliberately
sail one into an abyss or crash the vehicle into a pillar of rocks..

                                               ARE ONLY engaged  to cause such wreckage to
I have thus far kept myself vaguely sane
"playing" the --------------------CYBERNETIC than PSYCHOTRONIC 
in nature.
first of all there is something beyond my capacity to
Understand....another who would willfully .....and knowingly use this
to essentially let their  inner "Hannibal Lechter" "freak flag" fly

I have seen the same photos as you of Abugraib ...the protectors/guards
"letting off steam"
by going "tribal" (lets kick their heads around like a soccer ball) on  the "non human"
in their care.

so much actually did this disturb me.
that I painted a picture "about" the treatment of those in detainment
not knowing
I WAS NOW considered "a Problem"
and "game"
 for detainment
little did I know then that Psychotronic Weaponry existed
                        were I a "hip artist" in Chelsea....with a girlfriend who knew how to wear a black leather jacket
and a body of work that "muted"
their possible anti American diatribe...that
all but said ...
as what "they " call an outsider artist
                                                  a "weirdo" who paints because he can do little else.
                                                  an outsider artist
                                                  only succeeds in fact if his" biography"
his work

derelict,homeless,mentally ill.....

biographyhelped "seal the deal" if a painting didn't not "work" as a "piece" on it's own
in terms of composition....

I am quite sure my "managers" at the time did not realize that by "playing up" my
was...all but sealing my fate to become
 Psychotronic Testing cybernetic testing done on "dissidents" or other Expendable  Living Organisms
such as the homeless ...mentally ill...or drug addict etc etc..

only recently have I come across papers and declassified documents that
also pertain to the expendability and or use-ability of the sexual deviant (homosexual)
as fodder for "grey zone"-for the greater good Nuremberg Human Testing
DMT and BZ.....replaced in the late 1980's by
ELF.....nano biotech......
equivalents of psychological debasement ....

h a "Mandler" does all he can to ...remain -removed from
the specimen.
one cannot help but sense
that "oooh g-d let me wash my hands ....sensibility one might feel after handling a lab rat...
I reckon
that's about as far as the "connection" goes...

suicide .will be my end.
but murder will be the "true crime"
the number of suicides of Targeted Individuals( and we do "look out " and "look in" on each other)
is escalating...
Psychotronics is "The New Hands off" of the 2000s
                                                                         the reason Virtual Reality and A.I.
                                                  are not part of your phone service...or just something
       one consumes..
              or puts on a bridal registry ...

is not that it does not exist...
but that it's use has only been developed as weapon.
to the powers that be have gone past being ONLY fodder for research and development.
..........................................................................Carl McGrath...(1965-2013) Artist.
                                                                          who specialized in his depiction of
                                                                          Rooming house living .Mcgrath who
                                                                          commited suicide left a garage full
                                                                          of notebooks describing his "psychosis"
                                                                          as electronic is famous for his sculptures
                                                                           depicting ....