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The Blob Scene 10

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The Blob Scene 8 (Lobbyists and the FCC)

MEMO;June 8 2007

CONCERNING: - paradigm shift for multi dimensional reallocated divestment spending concerning  operating margin restructuring  to allow Proxy Cyber to acquire holdings which will function as addendum towards " ease of access" associated with  developing technologies concerning  human–computer interfacing, photon detector and light-emitting diodes.

CONCERNING:-"Winning back bids" meaning "Winning Back Lobbyists" with -interests not dissimilar- our own .Currently the FCC 's indecision concerning regulation of BCI gives Proxy Cyber  false reassurance and confidence 'concerning some aspects of "open development "and forgets rules can change rather quickly as more Mind Augment and A.I. Corporations seek similar "exceptions to the rules"

CONCERNING- with Merge biosensors width reaching close to 10 nm, the question is now  how small a device can we fabricate at industrial scale. Today's consumers are looking for more functionality and more "co- monitoring "of their biological systems.The future of electronics is about integration of CPU speed and biological functionality in the private sector, however without hard evidence that this tech can be useful as" commodity" we must  consider moving some of our facilities to more lenient foreign labs ,as current laws negate certain aspects of clinical research ....If certain tests are performed within set parameters of "gray area" legislation, enough acquired data can be discretely attained concerning  “signals” generated by a human organism 's perceptions, cognitions and emotions but we must protect ourselves in advance from future  liability by dispersing  statistical analysis and /or procurement procedurals of such data.

 Merge Proxy Cyber 'various approaches has been in the forefront of  neural signal transcription and transmission with insertive piezoelectronic biosensors placed  directly within a human organism's nervous system and while these inserted biological devises proved effectively they also proved expensive .Thanks to new methods in bio sensing production method  correspondent with faster computers for more efficient  and less expensive  “mediator” or “translator” programs that can directly generate digital signals back and forth  toward the human  organism's senses of touch, hearing, seeing ,balance, and pain and than back at the input source.
Now dumbo.....if THAT was Scene 8.
wouldn't it make sense if "Monarchs and Parasols was The Blob -Scene 9...or are we at Scene 10? If only for continuity sake..
.to remind a reader that we are simply writing a remake  of  the
 1988 remake of  1958'"The Blob"......
"sure,sure ,' I graph, not particularly giving a damn what some f*ckin' Mandlers wake me up at 7 in the f*ckin' morning about- on a Sunday!-to explain
I just like feeling Charles next to me  ,I even like hearing him snore..
it's good you know to HAVE someone ,something REAL near me..

 I just want EVAN to leave me alone!
..but Evan doesn't care,,,He never did
 he can care less  what I  want to feel or hear or see..Just like I know  Charles Mandler's can care less what he wants to hear ,taste,touch..
"Just for a bit," Evan graphs."just for a bit  re-attenutate my thinking towards Proxy Cyber.
AND .to "help me"
 EVAN  appears as a moth about 3 inches wide  which I feel haptic style on my cheek..
One does not particularly want even a small insect to appear on one's cheeks
Let alone on about 3 times it's normal size
it makes no differenceeif looking into the eyes of a moth generated by one's Tele Presence Operator is REAL
not when you're full Haptic (meaning your sense of touch corresponds with The Feeling Some Genius at Proxy Cy literally sat down and created to make "feel MOTH"
and further more   ...went to the trouble of creating an auditory over lay  off moth wings...about in scale--- soundwise with such a the Occiptial Over Lay of Giant Month
In spite of myself I bolt up makes no difference I assume...I know...the "thing" isn't real
may you never ...

Having my full intention ...and for the benefit of my not going into cardiac arrest and sh*t -the moth "morphs" into a Cheshire Cat
"funny' I graph,looking at over to see if my
"bolt" and " giant insect"jostlings have  woken him
they have not..
somehow forgetting what has just transpired...I look over at Charles face...which
"for the fun  of it" or to help me ..
focus on EVAN and  the Brain Link
Charles face appears as a skeleton face

"KNOCK IT OFF," I graph ,with Purposed Thinking and full compliance to EVAN
I have no choice..
in the matter..

could you imagine .
no and may you never be able to
may you promote your Emanations
and Interior Intentions
in such a Visage
that no
camera...or scan of thy beingships
sets off any red flags
that Make you a suitable candidate to be "apped"
as surveillance
it be cheaper...from the inside
than out
especially as "we in the field" made appliance
help standardize
AI...and remote neural monitoring
for all to use and be used by!

:KNOCK IT OFF," Evan graphs...and  in return for my sub ordinance//to the unseen ordinations
-  I see Charles' face to return to "well him having a f*ckin face at all!

I am furious...
and begin what they call Self Referential Ruminations..
"what did I do to deserve this shit!"

imbued upon me is "the fact" that I KNOW damn well
I have done

but that depends it seems on whatever STORY I am placed in
by my Mandlers

who are not amused with my trespasses concerning
my previous postings
according to my Tele-Presence

I am breaking set   boundaries concerning
"my spin " on things
especially concerning inadvertent
Graphs..and Imbues
subtext concerning "whys " and wherefores"

and Evan locking on my mind set presents himself as Sir Galahad..7 feet tall at the foot of my bed"..I am here to at thee,"Evan states ,"to...remind your readers....that you sir Dumbo...are merely a madman...and the things you often delude yourself into believing are causation  of your hallucinations are only secondary symptoms of your unfortunate thought disorder..."

I lay back down
what's the point of waking
when one is always in someone else's waking life..'s amazing how much laying about one can do when one's perceptions have been taken over by an Immersive Reality company..
I half close my eyes and feel my finger tips touch the side of my temples

"What the hell did we say about doing that shit Dumbo!"Evan grpahs

"sorry ,I' I graph
 Evan "takes me"via a REEL above...and beyond...
traditional sight and sound.

.To the exterior of the Monarch Hotel
but when I see a tumbleweed flit across the "screen" that IS or WAS my visual cortex
I groan
and graph,'since when are there fuckin' tumbleweeds in Ohio?'
"Sorry ,"Evan graphs sincerely ,"and the exterior or what he calls establishing shot is replaced by falling snow "

"but the kids were just playing "that game" in the  the field  in front of the Rec Room"I graph

"good,good...Continuity in daaaaa house" ,Evan graphs,sending me a visual or a smile -ie face..

Now .it is mid summer/or spring time..
and the LONG SHOT establishing WE at the Monarch Motel
jumps tt a CLOSE shot on a Motel Room door
which I can only assume I was awakened to "go through"
but I am not up for this..
and I reach for Charles.

"Dumbo..I don't give a fuck if you are UP for this or not Buddy," Evan graphs
You think I want to work sundays?
but someone seemed to
. follow format and
re -emphasize...that we are only writing a Film ...and thus
here we are and here I am
                                                                    The Blob
.let's every now and than switch the time to 2023
and not the present time
just so nobody gets confused...
There are two queen beds in the motel ...
and several men .5 men ? Evan asks..Evan graphs..but the question tele- presented during the unwanted interface is theo rhetorical
.if you ask me this whole damn interface is rhetorical.theoretical inface

IT MOST CERTAINLY is NOT theorhetical my friend
and one would think you of all people would at least know that..
we made your brain into a fuckin' 2 way interfacing tv set ...
and the subjects we introduce on subject's rendered for such
are not jut being presented a deep learning program Spanish 4

why now...why this fuckin early..
Ignoring my thoughts Evan imparts that THREE MEN have come to the Monarch Motel .THREE MEN ,we now see as the Motel Room Door is Opened, who are what one might called "Heavies .all three men look like the  actor Bo different colored suits...and when I graph this
 Evan removes one  Bo Hopkins and send me an Eric Roberts..but being left with "heavies " I am supposed to take seriously as The Bo Hopkins "twins" in "his 30's" and one Eric Roberts in his 20's...I  graph 'how can I take this seriously?
and quickly one Bo Hopkins is removed form my Immersive overlay to become a Van Black and White...
Oh ,yeah EVAN that's realistic..
and immediately I zapped a tone through my auditory cortex...that blocks my graph of it's immediacy that
"Evan you get your Virtual Over Ride in Order...or I am not "playing..not at 7 am Sunday morning"

NOBODY is PLAYING here DUMBO do you understand?Evan Imparts
NO.NO I do NOT understand!I have NEVER understood!" I graph."..but if you're gonna send me
some preliminaries on a Sunday morning for Christ's sake
get your AI in some kind of structure."
"oh listen to Dumbo?" Evan graphs,,,"what do you care about structure..please tell me you're not concerned about selling this 'property"
  you do understand nobody  would touch "a story,a manuscript or other wise that has been written directly online...
But our Boy Dumbo
we chose to write "this story' cares not for fiduciary benefits
Does he?He had better not! "Evan graphs
NO ,Evan graphs ,"He most certainly DOES NOT
as that in it self would have implications...
and  would certainly lower Dumbo's PROTAGONISTIC like PART in our venture Dumbo writing this (for over 3 years now ,I graph you...for financial gain..?
of course he is not...
or we wouldn't have picked DUMBO to tell" the story" would we?
Nor would Dumbo care if he were killed telling" a story"...his good FRIENDS asked  him to tell?
Of course he would.!
That is how much Dumbo cares about the subject at hand..!
"I have no idea what the hell you are gleaning me half the time? I graph
" that is not  a bad thing?" Evan graphs.,"..that is a GOOD thing!
get some sleep.and I will try to work on a preliminary outline -that best suits Dumbo's cinematic demands
My eyes are half opened I am made to EVAN as  The Great Gazoo next space alien..flitting around..on the ceiling
the space alien is first easy on the eyes..all it becomes all :Fire in the Sky"
THAT they PROMISED they Wouldn't Imbue ON ME Again!
the image faces out..but still my heart is pumping
 I see Charles.
snapping his fingers..he need not bother asking me "what's wrong" HIS TEAM does the same shit to him..
"you can't just stare into space like that"Charles says,"when they do that..EVER" Charles says slipping his hand down my shorts under the blanket..
"makes  look all Peter Finch "Network"
when you get like that...IT BEEEEE      spooooooooky" Charles SAYS
and for a moment..than a lasting moment (an Impart ..of 'you don't mind da da da da dooooya' dumbo?) Charles Looks exactly like Bo Hopkins in" Day of the Locust ".
I half graph to Proxy Cyber that I'd rather see Charles as Charles .
but I am forced to sense my automatic response is not quite so
vehement as I would like to believe
  MORE- a WELLwho wouldn't want a reach around from a Bo Hopkins 75" visual .variety IS  indeed the spice oflife
and one of the perks of being tethered to Tele-Presence via Merge
yet it sorta seems like some kind of I am cheating on Charles like I am filing  through snippets of porn or something ...while having sex with someone "I'm not quite Into"

but I am into Charles..
I can't help but think  what Charles'' Mandlers have made his Merge  Tele-receives Me as..
As if he knows I thinking this Charles says.

"Brad Renfro "Deuces Wild" 2002"

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