Sunday, January 11, 2015

Game Boy

our objectives at Proxy Cybernetics for developing Fully Immersive Games are  threefold when it comes to the science of the mind Tru Christie graphs-

1)   How can we use Brain Computer Interface "apps" to help people tell the truth-when as we know don't we  Dumbo? that the truth rarely comes out of another's mouth .
2)  How can Brain Computer Interface based on a Playa' whose been brought up to be razed help facet and craft that subject's  mind so it might be able to, take on  and into itself not just  one persona but many and thus enable this mind  forget relevant or irrelevant information one's player  might place inside this mind.
3)  How can Brain Computer Interface and A.I. make someone reliably "do"what one has been programmed and  instructed to do so?

that's all you need to're always like this far from home...autistics cannot really handle being moved about very well
moving autistics around is rather like moving kittens or cats around
they get scratchy or in your case Dumbo dispatch
who you calling to help you..? huh
it's amusing but pathetic
and unsporting as well..lover
.This is ALL for gaming...
 people who play Immersive Reality Games...future not want to put on a headset ...or some inserts into their nervous system to just play some variation of x box..full virtual calls for stories that suspend one of course we  must evoke the sense of "your days are numbered" upon you our piece.Our Avatar if you wish....Are your days truly numbered Dumbo? It wouldn't be fun for us if you knew for sure...or you for that matter would it Damien Dumbo Darko?

There is no white noise machine in the hotel..
but at home..
and my mouth still hurts...from being beat up....I can't really go downstairs cuz the Green Man took the key and "I am not on the register" cuz' he didn't want to pay for 2 or some such I have to sit around watching tv....and typing..
where does a business man go anyway on a sunday
for business
even if his business is "taking care of Proxy" who decide more than anything they want ...
The room is on a floor high enough that it would be a sure thing....and I wonder...maybe that was the point...of the chain of events starting with that damn envelope..

was this part of the game too?I graph,looking out the window

 perhaps"you made it so" is all I am graphed back,"the pong as they say in gaming is in your ping"


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