Wednesday, January 14, 2015

for the sake of sakeness

"There once was a  crooked man named  Sir Alexander Leslie who. signed a covenant securing religious and political freedom for Scotland. There of course is a border call it a buffer  between England and Scotland and for the sake of sakeness( and really Dumbo all people ask for is some "sakeness" concerning liberties, certainly not genuine liberty which would be a catastrophe" graphs Evan) but a "nod ,a gesture of freedom and a gesture of  both countries "being equal","Evan Imparts upon my waking,finally back in my own bed,"  despite continuing great animosity between the two peoples whom most certainly were not and are not EQUALS...but for the "sakeness of argument"and because of  borders  not as negotiable as the borders for instance of a certain RUINER who believes his "Mind" is his own. A certain Ruiner of a Man who was only conceived for Co -Conscious endeavors  ,The Nations of England and Scotland due to geography had  to live with each other.but never did Scotland ever believe it could fight England and win ...but many concessions were made to at least give the Scots some notion that "the country merited some margin of respect" ...and that's what Direct Neural Interface is for you Damien Dumbo...and thus for us ....but never you forget in this venture YOU are Scotland and WE are England and  we have the power cross over whatever borders WE HAVE given you concerning what I suppose accounts for this self centered sense of  entitled Beinghood that ,forgive us Dammy we never quite accounted for..."

and the phone rings.
I pick up....not looking at who it is....anyone "real" is better than this .....Telemetry
But I am not so lucky
as it turns out to be my 3rd stepmother who is about as unreal as one can be outside of Tele-Presence.
As my 3rd had essentially "played" at being
"only a representation /symbol of "Mother"
in my version of scripted Childhood that should have come with a prescription

"it is I my little buddy who is such a prescription" Evan imparts
Over lapping with my 3rd Stepmother's angry voice saying  'I think maybe  the Thank You note you sent me  must have gotten lost in the mail.and that my roommate ,.***** told me her I was asked to leave the house for 'acting out" and ..that  I seem to have problems with envelopes and males and mail in general...?

 I tell her  I received her gift"a VHS tape of "Safety in Umber"...and yes I found an old VCR to watch it.

"And STILL you won't WATCH IT will you?" she says,she shouts,"Or you wouldn't have been asked to leave the house would you have?"

I tell her ,"I watched the tape....," I certainly don't want to hear anymore about her conversation with ****tI know I had better say something to keep her from bring up envelopes getting lost in the mail or "in transaltion" or anything about this past couple of days
 but I am still..lost somewhere in Evan's We're England ,You're Scotland "lesson" of the minute via Merge..the same We're the Pac Men and you 're the Yellow Dots shit

,.I do so hope that Damien Dumbo Darko does not have to be hospitalized again so he can be reminded of how to present himself..I suppose if I saw you right now you'd have that Dumb look on your face like a mental patient ...who THINKS he HEARS and SEES things......" I hear her snap her fingers into the phone like she used to in front of my eyes..".STOP IT" she says .

"Stop What?"It wasn't ME who STARTED ANYTHING!" I say.

My 3rd stepmother's tone changes to something that auditory wise  resembles kindness" It was not easy to get a copy of"Safetly in Umbers" she says about the  old tv movie," that  your Aunt Valerie  produced when she was only 22 when Valerie Prentis  and Gary Rainy were undeterred "setting referentials"...well
before" our darling Dumbo!"
 was all set on RUINING Referentialism with his weasel like ways"

Evan mean while appears as this giant stick man like figure a shadowy presence
it's face fluctuates from human form to weasel /rat like form
 the Tele Present Voice Evan assumes intentionally non congruent with the black looming figure ,in Burl Ives White...There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse.
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

The phone I had  pulled the  far from my ear I ram closer to it if only to pretend I can block Evan's Presence-
in spite of repercussions I find myself ,what they call "Dismalizing" -that-  ears don't matter much anymore as means of someone putting stuff in your head
nor eyes
I am aware my "pondering: is  transmitted to I try to stop
in return for 'stopping"
I see a shiny blue radiant star
than quickly the Crooked Little Man who does not appear little at all
"you're damn right about the eyes Dumbo,"Evan imparts showing the man without them"...and damn wrong about these thoughts about your mum ...who can make just one call and them "poked out"as I don't LIKE much what I am SEEING lately through them...all your senses lately in fact seem to be getting "in the way" Evan imparts

"in the Way of what exactly...."

"in the way of The New Way..idiot" Evan graphs
"you think you're on the right side of this but you're very ,very much mistaken in this regard.."

My 3rd stepmother says,"I am getting a 6th sense you're not really listening....speaking of The 6th Sense...that cute little boy in that film is all grown up now..I saw him today...on TV..He's getting some bad press for some film he made...a film I think he made about encouraging certain loudmouths not to tell certain stories...and what happens to loudmouths who tell stories or seek out stories they have no business seeking..."

"really ma?is that what that horror show was REALLY about?"

"Don't get sarcastic with me Ruiner," she says,"yes what a nice fellow that young actor seems to be.."

I heard some Ruiner Writer wrote that his new movie
was found questionable....and this Ruiner writer was found all cut up into tiny pieces
in his apartment, "my 3rd stepmother said,people should be very very careful what they write about
shouldn't they Dumbo?"

"yeah whatever...I forgot the laws changed concerning freedom of speech"

"there were never any laws concerning freedom of speech idiot."My 3rd stepmother said,You really do live in some world of your own"

"Trust me ma' this world I live in is not my own"I say watching Evan Tele-Presence himself around the room as the Great Gazoo sans eyes.

"maybe if you changed your attitude toward Neuronautics they might teach you something..Maybe if you stopped acting like a little boy they wouldn't treat you like a little boy"

"what the hell do you know about it ,"I yell""you fuckin' raised me to be a fucking toy for them..all that ritualized trauma ...all those demented Happenings.."

"it was by the book help you be more faceted...."she says,yawning

"to help me be more faceted! No! to help you "get in the movie business" I yell.

"A gal's gotta do what she's gotta do kiddo...and believe me you were a Small Sacrifice...for a much greater always The Crooked Little Man in the piece...   Oh..I am glad it is not my job to interface with you all day....judging from the tone of your voice Damien Dumbo Darko!..I can just imagine how cacophonous you sound during Direct Neural Interface...what smut is inside you I can only gather from the lies and confibilations you type all over the computer...People who do the wrong things with their hands too often  end up handless," she says

"is that a quote from the Bible ?"I ask

"There are many kinds of Bibles...many Good Books ....and tv shows one so lost as you might seek direction from...I hope your not drinking again Dumbo...alcohol makes you all red like a Lobster Boy.."

"no ma' my senses are addled enough thanks to you"I say

"Thanks to me and thanks to progress...where would you be without Mentors Dumbo?without' wouldn't BE at all...but I suppose that's what you be writing about things you have no business writing about ...telling tails out of're not the good guy in this "story" Dumbo .You were never meant to be...Your Smedley Butler...a Ruiner..please do not go on day dreaming your crazy posts display anything but some type of lunacy..which I suppose could be considered liberty for Kinds like you..I guess Kinds like you must disappear into madness to survive
The New Way...because Smedly Butler types are exactly the Kind we must weed out before IT begins..honey if it makes you feel any better we wrote you in and off as enemy of The New Way before you were two cells old....nobody expected a little faggit autistic however would dare write about Hollywood Referentials perhaps knowing He might BECOME ONE that poor Ruiner who wrote the wrong thing about the wrong movie...You may be a piece Dumbo Darko but
becareful you don't become pieces.."and she hangs up

"I always liked your 3rd stepmother...."Evan graphs."she's not telling you the truth though...I still believe we can get the Smedley out of OUR Butler....but first I must get some of the Dum out of my Beau...I can do that ya' were in fact made for such extractions...."

I am confused.not so much by the endless Jabberwocky of the BCI but by the sudden end of such signals.

suddenly I am tired
and my dreams
are for once not slathered with Umber tones of "otherness" and darkness...
but are for once in color
all my life I dreamed about dreaming in the shades of red ,blues and yellows all around me


(2) Monday aug 6 2012 Los Angeles

it was 31 years later...and here she was driving through Century City with Adam looking at the billboards.

the media
a common mind

but what was this mind about
she looked at Adam.she had read some of his neurals and was getting a jist.
still.He stood a chance.
if he passed.
the tests......

"winning"she said and was satisfied that Adam did not ask any dumbo questions

winning ,she assumed upon Adam was not
a selfish
but a shared vision of a group
a shared  sensibility  of vision  almost biblical in it's designs by Gary Rainy
and Parasol Pictures
 it amused her that people thought of mysticism as something flighty and weak
so they put a suit on it and put some money in it's hand
and than they thought of it as sinister.
or silly
but Oh how "un-silly" this beautiful Adam looked with not a thought in his mind
Valerie had seen to it that Adam only "ran "essence
Brain signals that had been modified to bind neural pathways of Interior Monologue
that lead to judgment

with adam Valerie didn't for once have to see herself ,her body her Beingness through another's eyes,ears or another's Interior Attentives

everyone was so bogged down in the fucking technology of it
of the means to an end and a new beginning
symbols, some clear and transparent cues
and an old fashioned mastery of one's thoughts and impulses
and how one's thoughts affected others
that Dumbo writing to other "writers"how an enforced
 hierarchy of respect of  MEN and WOMEN who literally MAN our minds   how can we have respect for mentored demagoguery

who was happier? Dumbo? or Adam....

Adam was running on his True Self ...granted a self that had been vivisected...
to only that consciousness rarely found in the timeline of anyone's life
"that today.That JUST NOW .I am Glad to exist...I am for this moment ME...
they had found "that loop" in Adam early on and simply relayed and replayed this signal upon him
moment after moment so there WERE no moments for Adam
only appreciation
for existence.....
His teams had taken him out and about ....someone always tethered to his Merge so he would never appear puppetlike....or unreal...
but only unearthly in the same way any movie star is
he would be Adam Parker's second in command
lest anyone claim
King Creole was only about catfish on a poll

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