Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jane Palmer Invited You To Play Candy Kiss Kittens

VEDA - Do you know what an idiot I felt like typing about my Electronic Harassment on that Toy by the end ?

DEX- We were like children being given fidget spinners while someone stuck cattle prods in our ears

VEDA - Never Again

DEX - I will gladly die for this as long as I take ONE with me

The GROUP on the bus shout

Never ! Again !


  • What Bat , man... means to me - said Veda Vale in the back raising hers high "Kiteman Hell yeah ! -yelled Dex via
  • DAN - Over 8 fuckin years and nothing came of it DEX - Well if it makes you feel any better Facebook , Twitter, Microsoft, Stanford, MIT, UCLA and thousands of other firms enjoyed your induced seizures meant to cause a hypergraphic spill over to.. DAN - ( picking up a bat ) yes
  • INT - THE LONG,LONG NOW BUS- DAY so far 18 verified 'TIs" are on the bus ready to "Seize The Pay- Back+ a' duh bus we find DAN and DEX talking about being without a computer DEX- How nice it is being away from The Toy that served us no purpose how long have you been typin
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    The Semiotics of 'Close Enough' : University of Pennsylvania Autism Research via
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    Abortion Doctor Killed at Church via
  • EXT - TAMPA FLORIDA / HOUSE - MORNING DEVIN D'MARCO kisses his WIFE and DAUGHTER and gets into the TI Surprise ..... DEVIN - I might be back WIFE - Do What God Would Want You To Do Devin... via
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    Kindling TRPV3 compounds in the brain calcium ion flux, edema -shaping, modeling and conditioning behavioral response Kindling Facial Paralysis in Cats -80 Hz 2 sec duration