Saturday, January 17, 2015

transient exposure

XXXXX taps on my door with a weird smile on his his hand he has a piece of print out paper....and says "-here human Monkey" and than you'd better not be thinking anything bad about me to them or I'll find out..
and than he sits down on a chair...
and looks at me real hard..
and says "it better not be true you were raised some weird kinda way...but it sure would explain a lot-..maybe we'll send you back to them in a fuckin wood box...

"fuck you" I say

'don't you forget who let you come back here...understand". He says shoving his finger into my chest, mashing the little piece of paper in a ball and throwing it at my face....saying "The future is ours lab rat...
vermin .never was yours and never will be...ever"

I get up and stance myself to punch him
"do it jewboy...and I'll call the cops and tell them mistah' Maniac is at it again. Everyone in town knows your insane ..YOU should be locked up in cage somewhere...

I raise my hand to punch him.

"you so much as brush past me wrong...I'll have the cops over here so fast your puppety head will spin round' pinnochio."

Progress was made concerning predictive response of subject 's reaction to olfactory introduction of "the scent  of cocaine" which initiated subject to fixate on acquiring the drug. Subject spent over ten minutes  looking for phone  numbers of dealers ( his Tel-Operator had  encouraged subject via interface  to "toss" his 3 mobile  phone last month as all of the phones contained phone numbers of various dealers. Subject spent ten minutes filing through old phone books. Old tablets...looking in drawers etc for numbers of drug dealers .we administered another olfactory overlay  of cocaine than a brief brain signal that synthesized neural patterns of said drug.. rather than subdue the subject's need to "get high" the signal in fact made subject once again "turn over his room " looking for phone numbers.
 Subject began calling "old friend"  who "might have some numbers' but hesitated when given a heavier dose of signal that mimicked cocaine's properties. Via auditory cortex subject's Tele -Operator promised a steady signal of cocaine  IF subject stopped his  behavior (rifling through notebooks etc) subject laid back and was friendly to Tele -Operator...sharing directed imagery. Focused on Deep Learning concerning Intentioned Focus- regarding "setting up a scene concerning pornography based on theme rather than composition of "shot". We examined the time course of subjects interest in Tele-Operators "interplay" concerning introduction of characters relating to Co-Conscious "set" of Swim Team Locker Room Scenario that previously subject "couldn't be bothered with" .The subject responded to all Tele-Present induction with mutual  adaptation based on Tele-Operator's schematics ,only once "asking " to be sent "more cocaine simulant signal .Surprisingly  subject did not make this a conditional "demand" for focusing and interfacing   visual feedback which subject did with perfect directional Telemetry. Subject ,often confrontational regarding  Tele-operator's perceived "control issues" pertaining to baseline visual structuring of mutual reality setting .At no time did subject" ask" to control the scene, nor diminish his Tele-Operator's aptitude. After the subject "was spent" subject rapidly reverted  to baseline behavior, interfacing intentioned thought at his Tele -Presence that he wanted more "coke" based  signals or he would "just go buy some".
Subject's Tele-Operator began exposing subject  to discordant  binary feedback based on visual interface purposely and jarringly  contrary to previous sexual interplay to attempt to force subject to  a new baseline which caused  subject to revert to angry involuntary thinking, however this disgruntled state was not "aimed" at Tele-Operator who offered subject  transient exposure to "cocaine signal" which subject accepted with Directed Thought "thanks".
 We propose that while subject cannot be controlled by synthesized cocaine based algorythem,the signal makes subject more agreeable to the interface if subject is informed of "set limits "concerning mood enhancement .
 Subject still taunts Tele-operator attempting to gain some type of competitive balance during Direct Neural Interface and still exploits the fact that he has no control over how "he is treated by a Tele-Operator and regresses to self pity which is than intentioned to Tele-Operator as  "all I am is a fucking human monkey".
Subject acts very during  Direct Neural Interface as he does with other's in thought and actions  in Real Time/Face to Face Interactions. Subject seems to only conceive of his long-term relationships as genuine and therefore "of value" when subject is  focused on retention properties of fixed time  real time/face to face interaction. As we discussed  Tele-Operator is attempting to reinforce subject's attenuation toward others by visual rewards in the form of shiny stars or pleasant visual over rides, which subject is encouraged to keep to himself . Less frequently does subject's  Tele-Presence remind subject  to make eye contact and posture his bearing to "visage" of "enjoying another's company" as subject believes or feels" he is faking it "if he acts in demonstrative fashion .No longer does Tele-operator  implicate or insinuate that subject IS indeed faking it to garner an equivocal signal whether subject is genuinely autistic or sociopathic in Being.
Subject's neuro-rehabilitation is still hampered by subject "writing stories" about his mentorship. Subject's thoughts  indicate subject was  "made fractured" and perhaps "set up" to be induced with product however we believe it is the subject's attempt to add competitive balance to the Telemetry (?)

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