Wednesday, March 27, 2019

since high school my "link" has been with GAYS
since being away from them
for the first time in years maybe my life
in spite of the "Tether" do i feel normal

almost - wholesome - for lack of a better word..

How disgusting my young life was after High School being involved with these people
is too much for me to think of


The Birdcage

march 27 2019

another day
the respiration thing - that is part of the "enforced vocalization" shit
makes my chest hurt.
my teeth are messed up from the mechanisms that
are to be studied
for the olfactory stuff
i wish i could cut my nose off..
my lower lip swells prominently
but it's the pushing of the sinus and nasal tip
that is part of the - "netics" of the mini pig "sensor " shit..

mainly to understand things like
chemical sensitivity if the blood brain barrier has been compromised by the "acoustics'

as I turn more and more from the swine show
the physical problems grow worse
I should have kept to myself my opinions about homosexuals 


  • if not what the fuck do you think you're doing ?
  • if you work for some MIT "Truther" Play Station to Understand Visual Semantics.. i Get It . you want to see how cartoon masks - really make your - movement ..well.. cartoonish ..
  • if you are gETTING PAID to create these web sites I Get it
  • are you employed by Dell and Microsoft and Glaxo Welcome ?
  • 1962 HITS ARCHIVE: Love Letters - Ketty Lester via
  • next TI goes on Dr. Phil have a little present coming to them
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    Individual variation in the attribution of incentive salience to social cues
  • the MARUTA BRAND needs you like a fuckin another Myron May
  • be you a shill or a mental patient or someone driven insane by these weapons
  • or we're gonna stop you
  • stop
  • just the same ...
  • to be fair to these people who PLAY as mental patients ( as I do ) online.. NEURO WEAPONS are created to...
  • this ain't a group you wanna belong to ...
  • those fuckin reptilians man
  • Psychiatry and Targeted Individual , Part 1/3 via
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    Turkish defense industry giant, ASELSAN, maintains that the young engineers may have been driven to commit suicide after being exposed to synthetic telepathic attacks aimed at destroying them psychologically. via
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    Four engineers working for Turkish defence giant ASELSAN died in alleged mysterious circs & all 4 recorded as suicide - psychic forces