Saturday, January 3, 2015

this perfect daze

The function of isotonic contradictory algorithm in A.I .and or Direct Neural Interface is to systematically delineate initiated congruency of "Self Speak", a subject's attempt to negate or invalidate his or her conditioning .A simple iterative algorithm for solving the subject's attempt at "selfness" at odds with a subject's conditioning  is to incorporate a pool adjacent violators algorithm (PAVA) upon the subject's  mindset .A dual algorithm to assuages the subject 's negation of set terms and steers the subject  toward a more compliant" state of play" .Isotonic regression, is used iteratively to fracture "Self Speak" contraries and create dissonance in a subject's desire to rebuild "self" ideals during A.I. renditions. By running dual algorithms can  preserve and reassert  dissimilated order.


..they lured me back to LA just to "have another go" now with the little piece about the box" which i never wrote about b4....maybe they can use another guy...for their game...cause...all that art was supposed to make me ...."The Degenerate Artist" in this story ...which i haven't even the next few days deals with variables....and how they want me convey how The Holocaust" must be "reconfigured' as inverse variable so during Direct Neural interface one doesn't hurt another with Imagery....

it's already in the notebooks.....

 they want a version of bobby fisher...after they "fucked with his head".or was made a real life chess game

there are many to take our place.....'back up" all raised on the same referentials...they already have paintings supposedly done by me....and the notebooks they wouldnt let me have back in Palm Springs..
 so even if they kill me...they have the story they wanted....these people are Tricky Business. no matter what i do i will be portrayed as this wacko Bobby Fisher...jewish Nazi like man....i kid you not.they spent lots of dough and time convincing me to Paint a certain way...write a certain way..they covered all the bases
 they have these fucked up pix of me....that make me look like...that wacko who blew away those people at the batman movie....this goes so much further than A.I. and 'apps" they want a new type of criminal...who doesn't physically "act out" but whose thoughts are so disturbingly odd.that precident is made that one such as this May not be allowed to write online..

 a Degenerate Art Show ....based on writing...a brilliant concept for a movie yes....but it willnot be presented as such....Mark David Chapman....with his "sick Eminations(thought style) as his inciting others the New Eugenics isn't based on being a Jew,or a Homo..Black or white
one might think this is "Good News"..

 they don't find your type  you realize as you go along..because for some reason they explain it to you...they MADE you a type and use them as out with "The Boyfriend" who seems "made for you' cuz your situation he  i wasn't supposed to 'git" any of this by the way...but 'good guy' gave me ...a bit of "therez somethin' goin ' on round here ...what it iz AIN't exactly CLEAR..



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