Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Charles calls .and XXXX says "oh jesus"seeing Charles name on the phone
"I suppose you're going to talk to "him"he says throwing the phone on a chair
Charles says he's freaking out....all night long "it went on" he says....
 he owes Neuronautics  thousands...for classes
and he says they're using the apps , sound and vision to drive him crazy" I know  Charles owes Neuronautics  thousands...for classes
"..I can lend you the money  if you pay them they turn it down a notch"I tell him,looking at XXXX.whos shaking his head .

Charles says he doesn't feel safe....and that his Mentors....want him to think only in attenuation with the sight and hearing...to think only outward...only....away from himself and  AT the entities...I can't..He says".I can't for more than a few minutes"
"No one can.," I tell him while XXXX deliberately clangs dishes and moves chairs real loud...I focus on Charles "..maybe some Level 9..or some Buddha can."
"I'm thinking of quitting my job..and just do that Esscort stuff....where they don't care if you're in another world or not," he says
."you have to keep your job...or it will be 24/7just you and the "machine'..the tricking stuff is just on the side"Never mind it's you splitting the trick with neuronautics who sets you up with "their guys'..AND they keep your Neurals of "it"...ANDusually have a guy "in you' getting off...it's notfair...how much they use us..and how much we "owe" tham somehow them for this "mentoring we don't even want...I think and hear a loud buzzing in my ear..and feel a sharp pain on/in my arm..."what do you want Evan? for me to kneel down to you? I graph...trying to let let Charles know I am "on another line" but I sense he picks it up...and also that he senses he had better keep some of his problems with being a "manned man' on damper..
"well it's kinda nice out today...a bit of snow.." I say ,picturing the snow as artistically as possible...hopin gto encourage to THINK uptone and in "good imagery" to his tether
I sometimes wish I could go mind to mind with Charles and tele-presense the 'stuff: they like...
but I sense he gets my "sway"
Charles used to work within the "org" itself but got a job doing  accounting  for a chain store Neuroanutics's has  quarter ownership of cause it paid more ...and Neuronautics wanted him to do a special audit...to fiddle with Neuronautic's quarterly earnings....and also claim some freight before it hit's the store dock that Neuroanutic's believes should be their tithe from the store..from the years before Neuronautic's bought in...
"Nice one Dumbo," Evan graphs ..I sometimes think he's worried someone is hacking into our Merge..
I wish ,I automatically think,thus graph..and feel a pain go through me which almost makes me fall over
I look at XXXX who is smiling,seeing me in pain.
"Im going nuts with this ,;Charles says,"all last night I sat at the door with a bag packed to go in -patient"
"I tell Charles he's nuts if he thinks he'll somehow be invigorated...or made better in a mental hospital...what
so you  can be double locked in?
locked inside your mind with "them" and locked inside a ward. Forced to take drugs that make your neck swell and make you foam at the mouth and stupor
most of all don't get rid of the voices or sights..or any of it? Picture yourself at Memphis Ohio Hospital every targeted individual has been there...or some where like there.. inevitably...but we're not exactly newbies with "the New Way" of Communications I tell him...i'd rather be in jail than those places.....
 we were both raised on it..i mean what different happened today or last night ...?
"the meaningless of it all is what got me"
Charles said..."who wants that much power over another's life and mind?"

I tell him ,I can't afford to think like that...too against....
Charles says.
"it's as if someone "some team" some computer..somehow recorded both a male voic eand a female voice that you most adhor.not tha tthe voice.the sound makes you rememebr well i heard this or that person speak in this tone or pitch..and i didnt like it..no it's more scientific...like your signals ..from a whole mess of perceptionary ...analysis ..anything you ever hear ..from tv ...from radio...to just a pitch or tone "on the street" has been purposely ....congealed and ..sampled and mixed to ...find exactly the borrect sond and sense of ...THIS is the VOICE I do not want in my head...thus..this is the voice in your head..?
"if you pay off your classes..If I help you and than take more classes at the annex...it will smooth out...that;s gow it works..and if you keep up with the courseload and keep in high tone....which ..Neuronautic's refresher course...do in fact help do....you'll feel alright..that or offer a substantial bit of money to them....and don't take classes for a while and you'll almost hear just silence

"is that faggit on the phone Dumbo," XXXX says,'tell faggit I said hello and that you sucked my ..

"Gotta go Charles"I say,reminding him i'll lend him the money

"Oh no you won't,"XXXX says,making coffee.

"he has to pay off his classes" I say...and it's my money and I'll lend to whomever..

he stares at me real hard,"suit yourself Dumbo'

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