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(ultra sensitive biosensor)

"Biochip technology was originally developed in 1983 for monitoring fisheries... Thanks to  advancements in the field of nanotechnology  in the last decade the sensors are finally  now small enough to effortlessly cross the Blood Brain Barrier...much interest has been shown in this breakthrough by the prison system especially in California....the biochip also holds promise for ventures in Artificial Intelligence and Perceptory Enhancements i.e Virtual Reality via simulated transmitted Brain Signal Symmetry..." (name withheld upon request)


Cell division of a HeLa cell with a sensor chip inside

Prelude to Neuronautics (The Frey Effect)/Entertaining Mr.Rainy

 I am not quite sure if Mr. Rainy "suffers" from Delusions of Grandeur so much as "buffers" himself  with it," "Dr.*** 1958,"he is strangely charismatic ...and may be quite useful  if "purposed "correctly*"
it is not so unusual
though it is
if one thinks about it.
that since perhaps the beginning
man has wanted to not only own ....the seas,the lands,the plants.the animals...
and the men and women
who dwelt upon the land
after all we are animals
that simply do not taste good

if we tasted better .
there would be quite less of us
around ,
however if one can own another man
and make another his Sheppard.his forager, his domain
the man owned by another
will be induced to
to feed his owner
to dance for his owner
and even bow down to his owner
he will learn to smile albeit -too widely
but this false-ity of broad smile and the "yes sir..yes master" that goes with
in fact pleases
his owner
more than the "real " fake smile of his wife,
his sons
and daughtersacceptance of my TRUE BEING
has forced me to forego
all the lies
I have told myself
about my TRUE NATURE
MAN can only
if MAN accepts his True Wiring
these niceties----these civilities we coat ourselves with
are for the weak willed
and weak minded
Those placed here to be eaten alive
by one's Bettors
.men and women who place a cage upon not only their outer Visage
but also
their very own mind
deserve what destiny awaits them
ONLY my own acceptance of my own beastliness...
caught the attention of the GRAND ENTITIES
that only come to
men of grandiosity
the populace of this once great and mighty nation
has been taught to find
in themselves
through television
through movies
and pop songs
is it any wonder
nations truer to their innate natures
will take us over
anyone not chained
not bound to another
"make the repairs"to their BEINGSHIP
is only because one such as this
has childlike perceptions and perspective of a puff of wind with a beard
certain aspects of cleric
has rammed down our collective throats
most men
NEED to be lead
as all Leaders NEED to LEAD
-Gary Rainy 1961

*Traumatic Radio Frequency Pulses: Voices Within One's Head - Microwave Hearing

Frey Effect: Neural Manipulation By Remote Radar

Link - Advanced Security

The first American to publish a paper on microwave hearing  was Allan H. Frey in 1961.
Microwave Detector - click for larger view

Frey first made the announcement, about neural manipulation by remote radar, on April 24 1961 at the Aerospace Medical Association Meeting in Chicago. 

"The possibility of brain signal transcription or what we might call "mind reading " technology in the next  few decades will  place the burden of-" one being worth BEING" not upon one's race or ethnic heritage on equivocal Science-Ideology."

" Dr Ewen Cameron warned that people with mental illnesses could spread and transmit their diseases. He warned that government institutions should take measures against such potential liabilities. Cameron began to base some of his notions on race, as is seen in his theories regarding the German people.
In the late 1940s, Cameron presented his ideas in a lecture entitled Dangerous Men and Women.



                                                                          rendered images of
                                                                                   men capturing other men run
                                                                                       through an inner vision
                                                                                              inside me
                                                                                      inside US ALL
                                                                            that one might assume cannot
                                                                                    be tampered with
                                                                           but how much of
                                                                                  our imagery truly comes
                                                                                     from sight.From the
                                                                               actual eye
                                                                           when I ask you dear reader
                                                                                   to remember your 5th grade teacher
                                                                        PICTURE her ...or try to....this recall
                                                                             only bring "to mind" to
                                                                        the 'working parts" of your
                                                                                that function quite like a TV set
                                    the men
                                  that desire to own another man
                                  have tried and succeeded to understand
how .
one's inner vision
                                                         could they not?
why would they not.
why go towards any Final Frontier but this
it is only natural?
is it not
for man
to survey and study
(and steal)
                                  to capture
  what one tries daily
 to conceal from others
                                 their TRUE THOUGHTS and INTENTIONS
one of the first things one learns is to "keep certain things to oneself"
 those days are over
 these days a man or woman MUST BE scanned like a e of luggage
       a nervous tick,a jumpy leg,a "sneaky" pupil or unaccounted for gaze
             MUST be looked into

thank goodness
for brain signal transcription OR
        I WOULD NOT
allowed on this plain----------------------------

but I not
allowed TO BE
               on THIS PLAIN? am I
                                          not for much longer
signal transcription
mind reading technology
                goes hand in hand in with categorizing
                           one now knows
                                      and MUST know
                                                  WHO amongst us
                                                            is NAUGHTY.OR NICE
CAN NO LONGER pretend TO be
                  good for goodness sake

                AN  organism .....(all organisms) .....presume upon the atmosphere
                                and had discovered a MADMAN....A LOON
                                                          (one such as I.
                                                                  one such as I)
a type of "psychic " energy-that effects THE WORLD around them
insanity (and certainly one such as I who hears and sees things.....) aberration of THOUGHT STYLE
                (till now) in the time of brain mapping
                                        and chartered courses and courses of cortex .

the coursing ..."of coursing "synaptic signals
we were taught
and still are
ONLY G-d can read
..................................and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh how we will be punished
                                                          for all eternity
                                                                 for what genetic pre-dispositionS
(3)                                                                          has rendered style
or do we
LIE to ourselves about such matters
that "we were born this way"
      and cannot help it?
have come to the right place   my Mentor said
                                                                     as ONLY Neuronautics
                                                                                can FIX you
          we call



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Virtual reality and brain-computer interface for joint ...
Virtual reality and brain-computer interface for ... Virtual reality in autism: state of the art. Epidemiology and psychiatric sciences, 20(3), 235-8.


Disney Characters Help Autistic Child Emerge From Lonely ...
Mar 11, 2014 · But it was the Disney characters, whose lines and songs Owen could repeat back with ease, ... "Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney."

  • A Dad's Amazing Way to Reach His Autistic Son | Video ...
    Mar 12, 2014 · A Dad's Amazing Way to Reach His Autistic Son Once unable to speak, a young man learns to communicate by becoming the Disney character he loves.
  • Disney Characters Help Autistic Boy Communicate With the …
    Disney Characters Help Autistic Boy ... on to explain how Disney movies and the characters that populate them ... boy, now a man, underneath the autism.
  • Boy With Autism Used Disney Characters to Communicate ...


  • Tighe Gracchus(Raising Cain)/Rhino-Plasticity

    Evan graphs me...that now might be a good time to write about one of the Gracchus brothers...Tighe Gracchus in particular..
    Now Tighe Grachus who grew up around some of the most intriguing men and women in Hollywood..convinced himself that whatever star qualities these "people" had...
    Visage...a front...some studied kind of assemblage of projected qualities..
    Tighe could not accept that these stars and starlets and all matter of writers ,producers and such
    indeed possessed something poor Tighe lacked
    Emanations that invited another  into their world rather than
    Emanations that seemed to deliberately distance another from whatever 'world" or "worldliness"   The Industry
         either acquired or hired...
    ooooh how Tighe hated the beaming light of those actors and actresses who
    came to visit.
    for their beacons of Light
    only seemed to
    dim whatever bulb Tighe didn't quite have screwed in right
    the stars who came calling upon the family Graccus to pay respects to the Mogul
    for helping them "up the ladder" of success.
    at first were quite ,quite nice to Tighe
    weren't they Dumbo
    bringing him small plush toys -tigers and rhinos
    and such things as these
    but Tighe didn't appreciate no Rhinos did he...or other "safe"symbols
    in fact in his spare time ...and OOOOO how spare Tighe MADE of his TIME didn't he. Sparing no one
    as he ripped apart "the gifts" these celebrities gave Tighe
    ripping and ripping at the "toys" trying to find
    some deep meaning
    in "the give and take " a proper person "instinctively knows is part of receiving..
    however found very little meaning in gifts given and ripped to shreds
    but a heaping mess of stuffing and stuffing that
    day by day
    (as the stars ,writers and illusionists that make Hollywood and The Gaming Industry such hot property began to deliberately give Tighe larger and often scarier symbolic offerings) the stuffing
    piled up higher and higher and higher
    in Tighe Gracchus's Room
    and in his head
    as well
    so what did Tighe do?
    to get OUT from under this mess HE created
    ..what any ingrate might do...and does
    our little baby boi took to the pipe...
    and his once not very illustrious career as a 2nd rate painter (and 3rd rate writer)
    dried up like
    like crack on copper wire..

    The pipe made Tighe
    feel brave you see.
    made him think HE had a calling to expose a wonderful new (but quite old in the making)
    format of television
    and ooooooh ..the enemies he was making
    were quite more than the puff and stuff collecting in
    Tighe's not so lonely room

    Did Tighe not know whom he was messing with?
    or did Tighe need more
    lessons in this regard

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    strange arrangements (raising a child for A.I. and BCI Rendition) 1965-1983

    American sociologist Andrew Greeley -According to a growing body of data, experiencing intense stress in
    childhood  heightens one's psychic powers.  Severe
    trauma in one's early years can precipitate , traumatic experiences early in life may
    have more profound effects on the 'deeper' structures of the brain,abused children

    have elevated baseline and reactive stress hormone levels . . . . Genes
    contain the information for the general organization of the brain's structure

    but experience determines which genes become expressed, how and when

    activation of specific neuronal pathways "become' and as the abused child 's main goal is to 'go with in " and not "out" the abused child therefore creates neural pathways that are disembodied from a dangerous reality and what is "natural" as what is naturally occurring around them and outside of them is a threat which causes THE MIND TO REWIRE IT'S CAPACITIES TOWARD SUPERNATURAL COMMUNCIATIONS especially in homes where talking or emoting is NOT allowed or JUST NOT DONE the abusing or dysfunctional home —therefore directly shapes gene
    expression and leads to the maintenance, creation, and strengthening of the
    connections that form the neural substrate of the mind
     "severe illness, sexual abuse, physical and verbal abuse
    lead to heightened psychic awareness.,the NORC-Luce Foundation
    Basic Belief Study), done at the National Opinion Research Center associated
    with University of Chicago, yielded interesting results regarding those
    who scored especially high for psi, reporting clairvoyance, ESP and/or
    deja VU experiences (Greeley, 1975). They were more likely than others
    to report a high level of family tension during their early years: strained
    relationships between their parents, between themselves and their fathers,
    and to a lesser degree between themselves and their mothers.

    American sociologist Andrew Greeley wrote, "Frequent psychic experience, it would appear, is 'caused' in part by growing up in a tense family
    but has no direct relationship with current family tension."
    Kenneth Ring ,sociologist,has observed that adults who report childhood abuse and trauma
    become  empowered by these earlier ordeals to be more perceptive of alternate realities. As Ring puts it,
    "Growing up under such conditions tends to stimulate the development
    of a dissociative response style as a means of psychological defense. After
    all, a child who is exposed to either the threat or actuality of physical violence,
    sexual abuse, or other severe travimas, will be strongly motivated
    selectively to 'tune out' those aspects of his physical and social world ...
    by dissociating. By doing so ... he is more likely to 'tune into' other realities...."

    In an autobiographical work Eileen Garrett, one of the greatest mediums
    of the past century, described just such a cormection between childhood
    trauma, accompanied by positive input regarding the paranormal,
    and the development of her remarkable psychic powers (Garrett, 2002).
    From earliest childhood, Garrett endured virtually daily abuse from the
    aunt who raised her.Garrett's comments clearly indicate that such "tuming off," separating
    mentally from the immediate world around, doesn't have to be a sign of
    mental illness. Rather it can be both a survival mechanism and a meditative
    practice, which may lead to heightened psychic awareness.



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    -Photoelectric Image Dissect Tube (1924)/The Box

    In 1924 Adolf Hitler spent 264 days incarcerated in Landsberg after being convicted of treason following the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich the previous year. During his imprisonment, Hitler dictated and then wrote his book Mein Kampf with assistance from his deputy, Rudolf Hess.

    A small section of the prison had been refurbished
    as this section of the prison was "reserved" for "special prisoners"
    that The State had decided to not punish but re -educate

    3 political prisoners
    were placed in

    small room
    with doors
    not instead of bars
    on them
    each room was modified to look
    and be exactly like the childhood room
    of the prisoners...down to the style curtains and toys or souvenirs
    each prisoner cherished.

    the lamps,the beds,the blankets,the very flooring was copied by set designer's the Prison "Reformers"
    had "borrowed from  Potsdam's  Babelsberg Film Studio, the oldest large-scale film studio in the world, producing films since 1912 which was experimenting with a new means of broadcast.

    In the cell
    the only thing
    each prisoner
    would have no reason to
    feel "at home " with"

    with only a square-ish box
    had a rounded off Glass fronting and  a protruding
    round backing
    on top of this odd box
    was a V like antennae

    which each prisoner

    would soon become well acquainted with.."The Box"

    was not "turned on"

    for weeks...
    it became
    a source of fear for all 3 men
    locked 23 hours in the albeit comfortable prison cells
    all of the prisoner's confessed to
    a kind ward ,always dressed not in typical "guard uniform" but in manner quite similar to a school master.
    On top of this the ward acted quite fatherly to the prisoners..
    as did the female staff who dressed in "Sunday Best" attire.
    The food served to the prisoners.
    in the special section
    of the prison
    was abundant ,fresh and well seasoned...

    But the Box*
    in the corner of the room
    loomed ever and ever more
    a weapon surely
    that would be in time loader ,aimed and fired.
    a new type of weapon perhaps
    created to induce the most pain possible...
    so large and technical
    this box looked
    and seemed...


    1924 April 6th

    Hitler was woken up early
    by the ward he had begun thinking of as "friend"
    and told that his cousin Angela Maria  Raubal
    had been taken
    and detained for reasons that would soon become Clear

    The Ward opened the back of the box with a set of keys and removed a plug of some kind which he placed inside a socket ,next the Ward bent over the Box and turned on a switch...

    in minutes
    the Box glowed
    and inside the box
    was Angela Raubal...
    telling him
    who had done this to her

    who was filming her right now

    "The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew....."Angela said,

    "this is my struggle ,THIS os OUR struggle...."
    The Box told Hitler to grab a pen and paper...

    and to "LISTEN" to my words
    and SEE me
    as YOU.....and all of us who need the world to know of the atrocities being done right here and now to our race..."

    WRITE IT Dumbo....not YOUR WAY
    OUR WAY!

    or I will make you so sorry.......I will and can drive you irreversibly Mad in 4 minutes....


    The development of television was the result of work by many inventors. Among them,  John Logie Baird. Many historians credit Baird with being the first to produce a live, moving, greyscale television image from reflected light. Baird achieved this, where other inventors had failed, by obtaining a better photoelectric cell and improving the signal conditioning from the photocell and the video amplifier.
    Between 1902 and 1907, Arthur Korn invented and built the first successful signal-conditioning circuits for image transmission. The circuits overcame the image-destroying lag effect that is part of selenium photocells. Korn's compensation circuit allowed him to send still fax pictures by telephone or wireless between countries and even over oceans, while his circuit operated without benefit of electronic amplification.] Korn's success at transmitting halftone still images suggested that such compensation circuits might work in television. Baird was the direct beneficiary of Korn's research and success.[9][10]
    In his first attempts to develop a working television system, Baird experimented with the Nipkow disk. Paul Gottlieb Nipkow had invented this scanning disc system in 1884.[Television historian Albert Abramson calls Nipkow's patent "the master television patent".[ Nipkow's work is important because Baird and many others chose to develop it into a broadcast medium.
    In early 1923, and in poor health, Baird moved to 21 Linton Crescent, Hastings, on the south coast of England and later rented a workshop in the Queen's Arcade in the town. Baird built what was to become the world's first working television set using items including an old hatbox and a pair of scissors, some darning needles, a few bicycle light lenses, a used tea chest, and sealing wax and glue that he purchased.[13] In February 1924, he demonstrated to the Radio Times that a semi-mechanical analogue television system was possible by transmitting moving silhouette images.
    ...Arthur Korn (May 20, 1870, Breslau, Germany – December 21/December 22, 1945, Jersey City, New Jersey) was a German-born physicist, mathematician and inventor. He was involved in the development of the fax machine, specifically the transmission of photographs or telephotography, known as the Bildetelegraph, related to early attempts at developing a practical mechanical television system.[1][2]
     Korn was the son of Jewish Moritz and Malwine Schottlaender.He  studied physics and mathematics in Leipzig at the age of 15 . In 1914 he accepted the chair of physics at the Berlin Institute of Technology.
     Korn experimented and wrote on long-distance photography, the phototelautograph. He pioneered the use of light sensitive selenium cells which took over from the function of the stylus,[ and used a Nernst lamp as a light source. On the 18th October, 1906, he managed to transmit a photograph of Crown Prince William over a distance of 1800 km.[In 1924 John Lodge Baird  televised objects in outline. In 1925, he televised human faces. Baird was the first person to televise pictures of objects in motion..while other inventors developed means to have the images correspond with sound.

    avatarial implicit point of view

    I am up before Charles
    who doesn't like being called Charlie or worse chuck
    he prefers Chip. He's still sleeping I am in a little corner of the hotel room typing as quietly as I can.I remember the days when I lived in these kinda' hotels with 2 or 4 other guys in LA when we used to have to "do what we had to do" bring in dough to wall with mirrior as big as the wall..always

    according to our Mentors it was ok to be gay for pay so long as the pay went to our  Neuronautics Course to make us less gay on the Neuronautics Scale of Evolution And as this was a Transition Period it was ok to hooked  pay for their  soliciting sessions  besides according Gary Rainy hustling
    wasn't as bad as being a homo who like, lived with a man and loved the man, like a man would love a woman ....Gays who hooked to get money were on a higher Evolutionary Scale than gays that ,like bought dishes together and stiff like that which according to Neuronautics was really more gay than sucking dick or f*ckin another guy to get some money to pay for Neuronautics classes or  food and cigarettes ...we were encouraged not to eat too much gay for pay according to mentors meant
    weighing very little...and also not eating much food made our minds less" uppity "concerning what we'd do and not do also.made our minds less resistant to the teachings in our day to day classes

    and to focus all your endeavors on the task at hand..
    in this case  perfuming sex acts for Vicariousousitty Ventures
    preformed .as to be ..perceived
    in a
    standardized enough format  that
    a consumer may put on a headset and be either you or at least your perceptions and sensations)or your partner's (perceptions and sensations)
     you two 'doin' the deed"

    as you're aware of the reason your "doing the deed" is for other's to sense so they 'are :feeling what you are feeling
    you must first learn to not go Self Referential with your mindscape(it helps to have a guy or girl you're really "Into:...mentally...emanations stle ,inner vision style much more than what they "look lit's about a Neural Read
     there are not cameras or sound recorded needed
    you learn not to focus .on either your flaws .. or the other persons
    Inner Vision wise you must be careful not to let your mind wander towards like the patterns on the bedspread or some old bit of porn you saw that still lingers in your mind
    it's not as easy as you think
    as meanwhile your Mandlers are both watching you...from another room ...and also watchijg you ..via the apps that let them see ,feel,tatse,touch hear what you feel taste touch hear
    telling you to go down harder or flip him around

    all the while needing you to not let your brain signals read these direction as anything that meshes in on "performance" or intent.

    or ya gotta start all over again

    it's one of the only times they don't inundate your visual cortex with visions..
    cause for once they want ,you need you to
    be there
    and up against it
    in real time

    the Chrystal makes this easier
    and according to our coaches ,our "Mandlers"
    this all is strangely easier to do when you're older
    than when you had to do it Pre-"app"-ed
    just to get by..

    cuz they taught you with some thing called
    Method Reacting classes
    a new way of acting so
    another may use your basic post neural intentions of actions and all this science-e  stuff
    as the the Tele _operators delete nearly all but the neural spikes leading to evoked action..
    in advance the circumference of the hotel room or jail cell set...(as they like that..or locker room set)
    has been shot or imbued to one's Muralist (tele Operator)
    and also the precise eye line ,,,,gaze ..stuff-- one's make for the brain computer interface ..including blinking...and how close ...a program says most men want to "get" of feel they have gotten to another" are the tele operator basically controls one's nervous system while "in the cut;
    the meth helps you forget anything but hunger and desire...and that's why one's partner is prescreened with how they 'get on with you' like chemically when you Merge...

    the editors take most of YOU and him or her Out of the final track
    and remixes both of you towards an anonymous like...
    Avatarial Implicit or whatever they call it of sex..
    heightens the push and pull ..
    because we're older we ...supposedly know how to think younger.

    as well and can see our selves and what we would like (demographically )
    form this direct neural interface junk
    it helps if we wear uniform's..cops ..firemen...and jail inmates jail guards..
    for the woman it's also old school nurses informs...maids...nanny's catholic school unfirms.
    one woman in her 60's can think her way through a Neural Co Conscious better than any 22 year old
    some variation on "Pizza Boy"Vicarious
    she's infact the one who taught both Chip and me to Think Pornographically...with close ups here of our ACT than what's called a two shot..where you gotta see you and your partner from like ..well, a 2 shot

    sometimes from an over head shot
    all the while making sure you are only focusing on the guy your with not easy if you don't go for the guy

    but easy cuz I go for Chip
    so Chip is in my mind in my hand my -

    ---all the while  I go long much as they call me dumbo ..dumbo here even knows how to  go to a Inner Vision version of  fade. and even jump cut in his dumbo little mind..and than a reestablishing shoot I must admit we  also get a bit of push from our Mandlers
     heightening parts of our amygdala with emitted beams and shit  from  these little like teeny looking cell tower-ish baby satellite things (which I once stole
     thinking it just Looked Cool
    ..than they punch me in the mouth and asked me for days WHO I WAS gonna give it to.?
     another company?.they still don't believe I was gonna just put it next to my action figures...and this cracked little snow globe my grandmother gave me ..
    these little tower-ie ...teeny tiny satellite things  emit litte little directed energies
     or something that
    do what they call Psychotronic "jump starts'
    ( macrowaves aimed at our temporals  by some tele operators who are trained to use these things when they're  watching us both through mini cams and also on the  head sets they wear on their temples and stuff to glean than orchestrate heightened Neuralities....and meditate any self referential thought

    you are dizzy as hell after these renditions these  ..."movies' not really filmed on normal film

    dizzy from both the amps of the neurotronic macrowaves juked into your skull..and the meth...and the stamina it takes to well , fuck like a 24 year old.
    Chip/Charles  says ever time we have to do these ...rundowns
     we get dumber as the beams and waves and stuff tapping our brain cells
    our senses fries our brains more than the meth does...
    I tell him I'd like to be dumber
    he says we make a good team

    and we'll get real dumb together.

    they want a few retakes
    the guy shouts through the mirror
     if only to wake Chip up.
    .so we're gonna  have to wait around the hotel all day..
    .but can't do meth or beer or even eat anything but water...or have sex.

     till 5 pm.

    ..when the new tele operators come by
    according to "Shoutie" on the other side of the mirror..(.they,the Tele-Operators- live..or stay in a ten times better motel or a mile away...)
    they had  left us a lot of tv on discs. shows we both missed...the ones we're allowed to watch...
    supposed  to watch
    so THEY can see how our demographic's brain signals respond to...content I guess that's what we'll do all day


     ...I go to hold him but the guy on the other side of the mirror yells it for--or you'll use it up-
    just the same Chip starts rubbing my hand...
    I see Chip's eyes are still all black around the like part of your eye under your eye from the See you Next Wednesday they did on his pituitary

    and begin rubbing that part of his face
    "stop it Dumbo" the man Mr Shoutie  yells from the other side of the mirror
    but Charlie starts kissing me real hard and won't let go..

    "That's a take"...that's what we wanted"
    ..I am graphed.
    I see in Chip's face too he got the same interface

    from the mirror I hear "Shoutie" on the other side   moving around  Shoutie  yells"you fags can do what ever you want . I'm .gonna go home and boil myself in scabies lotion too should do the did good.".

     I hear the guy in the other room slam his door...and than hear a knock on the door and see a little l envelope  slide under the door
    I go get it.
    2 ouches  of meth and a couple or hundred bucks..
     sometimes it's gooooooooood being a human puppet.

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    white traffick/red lights(just DO IT)

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    it wasn't the weight of Akihito's arm around him. that made it impossible for Adam to move it was his thoughts.

    it wasn't the weight of Akihito's arm around him.
    that made it impossible for Adam to move
    it was his thoughts.
    they seemed not  to be his own .
    as they hadn't been for quite sometime
    he was afraid.

    Adam had arrived in Kyoto months earlier.
    He had finished the process
    And had been told what IT was for.
    Adam's job.The reason he had been born in fact was to "play" the part of Akihiko's lover.
    For a special mission,which involved things Valerie still did not feel comfortable telling him.
    especially after his indiscretion talking about "voices"
    All Adam knew was that his mission entailed him gaining Aki's trust.
    "playing" the part of a houseboy and lover.
    But times like now.
    beneath Akihiko's arm
    traces of himself  came back to him
    Traces that Valerie had warned him about.Traces that might have been "planted" into his unconscious.Lies.

    Adam saw himself in Ohio
    not .this time laying in a hospital room,
    but in fact walking freely in a hospital
    dressed in medical blues.
    Following other people dressed as he was.with clip boards.Making rounds