Sunday, December 30, 2018

6 feet under

The Stage should indicate that the area DAMIAN WAYNE will be housed in for the next 8 months is below the ground . The audience sees "THE DEVIL'S PIGS" a 'Terrorist Organization composed of victims of WAYNE INDUSTRIES bizarre business practices concerning 'Human Factors" research building the "cage' which should look like a normal studio apartment except for the components built into the walls and ceilings which will slowly -cook- the TARGET as the play unfolds. Aside from the acoustic , frequency and electromagnetic weapons meant to cause the "boy" maximum distress cameras and voice recorders line the dwelling so the Slow Kill can be at some point televised to the child's father and citizens of Gotham

Saturday, December 29, 2018


We see MARCO PANDO , 25 , in his bed - as if Gregor Samsa, unable to move , he is suffering from dystonia after being attacked for protesting Gotham's Fracking Deal with one  Wayne Industrie's subsidiaries .

The Room looks like MGM or HULU's depiction of a crazy person's room . POSTS on every wall.

In spite of his 'Affliction" and how that - type of thang' - supposed to read on film and online PANDO forces himself up and to the computer.

As always he presses the word 'Targeted Individual" a term manufactured by anyone the victim of either Human Testing

or Military Active Denial Weapons ( often one thing leads to another - and back again to best guide the SIRE whose main purpose is to Show Not Tell - to a very small group - who need "vitals" and data pertaining to the Slow Kill in real time and in Plain Sight ) to try to gauge the SHILLS ( the ALL CAP !!! Triple EXCLAMATION!!!!!! Point - PERP Tawlkers and SCAR TISSUE affectionados  ) from those with Mental Disorders - who believe they have been - telepathically linked to Aliens or the CIA - and those Pando believes are genuine MARUTA for companies up to their assets in Behavioral Research )

He comes upon a comic book who villain is said to be Infested with biotech..and sees the name of the villain..

and we CUT




Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Making Mr. Bloom

we see DARIUS CRANE remove his coat , tie , pants and get handed the equivalent of a potato sack to try on
an ASSISTANT 'takes in the spectacle "
DARIUS gazes at himself as the ASSISTANT hopes others to see him
with dismay..

( but a deal is a deal )

another PROFESSIONAL enters to help cast DARIUS as 'just the type "
- this one - dressed -as might an 'Artiste' in a french farce

DARIUS : And whose this supposed to be ?

JONATHON CRANE 's LAWYER : Your art teacher

DARIUS : I can't paint

LAWYER ; that's the point , we need evidence that you're "Troubled" that cannot be faked , well , presumably cannot be faked.

DENNY PACE enters the room- an MGM version of 'metal patient" from his lack of affect to his bad hair cut , ill fitting clothes and clumsy stance

DARIUS CRANE is amused and circles the odd ball

DARIUS : Well, if it isn't Slingblade in the flesh..

LAWYER : Denny is going to do the undercoat of the paintings and you'll finish them off and sign them..

We see the lawyer on his phone starting to bring up some of Denny's work while DARIUS gets CLOSER to his "muse"

DARIUS ( flicking his finger at Denny's face ) You a retard or something? Or ON something? Or did Being ON something Make you a Retard?

LAWYER ( shooing Denny out of the room ) Enough Darius , this man saved your life ( handing the phone full of Denny's painting to Darry ) doesn't want credit

DARIUS staring at the atrocities

DARIUS : Who the hell would?...for ( handing the phone to the lawyer ) Tard Art. Right ?

LAWYER : they call it 'Outsider Art

DARIUS : Tard Art by any other name

Monday, December 17, 2018

well while scrolling I noticed between all my art was this ugly weird looking cartoon thing

'Mister Bloom "
and i'm like Fuck Man
my arm sorta looked unprofessional enough and now it's interspersed between some bent up , odd looking 'guy' with the same name as me
i was never a comic book fan
but I wanted to know this "guy's ' story
it turns out this new Batman Villain was some nut case
who had biotech in him - electromagnetic -SEEDS..
same shit I was writing about since 2011
when the folks I had -run ins- with
aimed Voice to Skull at my mind and a weird rash appeared right before I was hospitalized

( the SEEDS? Biotech - a Spidey Bite ?)

well since that rash
since 2011 and my hospitalization i not only hear shit but see stuff
and I mean SEE...

it's 2018 now almost 2019
and let me tell you bro'
THIS venture - leads to jjjjjjjjjjjack shit ..

you is a PIG for some take on Wayne Industries
totally losing it
a fool
a freak ..

literally living in Mommy's Basement..

so I feel I must STRIKE BACK..
seek revenge
after all ...i am Mister Bloom.

things went wrong for me - really wrong - when Batman volume 9 came out

I was scrolling down the google after putting my own name in - for art- I used to add art i did to the stories i wrote about my 'so called" electronic harrassment in the bog ( nobody reads a bog ) an directly on facebook ( both a bog and the facebook read backward and - well..mean nothing to anyone but the writer - except as OMG " he even keeps a bog

"It figures " ---
I think of myself as being spoken about sometimes by the people I used to know before I publicly disgraced myself in L.A. when my so called targeting first began
I say 'so called" because ...
if one never heard of it and it didn't happen to Justin Bieber or some such shit who gives a good damn...

sort of like a bog..


D.C. Comics and Mr. Bloom

not much you can do with crazy ..especially if you have a movement disorder - to boot.

Finger Painting.
Card Games.
trips to the Mini Mart
to buy gum or cigarettes.

I go out for a walk sometimes - but not often.
I am not 'part" of the world
nor the streets I walk on.

I do not even drive a car.

I do not have a job.
I do nothing all day from morning until night ..

I used to frame my experience with madness
as stories but the true madness of being mad
that there is nothing UNMAD
to fill up one's day.

When One is Crazy
all one feels is crazy
all one LIVES is crazy
the house one lives in becomes a crazy house
the body one lives in becomes a crazy body ..

my body is crazy
it turned on me
it took on my traits of lunacy and decided to run with it
to turn spastic and perverse.
Ugly and rigid ...

To Whom this Concerns , I am Seeking a Lawyer to Consider my Actions over the last 7 Years

that concern the Google Search Engine.

If it were not for 'it" the Google Search Engine I would not have convinced myself I was a Targeted Individual but a deeply trouble man who needed psychiatric treatment for a Thought Disorder I claim was exacerbated - perhaps knowingly - by Google.

Certainly a troubled man with no money , no place to live and 24/ 7 hours on their hands ( hands that never stopped touching the keys of a computer since my initial bout with psychosis in the Autumn of 2011 ) might be of - use to the Google Search Engine in terms of mental health study and there is much evidence that 'it" like Facebook were and are involved in a host of online research that seeks to 'reverse engineer" the intentions specifically with serious mental issues.  

You Are NOT!!!! Crazy you are a TI ..

the dr. thinks I might have the first stages of some 'mouth / jaw " problem
triggered by - false beliefs
and wants me to speak to a professor
( I might even get paid )
about how Online Conspiracy Theory
convinced me to 'let go of my health " concerning specifically
a movement disorder that is sort of like Parkinsons
but concerns muscle contractions rather than tremor
spasms that effect the neck, torso , face..
and palate..
supposedly I 'got ' dystonia in a car accident in 2000
but the symptoms didn't present til years later
and I guess because of this
once "I went crazy" in 2011
in Los Angeles..( i moved there after meeting someone who worked at a movie studio online who promised - or I thought she promised - we could write a screenplay - possible about art..
possibly and Outsider Art - since that was what I was / am labeled as..)
none of this came to pass because 6/7 months after moving to L.A. really weird stuff happened - that i know now was psychosis
but ..
thanks to misinformation online I thought
was all 'Manufactured"
concerning human experiments and weapons testing

It sounds funny.
but it was / is not funny
because I wasted 7 years of my life
trying investigate it

this "it" being a whole batch of nothingness
a whole batch of lies
that have left me with nothing but years of posting on Facebook and Twitter about CRIMES against me..

- obviously I lost most of my friends
in real life
talking about this stuff NON STOP..
and couldn't do the art anymore
because SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things had to be

Where did I get the idea I was a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL ?
from other people who claim their delusions
but some weird 'STRANGER THINGS " like Government
Conspiracy ..

sounds stupid - that a grown person with a Thought Disorder
( I hear and see things )
would - in spite of - being "off" get sucked into this nonsense
( unless you believe all mentally ill people - are 'Into this Kind of Wacko" - maybe you do ..they're not )
if you were in my shoes
and looking for answers

'WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME , help ,help <Help "
and came upon all these sites
all these books
all these people saying

I KNOW , I KNOW ...Me Too, Me Too
= You Are NOT!!!! Crazy
you are a TI ..

-------thing is -----
once you get this idea into your head YOU ARE NOT ! CrazY !

and in my case follow through with a Neurologist to treat Dystonia
because according to 'Authorities" on Acoustic Weapons Testing etc..

DYSTONIA is the First Phase
of some kind of Slow Kill...

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Clothes Swap App ( Batman Fandom )

An APP designed by Dick Grayson that his Mentor claims is his idea that ends with Grayson hiring a hitman to kill Bloom.

Clothes Swap begins with Dick Grayson being disfigured by Bloom with Bandwidth for pocketing some of his escort money.
Not being able to work any longer in the sex trade Grayson decides to sell his clothes and "reimagine " himself as a take on Jimmy Olsen.
Unable to sell his "hipster/ hypster"wardrobe Grayson gets the idea to create an App and next a Site that 'Flip Fucks" entire wardrobes based on sizes , style etc.
When 'Flip Fuck' takes off and Grayson is asked to sell the concept Bloom intervenes claiming he "grok-ed " the concept upon Grayson's mind.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I propose a method of active consciousness reproducibility with methods of self report

I propose a method of active consciousness reproducibility with methods of self report based on induced mental states by way of deep brain stimulation using neuro-technology to amplify brain function to desired consciousness states influenced by sensory audio induction to entrain the mind in such a way that output in the form of panel (post ) can be understood by those influencing these states as folk psychology ( theory of mind ) based on input over several years
The invention of claim is proposed by James Gregory Bloom

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Wall Writers of 2019

Monday, May 9, 2016
flasher in a raincoat (Denny Pace seeks employment )
"More than any other psychiatric "disease" is schizophrenia defined by a visual image of what the condition is meant to evoke in the Mind's Eye of the masses
Normalcy in a society is often measured by highlighting "the accepted norm's " polar opposite " Reginal Gasker said throwing Denny Pace's drawings all over the floor of the Gasker Gallery ,
" This isn't what we agreed looks forced"Reggie sniffed
"You said you wanted art.. looking like it was done by a crazy person ..." Denny Pace said hating the arrogant man
"It looks like someone tried very hard to paint like a crazy person " Reggie said.
"I did try very hard to paint like a crazy person" Denny Pace yelled watching Reggie kick a small sculpture of a pony he made out of tin foil and pine cones and ceiling wax,it one of Denny's favorite pieces.
"This isn't going to work is it? "Reggie said ,"Your're like the rest of them..and here I was thinking THIS is the one ...I thought I saw a bit of the raconteur in you .'s Ok ,it's OK can keep what I've already given you and stay in the apartment till the end of next month .who knows maybe in a few years you can become a real live boy ..some crafty graffii artist in an uptown torn down loft ..but here I thought you could be so much letting yourself be so much less ..for The New Way .
.I knew your father
Patrick Pace .
.such a risk taker .
.such a singular
forward thinker..a true man with grit ..
I guess you take after that dishtowel of a thing ...that wee mouse of a thing ..Lisa,Lyla ,Leena '
"My mother ,I assume your talking about my mother her name is Layla ,'Denny said trying not to get angry.
"Whispy is the word I think of when I think of poor Leena Pace ..strange I didn't see that in you right away ,now I can see it clearly ..the bourgeoise provincial thing ..down to the well placed tattoos and perfectly ripped T-shirt. and 5 day beard .
the 3 days or oh no
4 days a week gym thang with the arms and shoulders.
starving artist with personal trainer
...I could throw a net on any sidewalk of any major city in the western world and have 700 of you..
all the same ...all the same.."Reggie said bending down and picking up the sketches ,placing them carefully back in the portfolio
"Stop"Denny said ,"I can do better ..I didn't try hard enough I'm sorry"
'The problem is Denny is that you tried too hard ..I thought I recognized a hint of the wild man in you ...the prankster
like your father ,"Reggie said'"thought I saw that in you
"It is Denny said ,"It is '
Reggie looked at him and nodded ," Ok ,Ok maybe you can go the distance
..I have something that might help you think you really play the your part"
Denny smiled thinking Reggie was going to give him some hallucinogens
but instead Reggie handed him a pill with the words Proxy Pharma on it .
"What is it ." Denny asked taking the pill .
"It's called a neuroleptic's the reason so called crazy people shuffle and sometimes drool"
Denny took the pill and swallowed
Reggie handed him the bottle of pills ,the label of the pill bottle peeled away "Denny ,this isn't a one day ,one pill type of you understand's about us creating for you the entire persona of Lunatic ,an entire biography's about inpatient hospitalizations giving sad ,stilted interviews about homeless shelters ,section 8 apartments faking this's all gotta be realer than real..the pills will work wonders
but you can't say I don't like the way the pills make me feel...the way they make me look...we either do this all the way or we don't do it at all..understand..?'
"It'll be fun experience .." Denny said ,all he could think about was the stipend ending and going back to work at the Home ware store.
"I think we picked the right guy..I think you understand what we're trying to do here .
We need someone to help us brand what lunatic means ..what human vermin is in the 21 st century
..what Sicko means
in terms of a certain type of political stance .
what Freak means in terms of people who put down Hollywood and pop culture"
"Damn it man I get it OK ..
The next week Denny came into the gallery ten pounds heavier dark circles under his eyes .Reggie opened the small portfolio held in Denny's hand
"Horrible ..absolutely horrible work .It's perfect "