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Why ATMI Inc. Shares Thrived May Be in a Junkie's Eyes (nascent technology/human experimentation )

 In 2007 Affymetrix (Nasdaq: AFFX  )  biochip maker announced that it was purchasing laboratory-reagent maker USB for about $75 million in cash. The privately held USB makes enzymes and molecular purification systems that compete with the likes of Invitrogen (Nasdaq: IVGN  ) and QIAGEN (Nasdaq: QGEN  ) .  The USB purchase got  Affymetrix's foot in the door to these other labs, where it can extol the virtues of biochips, thus expanding the biochip market and its market with speculation that Entegris (Nasdaq: ENTG  ) also has it's sights on laboratory acquisition to place  product into practicalities.

"Why ATMI soared sky high maybe in  a junkie's eye"

Bringing polyaniline into the biosensor field is a major breakthrough for nanobiotech but " biochips" are still considered nascent technology and patent law requires that an artisan be capable of utilizing the invention without undue experimentation however several BCI .A.I. and Immersive Reality "Groups" have been showing how nanotubes and carbon complexes can be used as biosensors—without showing exactly how the data was attained.(name withheld upon request)
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February 20th, 2009

Shares of ATMI (NASDAQ: ATMI  ) rose 25% one Tuesday in late January 2014. 
Feb 2014 – Entegris, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTG)  agreed to be acquired by Entegris (NASDAQ: ENTG  ) for $34 per share in cash. The deal is expected to close in Q2 and values ATMI at $1.15 billion, or roughly $850 million net of cash acquired including $170 million in net proceeds from the recent sale of ATMI's LifeSciences business


" Oh you don't know.?.it's very hush hush but everybody knows..Oh please tell me you don't know...well I can't say ,it's a thing they've been working on since
.the silicon valley was a silicon valley"Megan said scratching her palm,the damned rash she had gotten over a week ago just refused to heal" ....every studio from here to France has a piece in it..and a piece on all the "its" they took...some can't shut up about it," Megan said into the phone,more into the phone than into Barbara,a 5th choice friend for phone chats of any type ,"yes interneural interface,I won't explain it again", "
". David says I shouldnt talk about it but he talks of nothing else,I swear he keeps a monitor near our bed,he tracks this  one guy's every move...this guy was 'app-ed" with the old stuff..and now he's been "upgraded" ...some junkie scum ..the "org" picked up decades ago..David doesnt call him by name he just calls him  Demon Seed,"Megan said eating pieces of a fruitrollup Ashley had left near the sink,. ".I try to read him..." Megan said."read him.His mind..his perceptions...but David fucked with the headset so if I "go in" Demon Seed goes into me as well... David said it could be dangerous getting into a mind like that...so he switched the modem to 2 way...Mind to Mind...Every little hobby I try that seems to exclude David . David gets ballistic over...oh but Adam.Adam Parker ,the actor gets to use the headset David turns into a little girl when HE'S around...I never saw what other people do in Adam,"Megan said ,lying,just glad to hear herself "be able " to talk about Parker on a first named basis.... according to Parker  Demon is like the demon himself ....raised on movies to be A MOVIE...there are tons of "his kind"Megan realized she had said too much but wasn't what nobodies like Barbara were for?"Thought Megan,for a moment thinking she had said what she was thinking...
Just before calling Barbara Megan had "risked it" and put on the headset -anyway 2 way interface or not ....she felt she "had to check in"
but what she heard her husband thinking to "Demon"
made her sick
Why would David be having a Proxy suck dick in a motel room with some "john" if David didn't want the same sense?
 Yet whenever Megan asked David about his pet project it was Oh My ...this guy is sick sick sick and we're not talkin s-i-c- we're talking s-i-c-K with a big K...."

 " They assumed demon was dead,everyone was so damned paranoid back than remember how everyone acted at Shelly's bat Mitzvah ?1994.June,you remember,it was like a funeral,poor Shelly...Well this guy who they thought I dont know died or something like comes back.to LA' ..they supposedly never tried it again after Demon went all wacko cause of it",Megan says "what do you mean..why didn't they ever try it  again.Interneural interface,it's illegal"My god I'd have been better off talking to the maid, Megan thought,reaching into the pantry for another fruit roll up.".. I assume half the actors working today use interneural interface.half of these people can't even read. but this guy, this demon, was like a test version  "Megan yelled into the phone  hoping Barbara "app-ed" or not  can sense her eye roll,"well they found Demon Seed....again  cuz demon it seems was starting to write a screenplay or something. about it ...so they brought him back to LA  told him it was just some..acting device so people wouldnt need scripts or sight lines  or something and they handed him over California Corrections who also was tinkering with "apps" in the early 90's and they handed him over to some other group who tried to get him off drugs with it...all they wanted though was for the little faggot to jump off a bridge or something.....long story short...they drove the guy bonkers..guy started taking Thorazine and hence became a tedious read.. "
"what a horrible thing to do to someone" Barbara said.
Of course ,thought Megan Barbara would be on the wrong side of progress..Barabra was about as progressive as a pinball machine
David had placed 'Demon" on hold..and hence the high he was getting Vicariously from the meth Demon had snorted..
to keep him from coming too fast...
he saw the red light go on...that alerted him that his wife who he had intercepted listening in on his/on their  going down on some business man from Santa Fe..
sensing his wife "online" David hit a switch that shut his neurals off....and waited for Megan to be "dismayed" enough to
Hang up the fuckin' headset...
He had 'app-ed" Megan a week ago with Merge...
and could now listen in on her plans for a divorce settlement
thankfully David had his wife's conversation about Intra Neural Interface on both phone tap and Neural "audit" so there would be no "gray area" about having Megan disposed of...
although it crossed David's mind that first he would like to use the Mind to Mind
(His Headset to HER Nano that had finally settled into her cortex..)
to drive Megan insane.
David always liked Barbara....and knew Megan always found her "dim"-was the word she used....but never in David's wildest imagination could he have predicted just how cold hearted Megan actually
perceived other people...
what type of woman puts on Brain Link equipment to find her husband sucking cock via proxy
and first thought is call a "friend" she doesn't even like to rave on about Advanced Technologies she was told were never to be discussed?
 "well Barbara....IT isn't a horrible thing to do to someone ," Megan said and thought <'if that someone was brought up to associate ONLY with televised imagery is it?
"The televised imagery" of her husband being in some junkie's mind while Junkie was blowing another man
ran hot through Megan
who ,thought David had no idea just how HOT her thinking was going to get.
David hooked the feed of Megan's neurals into a special modem like device and went back online with Junkie's mind...
feeling the meth wipe out any and thoughts of Megan's thinking.

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