Thursday, September 14, 2017

Introducing James Gordon

JIM GORDON sits with his wife ORLEAN at a table 
our HERO 
Jim Gordon across the room
-ooooh he be viewing him like he be skewing him
has his legs wide open
his hand kinda' grazing his
ORLEAN- (to Jim)
What's wrong?
JIM - Nothing...(fidgeting ) They just take too long here
an OLDER MAN and WOMAN walk past JIM and ORLEAN and do a double take
OLDER MAN - Hey,Your Jim Gordon ,Police Commissioner
I love your work
ROBIN,a 20 year old HANDSOME-IE guy makes a purposely loud noise moving his chair,tosses money on the table and leaves


ROBIN studies JIM's recorded face scan on a computer
the "app" on his phone somehow allowed ROBIN to gauge GORDON's pupillary response to his
"performance "

ROBIN looks around "spy movie" like and places a strange looking headset on his skull that allows him to think the words

"Yep..he's a Fag" to


RIVIC high fiving EVAN RAINY 

RIVIC - I fuckin'knew it  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Cop Turned Around ,"we can pretend this never happened..

I can let you off right here , if it never happens again"

The female cop gave him a look - the same look his foster mother used to give him- the saem look 'The Girl " in whateveritwascalled used in 'That Show" he had seen last night that seemed to set him off..

"...bein' that you're a FRIEND of GARY RAINY's huh? Being that we're both Friends of Gary Rainy..'

'How many chances do you think you get in THIS Little Man ...?' the female cop said,'You might not care about yourself but it says here that sister of yours married to that "Nigger" of Ours...'

Biff gulped.

The male cop smiled ,looking at him through the rear view mirror , "Ya's see ? That's a NORMAL RESPONSE to the situation get the fuck out of my car"

it was hard to think of "It" as a floating world when the 5th floater turned up

on the shores of the "Gotham River"
thought Biff
and just as he "thunk It" he saw
another one
dressed as Mister Bloom
making a trigger finger gesture at him
as if he didn't care who saw it-
"I see you Faggggggit ,"Biff yelled
watching "Bloom" shrug and grab the ass of a "girl" who
looked like "The Girl" in something or other -
BIFF was now considered a RUINER by Neuronautics
who liked to show off their
Kabbal like stance on those who didn't believe
in the "science - ideology" of "The Eminations"
"fuckin KIKE!," Biff shouted at the man dressed as Mister Bloom
when he heard a siren-
"Hands On Your Head,"said the cop
,any Sharps?"
"Ha, " Biff said," I wrote the god damn Brenda Sharp shit "
The cop smashed Biff's head hard onto the police car's front
and snapped a picture of him

"A man said you were pointing your finger like a gun at him and made a limp wrist gesture with your hand ...that's Hate Speech...silent speech but speech just the same "

A female cop came up behind him ," I have a cousin whose a lesbian "

'And I have a brother in law whose a god damn Nigger! Who Gives a flying Fuck ...don't you care about the big picture here or are you ONE OF THEM !"

'A Nutter," the male cop laughed," we'll take him to Arkham"

Golam City

Driving someone to suicide who is involved in behavioral testing is not murder but a resolution to an experiment.
The media has gone along with 'Neuronautics' being a “black hat’ bad guy “outside the law” –a cult. One can easily “leave the church ‘ so long as one sticks to the cue cards and claims “the bad old cult destroyed my life “
An ex-member of Neuronautics can easily leave the group so long as one condemns the group as it is meant to be condemned and thus viewed as

   COLE L.COHEN –Targeted Individuals Memfis Ohio C-12/03/13+++++ ….The Mefis Ohio City Paper “ESP OP ORG AH HA”{redacted} ...

the shooter left behind a hypersexual manifesto....

RIVIC sits in the chair besides 16 y.o BLOOM a shoelace around BLOOM's neck that RIVIC pulls upon than releases.
Some people like that .Sexual Perversion is Something your People Created
(RIVIC sticks his hand under the sheet ) and pulls on the shoelace ,choking BLOOM ) See,you like it....
See More
BLOOM whose back has been injured at the St. Jerome Fete opens his eyes to once again see RIVIC staring down at him 
RIVIC in hospital garb like BLOOM takes advantage of the 15 year old's "situation of being prone like a little broken puppet.
RIVIC sticks the back of his hand in front of BLOOM'S eyes
See that ?
BLOOM shakes his head and RIVIC grabs his face by the sides
sticking his finger between his lips
yeah ..good boy ..
(RIVIC removes his finger,BLOOM shakes his head back and forth RIVIC sticks the back of his hand again near BLOOM'S eyes )
See it?
the little mark that has appeared on hand between my thumb and index finger.and see somehow another line -cut- has been added making a sort of triangle without the little -line at the bottom ..
in no time at all I assume the 3rd strike will appear and I shall fly up to the heavens YOU kykes have been shoving down our throats for 2000 years
Space based weapons ...thats a Jew Thing to do to someone..with your sicko Old Mean Jew GOD!
(putting his hands on BLOOM's face ,making a fist )
Pray to Jesus to make them stop hurting me ..or I will cut you up
(a nurse peeks through the curtain _
NURSE - Everything all right
RIVIC - (patting BLOOM's head) He wants some Jews

we don't want another Peter Duggio on our hands Denny Pace

BLOOM appeared to DENNY PACE first as a searing pain on the back of his head and next as silverfish
Haptically teasing it's way up his arm

" Denny Pace
betta' start seeing the bigga' picture yes...aside from your petty concerns you ain't gettin' your fair share ...
somebody gotta' be Denny Pace in duh piece YES?
just as somebody gotta' be Bloom
------you want money Denny Pace ?
nah.....dat' not wot Denny wants
he wanna simply blow the pwoject..
and beweeeve it or not Denny Pace
some dink who meant to wepweeeesent Loony
dwwwwawin' weirdo art vork
ain't dat ' important..
is that CLEAR you fuckin' turncoat ..

BLOOM now appeared as "the Thin Man" in hipster black
sans mask
"""""""""""" is a fuck of alot going on here
                    than a RUINER gone Rogue on Me
                    wanting to shed whatever skin
                    Patrick and Kate spent decades

and you're my little baby Denny
my lover
my friend
my eyes and ears
my jib boom
my mouth piece
my Tiger.......

                  and how my little tiger gonna talk right
                  if he don't frame his jit covered jottings
                  in exactly the template we provided for ya'
what price
is this Denny Pace
to once and for all expose the shit that runs Gotham City
------.We don't want another Peter Duggio on our hands                   

If I had a Hammer

1955 Human Factors / Psychophysical 
Substances or apparatus to alter physiology as to promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.
Substances or means to augment mentation and perception.
Materials and or apparatus to cause the victim to appear effeminate, haggard ,crazy, ugly .
Materials and or devices that mimic the intoxicating effect of alcohol.
Materials and means which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.
Materials and devices which will cause temporary/permanent brain damage and loss of memory.
Substances which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture and coercion during interrogation and so-called "brain-washing".
Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.
Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.
Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.
Substances which will produce a chemical that can cause blisters.
Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.

Wild Pawns ( Scooby Doo and the Central Casting Contessa )

/3/16 I meet Marcus at Steerage for light dinner and return to my cubicle at the 8th Floor .
An all nighter .
Caroline Macy wants us to write at least three pieces about the upcoming Dr. Dell situation .
as "bog" and website by Pete Himmel
Himmel -a lazy son of a bitch - left the bog empty since February of last year
and owes us big time says Macy
a conspiracy manifesto cannot be 16 entries long.
A few writers from some "online Zine " about DMT were asked to help flesh out the thing but gave it a spiritual slant that according to Macy all but botched the entire project beyond fixing.
It's up to me and Marcus to add scary ravings about Deep Government and sh*t to what we call The Himmle Riddle
as that according to Macy is already set to be the hashtag
after Pete Himmle is arrested for breaking into Dr.Dell's apartment and assaulting him violently
Dr. Dell wanted the spin to be about him being a sexual assaulted
but Macy said they wanted Himmle to be thought of as asexual
"a sort of Heaven's Gate" like haircut and look had already been decided by the many stylists coaching Pete how to look doe eyed on camera..
The event is set to occur sometime in late August to keep people's minds off of Proxy Cyber knocking down some mountain or some thing .No ,some Forrest..what's the difference ?.
.It 's the type a certain type gets testy about ..dead birds, polluted water..all that nonsense
Well according to Caroline Macy enough people might that it's important to keep the news feeds more neutral
more fun
and what's more fun than a C-List stalking? And assault?
Dr.Dell has already got an eyepatch.Upset he can't claim the attack that has yet and will never happen was sexual.
Therefore his demand to wear an eyepatch was some type of severance
Pete Himmle of course had his own demands
The writers for one -because even with the Audio Spotlight to help him
"write crazy
he refused to "show up" at the computer to give "The Voice"-a voice..preferring to listen to the damn thing like it was some
toy rather than the impetuous for the "manifesto"
Pete Himmle
some two bit actor transplanted to L.A. 3 years ago
owes 80 thousand to some people you don't want to owe money
agree to play the stalker in return for 4 years in minimum security
and 40% dividend of any future rights to whatever prevailing circumstances we dream up for him as either a film or E book.
and the son of a bitch wrote 16 lousy entries
Caroline wants us to kill two birds with one stone with the upcoming Dr. Dell bit by making Pete Himel's character a targeted individual
chips all in him
Macy is up in the air with Himmle's abilty to "pull it off"
and there's back up..
and therefore more "bogs"to contend with
luckily they all deal with"run ins with Dr.Dell"
Dr.Dell it seems became obsessed with the work on my website that dealt with Dell and his cohorts .Hollywood is full of Illuminati mind control. Parasol Pictures as you know is owned by Logo Communications .One of the 5 satanic puppet masters who control the electromagnetic spectrum with the Aliens who have sodden bloodlines for eons .The Crimson Sect of Carthage have long supported Dr.Dell - a known homosexual -to feast on the mind's of the young.Did you see his turn as the evil Dr Dictorious INTHE Big Little's 3? who does he think he's kidding? The sect of Carthage has encouraged Dr. Dell to use his Hollywood mech isms to implement a New World Order on many with genealogy that for 12 centuries has fought the tribes of Carthage .The NWO and it's henchmen like Dr.Dell have long ago decided to chip all those against the The times of the beast .Dr. Dell who isn't even a Real doctor .became obsessed with my website that drew attention to the influence the Sect of Carthage had concerning a flood ,a tornado and also a strange shape and strange color the moon has had (pictures below From my rooftop with a standard lens..don't worry I will get clearer shots ) since December .
As you know several weeks ago I notices that I was awakening at 6:35 instead of 6:40 when my alarm is set..Next I noticed an apple I had purchased had two stems (pictured below). Many many odd things happened that I cannot recall because whatever Dr.Dell did to me to put chips in my body made me unable to remember certain events
Dr.Dell and his colleagues access the implants repeatedly to make me feel I am under his control .Furthermore he makes me dream of him .Curiously I began liking coleslaw when I have always detested coleslaw .
In order to "know thine enemy" I began watching the devil's show on Parasol Network and was not suprised to note the entire program was about me,My targeting !is fodder for Parasol Pictures tv radio entertainment Zionist military complex. The access to the implants is the center subject for a background performance of Doc Rockers My abusive and the mind reading are entertainment for for The One Percent to smack their Shapeshifting lips at .
"Doctor Rockers" will premier on Tuesday December 15th on the new Parasol Channel .The new station will offer round the clock updates o...


DENNY PACE puts on a skirt and uses a full jar of rouge to make bright pink circles on his cheeks- sure that the camera is on he sticks his cock up close and personal to Mindy at the  Brain Map lab and spunks all over the screen sticking his fingers in the spew and licking it
yum yum yum 
( he sticks his still sticky fingers up his nose and close to camera begins picking camera Denny speaks )
i take a quick glimpse at some Youtube post about hypergraphia
- 2 nights ago believing it could be added to this assemblage of Sissy Fuss ..
and close the link..( how horrible it is - THIS - is how I spend my days is not lost on me ..pathetic is not the word- there are no words for this cruel and unusual use of a human being literally raised to be some second rate "dilettante artist / outisder " by that scum that went ALL OUT to make me THIS- (may you rot in hell with the "ilk " that been doing this to their own since Moses)

INT - PARAESOL PICTURES- DAY (Gotham City) /Bloom Where You're Planted

Debra B was Linda N's assistant.It was her job for the next month or months to create a headline grabber by mid March of 201*.It was to bring to light the often overlooked type of person one would label weird or weirdo .Linda stated in a memo that she didn't want "weirdo" or "the weirdo problem" to be association with any crime or "incident"as was typical witrh most"happenings" nor did she want it to be a "puff piece" that diminished "the problem"which Linda N felt was serious enough a subject to highlight, for mass consumption and consideration .Debra B visualized the word in her head,and tried to come up with some kind of mental picture,some type of embodiment she thought.A certain type of art far removed from the type one buys from the right kind of artist .She had once been to a show that presented the work done by people in insane asylums.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

nick knight and Gale

)It was Nick Nico's job to create holograms that would 'come' from one's phone's once both the proper and improper research and development was over and it was also to be Nick Nico's job to demonstrate how one might feasibly be able to 'be on a stranded island" with a hologram alone and never feel-alone.
To cement this "fact" that a prospective consumer of the new Proxy Praxis phone that allowed for both sound and 3 -d vision to BE 
-just like Being -"here ,There and Everywhere Immersive-ly Proxy Cyber purchased a desert island and a film crew for Nick Nico to PROVE this was feasible asking to Nick to move to this desert island and ONLY communicate with whom ever was Tele-Presenting to him through his his phone at any give time ,on any given day to film a ONE YEAR "tour of Proxy.Praxis pragmatics.
The film crew would not be allowed to speak nor interactive with Nick Nico as the Reality program based on the experiment of one needing ONLY a variance of "virtual reality by Proxy "needed Nick to prove one could seek and find the equivalent of face to face companionship via the Proxy Praxis smart phone. 
It was decided that the program whose working title was "A little trick with Nick" would air 2 months prior to the Proxy Praxis being released to the general public.
It was also decided ,unbeknownst to Nick Nico ,the inventor of the Proxy Praxis that after 2 weeks the entire film crew would leave the island and thus Nick alone with only electronic sound and visions via the new smart phone. Nick ,now genuine stranded on a desert island with his Proxy Praxis .In advance, unbeknownst to Nick Nico upon purchasing the small tropical island scores of hidden and semi hidden microphones and cameras were placed around the island so no one could ever say that Nick kept his sanity ONLY because he was at least aware and thus fortified psychologically by the film crew 's physical presence
(2) Only during the initial 50 seconds of opening credits would the montage of the endless work Nick Nico and his research team spent actually creating the technology so holographic real time sound and vision would and could be cost efficient and yet another "can't do without " app a consumer needed to be consumed by 
Other's at Proxy Cyber had the task of figuring out a campaign to teach people= they should not feel like fools talking and interacting with a giant cartoon Zebra or whatever other "avatar" another wished to "present" as on either end of the line on a commuter train, public sidewalk etc.
This campaign lead to various of Nick Nico's future correspondents to script a years worth of simulated reality to keep Nick Nico suitably sane ..
Several "brainstorm' meetings were held for 'A Little Trick with Nick"
some renditions sweet and whimsical- 
Nick Nico wooing his version of Jessica Rabbit by Proxy Praxix 'Michael Row your Boat Ashore 'on a set of rocks (one rick for Nick and one for Jessica) in front of a holographic drift wood fire complete with a loop of "spontaneous" crackle and tossed embers.
And some 
a little more provocative
(3)Nick had told his higher ups at Proxy Cyber "no thanks" to the Reality Show /Infomercial 
but changed his mind when the topic of "app-ing " came up -again-
if Nick chose ,once again ,to display attributes that amplified his Attenuations NOT being geared being "a team player,"and allowing for Merge biotech to be placed within his body he would not only lose his job but as the conditions of initial employment governed not be able to seek employment in any company nor agency dealing with "advanced technologies ,communications ,computers ,biotechnology ,nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, academics ,organic chemistry ,science ,publishing ....and the list went on and on.... 
Funny,thought Nick in a clip scraped by the editors of "A Little Trick with Nick"(as it looked "too thinky" for the demographic Proxy Praxis was being primed for ) during pre -production, pre-island filming 
-tinkering with components on the smart phone -how in three years or less - it would not seem odd to see a grown man in a Lexus having a heart to heart or fist to face argument with a visage of Betty Boop in the passenger seat " .After many,many attempts at filming Nick Nico thinking in a way that would best appeal to the 23-28 demographic that would appear 3.5 seconds before the first shot of "Proxy Praxis presents "A little Trick with Nick" followed immediately of ESTABLISHING ARRIEL SHOT of a speck of tan and green in the deep blue "see"....
"Funny thing" thought Nate messing around with various circuits on the Proxy Praxis Smart Phone theatrically for the the cameraman "to give the viewer a GQ version of sexy but non threatening "Tech Geek stance "that Nick according to the line producer wasn't even trying to project but was deliberately trying to have a "funny" look on his face- .Angrily the producer and director left Nick Nico alone to focus on his telegenic self comportment which sent Nick into just the "lost introverted look" that so perturbed the filmmakers -
"Funny thing ," thought Nick 
...that he could never quite get that " funny look
" off his face" 
and Nick could not help but think that it was this "give away of introspection" that had his bags being packed right now by his assistant to send him literally to a desert island for his inability to mask his inner monologue
funny, though was NOT the word 
for what might be the things on Nick Nico's mind
but suspicious- according to the various facial recognition cameras in every nook and cranny of Proxy Cyber's Office Park/ Laboratory.
Often because of this facial recognition equipment Nick was called to task
by his superiors to who wanted to KNOW what he was "up to" 
(5) Nick Nico refused to allow Proxy Cyber to place Merge Bio Tech Sub Particles
in his blood stream and subsequently his brain 
to surmise IF Nick's "funny thinking" contained elements -"not so funny"
but sneaky and subversive that Proxy Cyber perceived as not only as Contrarian to the company 's image but also Un -American
Linda N .had used the same company tag line on Nick Nico that she had on the entire workforce several years ago when the Mind Augment Mind Signal Acquisition Division all but forced it's employees to "go sub dermal" with Merge biotech
after all Merge Bio Tech WAS Proxy Cyber's brand
and a brand of bio tech The Corporate TEAM should be proud to not wear not only upon their personage-
but INSIDE their person 
"where it MATTERED MOST"
as 'Only Someone with Bad Thing on their Mind minds Mind Decoding technology" 
more than 70 percent of the Proxy Cyber work force had allowed Merge Bio tech into the neural tissue voluntarily
according to Linda N. -so Proxy Cyber could spy on their thoughts 
but so Proxy Cyber WOULD NOT need to...
for "if one went along with the "app-ing" 
their minds would be monitored ONLY by a computing system that worked in tandem with Merge bio tech to sweep an employee's brain IF red flags of Evoked Potentials caught musings of an employee wishing to vocalize ,handwrite or electronically distribute one's thoughts and pre neural intents concerning Intellectual Property that pertained to Proxy Cybernetics {{{{{{{{{{{ candelatech emodulus rueegsegger stacknode trailen decode vision dreamscapes hidden mental states brain activity Tv to human organism priority carbon nanotube transistor decipher subjects seeing hearing feeling recall fantasize also dream/ forced focus via threat to human organism so enough response can be collected to predict what a person is seeing dreaming /self referential activation /character associations predicative personality profile market research visual cortex which voxels respond most strongly to a stimulus, such as seeing a face reaction to "looks" of actor self referential high or low neural spike comparison programming techniques discard data from voxels ambivalent televised triggers cues to trigger very specific patterns of activity in humans organism envy empathy apathy aggression self comparatives weight age physique orientation disorientation broadcast appearance as affront or motivation toward self improvement inference general categorization deciphering edges of high traffic pupil gaze or" gaze away' decode intention to go left or right based on character identification extract further information quickness of attenuation toward film fade dissolve abrupt cut flicker effect amygdala brain's visceral realm detecting lies via broadcast plot shift character identification broadcast TV collective myth consciousness reliably incite collective memories 

Harm Her ,love

Throughout Batman Volume 9, the different characters do things that reveal their personalities, usually in a way that conforms to set assumptions about them. Social Representation Theory provides a scaffold to introduce characterizations already ingrained in the audience's mindset. Bloom as portrayed by Scott Snyder is thin ,out of shape and has bad posture; he is creepy ,odd and ungainly. Bloom's nail are long and sharp. The villain is not only unattractive but unhygienic. Things like self care and grooming are either out of his capacity or beyond his consideration.He wears fishnets on his arms and hands. Bloom is not a masculine villain but something perverted in sexuality.Bloom has no face in the graphic novel he wears a head cover over his face representing the type of figure who might hide behind a screen name or JPEG to unleash their menace from a distance - a computer or phone.An outsider with neither the "looks' or physical baring to fish for followers except online.

Most normal people do not respond well to people they feel are physically repulsive people like Bloom cannot round up "a posse" except through unmanly ,cerebral ( not hand's on) interaction which is why Bloom guides his army with direct neural interface.

We rely once again on broad strokes with other key figures in the "bog" that is Batman /Bloom. Denny Pace is a weakling. We see how he engages with his abusive father and the people in the half way he lives in to play "artist" for the evil Reggie Gasker who has promised him fame for faux primitive cityscapes.Denny Pace is without integrity - he cannot stand up for himself without Bloom's intervention. Denny Pace whines incessantly about his mentorship via induced sensory perception demonstrating Denny's innate (eugenic?) inability to adapt to "The New Way". Denny Pace and to some extent Dumbo show a contempt for Deep Learning and little regard for their role as Mister Bloom 's eyes and ears in Gotham. Bloom, "raised by wolves" to help him eventually bring Gotham to it's knees eats crayons and drinks turpentine in Arkham to show his contempt for "Style Makers" and "Change Agents" who run Gotham Paerosol Pictures that he vows to destroy - with his Eminations alone.

I see snakes around "Valerie's" head and hair, now ,now

all through his  (it's) childhood
and not just -the bottle
always served to him when he/ it was done crying
"done " being hungry

all through his childhood
when he was grown enough -to just know'
something - was not right
aside from the beatings and mocking doled out from
his "female head of household"

not his mother -
his real mother he only visited every other weekend
and the duality could not be more white to this blackness

how he wanted to tell HER
what happened here
but if he so much as told HER the color of the latest drapes in the
BAD PLACE somehow IT got back to
the woman who hit him, beat him and mocked him

'don't tell that crazy kunt anything that happens here DUMBO "
Gloria his foster mother would say
pinching his ears
she said were Big Ears that heard everything
and she might do right snipping them off
and saying hie did to himself
and off he'd go to a nut farm

"Dumbo" understood what a - nut farm was-
because one day
one strange day when even the Male Head of Household
was around
and Gloria was being nice to him

"Today we're all going to watch a movie...
a grown up movie because you're becoming a grown up.."

Food was allowed to be eaten in the big room he was hardly ever allowed in
( he stayed in the finished basement where children stay -but not all children "Dumbo" learned more and more on the rare trips on play dates...less and less
because 'Dumbo" was punished -
"nobody wants to be around a disgusting boy like you - they're parents are just being nice letting you go there. Why should I burden their kindness you disgusting pig ?")

A movie called 'The Snake Pit" was announced
and "Dumbo" thought it was going to be about snakes
he positioned himself on the floor where he was close to the TV
hoping "him being grown up " enough to now be with the family might mean everything had changed
and smelled the crackers his foster mom brought in followed by the most foul smelling thing he learned was lindburger cheese and the movie began

THESE were the memories of Childhood 'Dumbo ' lived with more and more
as he became schooled in
this child rearing practice not being an 'isolated sport"
but systematic

THESE were the thoughts he used to channel his craving for an event
in those that must have known -to some extent - how he was raised
and used him for their continuation of a man made only to serve a function


Septembr 12 Progris riport happy birthday Jim from Charly

Parenting styles of abusive mothers in group-living rhesus macaques

Maternal abuse of offspring in group-living monkeys was investigated to assess whether abuse of infants can be interpreted as an adaptive reduction of parental expenditure or as a behavioural pathology. I compared the parenting styles of 10 abusive and 10 non-abusive rhesus macaque,Macaca mulatta, mothers living in three large captive groups over the first 12 weeks of infant life. I also analysed the social interactions between mothers and infants and other individuals. Abusive females scored higher than controls on several measures of maternal protectiveness and rejection, indicating that they were highly controlling mothers. They also received fewer contacts and approaches from other individuals, and tended to be more aggressive and more interested in other females' infants compared to non-abusive mothers. Infant abuse was accompanied by similar or higher parental expenditure in the offspring rather than by a reduction in expenditure, as predicted by the adaptive hypothesis. Therefore, the results of this study support the hypothesis that infant abuse is a form of behavioural pathology. Infant abuse in rhesus macaques shows parallels with that in other primate species, but some of its characteristics could be a by-product of species-specific behavioural adaptations of rhesus macaques.

'Say it Ain't So , Ho'"

As I tear up the Ruiner's sketches a handsome waiter asks plaintively what I am doing
"What I should have done with this one a long time ago " i say and the waiter makes a one foot two foot leaning in leaning out indicating if he may glean the art ,I nod
without nodding making a gesture with my Emanations alone to seek his Substance
"May I ?" he asks although my Emit has clearly indicated I did not want nor need him to speak.
'Get me another drink ,will you?" I say not want...
See More
"More than any other psychiatric "disease" is schizophrenia defined by a visual image of what the con...

Imaginary Suns ( Jupiter Elsa Marrs)

William Peter Blatty was born in New York City.His father left home when William was three years old.
In 1953 he enlisting in the United States Air Force, where he ultimately became head of the Policy Branch of the USAF Psychological Warfare Division,
William Goldman grew up in a Chicago suburb
Goldman's father initially was a successful businessman, working in Chicago.He "came home to live and he was in his pajamas for the last five years of his life," according to Goldman.Maurice Goldman killed himself while his son was still in high school.
Goldman received a bachelor of arts degree from Oberlin College in 1952, then went into the army. He knew how to type, so was sent to the Pentagon, where he worked as a clerk until discharged with the rank of corporal in September 1954.
Ira Levin grew up both Manhattan and the Bronx.His father, Charles, was a toy importer.Levin attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa from 1946 to 1948 and then New York University, where he majored in philosophy and English. He graduated in 1950. He served in the Army Signal Corps from 1953 to 1955.

Reverse Engineering Operation Mockingbird -

Original releaseJanuary 22, 1968 – March 12, 1973
Related shows
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (often simply referred to as Laugh-In) is an American sketch comedy television program that ran for 140 episodes from January 22, 1968, to March 12, 1973, on the NBC television network. Laugh-In originally aired as a one-time special on September 9, 1967.The title of the show was a play on the "love-ins" or "be-ins" of the 1960s hippie culture, terms that were, in turn, derived from "sit-ins", common in protests associated with civil rights and antiwar demonstrations of the time.

Mark -ie Car-seat

Darius Crane ( Mister Bloom ) wanted " a Few Good Men" and Women in Gotham to play Social Representation Theory with the Beautiful People of Gotham so he created a LOGO that best read as WEIRDO / SICK/ DEPRAVED and PERVERSE
and began spraying these SIGNIFIERS all over the city.

Graffiti had long ago been optioned by the "Stylists and Change Agents" in "the arts' just as 'Independent Filmmaking had in the early 90's -so the meme had to be especially unsightly , base and repulsive.


The New Way put a remarkable amount of effort into anti-"Weirdo" propaganda, intending to bring ordinary American around to the destructive ideology of 'The Sigularity". Glok Sniper ,a writer and artist spearheaded many of these efforts, publishing comic books meant to instill in children what beauty, hip and it's opposite looked and read like on a page and subsequently -on a big screen.