Friday, April 20, 2018

The Human Use of Humans

    2 mins
    DENNY waits for several of the other residents to leave and flips open his computer and makes sure the green light is on.
    DENNY ( speaking at the camera , a video diary )
    The "Team" says this ACT will be for The Greater Good ..because in 5 years or less more and more people will be out of work because of AI and robots and people will be furious at the tech companies and Ethnographers me killing one will help set a precedent to make sure angry people do not have access to hammers. bats , gasoline or knives..
    Jim Bloom
    March 7
    what sacrifices that person might make for a larger purpose..
    'Like attacking someone with a screwdriver so mental patients can't buy hand tools ?
    Neural correlates of three types of negative life events
    Negative life events (NLE) contribute to anxiety and depression disorders, but their relationship with brain functioning has rarely been studied.
    Six female and six male adult rhesus macaques were given sticks and nylon balls as an attempt at simple cage enrichment. A latin square design was used to compare behavior during separate 4-week periods with each object and during a control period with no object. Frequency an...
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    Main Titles done by Elfman for 2002 Spider-Man film. A better…
    Denny Pace
    2 mins ago
    If you only knew how pathetic it is being me in this ..
    and worse having nothing but this toy ...
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    We see DENNY PACE typing .
    CLOSE on computer screen opened to his 8th Floor Social Page 
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    high school musical - we're all in this together east high
    Jim Bloom shared a post.
    19 mins
    I'd like to come to a web site that divides
    the symbolic murders of "Key Players" in the
    industry of AI, Neuro Weaponry, Entertainment,Computing
    into easy to understand associations
    and perhaps a page devoted to the TIs who wasted their follow through on innocent victims
    said Veda to the Joker in the Library with an Ice Pick