Friday, March 23, 2018


2 years earlier
ORLEAN hears JIM's phone ring and sees he's already back to his old tricks.
we go CLOSE on a muscular man's chest
ORLEAN , seemingly used to it puts down the phone and watches CHARLIE "playing ' with the computer he always brings with him.
JIM GORDON is smiling at his brother.Still in uniform JIM takes a swig of beer looking at ORLEAN in a way that seems to be inviting her to delight in "the charms' of his retarded brother.
ORLEAN reacts in a way to this invite the way we might have expected her to - the torso.

World in My Eyes READY PLAYER ONE Trailer 1 ...

  1. not weapons ..they can care less - because the research is BOGGED in everything BUT weapons Research - intelligence yes..which is basically Organized Crime ..what's the investment in this for the TIs..rather jackshit
  2. their movement is off - their seized up can barely sit in a chair - but in my version nobody believes them - they live APART ..this shit is secret- their lives are not worth living - they can care less about the greater good because half the testing is about MONEY
  3. who wants to be The Lion King , who wants to be Alladin +
    now these subjects being used as vivasection are a mess..
    but the Sensory data shit must be tested the Iraqis are creating it etc.
  4. the way I look at this +
    well+ the Nazis + as played by the Isaelies- ( allowed to get away with this testing -oh yeah - who else ?+
    set the victims up on a stage -these guys fried with neuro weapons - half dead..
    can care less about nothing -
    "Who Wants to Be Elsa ?

The King Creole Renditions Used to Be Fun

  1. the Man knows at any given time in our research something gonna Pop Up his Team knows will trigger him - in the feeds..words like every day concerned citizen CHIPS, Implants..
    but he CANNOT ACT LIKE THAT - understand you fuckin idiot
  2. on a platform saying his lines..but every now and than using real time stimulus
    he's throw a curve ball - as he might be seeing someone in the audience dressed like some camp counselor who fiddled with him or such and such
  3. ++ Let's Examine that Outburst Dumbo
    here's a Man with an ear piece that also allows him to be a bit more charismatic or the opposite depending on the entrainment - right dumbo..
    he's a PUPPET DICTATOR in many of our studies right scumbo
  4. oh GOSH !
    it never occurred to words like CHIPS ! and IMPLANTS sound luh luh loony
    fuck you shill
  5. hey Sister woman EveryDay Concerned Citizen - unless you want me to come over there and blow Up your Car - not kidding - stop using the words RFD chip and shit liek that honey
  6. In Paris we just call it Blue Dye - online it's CHIPS

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    Voice to Skull, Funny to see how people ASSURE they know what this man is going through. If he did not manage to prove it yet might be because these implants' size is of 2 micro mm. Source: Dr. Rauni Kilde.
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    When was the world made upside down and psychopaths promoted within our public institutions instead of those who are brave, courageous and good - hearted people? We will not give up on who we are.

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    Meanwhile in Gotham..